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New Sega Arcade Prizes Announced

Please note that since these are arcade prizes, they are NOT available for retail sale, they can be obtained through 3rd party stores such as Mandarake, Yahoo Auctions, or Ebay. Since these are picture reveals only, there is no new information as to which arcades these items will be available at. 

Scheduled for an August Release: Giant Fluffy Kaito and Meiko Plush

Scheduled for an October Release: Mini Miku, Meiko, and Kaito Christmas Plushes, Project Diva Arcade Future Tone Miku and Rin Christmas Figures, Project Diva F 2nd Christmas Candy Cans.

Scheduled for a November Release: Giant Fluffy Santa Miku Plush, Mini Megurine Luka, Kagamine Len, and Kagamine Rin Christmas Plushes.

Scheduled for a December Release: Hatsune Miku Project Diva X HD Super Premium Figure (Not pictured)


Love Live! Sunshine!! Game Center Prizes

Release Dates:

Cushions: June 2016 

Second Year Plush: July 2016 

First Year Plush: August 2016 

Cases?: July 2016

CYaRon Figures: August 2016 

Binders: July 2016


The next Ichiban Kuji was announced by Banpresto and is scheduled for the 12th of August ! Its title is EIEVUI & FLOWERS.

The prizes will be the following : 

A prize : Sitting plush - B prize : Laying plush 

C prize : Drawstring bag - D prize : Sliding mirror 

E prize : Fabric pouch F prize : Towel - G prize : Rubber charm 

LAST CHANCE prize : Sitting plush - DOUBLE CHANCE prize : Sitting plush

anonymous asked:

Trashymiya with an adorable girlfriend who calls him Mako-chan and he's super doting on her (in a very Hanamiya way). Maybe his teammates find out or saw them on a date of you want to. Fluff. Thank you, once to see a sole Hanamiya blog ^▽^

Prepare yourself. This is all I’ve been thinking about lately. 

The school festival was in full swing, swarms of students with their family and friends crowding every part of Kirisaki Daichi’s campus. Everyone was eager to check out the events that each class was putting on, along with the array of food that lined the walkways. 

Hanamiya was no exception, walking with _____ by his side. She was chatting along eagerly, not seeming to care if her boyfriend was paying any attention to her, and it appeared he wasn’t. However, she knew that he was listening to every word. He always did. 

“Hey, Mako-chan, how about a bet?” she said, stopping and staring at one of the booths. 

He laughed loudly and shortly. “What makes you think you could win against me?” he sneered.

She was already bouncing up to the basketball booth with a string of large stuffed animals displayed across the top. She glanced briefly with a smile at the black cat before handing a game ticket to the attendant. Turning to him, she smirked. “Then you should have nothing to fear.”

He approached her with his signature grin. “Name your terms.” It didn’t matter to him anyway. He knew he would win.

“Whoever gets the most baskets has to do one embarrassing thing in public for the other.”

This was going to be far too easy. “Anything I want?” he leered, close enough to bump his nose against hers.

She smiled and nodded, taking advantage of their position and giving him an eskimo kiss. “If you win,” she said, twirling around to shoot her first basket. It went in with a swoosh, not touching the rim once. He smirked at her self-confidence, but was merciless. Not five minutes later and he had won by nearly ten baskets.

She pouted and watched as he picked his prize, the fluffy black cat that she had been eyeing. He dangled it in front of her face, showing off. 

“Now for your punishment.”

Dragging her over to the gym, he sat down on the bleachers with the cat between his fingers. “Crawl to me.”

She raised an eyebrow in confusion. “You sure you don’t want this to be public?” 

He chuckled. “This is public. Hundreds of extra people on campus, open gym, anyone could walk in.” His smirked grew lecherous. “Or did you want me to show you off?”

She sighed but slinked to the floor to fill her end of the bet. She made every effort to be seductive and sexy as she made her way towards Hanamiya, but she looked anything but. Her eyes were too wide and her mouth set in an adorable pout that made it impossible for Hanamiya to describe her as anything but purely cute. 

He laughed at her efforts as she sat at his feet. “Now sit,” he ordered, taking out his phone to take a picture. 

She frowned. “Mako-chan,” she whined. He knew she didn’t like having her picture taken. He smiled and took one anyway, saving it away for personal use. 

Going back to his prize, he held the plush in front of her face. “Do you want this?”

She scoffed. “Not if you’re going to make me meow for it.”

He pulled her onto his lap, an arm wrapping around her waist to hold her and the other brushing her hair behind her ear. “I’d rather make you purr.”

Her giggle was so light and bell-like that he had to smile. She pulled at his cheek to scold him. “Don’t be disgusting.” 

“Then you better shut me up.”

