It was fully 11 years ago that Cristi Puiu’s “The Death of Mr. Lazarescu,” took the Un Certain Regard prize at Cannes, kicking off the so-called Romanian New Wave. Two years later Mungiu won the Palme d'Or for his period abortion drama “4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days. Ever since, the Romanians have turned out complex, interesting and subtle work, reliably, every year, often by using their signature long shots and rigorous minimalism.
—  A nice article by The LA Times on Romanian cinema. 
7 reasons to donate to Connor Franta's charity project!

1. 1 billion people on earth do not have access to drinking water.

2. 1 well can give 500 people access to clean water!

3. connorfranta is an adorable cinnamon roll who wants to help those in need.

4. Once you give people clean drinking water, the chance of disease drops by 99%!

5. If even 1/8 of Connor subscribers donate just $10, we would raise $600,000!!

6. By donating money, to help those in need, you feel a great amount of self-worth, just knowing that you’ve helped change someone’s life!

7. Imagine how proud Connor will be of us if we SMASH the goal for this year!

^^ And if you can’t donate, you can always help by promoting his campaign! ^^

WIN! 3dtotal sketching competition

With the launch of the successful Sketching from the Imagination: Sci-fi earlier this year, we thought it would be apt to run a competition with a sci-fi theme! With that in mind, we’ve invited incredible illustrator and concept artist Jakub Rebelka to be the judge of 3dtotal’s first sketching contest!

We therefore thought it would be very fun to run a sketching competition for you! We want to see YOUR ideas and imagination, so send us your spaceships, aliens, astronauts, and extraterrestrial environments today to be in with a chance of winning our comprehensive selection of sketching guides and inspiration books!

Click here to find out more about how to enter!  


Yoongi’s Birthday Creative Contest Prizes!

1st place winners:  your choice of BTS album (not the special edition ones or DVD boxes), BTS kpop socks, your choice of SugaSwagSociety beanie, assorted face masks, 52 week assorted desk calendar, 2 pocket notebooks, 2 lip balms, stickers.

2nd place winners: your choice of BTS album (not the special edition ones or DVD boxes), your choice of SugaSwagSociety beanie, assorted face masks, 52 week assorted desk calendar, 2 pocket notebooks, lip balm, stickers.

+ other mystery prizes for all winners 😱🤔😜

Disclaimer: winners may choose whichever album/ beanie they want, not just the examples that are pictured. 

Good luck to everyone entering!

- Becky, Roxy, & Julia 

Uhhh milestone?

So I hit 300, which I mean isn’t huge but I’m pretty pleased w/ myself for sticking to something so damn long. I’m still fairly new to the community- so it’s nice to know I’m actually doing something right. Anywho, I’m going to be doing a give-away/call out to a handful of people to just drop em a ‘thank ya’ for keeping me from just dropping out.

RULES TO WIN: Reblog this post, and you have to be following me to win. Pretty simple rules there. Please only reblog once as you’ll only be put in the drawing, ONCE.

                                  Give-away ends on June 1st.

Prize is *drum roll* an image of your muse(or oc w/e) like:

As for shoutouts:

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Between personal drama, work and being sick I’ve barely had enough time to put as much love into these as I wanted, but here we go! Almost a month later, I present to you your prizes TTwTT I hope you like them!

1. @sagolii-snowflake - I really wanted to make this a little comic, but I just couldn’t shape out the smol catte how I wanted after hours of screaming at my tablet. So I’ve kept it a single for now, but I promise to come back one day and finish it off. 
2. @limmel-xiv - Damn I gave her some long ass legs.
3. @ffxivqueen - This one was really relaxing to draw ♥
4. @kangarohcreations - I made a noodle sexy, not sure how, but I did it.
5. @natsumimontenbelt - This was also going to be a comic, but I felt like I had spent too much time on it already so I rounded it up to a single.I hope you like them, if you’d like anything changed, background colour, hair colour, just let me know! ♥
Pledis Week Update: Donations

Hello kpop fans and Pledis Week supporters! We have a very exciting announcement for all of you! 

