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the question of queerbaiting in thick as thieves is a complicated one, most notably because a lot of the tactics creators usually use to avoid committing to the inclusion of gay characters, i.e., subtext and ambiguity, waffling on word of god, and keeping people hooked on the potential for payoff somewhere far in the future, are things megan whalen turner happens to already do all the time, about everything. mwt loves subtlety, withheld information, and unreliable narrators, and that’s part of what makes the series so great, but it also makes it difficult to evaluate what exactly is happening re: costis/kamet in tat and whether gay readers are being strung along.

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Alistair’s Fear was my very first mod. When Riordan drops the bombshell of what is necessary to kill an Archdemon, Alistair puts on a brave face and when you go to his room afterwards he even tries to joke and be cheerful. But he must have been so scared. I made this little cutscene to allow him a private moment of panic.

The theme of the mod and its context was so dark and Alistair’s sad, scared face so hard to watch that I stuck to making fluffy, comic relief romance scenes for a few months after releasing the mod.

Have you ever written/painted/modded/created something so dark or sad that you had to take a vacation on the island of fluff for a while afterwards?

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tbh if u let nazis and pedophiles on your site and only do half of the things you said you do (which i hope you won't) your site would still be hell of a lot better than the other social media stuff i use.

We’re hoping that our users will follow-through with diligent reporting so that we don’t have that problem!

We’ve compiled a list of planned features that will be either ready for beta or ready by launch on Discord, so I’ll paste them here as well!

  • - Chip functionality
  •  - Public/private groups
  •  - Tag sorting
  •  - Adult/VAYOR flagging 
  • - Safe filter for minors
  •  - Reporting system
  •  - Volunteer mod system
  •  - Multi-file support (PDF, GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP, MP3/MP4)
  •  - Audio player 
  • - Video embedding
  •  - Blacklisting 
  • - Messaging system
  •  - Tabs
  •  - Custom color themes
  •  - Possible private pages (Not a guarantee, but we’re cooking it up)
  •  - LaTex (working on it, might be ready for beta)
  •  - Pseudonyms that function as usernames 
  • - Bookmarks
  •  - Gallery for different file-types
  •  - User-run forums

“I was sittin’ around in my office like a piece of dust takes to settling on my wonder pane, a complete lack of movement that could only be shook by the right kind of duster. And that duster swept right in. When I saw the doors of the Gym open up I knew I was lookin’ at trouble. There’s a certain spark you see in a trainer’s eye that shines like the sun through the shades of your window and frame your body like prison bars, ‘cause ya know then you’re trapped.

“Trouble came in with that glint in their eye starin’ you down and you knew that things would never be the same again. They were here to shine a light into the darkness of my Gym. That was the job.

“Whaddaya think, kid? You think you can march in here like a ragin; touros spooked by the Pyroar all over my gym and track more metaphorical dirt like a Mudbray havin’ a trot all over my nice clean hard workin’ mooks? This ain’t your Gym, it’s mine, and I’m gonna show ya what we do ta kids like you out on the beat.”

So instead of making my comic I made myself the Gym Leader of a Dark-type Gym with a noir private eye theme and of course, the Noir Badge.

Above you see would be the leader’s monologue and of course around me are the Pokemon you’ll be facing.

You’re gonna have a bad time fighting with these dames. You wanna mess with Lady Shade, Roughhouser, Dr. Mind-Games, Hellcat, Outlaw, and Clawz?

The losing line would go something like this:

“Looks like I’m sleepin’ with the Magikarp. Ya iced me good kid.”

and of course the closing monologue

“I was done, the brawl was over, my clocks were cleaned and my lights were out faster than a Ninjask speedin’ for its next lunch. I was outta luck and the kid shone a light in this dump. I was outta Pokemon, but not outta respect, so they got the Noir Badge. Ya earned it kid.

“They say there’s evil that lurks in the dark, a monster more insidious than a  Darkrai keepin’ ya up at night with nightmares scarier than the snappin’ jaws of a Feraligatr. But the truth is it ain’t all that black n’ white, kid. The dark gives ya the cool comfort of nightfall, the shadows to hide from the worst, the obscurity to keep your secrets safe. And besides, without it, you never know what the light looks like. Like the old song says, kid, In The Darkness is The Light. Now go on, scram, get outta my sight, you got bigger better things ahead a ya, and it ain’t in this crummy place.”

