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Deadline: October 9, 2016
Results: October 11, 2016

You have to submit your picture together with an explanation (what does it represent? what does it mean to you? what is the story behind it? why does it represent an everyday hero/heroic action?).

For further questions, contact Liane Meyer or Cleo Williams, the organizers of the contest.

The rules are very important! Please read them all before you submit a photo!

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This morning - 12:33am

You guys.

I was invited to a private sake/sushi event. The head sushi chef (and owner) hosted the event in his restaurant.

I almost didn’t attend, but at the last minute decided to give it a go. I had I have a whole group of new friends now, all Japanese haha, and plans for a night in the city for bar hopping. This was all before they started karaoke…I’m so so glad I went.

He does this once a month, by invite. They’re already on the calendar.