She smiled sweetly and leaned forward to press her lips to his, stealthily stealing the cat from his side. He smiled into her affection, letting her think that he didn’t notice. 

When his fingers brushed down her sides she broke out into a laugh, breaking from the kiss but not leaning away. “That tickles Mako-chan,” she whispered against his lips. He smiled and repeated the action, catching her lips again and smothering her laugh against his tongue. 

So engrossed in their flirting were they that they didn’t hear the door to the gym open and the group of boys pause in their conversation at the sight of their captain with his girlfriend. They didn’t hear as they walked towards them, nor when they gathered around the bench. 

“Do we get a kiss, _____-chan?” 

____ jumped apart from Hanamiya with a fierce blush on her face. Hanamiya groaned and glared at Hara, who popped a bubble from his gum in mock innocence. He shoved him off the bench, ignoring his pained cries.

“Piss off.”

New BANPRESTO prize plush revealed!

BANPRESTO recently updated their website to show the next two prize plush:

Digimon Universe Appli Monsters Dekkai Gatchmon Plush

Approx. 23cm/9" tall
To Be Released November 10th, 2016
*Photo not yet finalized


Approx. 24cm/9.5" tall
To Be Released November 23rd, 2016
*Photo not yet finalized

Final round of spot prize winners - Week 5 (4–7 October)

Dear Rosetta friends,

We have selected the last round of spot prize winners from the Rosetta Legacy competition, who will receive a Rosetta & Philae plush toy:

* Akif Teoman, a designer who created a beautiful silver necklace portraying Rosetta and Philae:

* Arthur Crepin-Leblond, a software engineer who was fascinated by the mission and designed an inventive cartoon featuring our spacecraft heroes and Comet 67P, set up just a few years from now…

* Andrea Cammellieri, who finally succeeded in passing down his fascination for space exploration to his young children, Matilde and Pietro:

* Cicada Lugeret ( @cicadalugeret​ ) who helps run the CosmoCast podcast, and created a heart-breaking episode dedicated to the end of Rosetta’s mission:

* Stephen Atkinson, who made a fascinating painting inspired by Rosetta, Philae and Comet 67P:

Once again, thanks to all of you for the incredible contributions to the Rosetta Legacy. 

Towards the end of October, we will announce the top prize winner of this contest, who will be awarded an exclusive visit to ESA’s ESTEC technical centre in Noordwijk, the Netherlands!

With very best wishes,
~~ The Rosetta Legacy Team

juzosuke domestic au post!! part TWO!!!!

hope arc was beyond disappointing because it did not live up to my juzosuke expectations so heres a part two of our domestic au (click this AWESOME link if u wanna read part one) this is super long (its like 1000 words longer than the last one)

warning tho this one seems to be a lot more focused on the warriors of hope than the last post and i Apologize but juzo and kyosuke are still there and happy 

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MINI NEOMERCH GIVEAWAY!!!! To celebrate 600 followers I thought I’d do a little giveaway. For now just some things I have doubles of or no longer need/want and fortunately for you guys, don’t have the time or patience to attempt to sell.

- Interactive faerie kacheek plush. VERY pre-loved, have not personally tested it myself but it *should* still work with some new batteries.
- Blue Aisha Plush
- Blue Cybunny Plush
- Faerie Kougra Plush
- McDonalds Red Quiggle & Blue Shoyru Plush
- Misc. Neo Cards

- Do //NOT// tag as a giveaway. I have read this can occasionally cause problems, for whatever reason.
- Must be in the USA (and comfortable with giving me your address, obv).
- Both reblogs and likes count, and you can reblog as many times as you’d like.
- Must be following me (@neopetsmerch) at the time of entering and at the time of deciding the winner.
- No giveaway blogs. Side blogs are okay since I know a lot of people have separate neoblogs. Okay to reblog/like on your side + main but please don’t use more than 2 blogs to enter.
- Post must reach at least 100 notes.
- Giveaway will end & winner will be decided on May 1st, 2016***
- If the first winner chosen doesn’t have their ask box open or doesn’t respond in 24 hours a new winner will be chosen.

*** I know the duration is kinda long but this will be an easier time for me to make sure I can send the package out & I’m really impatient and just wanted to post this already!!!!!


Finally announcing a givaway for my awesome followers who have been with me these two years! There can be four winners.


1. Must be following JustRivailleThings! New followers are welcome, too.
2. Only reblogs count for entry, but likes are okay. 
3. You can reblog once per day! 
4. Must be OKAY giving me their address for shipping.


First prize: A 6″ cleaning Levi figure!
Second prize: An adorable Levi plush!
Third & Fourth: A Levi keychain!

Good luck, everyone! The deadline for entry is August 13th 2015 at 11:59 pm CST.