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But imagine the future for the Team Avatar

Where Bolin goes to help the Earth Kingdom with Prince Wu in Mako’s place. He travels, with Opal as much as he can, and Korra whenever their paths cross, and just helps people. However he’s able. He runs into orphans and new airbenders and businessmen and royalty and befriends all of them. He helps stabilize the region, this time by thinking for himself instead of following others blindly. His earthbending and lavabending skills help create some of the most stable roadways and infrastructure in the world- and he make sure that every small town has access to the things they need. 

Where Mako stays in Republic City and works as a detective under Lin Beifong. She becomes the closest thing to a parental figure he’s had since he was small. There’s never something official or anything. But visitors to the city start assuming he’s her son, and (after a while) Lin stops correcting them. Mako works hard, and with Tenzin and the air nation’s help, starts an orphanage in the city. Asami donates money to set up a school as part of it, and soon those kids are some of the best educated in the world. There’s even a youth pro-bending league, and the kids are always super excited when Mako or Bolin or *gasp* the Avatar herself shows up to help coach. 

Where Korra and Mako grow to be sibling-like best friends. Where they’re constantly getting the other into trouble and bickering and arguing but they love each other to hell and back. And sometimes they get so mad that they have a huge fight and stop talking for a bit. But then Bolin and Asami call each other and plan some silly contrived thing to get them to have to work together. Because if its one thing Korra and Mako are great at, it’s solving problems together. In each other they find a brother-sister bond that neither of them would have ever guessed they needed. And they never stop being there for each other, no matter the time or distance.

Where Asami and Korra are supposed to be going to the spirit world on vacation, but Asami still can’t help but notice things related to spirit energy (much to Korra’s dismay). Her world has always been the physical one, but she’s so excited to learn about this new place. When Varrick and Zhu Li get back from their (incredibly lengthy) honeymoon, they and Asami swap ideas for all the new inventions they thought of on their journeys. Asami takes frequent trips around the world with Korra and comes back so full of idea and zeal that Varrick starts joking that he and Zhu LI are going to have to take their vacations right after she does, otherwise she’ll work them to death out of excitement. With Korra and Jinora’s help and a lot of patience, Asami finds new ways to harness clean energy without disrupting the spirits or the balance between worlds. Asami Sato’s home will always be Republic City, even if her love is a wanderer, and she makes sure that it becomes the cleanest, most environmentally and spiritually friendly city in the world. 

Where Korra is able to see the world so long kept from her behind the walls of that Order of the White Lotus compound in the South Pole. She travels everywhere she can- not to find something, or save someone- but to simply see it all. Learn more. Do more. Experience everything. She travels to Kyoshi and, to Asami’s dismay, rides the Unagi. She travels to the Fire Nation. On a hint from Fire Lord Zuko, finds a hidden civilization and learns to bend from the True Masters. She visits a village where everyone dances. Asami talks her into a business trip to Omashu to study their postal system and they stop by the Cave of Two Lovers. 

Korra visits every Air Temple, mostly to check on the new Air Nation, but always makes sure to stop in the statue rooms. She spends a quiet moment alone each time, meditating. Once, Asami asks if it’s because she’s trying to reconnect with her past lives, but Korra just shakes her head. 

She’s not trying to reclaim the past. She’s simply making promises for the future. 

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Is miracles discontinued?

No, Miracles, as well as my other writing projects, were just temporarily on hold while I worked on writing, editing and posting Sticks and Stones this month. 

Sticks and Stones is an alternate universe which imagines the KnB characters into the world of Avatar the Last Airbender. By this time, most, if not all, of the KnB character roster has appeared in the series. 

A brief and largely spoiler-free list and summation of characters. 

Book 1: follows Aomine, Kuroko, Momoi, Kise and Kagami as they travel from Kiyoshi Village to Republic City and decide to form a pro-bending team, the Lion-Dogs. With Kise, the Avatar, and Kagami, a Fire Nation prince, Aomine is sure that at least they won’t weigh him down as he becomes recognized as the greatest waterbender in the world. 

Book 2: as the above group settles in and struggles with life in Republic City, other parties already in Republic City have problems of their own: Riko, Hyuuga and Kiyoshi are facing criminal pressure from Hanamiya and the United Council to shut down their pro-bending league. Of course, the Lion Dogs have their problems: Kagami is trying to avoid his elder brother, Kise is faced with a visit from his firebending teacher, Commander Akashi of the United Republic Fleet and all-around terrifying guy, and Aomine gets into a fight with Midorima, a waterbender healer from the North Pole, and his assigned babysitter, Lieutenant Takao, also of the United Republic Fleet. Because he accidentally joins a gang. 

Book 3 is a little hard to describe without spoiling the first two books, but in it we learn the backstories of many of our principal characters, as well as learn of the existence and goals of an organization known as the Mukan, the Unrecognized. On their shit list for opposing them: Akashi, who has crushed their operations repeatedly over the years, and Kise, who’s helped and is also the Avatar. It is currently in progress. 

Book 4, obviously, is yet to come. There are some side-stories which provide some background and glimpses of the characters, but they aren’t essential to understanding the plot.

Though I’ve been asked many times about the ships and pairings, as of now the AU is gen in nature. I’ve mentioned only a few of many characters and their interactions form a complex web of relationships. Many different kinds of ships can be read into S and S and those relationships and the bonds of trust and intimacy they build over the series- as well as the ones which are revealed as we go on- are going to be of importance before this is over.

It can also be read on in posting order. This helps in reading the side-stories as they were released.

While I understand that it can be hard for you to wait while your favourite fic remains unupdated, you can always check this one out while you’re waiting for me to get back to Miracles. I know I would really appreciate it.