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Hey guys! So I thought it would be super awesome to cheer up the dash as
well as give back to the fandom that has done so, so much for me. In true
Claire fashion, I wanted to give you all something you can keep on your
computers, blogs, sidebars– and then customize them for whatever you
want to use them for! Print it out, hang ‘em up, wear it as a shirt–

                because you are now all official owners of a

Put your own name or URL on the back by using this PSD! Just please keep
the credit on there, I worked very hard on them! I hope everyone enjoys their
new passes. Thank you for being absolutely incredible to me.

                                                             xoxo Amy

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Summer Join the Blizzard Contest!


Summer is HERE! Bring on the heat! Bring on the sun! BRING ON THE PRIZES!

Some of you may have noticed the ICE LIKE FIRE Character Profiles I’ve been posting over the past few months, introducing you all to the crazy kingdoms you’ll come to meet in SNOW LIKE ASHES’ sequel. Well, all that info will now come in handy, as the Summer Join the Blizzard contest is a QUIZ!

No, it’ll be fun! I promise! And, better still, it’ll be EASY!

Behold: here is all the information you will need to pass this quiz with flying colors. Every correct answer gets you an entry into the contest. Plus, there are a few non-question entries – the typical Twitter follow, Tumblr reblog, etc. EASY PEASY.

But what are you working so hard for??

Why, none other than the FIRST and ONLY signed and ANNOTATED ARC of ICE LIKE FIREEEEE.

That’s right, lovelies – this will be the ONLY annotated ARC of ICE LIKE FIRE. There will be another annotated finished copy, but as far as ARCs go, this is it. UNIQUE. SPECIAL. RARE. It is all those things and more.

Plus, you’ll win swag along with your piece of the SLA Blizzard, as per usual. 

Contest runs June 19-July 2, with the winner announced July 3. Open internationally. 

GO, GO, GO!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Competition 2015

The theme is;

Modern day fairy tales

We’re looking for fairy tales with a modern flavour- we’re talking sassy heroines saving the prince (or sassy heros saving their prince), evil faeries, good witches, and psychic werewolves here people. Open your minds and give us the best you’ve got in 3,000 words or less. 

A side note though; avoid the harmful tropes and stereotypes so common in old fairy stories or face the wrath of the resident warlock.

The closing date is the 31st of October 2015, and the three winners will get a notebook to keep all their devilish ideas in along with the customary proofread and editorial.

As before please submit your work with a contact email address, the title, and the name you wish to have published with it (if you don’t want to use your username), and be prepared to give a shipping address!



Included will be:

·         One glass jar

·         Two small glass vials with cork

·         One coconut shell

·         One incense burner

·         20 count Myrrh incense  (not pictured)

·         20 count Red Currant incense (not pictures)

·         5 count incense of my choosing (not pictured)

·         One sage smudge stick

·         One bunch of dried rosemary

·         Four Crystal Quartz

·         One Rock Quartz

·         One (small) Hematite

·         One Tigers Eye

·         One tumbled Amethyst

·         One (small) black bag for storing crystals

Rules: Reblogs and likes count. No GiveAway blogs Will be eligible to win. Please do not tag with “give away”, or the post may be removed. You MUST be following in order to win (this is A thank you to all my followers). Winner will be selected by a random number generator on April 22nd, exactly one month from today. Have fun and good luck!

J-Bus’s Summer of Dragon Age


So I’ve been considering ideas like this for some time. And I think it finally occurred to me how to do it and do it well, so I’m here tonight to announce the J-Bus’s Summer of Dragon Age event here on thejbusition! As I mentioned earlier, you should DEFINITELY be thinking about your favorite Trevelyans that belong to other OC creators because here’s the schedule as it stands currently!


  • 7/26 - 8/1: Trevelyan Week
  • 8/2 - 8/8: Lavellan Week
  • 8/9 - 8/15: Cadash Week
  • 8/16 - 8/22: Adaar Week
  • 8/23 - 8/29: Hawke Week
  • 8/30 - 9/5: Warden Week (Apologies if you feel Wardens deserve more; I just went by what I see on a typical OC Sharing Day and I don’t see anywhere near as many Wardens as I do Inquisitors. If this goes well and I do it again next summer, maybe I’ll do an extension and do more for Wardens)

So as I said, this event will last the rest of my summer on my blog, hopefully carrying me to when I might be able to increase my blog activity again. Now, for the rules..


