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In which Slade and Olliver catch up after not seeing each other for a long while. 

important please read and lms if you can

hhey guys its me rubin!!!!!!! i just wanted to let you guys know im not gona be on much for a while …….. i missed a lot ofd school and im worried that im failing my classes!!!!!!!!!!  i wont be on skype or the computer in general a lot anfd im also getting a parakeet soon so i need 2 be able 2 take care of themand it will be a good excuse to get away from the computer so muuch!!!!!!!!!! this account is not Abandoned i prmise ……… eventually i will be back Ful Time but not for a while now

2 some of my friends below the cut

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  • Me???
  • NONE
  • State Your Name and Age
  • What’s your place of work?
  • What’s your favorite way to pass the time?
  • What’s your current living situation like?
  • Name a few of your friends and what you like to do with them
  • Name a few of the people you don’t like
  • What’s your opinion of the gangs?
  • What’s your opinion of the city?
  • Where’s your favorite place to hang out with?
  • Do you have anything you’d like to say to anyone in town?(advice? inside jokes? anything?)
  • What are your hopes for the future?
  • Don’t forget to say goodbye!

anonymous asked:

hey i messaged you on skype, but you havent replied. sorry if im being ignorant, i get paranoid easily

I don’t get on much during the school week I’m very busy but I’ll get on tonight I prmise x