Prize - 景品 - #ninjagin #garbage #prize #lazy #kotatsu 〜 銀三郎(Ninja GIN)

Prize - Prize - #ninjagin #garbage #prize #lazy #kotatsu 〜 銀三郎(Ninja GIN)


would you play a political game?

i need maybe 50+ people to answer so any help would be appreciated.

would you guys play a political game if there were prizes and incentives?? what would make you interested in a game like that? would winning be your ultimatum for playing? any comments and suggestions are welcome!


Recent Acquisition - Photograph Collection 

Original caption: A VETERAN RIDER AT 11. Virginia Beach, Va. : Miss Pat Thraves, 11 year old horseback riding enthusiast won her third cup for expert horsemanship here recently during the annual Cavalier horse show. She has been riding in the saddle for four years and is as adept in sticking to her mount as many expert jockeys. Photo shows Miss Thraves with her cup and pet dog in it at Virginia Beach.  September 28, 1929. 

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conservethis, here is your prize!  

Sorry I missed your birthday…but now it’s practically your birthday again, and my GIFt to you is my very first GIF!    

This copy of The Mermaid: The Merman was written by Lord Alfred Tennyson, but this copy was produced right here in Iowa City.  This artistic interpretation of Tennyson’s poems is encased in a dos-à-dos binding (showcased in the GIF), which, literally translated from French means, “back to back”.  In a dos-à-dos binding, two separate bindings are bound together so that they share a lower board, which acts as a back cover to both books.  These bindings were most commonly found in the 16th and 17th centuries, but modern examples are also readily available.  


PR5568 .M47 2007

Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson, Baron, 1809-1892.  
The mermaid ; the merman / Alfred Lord Tennyson.  [Iowa CIty : University of Iowa Center for the Book, 2007].