When people of colour are expected to educate white people as to their humanity, when women are expected to educate men, lesbians and gay men are expected to educate the heterosexual world, the oppressors maintain their position and evade their responsibility for their own actions.
—  Audre Lorde

fun fact there’s only 2 genders-


Also there’s only 4 sexualities-

Oppressing males isn’t being a feminist, it’s being a salty bitch.
You can’t be anything else but human so forget the “otherkin” crap. You cant be “trans racial” or whatever bullshit you spoiled middle class kids can come up with on daily basis.

Before saying you’re “pansexual”, rather stick to bisexual because being pansexual means that you’re sexually attracted not only to both genders but also to children, animals and corpses. That is the real definition of the word made up by Siegmund Freud decades ago that you keep throwing around not knowing its meaning. 

You cant diagnose mental illness without a psychiatrist and go around claiming you actually have it. If you diagnosed yourself with wikipedia you’re an asshole and you should get the fuck out 

Fat isn’t beautiful

This is the truth, either accept it or go shove your special snowflake bullshit up your ass and off my dashboard, thanks.


My feminism is not white feminism, because I want no part in a feminism which excludes womyn of colour and cares only for privilieged white womyn

My feminism is not cis feminism, because I want no part in a feminism which excludes womyn who were not assigned as such at birth

My feminism is not straight feminism, because I want no part in a feminism which excludes womyn based on who they sleep or don’t sleep with.

My feminism is intersectional, because I know that all oppressions have a common root, and if they are ever to be overcome, we must fight them as one

My feminism is ready to speak out and resist the powers that be

My feminism is always ready to stand up against sexism, cissexism, heterosexism, alloism, binarism, ageism, ableism, saneism, sizeism, lookism, ethnocentrism, racism, colourism, nativism, speciesism, and  sectarianism

My feminism is intersectional, and will keep fighting until every oppressed individual is free

Join me, and we’ll do our best to save the world

Why Im critical about emma watson and the new beauty and the beast movie: The masterpost

Okay so I dont wanna go back and forth and burden someone elses post so I decided to just compile my thoughts into one post.

I understand why you might want to defend an actress you love but I think problemtizing her ridiculous wealth and following privilege is much more productive. I think my anger toward the corporate process behind these movies should be understandable, especially as a huge beauty and the beast fan and I absolutely despise when my criticisms and thoughts and dismissed as uwu negativity!!!! or “mindless bashing” because my criticisms only come from my love for the 1991 movie and defiance of corporate greed. I really loved the cinderella (2015) movie, and when I heard they were going to make a live action movie of my favorite disney film of all time, I was so excited! Though I knew deep down they were just gonna mess it up, when I saw the cast I really hoped for the best. The truth is, I had extremely low standards for this movie, and was still immensely disappointed. I first wanna explain why I dislike emma specifically, (though I feel immense wealth is reason enough lol) but she made so many moves in this movie that are completely out of line as an actress. She tried to put her ~feminist~ stamp on this movie but her feminism lacks nuance and only really benefits her image and is ultimately pointless. She heavily influenced the costumes and shouldnt have had the right to do that when she knows nothing of costuming, and people who have actually devoted their lives to that art were hired to do that. (I have my own criticisms of Jacquelines previous work, but still doubt the costumes would have been as horrible if she had complete control). My other huge concern with this movie was lefou. Trying to make him a sympathetic gay character was absolutely insulting, not to mention josh gads horrendous “straight man playing what he thinks is a gay man” interpertation of the character. Lefou is meant to be a bumbling fool of sidekick,literally, and thats it. To make a character with this label “the fool” (also a term used to call people crazy in french, which is a whole nother baggage of homophobia) queer is downright insulting to the 1991 film and story which was heavily influenced by howard ashmans experience as a gay man with aids. On top of that, this movie tried to hail itself as progressive for not having one, but TWO!! black side characters. Not only are there musical theatre actors that would have put much more effort and talent into the role, there are musical theatre actresses of color out there who would have been much more suited for the role but overlooked for an already famous white actress who cant sing (or act…. but maybe thats debatable… lmao) And the choice Emma made, knowing she is not capable for this role, and still accepting it and riding on her HP fame is priviliege in itself. This movie is a complete mess and is a prime example of corporate disney wanting to make money off some quick half-assed nostalgia without bringing anything new or progressive to the story, and not even having any beautiful visuals to make up for it.

I’m Getting Really Sick of This

Topic:General Sexuality

Person 1: Homosexuality


1:F*ck YOU!!!!!1! Stop derailing!

Topic:General Racism

Person 1:Racism against Latinx people in America is bad

2:Racism against Asian people in America is bad

1:F*ck YOU!!!!!1! Stop derailing!

T H I S I S N O T D E R A I L I N G !

Person 1: I’m so sick of the negative treatment womyn endure. Rape against womyn is a serious problem, and much worse than society acknowledges.

2:Yeah, I know. 20% of womyn who go to college get raped. It’s seriously disturbing.


The above is actually derailing. It is an attempt by a privilieged individual to change the discussion so they can avoid asking questions about their own priviliege. But when there’s a general topic, it’s okay to bring up different facets of an issue. Even when the topic is more specific, it’s okay to make a new point, or talk about a different oppression, so long as you relate it to the meaning of the post. If we shut down every conversation, we cannot unite against the common root of all opressions and inequalities.

Read Between the Lines Pt. 2

People: I don’t believe in activism based on race addressing racial inequality. I think the best way to fight racism is by ignoring race. I’m colourblind.

Translation: I’m a closet self-identified “racialist” who only complains about “anti-white racism”(AKA whenever an oppressed person dares to complain about racism in America.)

anonymous asked:

Do you know what a privilege is? You are privileged. Being white is not a privilege. Having a driver's license, extra spending money, electronics; those are privileges. A privilege is something that can be taken away from you. A race can not be taken away. Being white is not a privilege.

Um, no. A priviliege is a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group. White peoples’ skin unlock doors for them in finding employment, being appointed to high office, and how they are treated by the police. Being white is most definately a priviliege.