privatization of water

“All the non-stop work got crazy,” he says. “About four years ago I was shooting the last scene for Point Break in Hawaii. Four days later I was in Portland to start My Own Priavate Idaho. My energy was lagging, my heart was sagging. Man, I was beat. Didn’t think I could get through it. But the spirit of Gus Van Sant, a brilliant director and River Phoenix, a brilliant actor, drew me back into the fire. The creative spontaneity on the set reminded me what this process should be about - invention and discovery. I was disappointed in my performance. It was Gus and River who were incredible. River was a remarkable artist and a rare human being. I miss him every day.

 Keanu Reeves interview for Sunday Times Magazine (UK), May 1994.


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“My roomate and I had a close encounter with River Phoenix at a near-empty San Francisco airport one night in 1991, right after falling in love with him during a matinee of My Own Private Idaho, and spending the entire drive to SFO inventing lewd slow-jam songs about him. When we saw him, it was as though we’d conjured him by magic. He was unshaven, dressed in sweatpants and a hippie necklace. He gave us a head nod. We nodded back. Once safely out of sight we collapsed onto the airport floor, stifling silent screams and hitting each other until deciding to hide behind a couch and spy on him” - Cintra Wilson, GQ Editor on River.

No one tries to debate when I tell them how Nestle privatizes water…

No one fights when I talk about the unethical practices of big tobacco…

No one argues when I share how Coca-Cola polutes our planet…

But the second I talk about the meat industry, people lose their minds.

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Gendrya reunion please!

Jon was back, and that’s all that mattered. Arya didn’t care whether they were going to bend the knee to the mother of dragons, as long as it wasnt Cersei. She trusted Jon and his decisions, and she counted on those that trusted him as well. Did she suspect the Targaryen’s beauty to play the role in swaying Jon to bend the knee? Yes. By now, she knew the lengths men would go to for a woman, but there was something different there. 

The boy she knew grew into a man, as she, herself had changed. As Sansa had changed; He was chosen to be the King in the North, but as long as he didn’t sit on the Iron Throne, it did not matter who they joined sides with. As long as it wasn’t Cersei Lannister or her brother; Everyone knew by now that to play the game, you had to win, or you’d die. She’d be damned if she allowed another brother to die all because of the Iron Throne. Arya despised it, more than anything because it was the root of all problems, was it not?

It wasn’t politics that kept her interest, but her family; She had killed for them and she would continue to do so if anyone harmed a hair on their heads. Even if it were the queen herself. Perhaps suspicion was natural to her, but in this world, who could you trust? Jon had promised her time to catch up, while he continued to tend to those around him. Questions were being asked–but there was something else. Something he refused to tell them at the moment, something big; 

               ‘Oy, I loved that hammer!”

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