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I'm trying to show a friend some of the main features of your site, do you have a tag for that?

We don’t have a tag for it specifically, but this post has a list!

For those who don’t want to click (or can’t, I know that mobile’s weird sometimes about links), this is the list of features that we’ll have at beta or at launch:

  • - Chip functionality
  • - Public/private groups
  • - Tag sorting
  • - Adult/VAYOR flagging
  • - Safe filter for minors
  • - Reporting system
  • - Volunteer mod system
  • - Multi-file support (PDF, GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP, MP3/MP4)
  • - Audio player
  • - Video embedding
  • - Blacklisting
  • - Messaging system
  • - Tabs
  • - Custom color themes
  • - Possible private pages (Not a guarantee, but we’re cooking it up)
  • - LaTex (working on it, might be ready for beta)
  • - Pseudonyms that function as usernames
  • - Bookmarks
  • - Gallery for different file-types
  • - User-run forums

Ok, here goes random headcanon time. Journalling and accidentally pajama party themed?

Josephine private and work journals are undistinguishable and have everything meticulously organized to last detail. Lots of bullet journalling. Also all are super aesthetically pleasing though not entirely minimalistic. Sometimes Leliana (or Sera) add little doodle here or there to make her happy. She enjoys the sole act of writing with quill and ink and likes to spoil herself a bit with good quality ones (it’s for work after all).

Leliana doesn’t write down anything important for safety reasons (her hood is full of secrets) but if Thedas had photography she would have dozens of cute fluffy journals full of nug photos. Her new pet project would be about ravens and adventures of Baron Plucky.

Cassandra isn’t much into writing itself so her journal is one small booklet she keeps always on herself and makes sure no one knows of it. She writes down things short and dry (practically tags) but likes to reread them and remember all the things they were referring to. On the very back she keeps her private ratings for all the books Varric wrote.

Cullen doesn’t keep journal per say (everything important is in usual paper work) but has compulsion to write down little notes on anything on hand so he won’t forget (so master of modern post-its would he be). That method works pretty well unless you live in drafty tower with no roof. With time and experience in catching flying paper, he accumulated nice rock collection to keep all that notes down.

You can post it directly your drawing on your tumblr.  (with @babymaxou or send me a message with the link of your post) so I can reblog it and put it on my post. You can send me your drawing directly in private. 

Theme: Vanitas no Carte. Do not hesitate to share or participate. If there are many participants, there  will  be maybe a surprise ? (or not x’D)


Glienicke Castle, Berlin

The castle originates from a manor house from 1753 owned by family von Mirow. Its classicist architecture, however, was designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel during major reconstructions in 1825 when the manor was owned by the Royal Prussian Stable Master Karl Heinrich August von Lindenau.

After it was oqned for two years by a merchant, Karl August Count von Hardenberg bought the estate in 1814. He commissioned garden architect Peter Joseph Lenné to design the park after the principle of an English garden: The park as an extension of the living rooms into the nature.

When Hardenberg died, the estate was for sale for two years before prince Charles of Prussia bought it. Being a huge fan of Italy and the Roman culture, he started to convert the manor into a kind of a private Roman-Italian theme park. He acquired lots of antique objects and displayed them either in the park or in the many buildings.

After prince Charles of Prussia died in 1883, maintenance of the estate was neglected and the entire complex became dilapidated - his son Friedrich Leopold did not have the slightest interest in the estate. Unresolved legal issues regarding the ownership after the end of the monarchy in Germany left the estate standing empty and become overgrown for several decades. In 1940, the legal issues were resolved, making the city of Berlin the legal owner of the estate. Berlin mayor Lippert planned to make the castle an office away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, but the second world war stopped these plans. Instead, it was used as a military hospital.

After the war, the Berlin public sports lottery company ran a sports hotel in the complex. From 1966 onwards, the Berlin state administration of castles and gardens took over the castle, and the hotel had to close in 1976. From the on, the castle was used by the Berlin community college as a seminar center until 1986. From 1987 on, the castle was used as a museum. Now, it is the museum of the royal prussian court gardeners.

For windy-times! I know it’s super super late for the exchange but I hope I could make it worth it.

I tried to go with the private school theme for SwissAus, but I also wanted to do snow so it’s kind of hard to see their uniforms. They seem like the type of people who would always pretend to hate each other but secretly enjoy the other’s company while waiting for the bus home or walking to class.

