privatization of public space

Hey pals. Apparently this is a thing that we, as an internet femslash community, need, so it is time for Grouchy Aunt J’s Guide To Fandom Deportment.

1. I know that you really like your favourite actors, especially the ones involved in your fave wlw ships. I totally understand this! They are pretty, and wlw fandom is really fun, and if your ship is also a canon ship then it is super exciting and validating to see yourself reflected in media that you love. I, too, love that feeling and get really passionate about the media that I watch, which is why I am a Fandom Old.

2. The actors in your favourite ships are people. Like, real people, with anxieties and food preferences and sometimes they have weird hair days and some of them are introverted and some of them are extroverted, etc etc etc. When they are acting in your favourite media, they are going to work.

3. Part of an actor’s job these days is to sometimes be around on social media. Sometimes not! If they are kind/friendly/available on social media, that is a fun perk of someone who is going the extra mile for their job. You are not entitled to this.

4. Even if you super like a ship and are really passionate about fandom, there are things it is not alright to do. Actors are people, and when fans start treating them poorly it is unkind and potentially frightening or traumatic. Plus, your behaviour reflects badly on all fans and means that fandom as a whole doesn’t get to have nice things anymore. (Thanks, jerks.)

5. It is never okay to:

  • harass actors on social media because something about their character is interfering with your ship/they’re not supporting your ship enough/they’re supporting the wrong ship too much/their character is problematic/the ship you think their ship is better than is problematic/just whatever please stop it this is not their problem. Tweeting at them will not fix whatever is upsetting you on the show you like, but it is probably pretty hurtful for them and not something they should have to put up with.
  • harass/question actors who are involved in queer ships about their sexuality in public spaces. People’s sexuality is private, and being involved in portraying a queer canon or subtext ship doesn’t give fans the right to know about an actor’s queerness or lack thereof unless they choose to volunteer that.
  • tell actors on social media about any sexual fantasies you may or may not have about them, b/c sexual consent also applies to actors.
  • send actors unsolicited links to/hand bound novellas/lovingly hand-lettered scrolls of fanfiction, especially smutty fanfiction, especially especially if that author is not aware that their fic is getting sent to actors inappropriately.
  • send actors your nsfw fanart about them, or someone else’s nsfw fanart about them, oh my g o d.
  • ask them to read your fanfiction or autograph your fanfiction, damn.

5a. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself: would I, or another a reasonable person, want to see this [insert fanwork of varying levels of nsfw] about a representation of myself/themselves? Most actors are actual people who find this just as upsetting as you might find it, if someone drew fanart of you and then brought it to your workplace.

5b. Yes, I know, there is a certain amount of distance involved in creating fanworks because they are about fictional characters and that storytelling and play is one of the things I love about fandom. But I also never, under any circumstances, would want any of the actors involved in my ships to read my fanfiction because it would be super uncomfortable and that’s the point

6. Also, your favourite actor’s non-actor family and friends are just that: not actors. Don’t bother them. Don’t - hypothetically - stalk them and try to catfish them to get information about your favourite actor. It’s super super not okay and it’s a huge boundary violation.

In conclusion: social media is super great and has changed fandom in a lot of neat ways, but having cool TV and movie actors available to connect with in that way is a privilege, not a right. Let’s all act like we are worthy of it.

Emotional Support Animal:

  • -are allowed on airplanes.
  • -are allowed in housing where a homeowner/association doesnt normally allow animals.
  • -there is NO certification and websites advertising these are fake. You need a note from your doctor for housing and transportation.
  • -there is NO vest or outfit and creating one in an attempt to seem official is illegal.
  • -there is NO reason for this animal to be out and about in public (besides dogs at parks etc taking a walk).

Service Animal:

  • -are legally trained to perform a specific task in assistance of their companion.
  • -are legally allowed in most public and private spaces (excluding places like kitchens of restaurants, operation rooms, and anywhere they pose a threat to others or health/safety).
  • -sometimes wear a vest/outfit stating “service animal” or “do not interact”
  • -must be on a leash or tether unless a persons disability doesn’t allow control of the animal that way.
  • -owners of an establishment are allowed to ask you to remove the animal IF it is not housebroken or is out of the owners control.

Questions you CAN ask:

You’re only allowed to ask this if it isn’t obvious why the animal is needed. You’re not allowed to ask the persons disability.

“Is this animal required because of a disability?”

“What work or task is this animal trained to perform?”

If you bring an ESA into a public/private establishment wearing a fake vest and claiming to be a service animal, that is ILLEGAL!

Not only does this behavior make others with ESAs look bad, it makes it hard for people with ACTUAL Service Animals because people are constantly expecting a rowdy and untrained companion animal.

*disclaimer: both are “service animals”. I have an ESA. She is a rat. She does not go in public. She lives with me at home and in the case that I’d need to fly somewhere or move, she’d be able to come with. That’s it.

There is no argument on whether or not you “need” an ESA. If your doctor has approved an ESA, that’s great. Do not bring it in public. Do not abuse the rights given to SERVICE ANIMALS and not your pet.


The Art of Matthew Pillsbury 

Pillsbury specializes in long-exposure photographs made only with available light. Across several series and in many cities, he has focused on the passage of time and people within spaces both public and private. His work has addressed the growing role that technology is playing in our lives and the sense of modern seclusion that can seem at odds with the constant connectivity being offered by our smartphones and tablets.

Queers hanging out in public were once considered a staple of West Village street culture. Yet within the climate of the Giuliani/Bloomberg “quality of life” crusade, the presence of gender insubordinate young Black and Latino queer youth, as opposed to white men with moustaches, is often viewed as a problem. […]

The crackdown is part of a campaign designed to privatize, sanitize, and control public spaces such as the piers throughout New York City. It began in 1994 as a cornerstone of Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s pledge to clean up New York City. Existing “quality of life” legislation falls under Article 240, Title N, Offenses Against Public Order, Public Sensibilities, and the Right to Privacy. Such “offenses” include “rioting, unlawful assembly, criminal anarchy, disorderly conduct, harassment, loitering, public intoxication, and criminal nuisance in a public space” (McClean, 2002). [… In 1995] the New York City Council passed a zoning law intended to restrict and shut down adult-use spaces such as strip clubs, bookstores, video stores, and movie houses. Mayor Giuliani hoped to shut down almost every adult business that dealt with sexual materials or entertainment.

When quasi-private interior spaces targeted by the zoning law were shut down, people with nowhere else to go moved outside. But visible signs of public sexual culture were further targeted with the police carrying out undercover sting operations, resulting in stepped-up arrests of men charged with indecent exposure, soliciting sex, and other “lewd” acts. Some were based on entrapment, while others were wrongful arrests. During one three-day sting by the Port Authority police in 1997, ninety men were arrested in the men’s bathroom in the PATH station concourse of the World Trade Center (Schindler, 1997).

Adonis elaborated: “If two heterosexuals were in the park making out and the police walked by, they wouldn’t say anything. If two homosexuals were doing things, they would say something.” Many of the “quality of life” initiatives appeared to specifically target queers. Selective enforcement of a Prohibition-era cabaret law, zoning ordinances, a ban on dancing, and fire codes were used to produce a constant flow of legal assaults narrowing the types of clubs and bars functioning in Manhattan. Before summer of 1997 some seventeen gay businesses, nine theaters, and eight clubs—including five in close proximity on Fourteenth Street—were closed for violations of the state health code banning oral, anal, or vaginal sex on business premises. That summer, fifty queer businesses faced some fourteen hundred inspections (Schindler, 1997). Many clubs could not endure the legal barrage and were forced to close their doors.

One such space was the Two Potato, a bar at the corner of Christopher and Greenwich Streets, close to the piers. […] L.P. and several others I interviewed recalled the Two Potato as a “legendary” gathering place for queer and transgender people of color. Like the West Village in general, the Two Potato provided a refuge when the AIDS epidemic hit. “At night people could spread out to Fourteenth Street and over to Two Potato on the water and just drink and wild out and have sex, and feel like we were still normal,” L.P. recalled. Yet the feeling of safety engendered within the queer spaces of the West Village was placed in jeopardy by phobias accompanying the epidemic. As L.P. explained, “We’d have to do a lot of fighting because there was a lot of prejudice.”

The pattern is simple enough. Moral guardians use fears about the AIDS crisis to justify restricting access to spaces such as the piers and Two Potato, supposedly in the name of community health and “the children.” What unfolds is a general “not in my backyard” thinking stirred up by the “quality of life” campaign. The result is simple. “He [Giuliani] used the excuse of AIDS. He was saying that [public sex] was a way to spread the virus, but responsible adults who knew about it used condoms. They were consenting adults,” Adonis explained.


Yet as the AIDS era wore on, anxieties about the epidemic coincided with countless other cultural phobias and inequalities. L.P. explained that just getting off the train at Fourteenth Street could be an ordeal. “If you got off the train and you looked gay, you might get beat up by a group of kids. ‘Faggot, we don’t want you in New York.’ And the police were no help. The cops would stand there and watch because they were in agreement that this was the gay man’s disease and that they didn’t want to get any bodily fluids on them or get involved. Let the faggot get what he deserves.” For L.P., navigating from the Bronx to the Village “was like going through a gauntlet.” Between the antivagrancy laws, a social purity crusade described as a “quality of life” campaign, and AIDS hysteria, L.P.—like many other queer youth—engaged in a struggle against what amounted to a panic over queer space.


In August 2001, after years of “quality of life” complaints, the Two Potato’s liquor license came up for review prior to renewal, and the bar was closed (McLean, 2002). For L.P. and countless others, the impact of the club’s closure and the subsequent erection of fences at the piers was immediate. “It made it very hard for us to function,” L.P. recalled. “You couldn’t hang out by the water anymore. They were doing construction on the highway so you couldn’t really go down there.”


Sylvia Rivera struggled for over thirty years to force the city to accept and protect the right of transgender people to walk or work in public space. In many ways, the youth who continue to struggle for queer spaces are working from the same vantage point. Queer space is about creating room for the spectacle of difference as opposed to assimilating sameness. As long as autonomous zones pop up, the possibility remains.


Benjamin Shepard, “Sylvia and Sylvia’s Children: A Battle for a Queer Public Space,” in That’s Revolting!: Queer Strategies for Resisting Assimilation (2008), ed. Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore

some context people don’t realize is their inheritance when they panic over lgbt sexuality

If you want to live in this Romanian town you have to plant three trees

If you want to move in this Romanian town, you are obliged by law to plant trees. Sounds strange but this is what the town council has decided.

Nobody seems to be against this idea and the locals quite love it. The rule is if you buy a house in Ghimbav, Brasov county, or you build it each family has to plant 3 trees for every garden. Factories are obliged to plant a tree for every 100 metres of land they use for constructions. Companies that build blocks of flats they have to plant a tree for each flat.

Apparently, the town does not have many trees and there are no forests nearby. The town only wants to improve the quality of life, the air and their health. The project was called Ecological reconstruction and the rules are now official. Any company or individual that wants to build anything, when they apply for an authorisation they also have to agree to plant trees.

There are no rules to planting trees. They can be on their own private property or on public space. The council allows companies and individuals to plant all sorts of trees: oaks, poplars or lime trees.

The council also has a group of specialists who can advise on the trees to be planted and when it’s the best time.

It’s a Start

Prompt request: Can I request one where Tony Stark has a little sister who’s very sweet to people and believes in second chances? Loki and Bucky are still trying to adjust to being at the tower but she goes out of her way to show them kindness and include them in things. They become an inseparable trio. It annoys Tony so she gets her guys to tease him with her cause he’s ‘jealous he isn’t allowed in their club

Characters: Tony Stark, Loki, Bucky, Reader, Steve Rogers, Sam WIlson

Warnings: cursing, rude comments, Tony’s kind of a jerk

A/N: I am so sorry this took so long to write! It was definitely one of the more complex stories, so I wanted to make sure I got it right (hopefully I did). This is my first Loki fanfic, so feedback is always appreciated! Requests and tags are open! As always, thanks for reading!

You plopped your bags on the tiled kitchen floor and sighed as you stretched your sore arm muscles. “Thanks again for letting me stay here, Tony,” you said, turning around to face your brother.

“Anytime, sweetheart,” he replied, placing your last two bags on the floor. He kissed your forehead and wrapped you up in a hug. “You’re always welcome here.”  

You were living in the Avengers Tower for the summer with your older brother, Tony Stark. Okay, so he wasn’t actually your biological brother. In fact, he wasn’t even a brother by marriage. You were Pepper’s seventeen year-old sister, and even though she and Tony broke up more than a year ago, he never stopped loving you like his own sibling. He would still cheer you on at your soccer games, take you to the movies, and just spend time with you. You had been living with Pepper to claim residency in New York to get a cheaper tuition rate at your first-choice college. When Pepper got called away on a job for the summer, it made sense that you would stay with Tony.

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The Observatory by FCBStudios

The Observatory is a mobile artist studio and workshop designed to encourage interaction between artists and their audience, through a blurring of public and private and inside and outside spaces. Four architectural assistants from FCBStudios together with Devon-based artist Edward Crumpton won a competition to create a structure that could house multi-disciplinary artists and directly engage with the public. They responded to the brief by creating two rotating wooden structures:

  • The Study: a private and weather-tight artist’s studio. 
  • The Workshop: a space for the artist to present their work and encounter the public in. 

