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Meylor are a race native to my homebrew campaign setting. They were first discovered a long time ago in the northern seas and mountains, uncivilized, by elves.

Since then, Meylor have become common in humanoid society as hard workers, skilled hunters, and able fighters. They are naturally accustomed to the harsh seas and mountains, and generally stay close to these areas.


Increase your Wisdom score by two.
You gain proficiency with tridents and nets.
You speak Common and Elvish.
You have resistance to cold damage

Meylor are generally somewhat taller than humans, standing on average around 6'0"~6'10". Your size is medium, and your base speed is 30.

Meylor lifespan is quite varied, most commonly living to 180-250 years old. Meylor reach adulthood around 30.


Mountain Meylor
Increase your Strength score by one.
You have a climbing speed of 20 feet.
You do not suffer any negative effects of being at high altitudes.

Sea Meylor
Increase your Dexterity score by one.
You have a swimming speed of 40 feet.
You can breathe submerged in water for one hour before needing to come up for air.

Freddie and Louis being apart or together
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Louis did promo for Just Hold for most of his days in LA in January and February. The ten days in March are after Louis was arrested, when he was “hiding” in his house and there were paparazzi allegedly stalking his door. We never saw Louis leave to visit Freddie or the Js bringing Fred to see him, and we’re supposed to believe the paps were stalking him so badly that they even caught him getting Starbucks.

I think it’s safe to say the whole “Louis uprooted his life to LA to be with his son” argument is over. I don’t understand how people believe he sees him at all.

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Private show

Dean finally opens his eyes, slowly adpting to the bright light of the room. He’s been awake for a few minutes now, listeing to you moving around, enjoying the way you hum some unknown, for him, melody. 

When he’s able to see clearly he notice you’re standing right in front of him, oblivious of the fact he’s awake. Your arse to his face as you look for something through your duffle bag. 

What Dean never thought is you’d be in only a tank top and panties. Your rounded butt on display for him, at arm reach, he could reach out and touch it, but that’s not him so he just stares. 

He stares as you drop somehing on the floor and bend over to get it, he stares as you dance around and wiggle your hips to no music, but the one on your mind, smiling to himself. 

He feels the blood going south, his cock swelling at the sight of you, semi naked and there aren’t enough images of car crashes and monsters to help the blood go back to his brain when you step into the bathroom and leave the door ajar. 

Enough for him to see you pulling the black cotton material from your torso and pushing the red panties down your legs, your back to him until your turn around and look him in the eye. 

“You joining me or what?” The smirk on your lips is all he need to jump off the bed and run to get in the shower with you.  

Private Practice/Grey's Anatomy: Amelia Shepherd [ENTP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING BY: only-freaking-superheroes

(Contains spoilers!)

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Amelia is sarcastic and witty and is quick on her feet with comebacks or sarcastic remarks under her breath, especially on Private Practice. Also, Amelia is quick to assess a situation and come up with a new way to do it. For example, with Dr. Herman’s tumor, Amelia came up with a way to operate on Herman’s inoperable tumor, which was unthought of before Amelia’s suggestion.

Introverted Thinking (Ti):  Amelia is highly impersonal and logical once she starts a plan. Her way of analyzing a situation usually involves looking at it from several angles until she can find the shortest and most logical way to do it. She displays this early on in Private Practice while coming up with a plan for Maya’s surgery. Amelia ruled out the illogical ideas easily, even though it was difficult for Naomi to hear.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Amelia’s ability to read the room is seen as terrible, given her issues with filtering, but it’s mistaken. Actually, Amelia has a great ability to read a room and figure out what’s not being said, and then of course, say it.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Amelia is stuck in the past from time to time. She makes it clear she doesn’t want to talk about her dark past of drug abuse and witnessing her father’s death. She thinks about the death of her father often and remembers all the small details about what she was doing at the exact moment and moments prior.

Lesson 4 (The Hypno School)

Brainwashing and Fixation

Whether it was the spiral

The Watch

or the words

Your mind was instantly caught

Caught in the video

Instantly remembering your Mantra

remembering who you are

What you desire to be

A Good Hypno Student

You instantly look at the spiral

letting go

letting go of your worries

Your cares

You thoughts

All you want to do is just look at the spiral

The watch

The words



Drop deep

Drop for your teacher

Giving in to his words

You realize that since the first lesson

you were being trained to serve



Your Teacher

You were being trained to instantly drop

Drop deep whenever you see 

The Watch


The Spiral

just dropping

all the way down

The watch

The Spiral

The Words

My words

All dropping you deep

deep into trance

deep under your Teacher’s spell

finding that from now on

Whenever I and ONLY I say the words

“Good Students Drop”

You drop down

drop deep

deeper and deeper each time you drop

So deep

so Empty

So mindless

So obedient

all you want to do is obey

“Good Students Obey”

Here are you instructons my hypno students:

1) You will go back to lesson 1 and repeat it

2) (Optional) you will either submit privately to my submission section either a video of yourself repeating your Mantra or a picture of you writing on your arms “Good Students Obey”

3) You will finish Lesson 1 and wake up

4) Return and reblog this post and type “I have been a good student for My Teacher” 

Feeling great joy and pleasure as soon as you do that my hypno student

Now go and obey my Hypno Students

Lesson 5:

“A Good Student obeys”

“A Good Student is always eager to serve and please”

“A Good Student is always happy and in high spirits”

“A Good Student loves to be hypnotized”