Is the time of year when prizes are given to the smart and the sporty and every single girl in that church prays that the speaker this year will not have over five pages of a speech (He had at least seven this year, worst luck).

It’s the beginning of summer, sun and fun, but it’s the end of a school year.

It’s time to say goodbye.

I don’t like saying goodbye.

About half of my year left, there’s barely twenty of us in the class now. I hated saying goodbye to them because I hate thinking that i’ll never see one of them again. I know i wont forget that i knew them, but i’m afraid of forgetting knowing them.

But i can’t hold them back. They are ready to leave, i am not. I do not have the right to restrict them, no one does. And so they must go, i know this, but i can’t help wishing they didn’t have to.

Rave on all, i’ll never forget you, or the fantastic years we’ve had together. Don’t forget me. Please.


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