Leaked Monetization Info:

Okay, so this is some spicy info that someone submitted to me. They don’t want me to tell you who they are because they could get into trouble, but here is some information on how Tumblr’s Monetization is going to work. Instead of being paid directly, Tumblr Partners will recieve Tumbbux™ for every viewed ad they receive. They will be able to turn in their Tumbbux™ for real prizes, cash not included. Here is a short list of the prizes:

  • Become a Yahoo shareholder - 1TB
  • Animated Icon - 10TB
  • Choose which one of your posts will be put on the radar and subsequently get ignored - 100TB
  • Audio posts will work more than half of the time - 150TB
  • Tumblr Keychain - 200TB
  • Coupon for a free shamrock shake at participating McDonald’s restaurants (Not Eligible in Canada or Vermont) - 250TB
  • David Karp will follow you back but not like be your friend or anything - 300TB
  • Any steam game you want as long as it’s under $5 - 350TB
  • An actual tie signed by Tie Belt Guy - 500TB
  • Your information is no longer passed onto the NSA - 600TB
  • You have access to the tumblr staff account and can post anything you want - 700TB
  • Wildcard, it can be any of the previous rewards - 800TB
  • Your choice of a Barbie vanity playset or a Megatron action figure - 900TB
  • A part of the password to secret tumblr that only really cool people can get into - 950TB
  • You’re now employed by Tumblr, congratulations - 1000TB
  • One URL of your choice, it can be anything - 10,000TB
  • Forbidden Prize, not even David Karp himself knows what it is - 1,000,000TB
Logo Contest for Jan Steckel's Website!
Cash prize! Eternal gratitude! Fame and glory! All by 7/25/16!

CONTEST!!! I need a logo for my new website by Monday night, 7/25/16. Hack the Hood, an Oakland nonprofit, is giving me a new website built by a Youth Developer from one of Oakland’s high schools. I’m artistically handicapped. I need a logo that will not violate copyright, so I’m having a contest here. Creative Commons might be a good source for images.

Prize for the winner is $40 and attribution of the logo to you on the website, and a copy of one of my books. I’ll also link to your website from and publish the logo on and talk about how wonderful you are on each of my five social media platforms.

Ideally, the logo should get across that I am a writer, poet and medical editor who used to be a doctor, who is bisexual (using the bi colors of pink, lavender and blue would do this) and disabled. Past logos included a caduceus that was also a pen, and a skull with butterflies fluttering out the eye holes. Some variation of these would be okay, as would a completely new logo. My Twitter handle is @horizontalpoet because 1) I write lying down with pillows under my knees because of a disability, and 2) my favorite position is on my back with my legs in the air (!) 

To give you some idea of who I am and what I do, you can look at my old website at or at my Facebook page at

Who’s in? Feel free to post your entries here or Facebook message them to me privately.

“Hey Mel when is your next con?”
It’s @supertoyconlasvegas Super Toy Con next month, August 5-7 in Las Vegas! And it’s looking to be my last show until 2017 so if nows your last chance to come see meeee. 😭 I’ll be there with Steff @steffvonschweetz and we’ll have some exclusive prints and I’m positive there will be lots of #MELFF. There also be some other stellar cosplay guests too! Best part? The cosplay contest is giving away a CASH prize of $1000!! So come out and give us your best! I want to see your A game Vegas!! See you guys soon!
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Belgium: Catholic school supports teacher who won prize at Iran Holocaust-mocking cartoon contest

Luc Descheemaeker (aka O-Sekoer) of Belgium was awarded a special prize (“honorable mention”) at the infamous Holocaust cartoon contest organised by the IraniansHe also received $ 1,000 cash prize.

External image

Luc Descheemaeker teaches art and “culture” at the Sint-Jozefsinstituut at Torhout, a catholic school in Flanders.  Regards, a Belgian Jewish magazine, (July 2016 issue) contacted the school and was told that they were immensely proud (“très fière”) that one of their teachers had been awarded the prize.  The matter seems to have rested there.

