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Kylie Jenner Rant

I wasn’t even gonna post anything on this subject because I could care less about Kylie Jenner but then Justin got in the mix and it’s got me thinking

1. Kylie Jenner totally missed the actual message Amandla was trying to send out, which is ‘You don’t give a shit about us but you wanna look like us?’

2. Who the fuck does Justin Bieber think he is? Just cause your friends with Chris Brown, Tyga, Usher and [insert other black male r&b/hiphop artist] doesn’t mean you’ve been accepted into the black community that you try so hard to be like

3. Everyone wants to ‘be’ black but no one wants to be black

4. How old does Justin think Amandla is? Like da faq she’s only a year younger than Kylie, which says a lot.

5. It’s not about equality, it’s about justice

6. I’m so tired of white people being so ignorant about other races & cultures. It’s not fair that we have to sit around and hear about one of our own being gunned down while you live in bliss.
We all live in the same country, we all have about the same resources and we all go to the same schools like wake the fuck up

All that POC ask of you is that you educate yourself and GIVE A SHIT!


why you’re hiding…

you lost a bet 
Taurus: the darkness
Gemini: high school reunion
Cancer: there’s a great big world out there
Leo: the red starbucks communist cup invasion 
Virgo: overzealous harry potter fans
Libra: bees?
Scorpio: justin bieber is running around iceland in his underwear
Sagittarius: rabid pomeranian next door 
Capricorn: that guy in a fedora
Aquarius: no no see this is just a very elaborate game of hide and seek

not only do i want to thank god but jesus for giving me the privilege to witness justin bieber stripping on national television and a shoutout to fashion rocks for makin my dreams come tru god bless

“Justin Bieber is human!! We all make mistakes!!!1!”

Yeah I’m pretty human too but I don’t egg my neighbor’s houses and cost them $20,000 and I don’t piss in restaurant cleaning buckets and attack people like yeah we know he’s made a whole lot of mistakes. He needs some fucking help and just because he is your pretty little baby that you fangirl over and millions of you are hoping that one day one of you will get to marry him doesn’t excuse the fact that he’s done terrible shit. Just like you said, he’s human, and therefore he deserves to the consequences just like any other human would. He doesn’t get special privileges just because he’s Justin Bieber.