Freddie and Louis being apart or together
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Louis did promo for Just Hold for most of his days in LA in January and February. The ten days in March are after Louis was arrested, when he was “hiding” in his house and there were paparazzi allegedly stalking his door. We never saw Louis leave to visit Freddie or the Js bringing Fred to see him, and we’re supposed to believe the paps were stalking him so badly that they even caught him getting Starbucks.

I think it’s safe to say the whole “Louis uprooted his life to LA to be with his son” argument is over. I don’t understand how people believe he sees him at all.

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I apologize for not posting recently, there have been some… difficulties that don’t belong on a public blog like this. Ideally, I would like for this to be a fresh start for me to start posting more, but if I recall correctly, I have broken the sixth rule of the blog. I don’t know if Mod Ouma–or Mod Angie, now? She seems to be doing a lot around here now–will allow this to slide, but I completely understand if not. If so, I think I can make it up to the followers, and go with my original intentions for this blog… Which was to communicate on the topic of social justice issues. And socks and sandals, one time? I’ve been thinking about that ask for weeks.

Anyway, thank you for your time here, even if I have not posted much, and was originally forced onto the blog. I appreciate every ask directed towards me.

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This is obviously super random, but @khakikyrie and I decided that Seung-gil should have a (hella gorgeous) super model boyfriend, so I wrote a short ficlet with Seung-gil and Yuuri talking about it.

I named his boyfriend Min-jun.  He’s just as reserved as Seung-gil, but they open up with each other.  They’ve been dating for years, but are very private about it, and they live in a nice apartment together with their dog.  They both travel a lot for their respective work, but they always make time for each other when they can.

Yuuri hesitated when he saw Seung-gil.  His face was as closed off as ever, but for some reason, Yuuri thought he looked almost depressed.  Yuuri glanced over his shoulder, frowning.  Victor was talking with Chris, so he’d be occupied for a little while.  Resolute, Yuuri settled by Seung-gil’s side.

“Is everything alright?” he asked, voice low.  “You seemed…  Well, you seem a little sad.”

Seung-gil hesitated, toying with his champagne flute.  He frowned at Yuuri, silent for an uncomfortable beat. Yuuri waited patiently.  “I did not plan to attend this party alone.”

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Wynona Watterson for @ximsia !!!

I’m wayyyy past the deadline & I apologize!! 

But I tried my best to make this sim as cute as possible for ur wonderful Jax !!! Also, this post is Heavily Detailed because I wanted to make her as specific as possible for you.

My TOU is as transparent as a ghost. Literally, do whatever you want w/ her!! I’m down for it all!! She’s a sweet, kinda quirky YA, who loves anything revolving around art, and is literally the shyest person you’ll meet. She doesn’t like talking to many people, because when she does talk, others usually ignore her and her very unfunny puns or they don’t want to talk about anything interesting.  But when she gets angry, she’s has a lot to say and when she’s upset, she’ll stone cold ignore you forever if she has to. She spent her life in Willow Creek with her single mom and her dog Scout. The Beach is her favorite setting. She’s never been alone before in her life, but her old college roommate is moving out soon and she realized that she doesn’t really know if she can be alone. She needs someone to protect her  from the unsympathetic world. So, she’s come to see Jax. 

Personality Traits: Loner, Creative, Jealous

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Aspiration: Soulmate

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Butter Mellow for @simlovinggirl

Family Oriented//Good//Nurturing//Over Emotional//Perfectionist

LTW: Surrounded by Family

Once upon a time, I made you Heath, and said I would make you a female spouse just to balance it out. I hope you like her, and enjoy her as much as you enjoyed Heath. ;)

And yes, her name is a HP reference.

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It's both weird and sad that we kind of became friends by me kind of 'begging' you to be friends with me back on October 8th,, I honestly can't believe that people are doing this to you and it's really messed up?? Even though we don't talk as much as we used to (I don't know why tbh um) Ily still and I hope people stop doing it?? Aha alright that's enough from me,, < 3

u didnt beg??? u talked to me and i followed u back and we dmed and got mad close (and yea we need 2 talk more but im too scared 2 txt u bc im an anxious hoe and i think uve replaced me) but srsly ppl need to back off,, also im kinda glad we dont talk tht much bc ppl havent found ur acc and they havent bothered u or anything tht i know of,,