If there’s one thing i hate it’s “for every note this gets- i’ll put back my suicide date by one day” posts. Speaking from personal experience, notes on  a blogging website isn’t going to fix the deep-seeded issues that causes suicidal thoughts, and although yeah, it might give them momentary bliss of “oh, people care.” no- clicking a button can’t count as caring and it won’t. They probably won’t even click on their blog or find out their name.

Especially if you’re posting on someone else’s behalf- it’s altogether a shitty thing to do. You’re drawing attention to their mental instability and suddenly their private life is exposed to everyone who sees & reblogs it.

Not to mention it guilt-trips people into reblogging it, but altogether it’s just offensive to people like myself who have struggled with suicidal thoughts to see it trivialized like that. You don’t care- you’re fishing for notes and attention.

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do you ever get scared that they won't ever come out??

No, for two reasons, and I’ll tell you why.

1) Harry and Louis seem to genuinely WANT to come out. Think of their tattoos, they could have kept those hidden and private and they didn’t - because they’re public statements of their love for each other. Harry’s comments like “not that important” he could not say those things but he does because he WANTS people to speculate. Louis’ behavior with Eleanor, he could have made an effort to look happy with her but he didn’t because he WANTS people to know he’s not with her.

They wouldn’t do these things if they were trying to stay closeted. If you try, it is INCREDIBLY easy to stay in the closet because heteronormativity does 99 percent of the work for you.

2) I actually think this might be the more important reason I’m not scared: if by some chance they don’t come out, that’s none of my business. Coming out is a very personal and often painful process, I would never want Harry and Louis to feel like they have to go through it because fans expect it of them. Don’t get me wrong, I do think they want to be out, but if they changed their minds and decided to live closeted for the rest of their life then that’s their choice. It’s something we should respect, not be afraid of. 

I understand that Harry and Louis’ story is super important to a lot of people, but we need to remember that they are real people, with real lives, who will deal with real hatred when they come out. That’s the nature of our society. I wouldn’t fault them for not wanting to.

But as I said, I think they really really do. And I don’t think that a bunch of magazines and newspapers suddenly started seeding Larry like crazy this year for the heck of it. It’s too organized and it’s too strategic. The fandom and the public are being prepared.

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Would you say Audrey was an introvert or extrovert?

My personal opinion: introvert.  Better yet! I went to a very reliable source and asked for his personal opinion of his mother.

Luca Dotti:

“This is a very tricky answer relating to my Mom. My father, Andrea Dotti, was no doubts an extrovert. He loved hanging out with friends, going to parties, dinners and all. The Audrey I knew was quite the opposite. She liked to meet friends privately, at home, often one at the time. So if you compare my parents it would make her an introvert. But if you look at her whole history and see how early she started working in front of public audiences, how much promotion, trips, interviews and photo sessions she endured as part of her career, how much her private life was always under the magnifying glass, being introvert suddenly becomes a compulsory choice. A good friend, Anna Cataldi, once told me a story: she and Mom were out shopping and Mom was wearing an headscarf. Anna asked her why not taking it off, it was summer and quite hot. Mom had to remember her that if she did the “girls out” shopping day would come to an alt. “After five minutes with Audrey you forgot who she was for everybody else” Anna said. Bottom line - knowing her - is that being a little introvert was more practical on a daily basis.”



1) retailmenot - it’s basically a coupon app for online and in-store shopping. I never buy anything without checking for a checkout code.

2) duolingo - free language learning app. But it’s like a game.

3) moodtrack - keeps track of moods. You can write and personalize the mood, including a note section to make note of why or what’s happening, and then you can rate it. There’s a small community of people you can show your mood to, or you can make it completely private. It’s good to show a health care individual later or just to track mood disorders on your own.

4) sound hound - oldie but goodie. It can tell you the name and artist of a song by listening to it.

5) weather radio - it’s a basic weather app, but it’s warnings when there is severe weather are loud and can wake me up. And you can choose what types of weather makes an alarm which is a unique trait of all the weather apps I’ve played with.

6) 30/30 - a time management app. You can customize it by time and type. You can even make “lists” of time. Like “20 minutes cleaning. 10 minutes break.” Or “45 minutes writing 20 minutes tumblr” with alarms between. It’s nice.

7) IFTTT - (if then than that) you can create recipes for actions your phone can take. “If rain is in the forecast, then send me a text” “if I star an email, remind me later.” It’s also connectable to other apps like photos and you can arrange wake up calls and all that.

8) waze - it’s a traffic app. Be safe, don’t app and drive.

9) todoist - To Do List pretty much. Except you can organize it by project and you can set up reoccurring tasks “do laundry (once a week)” “make bed (daily)” whatever. (And you can set up an email every day reminding you what your to do list is via IFTTT.)

Others: Glow (period tracker app), 8tracks, spotify, and iheartradio (free radio apps - use data beware), cures (a home remedy/treatment tracker app), around me (an app that finds businesses like types of food joints within your area), gas buddy (finds low gas prices in your area), moves (it’s a pedometer)

Yeah okay here you go.

just don’t fall, ch. 6

A/N: This chapter is super long, but there’s no way to break it up without posting a super short chapter, so here’s basically a double chapter.

