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Sagittarius & Libra
  • Sagittarius: There is so many things I have to do before I get ready for that party tomorrow night... So, what are your plans for New Year's Eve?
  • Libra, smiles: Netflix and self-pity!
  • Sagittarius: Oh.
  • Libra: Yeah. Bitch.

Ok, here goes random headcanon time. Journalling and accidentally pajama party themed?

Josephine private and work journals are undistinguishable and have everything meticulously organized to last detail. Lots of bullet journalling. Also all are super aesthetically pleasing though not entirely minimalistic. Sometimes Leliana (or Sera) add little doodle here or there to make her happy. She enjoys the sole act of writing with quill and ink and likes to spoil herself a bit with good quality ones (it’s for work after all).

Leliana doesn’t write down anything important for safety reasons (her hood is full of secrets) but if Thedas had photography she would have dozens of cute fluffy journals full of nug photos. Her new pet project would be about ravens and adventures of Baron Plucky.

Cassandra isn’t much into writing itself so her journal is one small booklet she keeps always on herself and makes sure no one knows of it. She writes down things short and dry (practically tags) but likes to reread them and remember all the things they were referring to. On the very back she keeps her private ratings for all the books Varric wrote.

Cullen doesn’t keep journal per say (everything important is in usual paper work) but has compulsion to write down little notes on anything on hand so he won’t forget (so master of modern post-its would he be). That method works pretty well unless you live in drafty tower with no roof. With time and experience in catching flying paper, he accumulated nice rock collection to keep all that notes down.

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For windy-times! I know it’s super super late for the exchange but I hope I could make it worth it.

I tried to go with the private school theme for SwissAus, but I also wanted to do snow so it’s kind of hard to see their uniforms. They seem like the type of people who would always pretend to hate each other but secretly enjoy the other’s company while waiting for the bus home or walking to class.

Being Hoseok’s girlfriend means
  • smiling so hard your face hurts all the time
  • seriously, his number one goal is get you to smile and he’s very very good at it
  • and he thinks your smile is crazy beautiful
  • *you spotting a spider on hobi* 
  • “hobi my love i need you not to freak out….but there’s a bug on you”
  • *sheer terror*
  • *wordless screaming*
  • *you remove the spider*
  • “oh my god you saved me” *dramatic super passionate kiss*
  • watching him choreograph and practice late into the night and keeping him entertained but also making sure he doesn’t exhaust himself
  • learning girl group dances together so you become an unstoppable duo
  • super cute hand holding and cheek kisses in public
  • but slow kisses and running his hands all along your bare skin in private
  • *at a theme park* “hobi let’s ride that one”
  • “hobi, there are children riding it.”
  • climbing in bed under the covers and holding onto each other and him spilling out secrets that he’s never told anyone 
  • and confiding in you all of the things that weigh on him
  • and feeling a thousand times lighter after telling you
  • and telling you over and over how thankful he is to have someone that makes him feel like that and that he loves you
[TRANS] EXO ViVi Shot - KAI issue
  • I’m a totally different person when it comes to work and private life.
  • The theme for this photoshoot is ONxOFF. When it comes to ON, I can only think that it’s related to work. 
  • I’m usually a quiet person & love to spend my leisure time quietly too. But when it comes to singing, dancing & photoshoot like this I’m more pumped up & enthusiastic! Because I’m enjoying it everyday & I’m happy. I think my life purpose is to really feel that every single day.
  • I started dancing since I was 8. Now I can never imagine myself not dancing anymore.
  • I feel so mindlessly absorbed whenever I dance. That’s when I feel the most joy. I want to make my fans happy too with my dance. 
  • If I wasn’t an EXO member, I think I’d go to college & go find a job (like normal people) I guess. But for me, I think now is the best time in my life. Everyday I feel happy & am having so much fun! I think that’s what life means. It’s to be able to feel this kind of happiness every single day.
  • When dancing, the most important aspects are feelings. I’d express the overflowing feelings I have at the moment through my dance. I thought it’d be great if I could move the heart & emotion of the ones who’re watching me dancing.
  • Even if I usually spend my everyday life happily, of course there’d be a time when I’m feeling down. During those depressing times, I’d usually tune in some melancholic songs.
  • When we went to the states for our tour, I went to shop during the free time and I bought a lot of things.. knit sweater, jumper, coat, and fluffy towels too. I like those fluffy towels that feel so soft when it’s wrapped around my body. But it didn’t feel right to buy only for me so I called and asked my mom and sisters. I feel bad if I only shop for my own stuffs so I always call my mom & noonas if they want anything. I bought dishes for my mom and cosmetic products for my sisters. I’m glad that they loved it.
  • Lately I’ve been listening to a Canadian artist “The Weeknd” songs & make my blue feelings worst. Then before I knew it, somehow it helps me escape from my troubling thoughts.
  • During my off, private times, I’d sleep a lot. For me, sleeping is my solace & a time for power recharge. My most ideal time for sleeping would be 12 hours.
  • When it comes to fashion, I really love simple ones. My personality too, is simple. That’s why when it comes to relationships, I’m actually not good in handling troublesome things.
  • I prefer a girl whose personality is a lot like me, simple & gentle. I’m kinda gentle too y'know! Wouldn’t it be comfortable to date someone like that? If we both have a matching personality, we might be able to boost up or enhance each other! One day if I ever meet this kind of girl, I might be the one who would confess first.
  • trans credit: kimjongmelle + 죠니니 + 딸기열
No place like home…(Part 2)

