Archaeologists Discover 1,600-Year-Old Roman Mosaics

A floor mosaic from the 4th century AD has been discovered by archaeologists in the downtown of the Bulgarian capital Sofia during excavations of the ruins of the Ancient Thracian and Roman city of Serdica.

The 1,600-year-old mosaic has been found under a concrete structure under the Dondukov Boulevard, in the area of the so called Sofia Largo, an ensemble of the main buildings of the Bulgarian government, reports the private TV channel bTV.

The archaeologists believe that the newly found Roman floor mosaic, which is made of natural materials featuring six different colors, decorated the residence of rich citizens of ancient Serdica.

Underneath the mosaic they have found a hypocaust, i.e. a Roman underfloor heating system, consisting of pipes which were filled with hot air warmed up in a special kiln. Read more.


Exquisite Cannes Villa for Sale

Set within 6,000 square meters of superbly maintained grounds, this luxurious Cannes property features dazzling sea views, a wine cellar with tasting room, and a sprawling wooden teak terrace with swimming pool and stylish daybeds. Designed in light, contemporary shades of grey, the main villa houses a classy light-filled lounge, 2 kitchens, as well as 5 modern suites, including a master bedroom complete with private terrace and outdoor Jacuzzi. Other luxury facilities comprise a home cinema, air-conditioning, lift, and videophone, to name but a few. Also on the premises is a 2-bedroom house for guardians.

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Since the island of Purvistan has gone radio silent (Thank you God!) I have seen some very insulting comments about Sam (via monkey trash littered about) that obviously are being fueled by her private audience only status. Any theory as to why hide now and why berate Sam in this manner?

Yes.  I explained it yesterday but I’m happy to elaborate today. 

First, we need to go back to Comic Con – a natural disaster of epic proportion for the island of Purvistan.  In order for Purv to continue her fanfic about Abbie and Sam during this time, she had to concoct a whopper of a story to explain away what happened at Comic Con.   

During that time, the Priestess of Purvistan told her monkeys (in DM of course because she wouldn’t want her lies publicly exposed for ridicule) that Sam was assuring Abbie that his activities with Cait were purely for PR and that he loved her, Abbie, and only her.  Abbie believed him. That then positioned Abbie as the patient, loving, understanding girlfriend who stood by her man while he fondled and goo goo eyed his co-star.  Abbie then became the amazing girlfriend.

Once Comic Con was over, because it was clear that Abbie went to Glasgow and climbed a munro, that meant that all was right once again in the love nest of Abbie and Sam.  Purvistan was at peace once again.  Crisis averted.  Phew.

But then another natural disaster struck.  Hurricane Sam.  Category 5. He whipped through the island  wreaking havoc and destruction everywhere.  He faved posts about having babies and marrying Cait, about being in love with Cait, about he and Cait being the best couple ever, about how “hard” it is with Cait, about him being married to Cait and called Cait his Sassenach.  The destruction was quick and it was catastrophic.

Oh no!!!!!  Poor Abbie!!!!  Once again, that walking red-headed dick has humiliated this “great girl” who stood by her man and believed his lies.  Heartbreak!  MUST. TAKE. YOGA. MUST. EAT. RAW. NUTELLA.  MUST DRINK SMOOTHIE.

When that was not enough, what else was she to do when she had not planned a two-week trip to Scotland? Surely “baby girl” couldn’t demean herself by running into his arms after this last round of humiliation. She ran to Ibiza to lick her wounds and to tell that “hearbreaker” of a man “we’re through!”

Sam, who only thought he was helping out the tv show during Droughtlander by engaging with the fans about his love for Cait, became devastated at the idea that he had crossed a line with Abbie and was losing her – possibly forever.  So he drowned his sorrows by partying with castmates, going to a concert, drooling at Cait’s bare ass in an old modeling pic, working out and tweeting about Cait even more (to make Abs jelly, of course).  But with it all, he is still texting Abbie trying to get her back, but alas – too late.

So now you know why the monkeys of Purvistan are being so hard on Sam.  Because he deserves it.  He strung this “great girl” along and was more concerned with his own career than his “great girl”.  She deserves all of the cringe-worthy adoration she is getting on her Instagram account for putting on that bikini and doing a basic yoga pose while her mummy clicked the shutter.  You show him girl! You show that bad, bad man just what he is missing.

At the rate Sam is going, we’re gonna need to call in FEMA for federal assistance to clean up the total annihilation of Purvistan soon.

Imagine living with the Avengers for a short period of time, having been recruited into shield after they learned of your abilities (powers or intelligence, your choice)

Over that time, you and Loki grew close, being the two “new comers”. The relationship is complicated with the Avengers questioning your motives for wanting to get close to the trickster.

One day, a mid autumn’s music festival is held in Malibu by the beach. Tony drives everyone up to his private chalet where they plan to spend the weekend. You manage to convince Loki to join the others and yourself in going to the music festival.

The night arrives and the music is great. You start dancing with the rest of the crowd. You also drag Loki in to the dancing, loosing yourself in the rush of the music. By the end, you’re panting as the crowd is cheering, Loki is just staring silently at you, eyes wide and intense.

“What?” You ask shyly. He grabs you and kisses you in the middle of the crowd.