The team was inspired by the geometric forms of Sol de Wit and a 15th century painting Saint Jerome in His Study in which the viewer looks into the framed space of the artist, with a landscape framed beyond. With these ideas in mind, The Observatory frames the artist’s space inside and its surrounding landscapes outside. 

Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Sheridan Square

[…] the Sheridan Square piece rejects a conventional ‘political’ roll-call of heroic achievements, and presents history in a far more complex way, out of chronological order, melding different types of events from the murder of gay San Francisco politician Harvey Milk to the formation of communitybased organizations in response to HIV/AIDS. History is thus specifically not presented as a seamless progressive narrative, expressing some supposedly unified historical force or will. Rather, events and institutions coexist, as in memory, in no particular order or sequence beyond that of our own active interpretive making. The ‘private’ defiantly invades ‘public’ space. (x)

Noticing You

Request: Idk if you’re taking requests but I be spent 3 days reading everything on your blog and it’s so great haha. Can you plssss do a shownu FLUFF/smutty where another member walks in on u

Member: Monsta X’s Shownu x Y/N x (ft. Wonho) 

Type: fluff/smutty situations

Your eyes played across Shownu’s deltoids as he kept his back turned to you. His large hands were gripped around a pair of dumbbells as he fully extended his elbows, lifting the weights into the air above his head. You looked up in the mirror just as a single bead of sweat slid down his temple and hit his cheekbone. 

“Oh man,” you hissed, shaking your head and looking back down to the progress screen of the treadmill you were shuffling on. You had been there for nearly four miles, going at a steady speed, not even realizing your distance. You had an amazing distraction after all, so you weren’t surprised that you had nearly made your goal in such a short amount of time. 

You looked up again just as Shownu did, catching his eyes for a brief moment in the reflective wall. He cracked a grin before looking away, letting out a slight chuckle. You felt your face immediately begin to heat up, looking anywhere but at the man you had been silently eying up for the better part of an hour. 

“Focus,” you muttered, looking at the small screen flashing brightly before you. Your cardio would be finished any moment and you could escape the situation. 

You had joined the gym roughly three months ago in an attempt at a new year’s resolution. After an oddly difficult approval process, you were given a membership and made an internal promise to go at least three times a week, if not more. You were hellbent on living a healthier lifestyle, even if it meant replacing fast food with the gym…

or at least having the gym quietly coincide with your fast food runs. 

After visiting the fitness center a handful of times, you quickly came to understand why it was so difficult to secure a membership. The place was teaming with idols. Members of Monsta X, Seventeen, and BtoB often frequented the equipment and it was an average occurrence to see more than one member at any time. Of course you initially caught yourself fangirling, but you quickly fell into the strange normalcy of working out around celebrities. Not to mention, it was a pretty good incentive to actually make use of your year contract, and bust your butt while you were there. 

It also helped that after you got over your initial stuttering, you had shared countless numbers of conversations with various Korean celebrities, just looking for some normalcy themselves. After all, you were all human, just with different skill sets and professions.  

You looked up again, biting your lip as you tried to use your peripherals to sight Shownu. He was no longer in your field of vision, having disappeared from the weight area while you were trying to deflate the balloon of embaressment growing in your chest.

“Hey,” a deep voice said simply, a bit too close to your ear. 

“Aish,” you groaned, spinning and nearly tripping over your feet. A pair of strong hands gripped your arm until you managed to regain your footing. You placed your sneakers on either side of the treadmill and halted the machine before even bothering to look up. “Show-shownu?”

He nodded, his eyes disappearing into slits as he smirked. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“It’s alright,” you hummed, regaining your composure before beginning to walk on the machine again. “I just didn’t see you.”

“You did earlier,” Shownu chuckled, pushing on the treadmill he was now using. It kicked into action and Shownu began casually walking, giving you a side eye at the same time. 

Your jaw dropped slightly, heat beginning to flood your face that had nothing to do with your workout. 

“Sorry,” he mumbled, looking away from your amazed expression. 

You shook your head, incapable of even forming a sentence. Looking down to your machine, you noted that you were now half a mile over your goal. You quickly halted, grabbed your water bottle, and gave a fleeting nod to Shownu. “Later.”

You scrubbed a hand over the back of your neck as you speed walked away from the machines and toward the locker room. “Stupid, stupid, stupid,” you whispered, disappearing behind the door marked for women. You sighed as soon as you realized you were alone and shut your eyes, leaning against the cold lockers behind you. You remained still for a moment, keeping your eyes closed as the door to the locker room cracked open. 