Love and thanks to you all, xo.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5

Chapter 6 - Week 3, Pt.1

Judging by the way Val kept looking at her at practice on Tuesday, they had figured out she overheard them.

“Just say it already,” she told him during one of their breaks, when the crew had gone to lunch.

“Is eavesdropping another one of your many superb talents?”

“It is when the two idiots trying to have a private conversation do so outside of a busy restaurant without checking their surroundings.”

“Sorry, I usually always inspect the bushes before I want to talk to someone.”

She took a long drink of water from her bottle.

“So you know that my brother wants to jump you?”

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BAILA May 2015 - Unpublished Interview

Q: Something you’d like to do right now?

Jun. K: If I were to do something privately, I’d like to try cooking. I’ve been good at cooking ddeokbokki ever since a long time ago. If I were to say with a very, very light feeling, I want to open a ddeokbokki shop. It’s a tiny dream I’ve had for a long time. If you’re wondering why I’m thinking that, I originally liked ddeokbokki myself, and it’s not that I’ve particularly had my own recipe ever since before, just “I’ll put this and that in, ah, it’d be good if I put this too,” and it’d be made at random (laughs). My reputation in making ddeokbokki is good. My secret ingredient? The secret ingredient is…… a secret (laughs). When I eat with my seniors and friends, they also say, “This is really tasty!” although each time I make it, the taste is different. I wonder if that’ll be a problem.

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Translations edited by rikakotsu @ JunkayStreet          

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I'm really sure that I identify as a transgender male. However, I know for sure I wouldn't feel comfortable with getting bottom surgery other than removal of my ovaries or getting on T. I just feel like I'd rather not have any genitalia at all, or just not have any sex characteristics, both primary and secondary, and I just feel like in that point, a female lower body and a rather feminine hormone level makes me seem more neutral. I really despise my chest and my private bits,and I want to (pt1)

get rid of my chest, I just feel like my bottom dysphoria would be worse if I had a penis. Same with a beard or other rather masculine traits that cannot be easily hidden. I want to look as neutral as possible and as close as I can get to having a neutral body, but I’m afraid that, if I tell anyone about this, they will say I should check if I don’t identify as nonbinary or agender instead and not take my male gender identity serious, or say I’m not “really trans” and that I should just keep on presenting as female since I don’t want a penis or other male traits besides a flat chest. I KNOW I am a guy, I just don’t know what to do since somehow everyone wants to talk about my surgery wishes when deciding me coming out in school and all and this isn’t what they expect from a transgender teen. 

Zak: You are absolutely, 100% not alone in feeling this way and it doesn’t mean that you aren’t transgender or that you aren’t a guy. There are plenty of people who partially transition, such as getting top surgery without going on hormones. Yes, there are going to be some people who don’t understand, but that’s true for us as trans people in general. Your story doesn’t fit with the typical trans narrative that a lot of people here, which is why you aren’t what they’d expect from a transgender teen. That doesn’t make your gender identity any less valid, though. 

What is my name? #3

Who is this sim? What is her name? You decide, then bring her to your game! Please give me a name suggestion and a couple of sentences about who she is.

The winner will get a private download of this sim. Also, I will create a new wardrobe inspired by her story. Answer by reblogging or commenting on this post, or send me a message. If you send a message mark it “What is my name? #3″. I look forward to hearing from you!

Also, you can check out  What is my name? #1 and #2.



Ahahahahhhhhhhhha I don’t know about best but thank youasgfjhjjjjjj!!!! Punk!Cho would be very happy to hear this~ also so much mugi support.

*i accidentally sent it privately but the nakama feelings is too cute not to share XDDDD

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Breakdown Yang Xaio Long!

Privately I headcanon that Yang is ace? She just knows she’s beautiful and other people get very off kilter when someone beautiful pays them a lot of attention.

Demisexual Rose-Xiaolong siblings is my headcanon & they openly admire anyone who fits their aesthetic like Yang likes the way she looks in the mirror so she likes looking at people who obviously put a lot of work into their routine and have sculpted muscles etc etc

Back when I still headcanoned that Summer was their sister and not their mother, I also thought Summer was aro-ace…. Honestly okay I think maybe I still do?

Raven is also aro-ace, THEY ARE ALL ACE. It’s a really strong trait in their family.

“Capital Dames: The Civil War and the Women of Washington, 1848-1868”
Monday, April 20, at 7 p.m.
William G. McGowan Theater, National Archives Building
Watch YouTube

Cokie Roberts and Presidential historian Michael Beschloss mark the sesquicentennial of the Civil War with a riveting look at the experiences, influence, and contributions of the women of Washington, DC, during this momentous period of American history.

Using newspaper articles, government records, and private letters and diaries—many never before published—Roberts brings the war-torn capital into focus through the lives of its formidable women.

A book signing will follow the program.

Make your free reservation: