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i just want to die

2D: *hugs* No, love. Don’ say dat. Anyfing can get better I prmise. Wot yew are going frough will ge’ better.

Top ten Tv Shows!

Top ten Tv Shows!

M Lis fr all crackrs:

M lis cnsiss f granss

10. Dckals rrns n lvisin, dvd, r vid cass

Dckals wh. Cm n. I grw p wih his shw and n f…n…n..h s carn I vr wachd!

9. Hng avaial n HBO

A i mar fr a l f ppl wih h sx. I’s a shw rvlving arnd a man-whr. I js sard i lks prmising s is n his lis.

8. R Chickn Availal n dvd, carn nwrk, xx360

Fnn spf lvisin shw sing clamain g hir hmr acrss.

7.  AfrLif Availal…

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