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Presscon VCR Interview

B.I: Since WIN was over, I had been almost depressed everyday.

Donghyuk: Teacher said that the losing team will be disbanded, I am so worry about this to be honest.

B.I: First of all, I want to stand on the stage so much. I can’t forget the happiness that I felt when I was on the stage, I keep missing it. Even if it is a small stage, I also want to stand on it. I want to do something but there is no place that I can do. I feel suffered.

JunHwe: As I want to conquer the emptiness, so we train more crazily; let the world know that I am ready.

Jinhwan: I am so eager to debut, the eagerness grows even greater.

Translation by: @northenlight6 
Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam loves public radio

“Growing up in north central Montana in the mid-70s, I scavenged for any and all music scraps that I could get - befriending older kids and making mix tapes from their huge collections, recording songs off the TV from American Bandstand and Don Kirschner’s Rock Concert and scouring the radio waves for any kind of new music.

Today, I am lucky enough to have KEXP in my backyard, leading the way with broad strokes of new music from all over the world and putting on one of a kind live shows by the best new artists.

I start every day with tea, The Seattle Times and an hour of KEXP, KGBA, or KCRW. With local record stores disappearing daily, it’s more important than ever for DJs that we trust to introduce us to new music.

Rock and roll is dead, long live public radio!”

Jeff Ament is the bassist and one of the founding members of the rock band Pearl Jam.

Boston’s public radio station WUMB sorted through its archives and found some remarkable images and audio clips to share during Public Radio Music Month. Check out childhood friends Amy Ray and Emily Salier, a.k.a. the Indigo Girls, with then program host Ellen Giurle in studio at WUMB

The Georgia duo have been a favorite of the folk scene and the public radio world since the 1980s and continue to produce music together today, releasing their fourteenth studio album last year. 

wfuv announces its PRMM lineup

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Dang, does WFUV have some tricks up its plaid flannel sleeves for Public Radio Music Month! The New York station just announced its lineup of #PRMM events for April, which includes hosting the L.A.-based group, Everest, for a month-long residency as FUV’s official “house band.” The band will kick off FUV’s month of celebrations with an FUV live broadcast from the Living Room on Tuesday, April 3 at 9 PM. Over the course of the month, Everest will also be recording an exclusive vinyl single for FUV and writing a new song in FUV’s studios, just for FUV and its listeners.

Throughout April, the station will air broadcasts from some of its favorite artists, including Amy Ray, Alabama Shakes, Bonnie Raitt and Rodrigo y Gabriela. It’s also presenting a special series, “The Art of the DJ,” focusing on ways that public radio hosts enhance our listening experience through curating and storytelling.

Read WFUV’s full announcement here.

I am forever inspired by the passion it takes to drive a public radio station. In the winter of 1999, I experienced what would be the first of many trips to WFPK’s studio. There, in the basement of the old Louisville Public Library, I stood impressed. The studio wasn’t slick, it wasn’t packed with new equipment. But the passion that guided the staff was palpable, and listeners can feel it coming through the airwaves.
—  Patrick Hallahan, the drummer for My Morning Jacket, shares “The top 10 reasons I love Louisville, Ky. public radio station WFPK.” Read all ten online at Louisville's LEO Weekly.