On 18 December, Luc Descheemaeker proudly posted on his blog his award-winning Iran Holocaust-mocking cartoon “embellished” with a drawing by British street artist Banksy, titled Report Descheemaeker vs BANKSY in Tehran (see Resistart too). Whereas Banksy is an original artist, Luc Descheemaeker’s work is unimaginative and dull resorting to the recycling of conventional images. It is extremely doubtful that Banksy and any serious artist would stoop so low as to take part in a Holocaust-mocking contest considering the theme and the number of Holocaust deniers and Jew haters that took part.

External image

On 16 March, Descheemaeker posted the cartoon with a Banksy addition again (linking to a Syrian blog -
External image

At the award ceremony in Teheran, which he did not attend but was in contact by videolink, he boasted to have accepted an invitation for a “personal exhibition in Teheran in 2017”.
Descheemaeker is much appreciated by his Catholic school, the media (Nieuwsblad reported that he had won a prize in Iran, but not a word about the content) and the local authorities at Turhout. Except for two Belgian Jewish magazines, the fact that he participated in an antisemitic contest doesn’t seem to bother many people in Belgium.

The carton below is by Zéon, known for his antisemitism, and won the first prize.  It was lifted from Alain Soral’s blog Egalité et Réconciliation an posted by Descheemaeker - which goes to show something about his tastes and leanings.  Alain Soral is a friend of Dieudonné who hates Jews and gays.
External image
Other drawings by Zéon: 
External image

External image

The New Antisemite:
Meet day

Hot times are forecast for later today at Dunbar HS in DC. I’ll be running in the DC Roadrunners Mile/3K track championship event. It’s not my target mile event for the summer but it’s an important interim benchmark. The masters mile is at about 4:45 pm, then there are seeded open heats based in time and gender. Here is a cash prize for winning the masters race but I am probably a long shot at best. I’ll be satisfied with anything 5:40 or better.

I will likely toe the line again at around 6:25 for the men’s sub-6 open race. Then the heats progress until the big boys & girls run the elite races; the men’s winner will probably run low 4s. If I have anything left I will throw myself into the open 3000m at about 8:15. And after that I will drink a craft beer or two regardless of results.


On this day in music history: July 21, 1990 - “She Ain’t Worth It” by Glenn Medeiros Featuring Bobby Brown hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 1 week, also peaking at #43 on the R&B singles chart on the same date. Written by Antonina Armato, Bobby Brown and Ian Prince it is the biggest hit for the pop singer from Honolulu, HI. Born on the island of Kaua'i and raised on Oahu in the capital city of Honolulu, Glenn Medeiros begins performing at the age of ten, singing for passengers on his father’s tour bus route. The course of his life is changed when Medeiros enters a radio contest, performing a cover of George Benson’s “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You”. After winning the contest, which includes a $500 cash prize and an opportunity to make a record, Glenn records his winning entry. Hot 1-94 (KMAI) FM in Honolulu begins playing the record, which quickly becomes number one on the stations playlist.  "Nothing’s Gonna Change" is heard by KZZP program director Guy Zapoleon who is on vacationing on the island at the time. Zapoleon likes the record so much that he seeks out Medeiros, then tells him he’s going to add the record to KZZP when he returns home. The buzz generated by mainland radio exposure leads to Buffalo, NY based Amherst Records signing Glenn, and putting him in the studio to record a full album. The re-released “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You” becomes a major hit, peaking at #12 in June of 1987. Shortly after, Amherst enters into a joint venture MCA Records in the US (London/Mercury internationally) in 1988, to co-market and promote Medeiros’ next release. His second album “Not Me” fails to chart and makes only a minor dent in the charts elsewhere. While recording his third album, R&B superstar Rick James enters the picture. Long time friends with Amherst Records head Leonard Silver, James suggests that Glenn collaborate with fellow R&B star Bobby Brown. Having already recorded “She Ain’t Worth It”, they come up with the idea of adding a rap to the song.  Brown goes into the studio, writing his rap and laying down the vocals in short order. Released in early May of 1990, the single takes off quickly. Entering the Hot 100 at #50 on May 19, 1990, it climbs to the top of the chart nine weeks later. In spite of landing a number one single, Glenn Medeiros only reaches the top 40 one more time with the follow up “All I’m Missing Is You” (with Ray Parker, Jr.) (#32 Pop). “She Ain’t Worth It” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

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