140902 Mix And Match Press Conference YG New Boygroup iKON with English Subtitles

cr: YG iKON

Presscon VCR Interview

B.I: Since WIN was over, I had been almost depressed everyday.

Donghyuk: Teacher said that the losing team will be disbanded, I am so worry about this to be honest.

B.I: First of all, I want to stand on the stage so much. I can’t forget the happiness that I felt when I was on the stage, I keep missing it. Even if it is a small stage, I also want to stand on it. I want to do something but there is no place that I can do. I feel suffered.

JunHwe: As I want to conquer the emptiness, so we train more crazily; let the world know that I am ready.

Jinhwan: I am so eager to debut, the eagerness grows even greater.

Translation by: @northenlight6