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Iconic “Gilmore Girls” quotes (according to @gilmoreguysshow​): part 2 [part 1]
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Inktoberwatch day 25, favorite legendary skin

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I see you post Sasuke and Sakura fanfictions sometimes. I was wondering which specific one-shots, multiple chapter, or even just fic writers you would recommend to me?

Oh man. I’m super honored that you would ask me. I’ll recommend you the writers! So you can read them for yourself! A lot of the writers for the SasuSaku fandom have many other interests and post less SS,  but holy shit. They write so friggin well that I would read anything they write. But here is a list of writers that I follow. I want to let you know that these are the people that I follow and there are mannnnyyyyyy talented writers and artists and people in the fandom that deserve so much recognition.  So here we go…

@adxe OH BUDDY…. This writer is so good at dynamics. They keep SS in character and have a dark undertone that I FRIGGIN LOVE AND CAN’T get enough of it. I love a good fluff fic, but this writer is so good with incorporating dark elements and creating wonderful stories.  BLESSS.. xxxx 

@zunairaghazal Let me tell you, I love the emotions that this author can incorporate into their writing. It leaves me in tears and without a doubt pulls at my heartstrings. I live for their Arranged fic, but honestly I live for all of it. 

@sasusake This writer is amazing and I’m always loss for words when I’m reading this author’s work. They always leave me longing for much more. 

@xxlovendreamsxx This writer is amazing! They really do a lot of mature fics, but they do a lot of other types and I can’t get enough. They do fluff and au’s super well. They have a side blog, i believe, @timeskipsasusaku where they post head canons and fluffy stories that I can’t get enough. 

@sun-summoning I love all their writings and honestly love how they can take the characters that we know and insert them into different “shows” and still are the characters we know and love. Plus, I die laughing at a lot of the time. Note: I refuse to read their agnst to protect my fragile heart, because I will cry for days after I read it. (it’s that powerful)

This post is getting hella long and my fingers hurt, but here are the other authors that I know of and love @graysuns @windsilk @blanket-fictions @lilmikomiko @scriptblossom @runtedfiction @southsidestory @ebondeath @anthropologicalhands

Also ONCE MORE WITH FEELING BY @jinnyskeans is one that I love is one that I love to reread. 

THERE is a ROUND ROBIN “ fic’’ that I will reblog right after this ask that showcases the immense talent that these people have. 

I know there are so many others that I’m forgetting because there are so many talented people and I could go on and on for all of these writes. My SS tag or clan uchiha tag includes a lot of wonderful,beautiful fan art and stories and I would suggest you look into it.  PLEASE respect the authors and their opinions about other ships and PLEASE don’t send them hate. They write such wonderful works for FREE. I refuse to be a person that is used to direct hate, please don’t force me into that position. 

I wanted to say a quick thank you to all the writers for the stories. Also, I do hope y’all don’t mind that I tagged y’all in this post. 

I want to thank you for sending me an ask! I’m a HUGE Sasusaku fan. If you ever want to talk about SS, please feel free to send me an ask! I don’t bite. I wish you happy readings! Let me know if you find a fic and send me it to talk about it! I always welcome friends. Thank you and happy reading! x

Ractions to TMNT 2012´s “The tale of Tiger Claw”

(Nothing too deep, just random thoughts I had while watching)


1. Drunk Splinter: Man, was that funny! I liked when he was talking about his kids. at some point I imagine him getting more drunk and telling more than what he should (”Lemoncello…Donan…Donate…*hic* need to get out, son… Lameonardo…?…*burp* he… he as crush on my daughter, The F**k, man??)

2. At this point I am starting to believe (or rather said, I am kinda fond of the idea) of Casey and Donnie´s rivalry to team up was April is more a game of “who ´s the best” rather of “I´m winning her over”, since the gap bros are good friends now

3. Karai is a free mutant ninja who need no sewer and Leo is resigned

4. Tiger Claw + Bebop+Rocksteady is one of my favorite combos. I seriously need a Foot Clan henchmen sitcom.

5. Rocksteady funky fresh beat (RHINO ROCKSTEADY! ER-ER- REPRESENT)

6.”THE NAME IS RAPHAEL”…It´s cute how annoyed he is when he can´t be “cool”

7. Casey Murphy´s Law…

8. “BACK OFF, TONY!” (I´d would like to thank whoever came up with that, it made me spill my afternoon coffe)

9. Casey running to the blade is basically me crossing a crowded street (But is less lethal for me)

10. We learned Tiger Claw´s backstory and real name (but what´s Alopex  name?)

11. Alopex is cool, BTW

12. Mikey Stole the words from me…HOLY CHALUPA!

13. He can´t clap anymore…

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HI HELLO I LITERALLY JUST SAW THE ART YOU DREW OF BLIND!PROMPTO AND I BEGAN TALKIMG ABLJT IT WIH MY FRIEND AND BOMBARDED THEM WKTH THESE LITTLE BLIND!PROMTPO DRABBLES?? SCENES,,,, and i hope it's cool if i share them with you too lmao here we go idk how many parts this'll have holy shit/// 1. can't take photos (obvs) but he still tries taking pics anyway but they're all blurry and shaky bc he's sobbing each time. he knows it's useless but it's the one thing he (1/??) -Corn anon

(aka hi im emo and thank you for sending these headcanons I checked them out with my other pal blackie and we p much approved these bECAUSE SOME OF THESE WERE CLOSE TO SOME THAT WE CAME UP VIA MESSAGES FHJSDK)

eyebrows draw into the familiar scowl signifying the arrival of him; peripherals revealing freckles marring alabaster skin, stench of perpetual discomfort (anxiety?) hanging heavily in the air.  honestly, it’s surprising, to be greeted first by one sworn frienemy.  though isaac’s certainty remains: this greeting is likely to be anything but friendly, tainted with their familiar brand of animosity.

may as well get the ball rolling.

     ‘ i thought scott was going to pick me up from the airport. i’m not going to have to get into that piece of crap you call a car, right?

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smth rlly amazin happened recently- okai so ima keep it short- so Im/was rlly into the Justice League animated show (Justice League Unlimited as well) and so that was the main thing that got me drawing. I got a lot of inspiration and motivation to create art from it. it was like,, THE show for me aaa ANYWHOO, a couple days ago my art teacher kinda just randomly said she knew the director of the show and I was like WHHAAAAAAAAT,, anyways long story short he took a look at my stuff and he said it was good! He gave me some recommendations and tips and omgosh you guys I was freaking out (still freakin out) like Im,, sO HAPPY YALL,, I CANT EVEN EXPRESS-

I can’t get over how well written Phyrne Fisher is!  She’s such a badass detective, but she has flaws and she makes mistakes.  She’s just so REAL.  I also love that she breaks all the rules even if it’s going to create choas. Why not spice things up in life, it’s way more fun that way!  

Watch Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries!  

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hey Dayan โค quick v-day ask: your favorite soulsborne OC?

hi hope you’re having a good valentines!!

aaand uh do you mean my own? if oc-version-of-canon-character counts then anri of astora, otherwise ehron and thyssis are equally beloved children (even though ehron is just pure suffering)

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