As I mentioned before, this WILL be a contest, with the prizes being fics from yours truly! So here’s how this whole event will work:

  • OCs can only be entered into the contest by nomination!
    • Yes, you read that right. OCs can only get involved if someone nominates them! And no, you can’t nominate your own OCs, so don’t get any ideas! If you want to ask someone to nominate your OC, I don’t have any problem with that.
    • Just be aware that for now, so that this doesn’t get out of hand (which it’s possible it still might) I’m only allowing you to nominate ONE OC per week. I’ll change this up if we’re not getting any OCs nominated, but I’d be a little surprised if that’s an issue. So keep that in mind if you ask someone to nominate an OC of yours!
    • PLEASE only nominate an OC by sending me an ask. I want the nominations to be kept somewhat secret until the reveal for the week’s slate. And please limit your nomination to that week’s character type; I will post when nominations are open for the following week.
  • This is KIND of a popularity contest; unfortunately it’s the best way.
    • Once the slate has been set, the polls will open and will be open in 1-Day increments, with the slate being cut each day until on the last day of voting, there are three OCs to choose from.
    • The amount of votes you get will be relative to the number of candidates in the slate: for example, 30 OCs to 10 votes, 10 OCs to 3 votes, 3 OCs to 1 vote.
    • Dependent on the number of OCs, voting will last anywhere from 2-4 days in the middle of the week.
    • All of the details will be enunciated as the event rolls along.
  • But the prize…
    • I mentioned that 3 OCs would make it to the end of each week, correct? That means all three of those OCs (or more importantly, their creators) will win a prize!
    • The third place OC’s creator will win a 250+ word fic, the second place OC’s creator will win a 500+ word fic, and the first place OC’s creator will win a 750+ word fic! Obviously the fics will star the winning OC, but in a scenario of the creator’s choosing!
  • So Trevelyan Week?
    • Obviously, since Trevelyan Week starts this weekend, I think it would be wise for me to open nominations tonight so that we can get this thing underway!
    • The tentative schedule for Trevelyan week will be:
      • Tonight - 7/27: Trevelyan Nominations!
      • 7/28: Preliminary Voting
      • 7/29: Second Round Voting
      • 7/30: Final Round Voting
      • 7/31 - 8/3: Lavellan Nominations!
    • I will obviously update you all if things change, but that’s how it stands currently!
  • So I look forward to seeing which OCs get nominated! I hope this event goes over well!
  • Let me know if you have any questions as well! Obviously I want to make sure this is all clear!
  • And PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST! I want to make as many people aware of this as possible! <3

Terms & Conditions:  
This is a prize draw to win one of ten All I Know Now super fan bundles including:

1 x All I Know Now mug 
1 x All I Know Now tote bag 
1 x All I Know Now necklace by the Literary Emporium 
1 x hardback signed copy of All I Know Now 

  1. To enter, please tweet a photo of yourself with your copy of All I Know Now using the hashtag #10daysofalliknownow.  Please note that only you should be visible in your photo and it should not include any other persons. 
  2. Each day one winner will be selected at random from the entries received that day in accordance with these terms and conditions by Carrie Hope Fletcher, whose selection will be final. 
  3. The winners may see their names posted on the Little, Brown website and possibly other websites and Twitter accounts owned and/or operated by Little, Brown Book Group. 
  4. There is no purchase necessary to enter.  
  5. The prize draw opens at 02.00 pm BST on 1st May 2015 and closes at 10.59 pm BST on 10th May 2015.  Any entries received outside these specified times and dates will not be eligible for entry into the competition.  
  6. Entries for each day must be received after 5.59 pm BST the previous day (or after 2.00 pm BST on 1st May 2015 in respect of the draw taking place on that date) and before 6.00 pm BST on the day the draw is to take place.  The draw will take place each day after 6.00 pm BST from 1st May to 10th May 2015 (inclusive) and the winner for that day will be published before 11.00 pm BST on the day of the draw on the @LittleBrownUK @CarrieHFletcher Twitter accounts. By way of example: Entries received after 5.59 pm BST on 4th May 2015 and before 6.00 pm BST on 5th May 2015 will be entered into the draw taking place after 6.00 pm BST on 5th May 2015.  The winner of this draw will be announced before 11.00 pm BST on 6th May 2015. 
  7. Following the prize draw each day, the winner of that day’s draw will be contacted by direct mail on Twitter and asked to provide their postal address for delivery of their prize.  Your contact information will only be used in connection with the administration of this competition and will not be used for any other purpose. 
  8. The prize draw is open to anyone aged 14 or over in the UK except employees of Little, Brown, their families, or anyone professionally connected to the competition either themselves or through their families.   
  9. By entering this prize draw you are confirming that you are aged 14 or over and, if you are under 18, you have consent from your parent or guardian to do so.  If you are one of our winners we may ask for contact details for your parents or guardian in order to verify your age before issuing your prize. 
  10. Only one entry per person allowed. Second or subsequent entries will be disqualified. Entries will not be accepted via agents, third parties or in bulk. 
  11. Little, Brown is not responsible for contacting or forwarding prizes to entrants who provide unclear or incomplete information or for entries lost, misdirected, delayed or destroyed. 
  12. Little, Brown reserves the right to alter the prizes or cancel the prize draw without notice.  No cash alternatives to prizes will be provided. 
  13. By entering the prize draw each entrant agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions. 
  14. This competition is being organised by Little, Brown Book Group, 100 Victoria Embankment, London, EC4Y 0DY. 
  15. These terms and conditions and any disputes or claims (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of these terms and conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England, whose courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

3000 follower give-away!

