i’m thinking about (when i move and have my own space to, you know, properly occupy) making a youtube channel that’s dedicated, essentially, to my handle. you know, Gunkers. Geek + Punk = Gunk

I wanna do cosplay tutorials specifically for punkified characters– along with maybe cartoon reviews and MAYBE if i can get a set up, do i bit of Let’s Play stuff? (that’d be way later because games and consoles and recording hookups are expensive)

BUT i wanted to know if this interests any of you guys? i mostly just want a creative hobbie that is also fun and kinda interactive for other ppl? i’d probably hook up  a patreon and stuff for it so i could afford sewing supplies and stuff, tho

Moreover, the most profitable sector of the private prison business is composed of immigrant detention centers. One can therefore understand why the more repressive anti-immigrant legislation in the United States was drafted by private prison companies as an undisguised attempt to maximize their profits.

Angela Davis, Freedom is a Constant Struggle

It’s important for us to educate ourselves on the intersectionality of our struggles and to work with each other in solidarity to achieve our shared goals for liberation.

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anonymous asked:

Do you ever edit a fic in your head to make the reading experience more tolerable? For example: Someone repeatedly uses the wrong word and replacing that word with something else whenever you see it.

i edit papers as a part of my teaching. so i can’t do it in my head, like, i need to finish the circle by talking to someone. otherwise i just feel like a dick. if i feel like editing something it’s almost always because i want to help. 

there are times i want to reach out and say “this is a really solid plot you’ve got going here, the characterization is on point, but you’ve used the same word four times in a paragraph, let’s find a new way to express this. let’s find the fine line between purple prose and a really monotone vocabulary.” but i don’t because nobody fucking asked me. 

i really don’t like to criticize what people write unless it’s just desperately awful and widespread (for example: using “the older/younger person” in fics). if the grammar is egregious and the vocabulary terrible i’ll usually just exit out. but i’m not a great or special authority on what is or isn’t good. i have my opinions and that’s it. i can’t imagine how bad i’d feel knowing that someone was editing my writing in their head to make it better. god, it makes me sick to think about it. especially since i have brain damage and i write things that make no sense constantly.

fic writers are cramming time to write in between jobs, school, kids, whatever. they are doing their best. 

so fic writers, don’t be paranoid. you are doing a good job and learning and getting better with every word.