I Lie About My Teaching

Here is an interesting article I came across in The Atlantic. 

The story of a Teacher and how we portray our lives to others in the field. What are your thoughts? 


I liked Devon. We were all first and second-year teachers in that seminar—peers, in theory—but my colleague Devon struck me as a cut above. I’d gripe about a classroom problem, and without judgment or rebuke, he’d outline a thoughtful, inventive solution, as if my blundering incompetence was perhaps a matter of personal taste, and he didn’t wish to impose his own sensibilities. When it fell upon us each to share a four-minute video of our teaching, I looked forward to Devon’s. I expected a model classroom, his students as pious and well-behaved as churchgoers.

Instead, the first half of Devon’s four-minute clip showed him fiddling with an overhead projector; in the second half, he was trotting blandly through homework corrections. The kids rocked side to side, listless. For all his genuine wisdom, Devon looked a little green, a little lost.

He looked, in short, like me.

Teachers self-promote. In that, we’re no different than everyone else: proudly framing our breakthroughs, hiding our blunders in locked drawers, forever perfecting our oral résumés. This isn’t all bad. My colleagues probably have more to learn from my good habits (like the way I use pair work) than my bad ones (like my sloppy system of homework corrections), so I might as well share what’s useful. In an often-frustrating profession, we’re nourished by tales of triumph. A little positivity is healthy.

But sometimes, the classrooms we describe bear little resemblance to the classrooms where we actually teach, and that gap serves no one.

Any honest discussion between teachers must begin with the understanding that each of us mingles the good with the bad. One student may experience the epiphany of a lifetime, while her neighbor drifts quietly off to sleep. In the classroom, it’s never pure gold or pure tin; we’re all muddled alloys.

I taught once alongside a first-year teacher, Lauren, who didn’t grasp this. As a result, she compared herself unfavorably to everyone else. Every Friday, when we adjourned to the bar down the street, she’d decry her own flaws, meticulously documenting her mistakes for us, castigating herself to no end. The kids liked her. The teachers liked her. From what I’d seen, she taught as well as any first-year could. But she saw her own shortcomings too vividly and couldn’t help reporting them to anyone who’d listen.

She was fired three months into the year. You talk enough dirt about yourself and people will start to believe it.

Omission is the nature of storytelling; describing a complex space—like a classroom—requires a certain amount of simplification. Most of us prefer to leave out the failures, the mishaps, the wrong turns. Some, perhaps as a defensive posture, do the opposite: Instead of overlooking their flaws and miscues, they dwell on them, as Lauren did. The result is that two classes, equally well taught, may come across like wine and vinegar, depending on how their stories are told.

Take the first year I taught psychology. I taught one section; my colleague Erin taught the other.

When I talked to Erin that semester, she’d glow about her class. Kids often approached her in the afternoons to follow up on questions, and to thank her for teaching their favorite course. Her students kept illustrated vocab journals totaling hundreds of words. They drew posters of neurons, crafted behaviorist training regimes, and designed imaginative “sixth senses” for the human body. Erin’s mentor teacher visited monthly and dubbed it an “amazing class” with “incredible teaching.”

Catch me in an honest mood, and I’ll admit that I bombed the semester. I lectured every day from text-filled overhead slides. Several of my strongest students told me that they hated the class and begged for alternative work. I wasted three weeks on a narrow, confining research assignment, demanding heavy work with little payoff. One student openly plagiarized another. I wound up failing several students who, in hindsight, I should have passed. Yet I know that this apparent train wreck of a class was, in truth, no worse than Erin’s.

That’s because I made Erin up. The two classes described above were the same class: mine. Each description is true, and neither, of course, is wholly honest.

I’m as guilty as anyone of distorting my teaching. When talking to other teachers, I often play up the progressive elements: Student-led discussions. Creative projects. Guided discovery activities. I mumble through the minor, inconvenient fact that my pedagogy is, at its core, deeply traditional. I let my walk and my talk drift apart. Not only does this thwart other teachers in their attempts to honestly evaluate my approach, but it blocks my own self-evaluation. I can’t grow properly unless I see my own work with eyes that are sympathetic, but clear and unyielding.

I had a private theme song my first year teaching: “Wear and Tear,” by Pete Yorn. It was my alarm in the mornings, my iPod jam on the commute home. The chorus ended with a simple line that spun through my head in idle moments and captured the essence of a year I spent making mistake after rookie mistake: Can I say what I do?

