Jewel Woman for awdplace’s Mega Man Genderswap Collab! #megawomancollab I was asked to take up this one since the person who previously claimed her had dropped out. Why you would give up this opportunity is beyond me but I’m sure it must have been a very good reason. I agreed to draw her with the idea that this could also work for my Jewel Man collab!

I definitely wanted to design something that looked like it’d fit in the canon, so remove any excessive details while still conveying as much about the character’s personality and abilities. So like, if Jewel Woman were the official character, and you genderswapped her, you’d get Jewel Man.

I took this task so seriously and she’s such a cutie queen that I’m sad she’s not official lolol Definitely expect more of her in the future!

The Apex 2015 album cover. You wouldn’t guess from this style that I also did the MM25 cover art also, would you? Art Deco is the hardest thing, you don’t even know. Art Nouveau’s got nothing on it.

Upped the hell out of the saturation, because internet, but you can see the classier, more muted version at the link below.

I didn’t get to realize even 60% of my original vision, but I do like how Meta Knight and Fawkes MacLeod turned out.

Get the album. It’s free. It has my art on the cover. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!