enragedyouth  asked:

Do you have to be accompanied by a male counterpart to leave your house, like women in Saudi Arabia have to? Are you, by law, prohibited from obtaining financial independence? Are you prohibited from obtaining an education? Are you prohibited from making your own decisions in regards to marriage? Are you prohibited from voicing your opinions? When you are abused, attacked, or raped by a man do you face honor killings in order to protect your family’s reputation? Are you denied employment?

Why do I feel like you mean “this is how we could be treating you, be grateful”.I do am quite privieleged by my economic and racial condition,these things you mentioned can easily be applied to poor woc.In latin countries women marry to scape poverty and totally depend on their husbands.In western countries some women have to resort to prostitution due to poverty.In jobs where there’s more phisical requiriment males do are prioritized.