privilege denial

Anti-SJW "egalitarians" be like:

“I’m for REAL equality; I don’t want to fight hate with hate like those God-awful SJWs!!”

*openly mocks marginalized groups, dismisses their concerns, and tries to silence and speak over them*

*says random bigoted things about minority groups and then cries about “reverse oppression” when called out*

*have full-out tantrums when you tell them that what they’re doing is problematic and refuse to actually change that behavior*

“Yep, look at all this ‘equality’ that I advocate for; I am truly a saint”


By Toby Morris

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Down with cis” is a joke.

No one has ever used it to promote violence towards cis people. It was even started by a cis person (who, by the way, was lying about being assaulted by trans people in an attempt to demonize trans people.

But no matter how many times you tell them that it’s just a joke, anti-SJWs insist that it’s a serious movement, because they want to pretend that cis people are oppressed.

It’s almost as if anti-SJWs have to lie to push their anti-justice agendas

Definition of Free Speech

things that are a violation of free speech:

being violently attacked for saying something

being punished by someone in a position of authority for saying something

things that are not a violation of free speech:

being criticized for saying something

being disliked for saying something

not having your speech promoted

not having a captive audience

I once had a guy tell me that women actually have more power than men in society because a woman can walk into a room full of guys and every one of them will want to have sex with her but when a man walks into a room full of women, almost none of them want to have sex with him. Therefore, women can use their power of sex appeal to manipulate men into doing their bidding and feminism is no longer relevant.

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