pro and connor


In this world I like to think that while they paint their nails Zoe and Connor talk about life stuff and how Connor is starting to feel better. And that sometimes (like this time) Zoe lets Connor paint her nails black to see him smile 💛

(this is the absolute sweetest thing and an awesome request. thank you anon for this and the sweet compliment. there’s more of this to come of course, that I’ll be posting soon 💗)

So, I had this thought. I mean Connor, Micheal, and Jeremy are pretty avid smokers.It wouldn’t be a surprise if Connor perhaps influenced his boyfriend to ‘smoke drugs’ with them. Haha. Them all getting together is wonderful omg

( and inserting some pretty Connor with a lovely eyeshadow and a sunset bong)


So I had an idea I just wanted to spit out so I kinda rushed the whole concept, but I’m very sad about the fact that Ubisoft will no longer acknowledge the existence of Connor like he was never a part of the family, and have gone over obstacles avoiding him. But in wondering, I came to a conclusion to why that is! I also wanna start getting into Connor fan-art so this was also a little sketch to start getting used to his proportions and shape.

  • Okay, but can we talk about the fact that a lot (NOT ALL) of people in the DEH and BMC fandom criminalize Connor and Michael for smoking weed. They are both teenagers... This isn't anything new. Yes, Connor used it in a negative way (to the point where it could be used as a gateway drug) but Michael didn't. As far as we are aware, Michael has hella anxiety issues. Most people smoke weed for that EXACT issue. This isn't damaging his situation. Yes, they are underage, but shit, again, this isn't anything new! They aren't terrible fucking people for smoking weed. People act as if that is the reason why they act the way that they do, when in reality, it is some other underlying issues that need to be figured the fuck out.
  • If anything, the people who do freak the fuck out about Michael and Connor smoking weed need to take a hit of their joints 😂