Hello artists looking for a great challenge. Today I am hosting my first drawing challenge. Depending on how it goes, I may start up a contest blog for creative anime fans! And YES THERE ARE PRIZES!

Below is all the information for this first drawing anime challenge.. (All of you Akatsuki no Yona fans please don’t murder me).

Category: Romance

Anime: Akatsuki No Yona/ Yona of the Dawn.

Couple: Yona & Soo Won

Title: What could have been…

What I’m looking for in this contest: Creativity, Detail, Passion. Something to really show a blossomed love. Something showing memories of what could have been… If Soo Won had not Killed King Il. Show the future Yona dreamed of before her whole world was shattered.

PRIZE: $25 ITunes Gift Card (either by mail or by code)

*Note: The more contests we do the better the prizes*

TIME FRAME TO SUBMIT FOR THIS CHALLENGE: July 6th, 2015- July 15th, 2015.

I will post all submissions on my blog once the contest is over along with announcing the winner.


Must be original art.
Must stick with the theme for this contest.
Must be good quality. (Scanned or drawn using computer software would be preferred)
No blurry pictures.
MUST BE A DRAWING. As much as I love cosplay, this is a drawing contest.
Colored and shaded preferred but not required.
Must be at least 12 years of age.


SEND SUBMISSION TO THE E-MAIL ADDRESS: zeldalover_95@yahoo.com.

IN SUBJECT LINE PUT: Yona Challenge.

Attach the photo to the e-mail. NO LINKS! All links will be disqualified.

Enter your name & age along with contact information. (If you do not feel comfortable giving out your phone number then give me a working e-mail so I can contact you)

If you win I will contact you through the contact information I am given and arrange to give you the prize.

If you do not win, all contestants submissions will be placed on my blog as honorable mentions.

REBLOG REBLOG REBLOG! If we do not have more than 3 submission this contest will be cancelled!!!


Prize - 景品 - #ninjagin #garbage #prize #lazy #kotatsu 〜 銀三郎(Ninja GIN)

Prize - Prize - #ninjagin #garbage #prize #lazy #kotatsu 〜 銀三郎(Ninja GIN)


To be sexy cute neko, from now on(ฅ>ω<*ฅ) 

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Enter to win 1 each of these 2 awesome xena warrior princess stamp sheets!

TO ENTER: reblog and like to get your name in twice.

ENDING DATE: on the 29th of July (in Australia ) 28th (in other places)

ANNOUNCEMENT: from 12-2pm (hopefully) Australian time! On the day!
(You can look up different Time zone matches through Google easily)

You DON’T have to be following my blog
(Even though if you LOVE xena you’d LOVE my blog!)

Any questions just drop in a message!

There will be a couple of winners!! Good luck!!- jacqueline-emma


Too hard to choose winners from @SpreePicky OOTD Contest 1.0 😂

Here we have these amazing winners! 👏 

Please email at theresa@spreepicky.com or @hiitheresa from instagram 💌 for prizes.

👑Grand Prize from Facebook Entry:

1st Prize: @Chi K. Marshall
2nd Prize: @Vicky Pinal Barón (@senpaiisdead )
3rd Prize: @jojechan

🎁Special Prizes total 4 winners:

from instagram and tumblr share.


subridet.tumblr.com (@sweetatamy )
gyurange.tumblr.com (@sonkahalx3 )

Give Them BIG Congratulations! 😘

Contest 2.0 coming soon! 😎 Thank you for joining and sharing these amazing artworks, we really appreciate them 💕

Check out Contest 1.0 facebook entry.

More: www.spreepicky.com



would you play a political game?

i need maybe 50+ people to answer so any help would be appreciated.

would you guys play a political game if there were prizes and incentives?? what would make you interested in a game like that? would winning be your ultimatum for playing? any comments and suggestions are welcome!


Recent Acquisition - Photograph Collection 

Original caption: A VETERAN RIDER AT 11. Virginia Beach, Va. : Miss Pat Thraves, 11 year old horseback riding enthusiast won her third cup for expert horsemanship here recently during the annual Cavalier horse show. She has been riding in the saddle for four years and is as adept in sticking to her mount as many expert jockeys. Photo shows Miss Thraves with her cup and pet dog in it at Virginia Beach.  September 28, 1929.