Desserted Island [60 fps]

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The Cairo uprising began on July 17, 1967 in Cairo, Illinois and persisted through three days of riots and protests. The incident began with the alleged jailhouse suicide of Private Robert Hunt, a young African-American soldier on leave in his hometown of Cairo. Police said Hunt hanged himself with his t-shirt, but Cairo’s African-American residents challenged that story. The death touched off three days of riots and protests, followed by a seven-year renewal of civil rights activities in the city. These photos are from the period following the 1967 turmoil.

Photo credit: Preston Ewing, Jr., from “Let my people go: Cairo, Illinois, 1967-1973 : civil rights photographs"— in Cairo, Illinois.

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Yo. How is your secret relationship with Josh Dun going?

Fantastic. We’ve decided never to see each other in public, or private. It’s better that way. And I’ve yet to tell him that we’re dating.
Film Focus: 'Sleepy Hollow,' 'Originals,' 'Miracles' continue shooting

The headless horseman rode into town last week, as the cast and crew of Fox’s Sleepy Hollow began shooting season three in Rockdale County. The production team has been filming around the community in several different locations, including at a private residence on Main Street and in Olde Towne Conyers. Next week, they will film at some private residences near Ebeneezer Road and GA State Route 212.

According to Gina Hartsell, camera ready film liaison for the Conyers-Rockdale Economic Development Council, there is a large fan base for the show. “This is the first time I’ve had people come up to me [during production] to say ‘we really love the show’.”

The production company is leasing two warehouses near Sigman Road, though a lot of the actual filming is shot outside.

The season premiere of Sleepy Hollow is scheduled for Oct. 1.

If Sherlock was a high school Anime

Sherlock: Mysterious 1st year with black hair and green eyes, usually holed up in the science classroom. Befriends John Watson when a student is murdered and they solve the case.

John: Member of the sport clubs. Half British, aspiring doctor, popular with the girls. His family is in a tight financial situation so he attends public school. However because of this he doesn’t have many male friends until he meets Sherlock.

Molly: in the biology club, classmate of Sherlock, has a crush on him and is always letting him copy her homework.

Lestrade: School council president, close ties with Sherlock who solves most issues with the school. Donovan is Vice President.

Mycroft: Sherlock’s brother, influential member of the yakuza but sometimes dresses up as a high school student to spy on him and his friends.

Irene Adler: a wealthy girl from a faraway private school. She tries to get Sherlock to attend and offers a full scholarship with upgraded science facilities. However Sherlock is happy enough being with John, running down the streets of Tokyo solving crimes.

Moriarty: the transfer student from Britain, does everything he can to frame Sherlock and get him expelled. Extremely charming with the girls (and boys) and manages to make them hate Sherlock. He committed suicide and
John runs up the stairs to the school roof with his phone to his ear in time to see Sherlock jumping off.

Mary: new classmate, becomes John’s friend after Sherlock’s ‘death’. Love triangle ensues when Sherlock returns. When she becomes John’s girlfriend, Sherlock starts to skip school altogether and work with the yakuza with Mycroft. Mary turns out to be the daughter of the opposing yakuza gang and stabs Sherlock, but was saved by John who tailed him after school. They break up, and Sherlock finally confesses to John during graduation.


It’s probably been said and I know it was probably because the show just started but it STILL bothers me how in season one Ali’s house was like on a regular street with neighbors and stuff and now its on a private drive next to spencers.

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hi I'm worried & I need advice, ik a friend from the Internet the same age me(16), anyways she knew someone from the Internet who claims he's 16 and she added him on skype but he had 25 on his profile and he quickly made it private, and she said once he talked like he finished high school, I'm p sure he's lying but she likes him!! and she won't believe me, I asked her to vid chat him and she said I'll do it later when he say something suspicious, I'm worried abt her what should I do?

hey! this does sound v worrying and im thankful she has a friend like you to support her with something like this. i think u need to make it clear that she really has to know who he is being getting into anything more serious, the whole age on his profile thing screams weirdo so i would really make sure she watches out. he shouldnt have to do something suspicious for her to ensure that hes legitimate !!! better to know early on so then she can rid him from her mind before it gets too late. thank you for being supportive of your friend!!! im sure things will be ok xxx

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