Within her built temple of hers she created, Akane at some point of the day cries. She cries upon her throne alone in the main room.The reason is because she NEVER wanted to be a goddess. She wasn’t prepare to take this large  responsibility and NEVER thought about it. There was no mentioning that she would turn into a goddess after cutting off Aeneas’s hands because no one knew what would even happen. It was always predictions and assumptions, all not even close to being the brand new god of pride. Akane also wanted to STAY as the sword queen. A regular human being with her pride being the ultimate source of power and motivation for her skills.She can NEVER be a regular human again unless someone dares to cut her hands off and have that divine power flow into their system and become immortal. OR Aeneas’s hands grow back. She wanted to be the legendary sword queen she prmised her father and all who have fallen and been beside her. Not a goddess with  extraordinary power. This reason is why Akane has denied Aeneas’s offer to make her into a goddess. Once she was marked she had the oppotunity to become a goddess beside him but Akane resused wanteing to complete her goal. But now she cannot which brings her down to her knees and cry in solituude.