I once had a guy tell me that I’m overreacting on the topic of sexism for mentioning male privilege and he wanted me to reassure him he’s not part of the problem - apparently so he doesn’t have to question his own behavior and take responsibility for his actions. Not acknowledging male privilege obviously isn’t sexist.

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I’m sick of feeling self-conscious every time someone brings up the burden of student loans. I dread being asked what I plan to do after graduation about paying them back. Sometimes I lie. Sometimes I make up a line about praying I find a great job or can pay off my loans by working for the government. But I’m sick of lying. I’m sick of feeling ashamed for being privileged.
Definition of Free Speech

things that are a violation of free speech:

being violently attacked for saying something

being punished by someone in a position of authority for saying something

things that are not a violation of free speech:

being criticized for saying something

being disliked for saying something

not having your speech promoted

not having a captive audience

As if there are NO women in engineering, coding, and technical work. There is just SO much wrong with this status. Not blurring out his name because he’s a tool.

What he’s saying here is actually not true. There is still wage gap found even when controlling for every excuse he’s listed.  

Also, if we’re going to “freak out about the wage gap speech,” fine, let’s do it because Arquette was classic white lady feminism in that moment

I once had a guy tell me that women actually have more power than men in society because a woman can walk into a room full of guys and every one of them will want to have sex with her but when a man walks into a room full of women, almost none of them want to have sex with him. Therefore, women can use their power of sex appeal to manipulate men into doing their bidding and feminism is no longer relevant.

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