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1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 578:
Street Fight for the WWF Championship:
Triple H (Champion) Vs. Cactus Jack

WWF Royal Rumble [January 23rd, 2000]

Since today is Triple H’s birthday, I wanted to share one of my favorite matches of his. The WWF had come to a turning point as some of its top tier superstars were out of action for a while. Stone Cold Steve Austin had a neck injury, The Undertaker had a knee injury, and Shawn Michaels was out with a back injury, so the company needed their superstars to step up to carry the company into the new millennium.

Triple H, having won the WWF Championship for the third time, had a lot to prove as the guy who was ready to take to the saddle and ride the company into its new era. For a guy who was trapped in the mid-card for the better part of 4 years, Triple H goes into this match as the WWF Champion, and yet, he was the underdog. In a Street Fight, at Madison Square Garden, H’s opponent in this match was the legendary Cactus Jack, who had more than enough history in the WWF and in New York City. Triple H had his work cut out for him, but never one to back down, The Game stepped his game up and proved that not only did he belong, but that he owned every step that he took. Enjoy!