“I’m sorry,” a deep voice groaned. You immediately looked up, your lashes fluttering at the sight of a red-faced Shownu. A hand was clamped tightly over his eyes and the other was stretched out before him. He touched the lockers gingerly, stopping and focusing his hearing. “Y/N? Are you there?”

“I’m here,” you hummed. “You are also here…in the women’s locker room.”

“I know,” he groaned. “But I felt really bad after what I said, so I wanted to apologize.”

“You said you were sorry directly after saying it,” you chuckled uneasily, hoisting yourself up to cross the room and stand in front of Shownu. You placed your hands on your hips and tilted your head. 

“But it wasn’t enough,” he sighed. “I know I made you uncomfortable.”

“You know…” you hummed, looking Shownu up and down. He was still clad in his workout clothes, a tank top and gym shorts. The short space between you was causing your heart to race, but you hand’t planned on backing down. “You could’ve waited until I left the locker area.”

Shownu remained silent as he opened a space between his pointer and middle finger. He looked through his hands and down to you, letting out a deep breath as he dropped his arm to his side. 

“So this is what it looks like in here,” he nodded, pursing his lips. “It’s like the men’s…but cleaner. Smells a lot better too.”

You sighed, shook your head, and crossed your arms. “Shownu…”

“Hm?” he hummed, snapping out of his thoughts and looking back toward you. 

“What are you doing? Really?” you whispered. 

“I guess…I guess I didn’t really want to apologize,” he grumbled. “Because I wasn’t really sorry.”

Your eyes grew wide and your mouth opened and closed, attempting to utter out any words. You were rendered speechless, which suited Shownu since he wasn’t finished talking yet. 

“I’m sorry for making you feel that way, but not for what I said,” he explained. “I’ve noticed you watching me before…”

“Oh god,” you whispered, spinning to hide your face. Shownu let out a soft chuckle and reached out for your arm, forcing you to face him. His fingers were like fire on your moist skin and you flinched away from his unfaltering touch. 

“But I liked it,” Shownu finished with a smile. 

For a moment you thought you had passed out and hit your head on a bench on the way down. Surely this was a strange psychotic episode that you had dreamt up all on your own. 

“You…you did?” you stuttered, looking at him with wide eyes. 

He nodded, his grin growing on his handsome face. “I’m not one to misspeak.”

You shook your head a bit, trying to come to the realization of what he was saying. 

“So…” you hummed, furrowing your brows. 

“So,” Shownu nodded, taking a few steps toward you. He kept his hand light on your arm as his face approached yours. “I’d like to get to know you better.”

His eyes searched your face as his hand moved from your arm to the back of your neck. His strong fingers held you in place as he tilted his head, licking his lips. 

You tried to contain yourself, letting a hiss out between your teeth as you subconsciously begged for him to come closer. You knew that you and Shownu didn’t know too much about each other, other than the pleasantries you exchanged every now and again. You knew you shouldn’t be trying to kiss him in the locker room at the gym, but there was something about his muscles pulsing beneath his sweaty, tanned skin…

Shownu’s nose grazed across your cheek as his breaths became hot on your lips. He was painstakingly slow in his motions and you could hardly handle the tension. His opposite hand moved forward, grasping your hip. The waistband of his workout shorts was now pressed against your torso. 

A quiet clunk echoed through the locker room as Shownu eased you against the cold metal of the lockers around you. You let out a small whimper, the temperature causing you to shiver in the shadow of Shownu’s warmth. 

That was when his lips suddenly hit yours. Hesitant and shy at first, they worked with the rhythm of your racing heartbeats. Shownu wanted to be gentle, but was incapable of showing restraint. Subtlety was not his strong suit. 

You gasped as Shownu gripped both of your thighs, pulling you up to straddle his waist. He only allowed your lips to break for a moment before he began to kiss you again, more urgent than before. You wrapped your arms around the back of his neck, running your fingernails across the nape. This caused Shownu to groan, giving you the opportunity to place your tongue between his lips and entangle with his. You felt a growing bulge pulsing behind his workout shorts and rubbing against your core. He dropped your thighs, letting your sneakers find the floor again. You removed one of the hands that was snaked around his neck and began to rub his member, gently at first, but quickly grew in fervor. He closed his eyes, letting out a brief groan as he pushed his body even closer to yours, biting down on your shoulder as you continued your motions. 