We promised you a give-away, so here it is! We’ve reached the hallowed 3,000-follower mark, and you could win all of the above!

To enter, simply Reblog this and add a RuneScape-based image. Be creative! Our favourite will be the winner.

You have until Monday! Good luck!

3K Followers = 3 Weeks of Freebies!

In homage of our 3,000 follower mark, we at CommanDollar are presenting you all with a WONDERFUL opportunity to win prizes!

Eligibility Requirements:

You MUST follow CommanDollar on Tumblr.

You MUST be a Magic: the Gathering player.

You MUST be awesome. Sorry, this is a 100% necessity. 

Here’s how to play: 

1. I will be posting a Magic-related question and a keyword on the next three Saturdays. Answer the question. use the keyword somewhere in your answer.

2. I will stop accepting answers at 11:59PM EST the following Sunday night.

3. Using a random choice generator, I will choose three responses: one to be the primary winner and two as back-up in case that user does not respond. You will not be notified of runner-up status unless you are needed to protect your privacy.

Contest Dates: 

Saturday, March 21 10AM – Sunday, March 22 11:59PM
Saturday, March 28 10AM – Sunday, March 29 11:59PM
Saturday, April 4 10AM – Sunday, April 5th 11:59PM

When you win:

Post an image of your prize under “#CommanDollar” and “#Magic the Gathering”.

Thank Cara/CommanDollar/Jesus/Emrakul for the opportunity.

In the meantime, reblog this post. 

That way other people know about the opportunity!

Love Always, 

Your Friendly Neighborhood /Cara


This video explains the raffles I will be doing for my fundraiser. The fundraiser can be found here:

I will be raffling off all kinds of things, but there are five major prizes that anyone who donates is eligible to win. They are as follows:

1. $5,000 Mark Prize - Day Pass to RTX 2016
2. $10,000 Mark Prize - Weekend Pass to RTX 2016
3. $20,000 Mark Prize - Two Day Passes to RTX 2016
4. $40,000 Mark Prize - Two Weekend Passes to RTX 2016
5. $90,000 Grand Prize - Weekend Pass to RTX 2016 & a $2,000 Voucher for airplane tickets.

If you win the Grand Prize and you live in the US we will give you a voucher for the cost of the plane tickets, but if the tickets are less than $2,000 then the excess amount will be given in the form of a gift card that you can then use in any way you wish.

There are lots of other items I will be raffling off. Every two weeks I will have a raffle. I will post a video detailing the prize on a Monday (first one starts on May 4th, 2015), and will do the drawing two weeks from that day (so the first drawing will be May 18th, 2015).

For every dollar you donate you get a raffle ticket. You can use the raffle tickets for any of the raffles that you wish. You’ll have to contact me via RT, Twitter, or Facebook to let me know how many of your tickets you’d like to use toward that weeks raffle item.

For example:
Lets say you donated $5 today. Next Monday on May 4th I announce the raffle item, and you want to try to win it. All you have to do is message me and say “This was my donation amount, this is my first name, I want to use 3 tickets of my 5 for this raffle.”

Simple, right? There is no limit to the number of tickets you can buy, because every donation is needed. The only limit is on how many items you can win. If you win three raffle items you are no longer allowed to participate in a raffle, and any unused tickets will remain unused.

I am doing that only because I wish it to remain fair for all participating. If you win one of the tier prizes listed above then you are no longer able to participate in any of the following tier raffles. You can still participate in the other ones, though.

So, if you want to keep up on the items being raffled please subscribe to my youtube channel, and/or follow me on here. The first raffle item will be Star Wars related as it will start on May 4th, and May the 4th be with you all!

Please spread the word. If you have questions feel free to message me.

Hey it’s the one day a month that I wear lipstick! (for when I send kisses, secret notes, and original artwork to all my beloved patrons who support Kimchi Cuddles with monthly donations, and enable me to continue my passion of making comics!  Thank you so much! <3

If you love Kimchi Cuddles too, check out ways to support the comic, or spread this link!

2015 PEN Literary Awards Longlist Announced

And there are two NYRB Classics on the Translation Prize list:

Josep Pla’s The Gray Notebook, translated from the Catalan by Peter Bush
Tove Jansson’s The Woman Who Borrowed Memories, translated from the Swedish by Thomas Teal and Silvester Mazzarella

Above: Tove Jansson dancing with her cat on her island, Klovharu. We think the cat is the famous Psipsina, drawn below Tuulikki Pietilä (via Sara Ryan):