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I’m so sick of middle aged men throwing temper tantrums when their favourite comic book character changes in even the slightest way. There is a Hispanic/black Spider-Man, Thor is now a woman, captain America is black, ms marvel is a Muslim, captain marvel is now a woman, the human torch is black in the new movie and iceman is gay. Grow up and get a grip. This isn’t marvel being PC; it’s marvel catering to a wider audience because it’s no longer the 1950s, and white men aren’t the only people interested in the characters

friendly reminder that will simpson is a perfect example of a “good” white man abusing a position of power (and a violent skillset). friendly reminder that will simpson is a perfect example of a “good” white man who chooses personal vengeance, power, self-righteousness, and a hero-complex in order to bring about a skewed sense of “justice.” friendly reminder that will simpson is a perfect example of a “good” white man who inserts himself into situations that don’t involve him or need his input. friendly reminder that will simpson is a perfect example of a “good” white man who doesn’t respect women when they tell him no.

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Im working on a comic that takes place in a fantasy world where the characters would be racially/culturally similar to people from india, the middle east, and rromani people. obviously the visual element takes away alot of the "white by default" problem. im concerned that my lighter skinned characters will be considered white simply because they are the lightest members of the cast. white people do exist in the world, but not in the area the story takes place. advice?

Avoiding Whitewashing: Coding Light-Skinned Characters

Whiteness is a social construct. That means our society creates it. It is a collective understanding. The only reason why “white” exists as a race category is because it’s used to grant privilege to lighter-skinned Westernish European people. The rules for what counts as “white” make no rational sense because it’s not about rationality; racism is not rational. (Otherwise, why wouldn’t Irish people have always counted as white? But they didn’t for a long long time, and many Irish people still face the consequences of being seen as less-than simply for being Irish).

So, if you have a novel that is *not* set here, and racism doesn’t work the same way —then guess what? There are no “white” people in your work. There can be paler people! There can be light skinned people. But the only way to have “white people” in your work is if you transport the category of “whiteness” and put it in your work. 

You can choose how you “code” people and their cultures. And that’s why fantasy fiction is so “white” - because it’s dominated by white male authors who just transferred their racist thinking into a fantasy setting. It’s why there’s a lot of colonial thinking and British imperialism in Western fantasy. 

But you don’t have to do things that way. And because of the way white supremacy works, you can work super hard to *not* code your characters as white, and white supremacy will barge in and claim those characters for themselves anyway.

In my opinion (and this is just me, being all flibberty-flabberty), you can get away from having “white”-coded people (or having people assume that all your paler skinned people groups are white) by having a range of skin colors within individual cultures, for one. And for two, not defaulting to “white”. Not having a surfeit of pale, Anglo-Saxon-Nordic-whatever folks be the only ones that matter in your work. 

And this is also a comic, right? You can do a lot with visual representation. Clothing, dialogue, hair styles, face shapes and features can all go a long way.

~ Mod Stella


Its really funny when people talk about culture appropriation and lump “Poc” into one corner and white people into another and just erase each and every aspect of every group of people. They think “Poc’s” people who aren’t from European decent have culture, and whites have none because they only see modern era western culture. Yet the same ones who think they know about culture appropriation probably couldn’t distinguish or tell you what each country and or ethnic group culture gives or came up with. 

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Your posts are incredibly thoughtful and well spoken, and I totally agree. Seems they're setting up the betrayal arc, but like you said, not the same as the comics. The 3 are becoming more flawed and complex which is awesome (esp with Jesse/Tulip not being as critically portrayed in the comics) but I guess my comment came from the knee jerk reaction of seeing so many "uwu cassidy bb" posts & people refusing to believe he could have genuine flaws too bc he's had the privilege of 99% comic relief.

Thank you  - that’s very kind of you. I totally get you. I think it’s REALLY IMPORTANT not to beatify any of the characters and I’m glad that whatever happens seems like it won’t rest on any one character’s shoulders - they’ll all feel responsible and all their perspectives to some extent will be understandable - which also means that the reconciliation will be all the more realistic and easier to achieve - and will feel more deserved by all the characters.