“Can I?” you whispered, tugging at his shirt. Without having to give permission, he ripped off his tank top on his own, and tossed it over his shoulder. In the brief moment, you became even more aware that you were in a public space, doing a very private thing. 

Your hands roamed over the muscles you had admired for so long. You kissed Shownu’s neck gently, sucking on his skin and causing small patches of red and purple in your wake. Even though he was post work out, he smelled incredible. It was almost as if he was wearing cologne, but you knew it was near impossible with his workout regiment. 

“Yah!” a low voice groaned, emerging from the shower area. You immediately pushed away from Shownu, eyes wide as you looked around his frame. 


Wonho gripped at a towel clinging around his waist and looked at you both with furrowed brows. Water dripped from his blonde bangs onto his bare chest. “What are you two doing?”

“What are you doing?” you gasped. “This is the women’s locker room!”

Wonho looked down to the floor, his cheeks turning a bright red. “The body wash in here smells better.”

“It’s so clean in here, right?” Shownu nodded, looking at his member as if this was a normal occurrence. 

“It is!” Wonho nodded, his eyes wide as he looked back up at the two of you. 

“Aigoo, both of you, out! Now!” you groaned, picking up Shownu’s tank top and tossing it at his bare stomach. 

“But I don’t-” Wonho groaned, beginning to pull on his own clothing. 

“Out!” you repeated. 

Shownu smiled as he tugged on his tank top, placing a quick kiss on your lips. “I’ll wait outside then.”

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Circle Safety
  1. Don’t Trespass
    When having a circle, make sure you aren’t on private property or out in a public space that has a curfew. It’s always safest in your yard or a friend’s yard. Don’t go into abandoned buildings, cemeteries, churches… They either won’t be safe or will have patrols that will catch you.

  2. Solitary Safety
    Always let someone know where you are; especially at night. If you aren’t having the circle in your yard tell someone where you are in case something happens to you. Make sure you pay extra attention to open flames and any sharp tools you may be using. Always make sure you have a way to contact someone if needed.

  3. Group Safety
    As above always make sure someone outside the group of you knows where you are. There is more safety in numbers but still pay attention to flame and sharp tools. With more people sometimes things can get confusing and someone could trip over someone else…

  4. Wild Animals
    They do not want to be your friend. You probably won’t even see them as they tend to avoid people, but in case you do see an animal do not approach it; even deer will attack if they feel threatened. Most are harmless if left alone (deer, rabbits, squirrels, owls…) others are more keen to attack (coyotes, wolves, raccoons, foxes…). The fire from the circle may help repel them, but if they do come after you don’t worry about breaking the circle or anything else, get away.

  5. Sharp tools
    Take care not to cut yourself or anyone else. Don’t leave the blade on the ground or someplace you or someone else could accidentally run into it. Always bring a first aid kit with bandages and rubbing alcohol just in case. Accidents do happen

  6. Open Flame Safety
    This goes without saying: NEVER leave an open flame unattended. Check your candles regularly to make sure they aren’t catching anything else on fire, been knocked over or are otherwise hazardous. Keep loose clothing, hair and anything else flammable well out of reach of any flame.

  7. Fire Indoors
    Having lit candles indoors can be dangerous. Make sure they won’t catch any furniture or curtains on fire. Keep small children and pets well away from the flames. Make sure that the room is well ventilated so there isn’t smoke buildup. Use candle holders. Keep all hair and clothes away from the flame.

  8. Fire Outdoors
    As with fire indoors keep small children and pets well away from any flame. Make sure there aren’t any plants, dry grass or leaves that could catch fire near your candles. Keep all hair and clothes away from the flame. Keep in mind that while outdoor the wind can blow out your candles so try to keep then guarded with holders.

  9. Incense Indoors
    Make sure the room is well ventilated so there’s not smoke buildup. Some fire alarms will be set off by incense smoke. Don’t light incense indoor if there are any pets or small children as they have a harder time breathing with the smoke in the air. Make sure no one with allergies to scents will be in the house until you have aired it out. Use a small fan too keep air circulating so you don’t get overwhelmed with the smell. Keep all lit incense away from anything flammable.

  10. Incense Outdoors
    Incense outdoors is a lot less dangerous. Make sure to keep all lit incense away from anything flammable. Keep in mind that some animals are curious and might be drawn to the new small, especially in or around forests. Make sure you aren’t around any bird nests that have baby’s as the smell could kill them.

  11. Cleanup
    Always cleanup everything after you’re done your circle, be it indoors or out. Collect all your tools and put them away and clean up any ashes from incense. Don’t pour out the melted wax from your candles, not only does it use up your candles faster, but now there’s a pool of wax for someone to step in, or some animal to find and eat which can make them sick. Always leave the area you cast your circle in as you found is.


