so a short comic i made in like 3 days just won a contest of my city and i will receive R$ 300 for that lmao i still can’t believe it? i made that in a hurry it’s so ugly

As it’s only a little over five weeks until the deadline for the Observer/Cape/Comica graphic short story prize, we’re taking a look at winners from years gone by.

Here’s a panel from Julian Hanshaw’s beautiful short ‘Sand Dunes and Sonic Booms’, which won the prize in 2008.

Since winning the prize, Julian has published two books with Cape.  His most recent title is Tim Ginger, published by Top Shelf Productions.

If you’d like to enter the prize, you can download the entry form here.


Ok but does anyone notice how chanyeol touches his neck and then baekhyun just like- squirms away??? Does anyone notice this???
Is his neck sensitive?? I wanna know???
But like in the next gif he like rubs his neck like
What’s up with chanyeol and Baekhyun’s neck
I’m sure there are LOTS more gifs of chanyeol touching baek’s neck but
??? I don’t know what I’m saying
8 scientific papers that were rejected before going on to win a Nobel Prize
Take that, reviewer number 2.
By Fiona MacDonald

As a scientist, there are few things more soul-crushing than spending months or years working on a paper, only to have it rejected by your journal of choice - especially when you really feel like you’re onto something important.

But it turns out that plenty of world-famous researchers went through rejection before finally having their papers published - including a few papers that later went on to win a Nobel Prize.

That’s not to say the publication system failed these researchers - in fact, the rejection process is part of good, healthy peer-review.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think that Raymond is in love with your daughter? Will you accept that or not Raymond Red Reddington as your son in law!! Sounds good

Is this revenge for being evasive with my earlier answers? Are you trying to give me a heart attack? My health is poor as it is, but this?!

Love is a strong statement and the feeling of being in it is even more powerful. Be careful with your choice of words. 

The only “son-in-law” more complicated than Thomas would be Raymond. I shiver at the thought. Not my daughter. Not him. And certainly not with our past. I’ll shoot the bastard if he gets anywhere near her, that much I promise.