New bill in the Hungarian parliament announces state of crisis due to the overwhelming number of ~migrants~ entering the country, proposes to expand the limit of power of the police and military, including allowing police to enter private property without invitation or a warrant if they have reason to believe that there are ~migrants~ hiding there


Haikyuu!! Novel Volume 5: Before Our Representative Playoffs - Crow’s Angels (Summary)

Once upon a time there were three very different little girls who grew up to be three very different women with three things in common: they’re brilliant, they’re beautiful, and they work for me. My name is Char… I mean, Crow.

Keep reading

Asked about his religion in 2012, Zayn shared: “I believe that your religion should be between you and whoever your belief is in. I don’t think you should stick it in people’s faces.” Unfortunately the world has not allowed him to keep any aspect of his life private, and even his limited tweets about religion have attracted scrutiny and hatred, surely encouraging him to stay quiet. Small actions to educate his fanbase on social issues through a “#FreePalestine” tweet and a retweet in support of Peshawar were heavily dissected, with some media outlets suggesting Zayn was interested in these issues because he was more personally connected to them as a Muslim man—as if natural compassion played no role. Despite the hatred he faces for it, Zayn has publicly taken pride in his identity: In his recent Asian Award acceptance speech, he thanked his parents for making him Asian in addition to thanking God. On the Islamophobic comments targeted at him, Zayn stated: “I thought we had moved away from that and we’re living in the 21st century and people could accept people from different religions”.

Farm-To-Table Philosophy Rules At Rosewood’s Luxurious Caribbean Hotels

While Caribbean luxury resorts are not known for their local, sustainable food menus, Rosewood is setting about to change all that. The classic Little Dix Bay property, the private island resort of Jumby Bay, and the soon-to-open Rosewood at Baha Mar have each committed to sourcing as much food locally as possible—both from farmers in nearby communities and the resorts’ own gardens—for use in the hotels’ eclectic kitchens.

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Can't you share them?

Nothing particular. I never receive private rumours, so it’s not like, I have info that the rest of the fandom hasn’t got as well. One is not mine to share; but for what concerns the other one: a friend of mine knows someone who connected to the US music industry and according to this person - who hasn’t directly met them but knows via industry rumours - Harry and Louis are “very cute.” This is from July.

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Can we talk about the modesty patch thing? Was anyone else surprised when Cait revealed this during a SDCC interview? Was this an !aha! shipping moment for you like it was for me? Statistically, how often do actresses choose to forego the patch completely? Has this been completely chewed over somewhere else and I missed it? *tired*

Welcome.  You must be new around these parts.  Yes, we surely did discuss it at the time and I’ve referenced it a few times since then.  It’s wasn’t so much an aha! moment for a lot of us as it was another reinforcing moment.  Gilding the lily, so to speak.

I can’t presume to know the statistics of how often an actress will forego the patch completely but I assume if you’re doing a love scene with your boyfriend and the crew isn’t privy to your privates, why not toss the bloody thing out, right?

Conversely, if you’re fake in love or fake engaged to someone else, it would seem oh, I don’t know, a tad inappropriate to engage in a love scene without one.

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Omg omg omg jess did u hear the latest news?????????? Perez predicted tayvin engaged at 2017, weeding at 2018. AHIDGAKIORGAKVDUODGSKAGDKSOPAGSJEBEKDBAKAGEIWOVSKABRODHWOEBSMALQOAOWW

OOOOOMMMMFFFFFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG my fucking heart!!! I read earlier today that after Taylor’s 6th album she might take a break and go to college and then eventually settle down and focus more on her private life and now THIS!!!!!! COINCIDENCE????????? I FUCKING THINK NOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!! Can u imagine Tayvin planning their future together and just dreaming about their kids while they’re both laid in bed and her head is on his chest drawing hearts while hes playing with her hair and he tells her how much he’d love their kids to look just like her and she giggles and he looks down on her and smiles and thinks “god damn how much I love this woman” OKAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I GOTTA GOOOO

hey guys. I’m sorry, I know we have some really nice anons, but unfortunately a few people have ruined that for you. we are going to take the anonymous option away because some people are abusing that and being rude/taking advantage of us.

we aren’t an official source. we are just a few fans who love this franchise. we are blessed our blog got so popular, but some people are just treating us horribly cause they think they’re entitled to us giving no them news??? anyways. we love you! feel free to message us off anon and ask us to answer privately if you’re shy or something. sorry!

After West’s [statements about the mishandling of Katrina, including the line “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”], Connick, along with country singers and couple Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, walked up to Kaplan and told him something the producer would never forget: that West’s comments wouldn’t ruin the show’s legacy but would ensure it had one – that West’s comments were important and correct.

“The three of them took me aside privately and said, ’[We] know you’re probably upset by what Kanye said, but we’ve all been down there and we promise you that when the dust settles and what Kanye said is thought about and what people learn is learned about, [we] promise you’re going to be proud that Kanye ending up saying that on the show,’” Kaplan remembers. “They said, ‘We were down there, and [we’re] telling you it’s not good what the government’s doing there. They’re not being good. They’re not acting properly.’

Many of the people involved in the benefit concert now recall West’s comments positively. Myers told GQ last year that he was "very proud to have been next to him.” Radice called West’s comments “a phenomenal moment in culture, in history.” Traub, while still perturbed by West’s decision to point the finger so strongly at Bush, agreed that “there was definitely a tremendous problem with the way that African-Americans were treated in that area.”

Kaplan, who was so crestfallen moments after West’s remarks, now looks back on his decision to stray from the script especially fondly.“