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Exactly Where you Like Me

Economy, bitches, look at that shit aka I’ve had all of these in my inbox for so long and I feel terrible but here u go

A sequel to Paying In Naivety but can be read separately

Word Count: 3,812

Tags/Warnings: it’s pron guys honestly what else do u expect of me um there’s ageplay, daddy kink, and like it’s kind of dubcon bc dan’s 14 and phil’s 18 but all participants are willing so take that at your own discretion i guess

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Triumph of Virtues, Minerva Expelling the Vices from the Garden of Virtue, 1502. Andrea Mantegna. Now at the Louvre museum.

Isabella d’Este’s Studiolo

The fashion of studioli, or private studies, small rooms reserved for intellectual activities, spread in the 15th century in the Italian courts, bathed in Humanist culture.

Isabella d’Este, who married Francesco II in 1490, rapidly decided to create a studiolo in a tower of the old Castello di San Giorgio. The work on this project lasted more than twenty years.

She entrusted Mantegna with the first two canvases of the cycle, Parnassus (1497) and Minerva (1502), but considering his work out-of-date, she turned to the most famous painters of the new generation. In vain she solicited Giovanni Bellini, Leonardo da Vinci and Francesco Francia but, in 1505, she obtained only the disappointing painting by Perugino. Lorenzo Costa, appointed court painter at Mantegna’s death (1506), completed the decoration with two canvases delivered between 1506 and 1511.

Minerva Expelling the Vices from the Garden of Virtue, completed in 1502, contains ideas and motifs that had obsessed the artist from his beginnings, nonetheless leads one to consider that the artist played a determining role in its conception: the theme of Ignorance as enemy of Virtue, numerous inscriptions in different alphabets, clouds and a tree in human form, or the grotesque personifications of the Vices, chased by the dynamic and majestic warrior goddess.

Realistic library/librarian AU prompts, taken from my 5 years' experience as a librarian

You are on your phone in the library which normally wouldn’t be an issue but you’re on the phone ON THE QUIET STUDY FLOOR and I’m going to kick your ass if you don’t take it downstairs

Hi you don’t know me but I’m looking desperately to borrow a private study room so I can write this paper in silence and all the other study rooms are taken with groups working on projects can I please share your study room with you I promise I’ll be quiet

This has been MY cozy study nook for the past three years who the FUCK do you think you are always stealing it when I come here to study

You keep borrowing stacks of bad romance novels and then sticking them in the indoor drop box instead of just handing them to me because you’re too embarrassed to let me see them but you know your name pops up when I check these in right, I already know who you are

You are here with your friends trying to ask me for the titles of your late books but they all embarrassing titles and I’m trying to spare you by telling you that you can check your account in private on your own but you’re insisting that I tell you aloud now

You come in once a week during my shifts to check out art books and smile and lean on the counter to chat me up while I check your items out and for chrissake are you flirting with me or not because I am easily embarrassed and you are very pretty

I don’t know what it is but every time you try to use a library computer something breaks and I, the lone library IT staff member, have to come fix your shit. This happens like every other day, how are you this unlucky

You are waiting in line to check out some books but I am tied up because some jackass is screaming at me over his interlibrary loan, which is not my department and which I have no control over, and we keep exchanging pained looks while he goes on his tirade

You have no idea how library of congress organization works and so you ask for me by name every time you come in to come with you and assist in finding your items; in turn, I’ve learned more about your thesis than I really cared to know, but it’s actually kind of interesting, can we swap emails so I can read it when you’re done?

You see me going around the entire building pushing in all 850 chairs back to their tables before closing and feel sorry for me, so you push in all the chairs on the top floor while I’m working my way up and honestly I could kiss you because I hate chair duty

You ordered pizza to be delivered to the library and that’s fine except you didn’t specify where in the library so now I’m stuck here with an angry pizza delivery man while trying to track you down if only so I can throttle you

You asked for help with typesetting your paper so I went to help you but you’re expecting me to type your entire 10-page paper myself which? No? That’s not my job??

Unfortunately our reference librarian is out for the day and can’t help you find sources, but fortunately I have the library of congress categories memorized so maybe I can go into the stacks with you and help you find the section books on your topic would be in

You accidentally kept a book past its due date and the system automatically charged you an exorbitant replacement fee plus the standard late fee so you brought the book back in tears because you can’t afford a $100+ charge to your account and now I get to look like the asshole as I awkwardly explain to you that it’s a scare fee to get people to turn in books and we don’t actually even charge late fees for books anymore

You are a much less polite person screaming at me to take the minuscule DVD late fee off your account and I might have waived it as a first-time courtesy until you started screaming at me, so look here, I found your membership contract here stating that you’re aware of our late fee policies so have fun with that fine, asshole

You make jokes every time you come in about how nice it must be to get to sit around and read all day and I’ve had such a long-ass day that I’m going to shut that joke down by explaining to you in exacting detail just what the hell I do every day

Some dude in front of you just turned in his stack of weird sex books but instead of walking away like a normal person he’s standing there at the desk as I check them in and obscenely panting and groaning every time I scan one in and actually do you mind if I pause before checking your books out because I need to douse myself in hand sanitizer rn

If I have to break up you two from making out in the stacks one more time you’re both getting banned