It’s no easy task for teachers. But I think we owe it, to ourselves if to no one else, to tell the most honest stories that we can. I’ll only advance as a teacher, and offer something of value to those around me, if I’m able to say what I do.

Source: The Atlantic

Share some feedback. What are your thoughts of the article? 

[TRANS] EXO ViVi Shot - KAI issue
  • I’m a totally different person when it comes to work and private life.
  • The theme for this photoshoot is ONxOFF. When it comes to ON, I can only think that it’s related to work. 
  • I’m usually a quiet person & love to spend my leisure time quietly too. But when it comes to singing, dancing & photoshoot like this I’m more pumped up & enthusiastic! Because I’m enjoying it everyday & I’m happy. I think my life purpose is to really feel that every single day.
  • I started dancing since I was 8. Now I can never imagine myself not dancing anymore.
  • I feel so mindlessly absorbed whenever I dance. That’s when I feel the most joy. I want to make my fans happy too with my dance. 
  • If I wasn’t an EXO member, I think I’d go to college & go find a job (like normal people) I guess. But for me, I think now is the best time in my life. Everyday I feel happy & am having so much fun! I think that’s what life means. It’s to be able to feel this kind of happiness every single day.
  • When dancing, the most important aspects are feelings. I’d express the overflowing feelings I have at the moment through my dance. I thought it’d be great if I could move the heart & emotion of the ones who’re watching me dancing.
  • Even if I usually spend my everyday life happily, of course there’d be a time when I’m feeling down. During those depressing times, I’d usually tune in some melancholic songs.
  • When we went to the states for our tour, I went to shop during the free time and I bought a lot of things.. knit sweater, jumper, coat, and fluffy towels too. I like those fluffy towels that feel so soft when it’s wrapped around my body. But it didn’t feel right to buy only for me so I called and asked my mom and sisters. I feel bad if I only shop for my own stuffs so I always call my mom & noonas if they want anything. I bought dishes for my mom and cosmetic products for my sisters. I’m glad that they loved it.
  • Lately I’ve been listening to a Canadian artist “The Weeknd” songs & make my blue feelings worst. Then before I knew it, somehow it helps me escape from my troubling thoughts.
  • During my off, private times, I’d sleep a lot. For me, sleeping is my solace & a time for power recharge. My most ideal time for sleeping would be 12 hours.
  • When it comes to fashion, I really love simple ones. My personality too, is simple. That’s why when it comes to relationships, I’m actually not good in handling troublesome things.
  • I prefer a girl whose personality is a lot like me, simple & gentle. I’m kinda gentle too y'know! Wouldn’t it be comfortable to date someone like that? If we both have a matching personality, we might be able to boost up or enhance each other! One day if I ever meet this kind of girl, I might be the one who would confess first.
  • trans credit: kimjongmelle + 죠니니 + 딸기열
Being Hoseok’s girlfriend means
  • smiling so hard your face hurts all the time
  • seriously, his number one goal is get you to smile and he’s very very good at it
  • and he thinks your smile is crazy beautiful
  • *you spotting a spider on hobi* 
  • “hobi my love i need you not to freak out….but there’s a bug on you”
  • *sheer terror*
  • *wordless screaming*
  • *you remove the spider*
  • “oh my god you saved me” *dramatic super passionate kiss*
  • watching him choreograph and practice late into the night and keeping him entertained but also making sure he doesn’t exhaust himself
  • learning girl group dances together so you become an unstoppable duo
  • super cute hand holding and cheek kisses in public
  • but slow kisses and running his hands all along your bare skin in private
  • *at a theme park* “hobi let’s ride that one”
  • “hobi, there are children riding it.”
  • climbing in bed under the covers and holding onto each other and him spilling out secrets that he’s never told anyone 
  • and confiding in you all of the things that weigh on him
  • and feeling a thousand times lighter after telling you
  • and telling you over and over how thankful he is to have someone that makes him feel like that and that he loves you
Run (Jungkook x Reader, pt 13)

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Crime AU

“Why didn’t you blindfold me this time?” You ask him, and he looks up from his phone.

           “Doesn’t matter if you see where I live. You don’t know how to get here and you don’t know where you came from so it’s not a problem if you can see out my window or whatever. Plus, there are no doors that you can open without a key or card. Seokjin is the only one who holds a key to this building.”

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