privilege denier

A Favourite Argument Of Bigots Who Don't Like To Own Up To Being Bigots
  • Bigot: Gee, women are dumb.
  • Woman: Fuck you, Bigot! I am not dumb.
  • Bigot: Do you lack reading comprehension, or what? I didn't say that you personally are dumb. I just said "women are dumb".
  • Woman: Well, I am a woman - so, when you say "women are dumb" - you are, in essence, saying that I'm dumb.
  • Bigot: You obviously have the intelligence of a third-grader, retard - since you lack basic skills in reading comprehension.
  • Woman: UGH!! *bangs head against wall*
White Privilege Deniers Be Like...

POC: I’ve been shot. I’m bleeding to death!
WPD: Prove it. POC: Are you serious?!
WPD: I’m waiting.
POC: ….
WPD: ….
POC: ….
POC: *bleeds to death*
WPD: Ha! Like I thought, you big faker… 

 ***​white privilege is getting to dictate what is and isn’t oppressive to others and having other white people agree with you and drown out the voices of actual poc***