The first thing that struck me was how faithful it manages to be to Fingersmith even though it’s in Korean and Japanese and set in a different period,” says Waters. “I was very interested in the texture of Victorian life, and the power dynamics were played out in a material way, and I think he’s brought a similar interest in artefacts and fabrics. It’s such a crowdedly lush film, with all those shoes and gloves and corsets.”

It is atmospherically set in a mansion which is part western gothic, part Japanese, with rooms divided by sliding paper doors through which the unscrupulous can snoop on the unwary. Like the castles of classic gothic literature, both novel and film create spaces in which the normal order can be subverted. “Those buildings with rooms after rooms after rooms are psychic structures,” Waters observes. "They echo social structures: public or semi-public spaces, then private, then secret spaces.”

hallways in the pink album

So I had to drive for 8 hours the other day and basically listened to Harry’s album on repeat, alone with my thoughts…so the result is either gonna be awesome or totally weird, right? Anyway, I’ve seen some amazing interpretations (@seasurfacefullofclouds, @harryflyles and @iftheresnolove have all said brilliant things, and totally informed my understanding of the album/individual songs. Also, hi! Sorry if it’s weird to tag you!).

But as I drove through Ohio (how fun.), the motif of the “hallway” started to become key to my understanding of the album. It recurs multiple times (in MMitH, but also Only Angel and kinda the hotel room in FtDT), so it seems important! At first, it might not feel related to some of the other big themes in Harry’s album (like miscommunication and silence, which you can definitely tie to Harry’s personal relationships, and like…what the songs might be about on an individual level). But here’s my argument: I think the figure of the “hallway” is the album’s way of discussing how your environment can constrain your ability to communicate. Which maybe puts a more structural spin on the idea of “miscommunication.”

Basically I just think it’s interesting that an album Harry has consistently described as all about Freedom™ is so focused thematically on being trapped and not-in-control. (I mean, I personally think it’s 100% a way to work through the experience of being a closeted celebrity in a boy band, but you don’t have to agree!)

ANYWAY. Let’s start with what the image of a “hallway” evokes:

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fears i have (or am trying to) overcome in the last few years:

  • self-doubt
  • hiking alone
  • camping alone
  • taking a long 5000+ solo road trip
  • heights
  • buying a car
  • bees
  • going to counseling
  • being vulnerable with people
  • standing up to my ex
  • being alone (in public spaces, private spaces, everywhere)
  • having plants
  • building things
  • emotions!! are not a bad thing.
  • asking for a raise
  • saying ‘no’ to people
  • trust people (who knew!)
  • that i would never get a college degree
  • eating chinese food
  • writing again

like, you might have a long, long laundry list of things you’re scared of. it’s a lot! The natural reaction to fear is avoidance, but at some point, that becomes super unhealthy. I’m not saying you have to overcome every single one of your fears, but if you have been thinking about this, or if it bothers you, consider this encouragement to pick one and tackle it like a semester-long science lab.

Dissect it. What is it that terrifies you? Is it a past experience? Think about that. Break it down further and further. Parcel that shit out into neutral statements that can either be proved or disproved. 

And then prove or disprove them! Research.

If your fears have a basis in unreality or are big, sweeping statements (i.e., I am scared of heights because I will DIE), research it and know the stats. Is this really other people’s experience, or is your judgment colored? What are the actual facts about this Thing? If it is your experience, do you need to go through some emotional work to sort through it? Sometimes, yes!

(Full disclosure, I’m still terrified of mice because of bad experiences, and I’m not 100% convinced I need to overcome that!!)

If your fear is based in reality - if there’s lots of risk involved, if if there’s minimal risk but you don’t know how to engage safely - do research on how to minimize YOUR risk while still engaging with the Thing.

Ex. saying no to others. Say ‘no’ in a small, safe way. Something super low-risk. Repeat that exposure over and over until your confidence that the world will not end builds just a little bit more than that mind numbing fear.

Keep notes. Conduct a post-mortem and really figure out what was good and bad about that experience. Was it a disaster. That’s okay. It might be! Write it down. Brainstorm for next time, if you want there to be a next time.

And then build! 

Next time, or in five next times, make the risk just a little bit more incrementally scary. It will be super uncomfortable - I’m not going to lie. Don’t box yourself into a situation you can’t get out of! I.e., don’t climb a giant rock formation to get over a fear of heights the first time out, ya feel? Going to a climbing gym though? That’s a great intermediary step! 