 As you all know, the donations for this project are probably the most important part, as all of the money will go towards the gifts for the artists, which includes a food truck and rice wreaths/ flower wreaths. As of today, we are just barely a quarter of the way towards our goal of $1000, and Pledis Week is less than 3 weeks away. The new deadline for donations is the 17th, which gives us all roughly 13 days to collect approximately $750 dollars. This is why we’ve decided to turn this into something fun for everyone involved!  

1: Prizes 

 For every $1 you donate, you can request any of the following: 

  • a drabble (200 words) about your bias 
  • a snapchat edit 
  • a simple custom graphic 

For every $5 you donate, you can request any of the following: 

  • a long drabble (250-750 words) about your bias and you can pick the theme (angst, fluff, sci-fi, etc.) 
  • a mini snapchat edit series of your bias (a set of 3) 
  • a custom graphic 

 For every $10-$15 you donate, you can request any of the following: 

 For every donation of $30, you can request the following: 

  • a twoshot about your bias, and you can pick the theme (angst, fluff, sci-fi, etc.) 
  • two snapchat edit series of your bias (a set of 5-7) 
  • three custom graphics 
  • an entry in the giveaway for a brand new 17 Carat album

 Anyone who donates $50 or more can request: 

  • a mini story (3-5 chapters) about your bias, and you can pick the theme (angst, fluff, sci-fi, etc.) OR a drabble/oneshot about your bias for every week until Christmas 
  • a snapchat edit series of your bias (a set of 5-7) for every week of October 
  • 5-6 custom graphics 
  • an entry in the giveaway for a brand new 17 Carat album

*You can NOT request smut or any form of abuse for any of the fics or snapchat edits. 

 2: Fandom Competition 

 We have a friendly competition for all fandoms! We want to see which fandom can do the most in supporting Pledis and this project! If you would like your donation to be included under a specific fandom, please send us a message telling us which one you belong to so we can keep track! This is not limited to Pledis fandoms either! EXO-L, ARMYS, VIPS, Starlights, Shawols, Sones, any fandom is allowed to participate in this competition! We will keep track of what fandom donates the most and announce the winner once donations are closed and everything is tallied. Please, if you can, donate!

-Admin Jamie


First place winner 


Second place winners



Third place winners




Fourth place winners







especially the wolf among the ponies.

I hope the winners like theirs prizes ! And I will maybe do an another contest later if you want it, good crebs ! 

Now, I will listen some undertale musics and relax with a cake…. -v -

Hey!  I want to see your Inhuman fan art! 

I want to see your art and am willing to offer out all sorts of crazy prizes to get my way!!  Good artists, bad artists, professional artists, and hobby artists… everyone’s invited to participate and everyone will win!

the fantastic art above by Eric Turner, Shawn Daley, and Dev20W

How to Enter:

  1. step one.  Take a sketch card or blank piece of paper and draw one or more Inhumans on it.  It can be in color or in black and white.  All mediums are acceptable… pen and pencil, crayon, marker, knitting, crochet, decoupage, whatever.  The art can be of one or more of the Inhumans from the comics or an Inhuman you have made up.
  2. step two.  Take a photograph or make a scan of the art so that it is in digital format.  
  3. step three. Submit the art to InhumansForever at the following link.    Kids, ask your parent or guardian for permission before entering.  
  4. step four. Sit back and get ready to win some prizes.  

All entries will be posted, you can enter as many times as you please, and everyone who enters will win a prize!!!

Prizes include:

Digital download codes for Inhuman comics!

Inhuman heroclicks figurines!

Actual Inhuman comics sent right to your home.

A copy of an Inhuman trade paperback, including Realm of Kings, War of Kings, Culture Shock, By Right of Birth, and Marvel Knights: Inhumans!

This weird Black Bolt action doll (cat not included)

A DVD copy of the Inhuman cartoon feature ‘The Inhumans’

Real to life Inhuman fan-art by yours truly

And the grand prize of a near-mint copy of Fantastic Four vol. 1 # 47!!!!!

Winners will be announced June 1st and everybody who enters will win.  Prizes will be awarded on the merits of number of ‘likes’ a given post receives and consideration by me and my esteemed panel of judges.

Please reblog for signal Boost and Good Luck!