I have a few thoughts about Keyleth’s new tattoos...

Let’s start this off by saying I am not here to start drama that is the last thing that I want or need right now. I have always been an avid Keyleth/Marisha supporter because she gets far too much hate as it is. However, these tattoos really aren’t that ok. There will be a few Māori words in here so if you don’t get it just google it. Under the read more because it got very wordy.

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Here’s my art submission for the @castielbigbang! An illustration for Waning-Grace’s heart-wrenching and lovely fic, “On the Other Side” (on AO3).

I’ve posted a moving gif version, and a static version with a larger view. It was fun drawing all the pastries! ^^ To frame poor lil’ Cas… 

(My Art /// My SPN Art) *Please don’t repost(?) or use elsewhere without my permission, and don’t delete my captions, thanks!