Take someone you trust with you to cheer you on, physically or metaphorically, or whatever. Support is amazing. Write down your reminders to combat those fears until you have them memorized.

This isn’t a straight up tutorial, and it won’t work for every situation. Obviously, I’m not a therapist. But this has worked for me in my quest to methodically overcome my many, many inherent fears. Still a work in progress, but working on it every day! So can you!! <3 <3

Go, be brave + sort that shit out.

Longer post about this later, no reblogging this one, but seeing posts about how kids being in public spaces is bad is so deeply disturbing. You’re not obligated to like children personally but I grew up as a kid who was terrified of going home, who spent 17 years being emotionally and physically abused, and I cherished my time outside of home because it was so tightly controlled, like I spent hours and hours at a library near my house in middle school and high school and never bothered anybody, kept to myself, etc, like. Fuck off, the home you want kids to lock themselves in isn’t safe or pleasant for all kids. And children being upset in public (like loud crying) is exactly the same as adults being upset in public- children just express it differently because this is necessary for many of them and adults can generally be upset without screaming out loud.

Also a lot of shit is the fault of the adults responsible for the child, but sometimes the child being upset is close to unavoidable. For instance, certain environments can be emotionally painful for children. Imagine you are a kid whose family has no money and you go to the grocery store. You’re 5 or 6, and you want some cookies and your mom says no. You’re in an environment that is loud, brightly lit, and full of things you want. And tour mom says you can’t have it but you have no decent concept of a budget and don’t really understand why $4 or whatever is too much, so you get upset and cry. This is a terrible environment for children, full of temptations they can’t understand why they can’t have, and overstimulating. And you can’t even blame the mother because what’s a broke mom going to do with this kid while she shops when she can’t afford childcare? It just has to be an upsetting experience for both. And you’re complaining about the noise? Get headphones and stop thinking you own public space. Obvs grocery stores are private but I mean widely accessible.

We do forget so easily what it is like to be children but it just requires basic empathy as have no problem extending to adults. Children don’t get upset for fun. They have feelings.


I have something I need to share. So, everyone knows about service dogs for mental illness and high functioning disabilities, right? There called Emotional Support Animals (ESA) and are often central to helping their owners function in public and private spaces.

Thing is, we all know Victor is very dependant on his relationship with Makka. He’s willing to leave Yuuri with Yakov in order to be with them in their time of need and the guide book says that one of the reasons Victor retired was because he suspected thher final years were approaching and he wanted to be with her.

Sure, this made sense to me. Makka is practically his baby. But then, as I was researching ESA’s (for totally unrelated reasons) I came across various lists ranking dogs that are most useful in these positions. I kid you not, each and every time, the standard poodle came out in the top 3.

So, is Makka an ESA? Is that why Victor brings her everywhere and seems on edge when they’re parted too long? Who knows.

(please note that any dog can be registered as an ESA as long as it’s prescribed by a doctor and passes basic tests ((they follow commands and don’t bite etc.)) So they don’t go through the same training as other Service Animals. Also, Makka might not be an registered service dog but Victor may still use her the same way someone would use an ESA)


One Year Performance 1981-1982 (Outdoor Piece). Tehching Hsieh (謝德慶). Performance Art.

Tehching Hsieh (b. 1950) is a Taiwanese-American performance artist known for his series of one-year performance pieces that took place between 1978 and 1986. For his third one-year piece, from September 26, 1981 to September 26, 1982, Hsieh lived outdoors in New York City armed with only a backpack and a sleeping bag, and did not allow himself to enter any buildings or other kinds of shelter, including public transportation. During this time, Hsieh meticulously documented his movements around the city, provoking questions about homelessness, invisibility, and public/private spheres within urban space. On one occasion, Hsieh was arrested for an altercation with another man, and had to spend fifteen hours under shelter. However, on both of his court dates, the judges allowed Hsieh to remain outside of the building to preserve the integrity of his art. Hsieh’s performance piece also happened to coincide with one of the coldest winters in NYC history.

Tehching Hsieh’s One Year Performance 1980-1981 (Time Clock Piece) was previously featured by sinθ here.

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Butch was a site of resistance to the heteronormative limitations on women. It was a place to embrace one’s identity in a public way that allowed for alignment between the public and private self, a way of claiming space with your very presence.
—  B. Cole, “Masculine of Center, Seeks Her Refined Femme,” Persistence: All Ways Butch and Femme (Eds. Ivan E. Coyote & Zena Sharman)