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iits reall and valijd its real and validi thannk gku ross thank yku thank youb i clove youue tooo youures so dundeestanding

i lov u so so much baby we’re safe i prmise u

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What is Promise about?

Wow I stood there for a second wondering what ‘Prmise’ is and then I remembered it is my story XD LOL But it’s a very old one - so I am wanring you beforehand about mistakes and all those silly things young me wrote! haha

But I can admit it has a nice plot so here we go: Reader, Dea, Sam go in a town for a case were people died in their dreams. All people spoke of having dreams about a burned man before the final dream when they died. Said man is Freddy Krueger (see what I did there? ;D) but not really him. A ghost that only wants reveng on women, so Reader begins having reams as well. Dean makes it his sole purpose to save her before it’s too late, in the meanwhile feelings being revealed.

Or at least that’s about it- what I remember ever since a year ago that I wrote it XD

and the world keeps turning

week starts weekends, we enjoy the time , time has gone.

we really should change this endless engine of activity, but the system wont let us. it watches us and shapes us it anticipates our needs and makes us need them needs. we always ask ourselves there must be another way but everything is intrinsiclly linked to money and our constant quest to acquire more. to have somethion the false prmise that it will make us feel different about the system. but the cycle contines, because it doesnt, and time ticks another tock, while we look for answers, hopelessly, ways to beat the system and enjoy our time before its all over.

the tock ticks and we worry more as the ticking gets louder with every year, every month and every week. as our bodies suffer from this endless grind of time, we wonder, 

what if we knew this when we were younger, what if we realised this quest was pointless, if we looked at the odds of achieving our goals were stacked against us, would we have bothered caressing the system, pressing the right buttons, behaving how we did, being driven towards unrealistic goals by the systems promises.

the answer to all this is just sit, and listen to nothingness, slow down the time, even if its just once a day, do something different, aspire not to aspire, just drink in the air, feed on the life you were given, and thank me that you now know the answer. but you always knew the answer, but until now, you never asked the question

How do we overcome these feelings of control, how do we get out of this mind trap. the answer is the answer to the problem. the system knows that we need something else, so they provide us with cheap, but sometimes very good entertainment. without it we would look for something else, something more real to fill our limited time.

we are contented by these fantasiesbecause deep down we know there is no escape from our controlled enslavement from life. maybe a weeks holiday once a year, but the 1% have a holiday all year. they have no morals or are they any different from us in thier actions. they dont care about our predicement because it doesnt effect thier life styles. just as we dont care about the poor and hungry of the world. but we do care, but we are so controlled by our feelings of helplessness that we feel unable to help. 

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i iask ed my mom if i ccoul us theythem pronouns nd shhe wenr on a whole rant aboutif someob didnt use he or she pronouns tht it made them invalid nd thye needed 2 b speccifficc, nd ll i wantd 2 kno was if sh could identify me with they/them nd them sh got angry bx i startd gettin quiet nd i cried a lik bit,,, thn sh startd 2 say tht i cant cry every time i ask bout her opinion nd i barely ask about her opinikn nd when i do its tiny stuff nd sh basically jus toLd m ii was invalid. i feel bad 🕊

yr NOT invvalid i prmise u. dont lsisten to her okay?? u dont hav ti be a he or a she that isnt her business baby. i promise you matter n ur identity is real

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I make a lot of mistakes and I hate everything I do ahhhhhhhh

baby!!!! tht is bcus ur a fragile soul tryna make their way thru life. mistakes help u grow n learn to lov th things u touch n speak n create. i prmise u will kno this soon enuf

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rossie I've been having a bad time but your blog is like an escape bc i don't have much else lub u

aw babie :( im so sorry things rnt goin well rn but i prmise ur strong enuf to handle it. im glad i can be here fr u sumhow

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omg hi im stalkin ur lil ty tag n r u rlly gonna write a omo fic???! IM DELIGHTED. ur so sweet ross omg I luv u bby. <3333

i lub u too!!!! ..!! 🍧💌 ya i will !! eventually eeheee ! rn im tryin 2 finish my stalker fic n my catholic school fic n my stoner fuc bfre i write anyfing else!!! i also got an idea fr a spectrum josh fic n an art skool fic but im MAKIN myself finish th rest bfre then!!! n then i prmise ill write a lil ty fic n an omo fic or combine th two !!!!!

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This is so stupid and cowardly but it seems you don't like me as much as your other Mutuals and idk why I feel like this but it's just we've been friends for a while but you never seemed to click with and only continue to talk to me cause I pester you and it's just yea

wht??? no whoever this is i prmise i lov u honey i hav rly bad avoidance prblems n i sumtimes forget to respond to ppl but i prmise its not u ! come off anon

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i lov u Smuch but im ugly n u wld hate me :-/ iv been putting off tryin to ask u out fr ages bc im terrible anfd unlovable LOL !!! im embarrassing myself!!! SRY

no!!! honey thts scute!!! cum off anon but s prbbly bes if u dnt ask me out …..eeehee my main scoop aint abt it. but i prmise u yr wonderful n so full of light !

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aa ross ie idk if ur gonna saee this but feelwinf like Really Fucking Shittyyy tjonight andn thhat likke my illness isnst like??? onne of s kind for M e id k hownw to explain it buht can u help mees mm so ssorry if this dodnewt make sense

no no babie i get wht u mean. i kno how yr head makes u wnna be th Mst Ill n th Only One n thts ttly ok alright ? thts a normal reaction n im so so sry its happnin to u. whteva yr illness is i prmise u its real its valid n yea its rly shitty thinkin this stuff but tonites jus for a few hours n thn u can stop thinkin abt it. i kno it dsnt seem t gey better or easier but i swear 2 u it will. i lub u a lot