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Hold your breath…

Burning love

No place like home…(Part 1)


Context: I’m an Animated Suit of Armor who was sold by the Dwarf Rogue in my party when I was in my rest period, he was fully expecting me to break out of the shop once I woke up, but before that happened I was sold to a Lion man. I am now on my own private Wizard of Oz themed quest that I must complete before I’m able to return to my party. I have no idea what my former party is up to as my DM now has us playing in different rooms for this session, and he’s been going back and forth between the rooms to do this. Thus far my side quest hasn’t been too eventful, just fighting random things and picking up odd objects.

So far on my quest, we’ve gotten nothing that seems useful, a belt, dishpan, and an umbrella. No flying broomstick or magic shoes that could get me back easily. The latest thing I got was some rose colored glasses off of a gnome. I decided to put them on just to try them out, and when I do this happens…

DM: Roll a perception check…

*kills it with my first natural 20 ever*

*After I put on the glasses I see the little girl currently using umbrella as a walking stick*

Little Girl: I wish we could get to Zo’s already…

*Umbrella unfurls and takes her and her dog away into the sky screaming*

Lionman: Wait! Where are you going!? Let me come with you please!

*His new belt glows and he proceeds to vanish on the spot and is now hanging onto the umbrella with the little girl for dear life*

Scarecrow: Gosh dang it! Don’t leave me behind!!!

*The dishpan he’s using as a shield then grows in size on his arm and he falls in, the pan then zips along the road following along underneath the two on the umbrella*

Me: I uh…wait…really?

DM: Roll for reflex

*rolls an 8*

DM: You take off the glasses in time to see the umbrella unfurl to take the little girl, the lionman soon gets teleported to her a moment later, and then you reach out to the scarecrow in an attempt to grab onto the dishpan before it grows and leaves you behind but you’re too slow. You are now alone with the Expectacles you found realizing that all those items that carried your party away, could have brought you back to your old group.

And that’s how I got stranded in the middle of nowhere with a pair of glasses that lets me gleam five seconds into the future. See my DM was counting on me not knowing what any of these bullcrap items were, since I never read the books, or that they either had trigger words or passwords to use. Now I’m suspect of every fucking item I come across while hunting down the little girl and her group.


Glienicke Castle, Berlin

The castle originates from a manor house from 1753 owned by family von Mirow. Its classicist architecture, however, was designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel during major reconstructions in 1825 when the manor was owned by the Royal Prussian Stable Master Karl Heinrich August von Lindenau.

After it was oqned for two years by a merchant, Karl August Count von Hardenberg bought the estate in 1814. He commissioned garden architect Peter Joseph Lenné to design the park after the principle of an English garden: The park as an extension of the living rooms into the nature.

When Hardenberg died, the estate was for sale for two years before prince Charles of Prussia bought it. Being a huge fan of Italy and the Roman culture, he started to convert the manor into a kind of a private Roman-Italian theme park. He acquired lots of antique objects and displayed them either in the park or in the many buildings.

After prince Charles of Prussia died in 1883, maintenance of the estate was neglected and the entire complex became dilapidated - his son Friedrich Leopold did not have the slightest interest in the estate. Unresolved legal issues regarding the ownership after the end of the monarchy in Germany left the estate standing empty and become overgrown for several decades. In 1940, the legal issues were resolved, making the city of Berlin the legal owner of the estate. Berlin mayor Lippert planned to make the castle an office away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, but the second world war stopped these plans. Instead, it was used as a military hospital.

After the war, the Berlin public sports lottery company ran a sports hotel in the complex. From 1966 onwards, the Berlin state administration of castles and gardens took over the castle, and the hotel had to close in 1976. From the on, the castle was used by the Berlin community college as a seminar center until 1986. From 1987 on, the castle was used as a museum. Now, it is the museum of the royal prussian court gardeners.