Tonight! Friday, April 17 at 7pm / FREE
ABC Trivia

huffingtonpost Arts and Books editors are teaming up with electricliterature and bombmagazine to host a night of trivia.

Get ready for 1.5 hours of arts, books and culture revelry. There will be prizes. There will be a cash bar. There will be weird and wonderful lightning round questions. (And a host – David Bateman!)

The night will consist of three rounds of trivia. Show up before 7:00pm on April 17 to register your team. Teams should have a max. of 6 people – feel free to show up alone and join forces with other trivia nerds too!


oh my GOD someone actually did it, someon e actually tattooed one of these weird junk collecting lizards on their real actual body for maybe the rest of their lives i cant beL I EVE this thank you, mighty kraken, for sitting for four hours in a chair while someone drew a green snake monster in a pile of dice on your leg and then emailing me about it. holy shit.  i need to lie down

To mark 80 years of Monopoly, game maker Hasbro has tucked real money into 80 game sets to be sold in France. Only one box will include the full jackpot — the equivalent of about $23,500. The boxes containing real cash are identical to all the others, but Hasbro France brand manager Florence Gaillard says that there are two hints: the weight and the bulge of the box.

Hey everyone!!! :D This is a contest for EVERMORE PARK that’s extending to anyone who would like to join, so I thought I’d show you all and see if any of my followers would like to enter. XD

Rules and Guidelines:

Enter the “Evermore Pumpkin Fest Costume Contest” for a chance to WIN!
Grand Prize is $300 cash!
Don your favorite and most creative costume, and enter by posting your photo to the Evermore Pumpkin Fest page.
Entry Deadline is October 25th, by midnight. Winners will be based on number of “likes.” they receive. Be sure to post early, and encourage your friends to like our page and cast their vote!
Top Ten Winners will be determined on October 31st, and will be announced the following morning. Top three winners will be chosen from those ten by our Evermore Judges.

*Costumes deemed inappropriate will not be valid for entry, and will be removed without warning.
*By submitting your photo, you agree that you are the sole owner of the photo, and that we may use your photo in reproductions as we see fit.
*You also agree to our terms and agreements.

(Obligatory Tumblr social media rules:) 

*18 + may enter.

*Only contestants living within the US may enter.

*This contest is not administered, sponsored, or endorsed by Tumblr.

there was a package on my doorstep today

o h h h boy

thats me




wasabi was not very impressed but shes a god damned asshole and also maybe jealous holy SHIT its so cute thank you very much bowtiesandlions i love it !!

I’m going to keep sitting here repeating “Homestuck prioritizes friendship, family ties, and personal growth over romantic love” until Hussie himself climbs out of the fourth wall and says “No.”

And even then I’ll complain it violates thematic trends.

The contest, under the supervision of Iran’s supreme leader, invites contributors to create cartoons questioning the historical truth of the Holocaust.

So yeah, this thing. The Iranian government, which has funded and coordinated violence against Jewish civilians in places as far-flung as Argentina and Bulgaria has a periodic contest with cash prizes for cartoons mocking and denying the Holocaust.