i did one of these “draw the squad challenge” but basically i was searching for an excuse to draw AJ as a corpse,pretty much draw him in canon :^)

anyway not my favorite piece but i want to give this game a little love,and dont worry Jim is sleeping,unlike AJ. 

(also from now on my signature will have that weird face that i accidentally made on my notebook when trying to make a :^| face )

I am not good at background and this one is semi-rushed i am filled iwth homework and i have a request-comission to finiSH WHAT AM I DOIGN.

New One Shot: nameless
Written for a prompt on castlefanficprompts.
Castle and Becket meet in a bar while they’re traveling. “You are this stranger on the other side of the world that somehow knows all of my secrets and I don’t think I am quite ready to say goodbye to that.”

sunandreign asked:

5 11 32

  • 5: Talk about the best birthday you’ve had.
    • The best birthday I had was my sweet sixteen. It wasn’t really that great, but the other ones weren’t memorable. I had a party, wore a purple asymetrical dress, saw my best friend before he passed, and have some photos I don’t remember. We also had a huge cake.
  • 11: Talk about the best dream you’ve ever had.
    • There was this dream like last year or the year before where I was in a bar (like the one at the beginning of Mouretsu Pirates) and there was like a 9 year old girl and huge bald bounty hunter guys in suits staring at her. I noticed the men were all staring at her through side eyes, and so I decided to try to save her. I was like ‘yo kid you gotta get outta here”. She was all like “I’m fine I prmise” and she pulled out like a fucking artillery and started shooting at all of them. We ran away and hopped into a helicopter. I don’t remeber what happened next, but then we were jumping off of a cliff trying to reach the X at the bottom of the sea because there was treasure there. I remember feeling the pressure, and I woke up right as I reached the surface of the ocean, gasping for breath. I wonder if she ever got her treasure. 
  • 32: Talk about a place you remember from your childhood.
    • There was this park near my house called ‘Spooky Park’ and I remember it had a hedge maze and a huge rock. I remember we would bring alien dice and I’m 500% sure aliens lived there because we’d leave the dice on a different side and come back and it’d be flipped onto the aliens. 
Many centuries ago there existed a cult of elite mathematicians.  They spent 200 years trying to solve an equation that they believed would give them eternal life.  However, one of them forgot that when you multiply two minus numbers you get a plus, and instead of gaining immortality they accidentally released Cthulu from his underwater city.  Its amazing how small computational mistakes in maths can have these sorts of consequences.  Anyway the only way they could agree to get Cthulu to go back to his entrapment was if they prmised to infect the minds of humanity with confusion.  They set about this task by taking the simple and elegant idea of a statistical model and reinventing that idea in hundreds of seemingly different ways.