{ 3-5/100 }
I didn’t have a whole lot to work on last Friday or Saturday after my anatomy exam (which I failed miserably by the way😅) so I took a couple days to relax and catch up on some Netflix (Orange is the New Black!) with the boyfriend while he was sick 💁🏼
Now it’s Sunday and I’m back into the swing of things studying in the library for my nutrition exam on Tuesday! I love the private study rooms, even if they really are for group work 😅😋 I have a busy week ahead of me so I also worked ahead on my French homework/revision and finished all of the online work for the week 😊👏🏻

Check Out, Make Out Pt. 2 (Suga) *NSFW*

Part 1

           It had become routine. Every day you went to the library, every day you saw Yoongi, every day you held his hand, every day you kissed him. Sometimes the kisses were soft, leaving you feeling fluffy inside, showing you Yoongi’s sensitivity physically. Other times though, the kisses were harsh. You were suddenly pulled into a private study room, pulled into some dark corner of the library where the shelves were dusty and ignored. Yoongi’s sturdy hand encompassing your wrist signaled his desperation and craving for you, letting you know you’d soon feel his lips roughly on yours. Sometimes, you sat in silence at the library table where you had met—Yoongi working on his music as you wrote or read. A tenuous harmony would lie across the two of you, broken easily by a glance at his lips or a glance at your body.

           It all lead to tonight. Winter had ended and spring had started to creep in. Although you were both still in long sleeves, you walked leisurely in the cool temperature of the evening. Yoongi ran his thumb over your hand and your bodies seemed to gravitate to each other naturally, your shoulders bumping every now and then as you walked. Yoongi made the habit of walking you home now that you were staying later at the library and it was just another way you were so grateful for him.

           “Hey, let’s stop and get some snacks for the walk,” you prompted, grabbing onto his loose shirt and pulling him after you as you went into the convenience store. You grabbed a few various chips and snacks. You noticed Yoongi eyeing the alcohol and shot him a smirk.

           “Should we?” he said, smirking back.

           “You fucking know it,” you said, always up for getting drunk, and made sure the snacks you had were sufficiently salty for beer.

           “What are you like as drunk?” Yoongi asked as you returned your walk home, now laden with beer and snacks galore.

           “I’m cute,” you said succinctly and Yoongi snorted. “What!”

           “You’re cute anyway. You’re not an angry drunk are you?”

           “No, I’m a cute drunk!” you continued to argue.

           “How are you going to get cuter?” he shot you a cheesy smile and you dissolved in laughter.

           “Min Yoongi! Stop trying to flirt please!”

           Reaching your apartment, you quickly opened the door and the two of you took off your shoes. Yoongi had been over a couple times for a few minutes each but never overnight nor too long. Perhaps because your relationship had started so quickly, it calmed down slightly once it had begun. You and Yoongi sat in the living room and you spread the various snacks on the table, opening all the bags, as Yoongi found something to watch on TV.

           “There’s a movie on. Want to watch?” he said lazily as he opened a beer.


           “It looks like a crime thing.”

           “Sounds good to me,” you said as you opened the last bag and got a beer for yourself before sitting on the couch beside Yoongi. A comfortable silence settled over the two of you, every now and then commenting on the movie, but for the most part just enjoying each other’s presences. Your entire side was pressed against Yoongi and his arm rested naturally on your shoulder. You leaned your head down to rest on his shoulder and he looked down at you.

           “Tired?’ he asked quietly as he picked up another beer.

           “Just getting comfortable,” you said as you shifted slightly. As you shifted, you shook Suga slightly and his freshly opened beer sloshed over the side slightly and onto his shirt.

           “Shit!” you both said in unison and you scrambled to look for paper towels but found you had been too lazy to bring them earlier.

           “Here, just take it off and I can wash it,” you said, grabbing the bottom of the shirt and aiding him in taking it off without a thought. You held onto the shirt meaning to wash it but Yoongi’s eyes darkened and he took the shirt, throwing it to the side. Seeing his body, you found yourself biting your lip and had Yoongi not already closed the distance between you two, you would have done it yourself. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you close. You were expecting a kiss but instead he leaned his head to the side to whisper in your ear.

           “Don’t you think it’s unfair I’m the only shirtless one?” he said softly and you could already feel his hands pulling your shirt off. Throwing it to the side with his, he leaned down again but this time he met your lips with one of those rough kisses you had become accustomed too. As he kissed you, his hand went to your back and easily undid your bra, tearing it off just as readily as he did your shirt. You moaned into the kiss and he grasped the back of your head, pulling you even deeper, something you had previously thought impossible. Your hands travelled south and you wasted no time unbuttoning your jeans and shimmying them down before working on Yoongi’s. Stepping out of his own he picked you up, holding you under your thighs as you wrapped your legs around him.

           “Where’s your bedroom?” he asked, his voice a deep, guttural growl in your ear. You just barely managed to breathe out the directions as he was already attacking your neck with his mouth, leaving hickies and bite marks. He kicked open the ajar door to your room and unceremoniously dropped you on the bed, immediately hovering over you to kiss you again.

           “Condoms are in the night stand,” you said slowly between kisses and he wasted no time reaching over to the night stand drawer and pulling out a condom. He took off his own boxers as you rid yourself of your panties and in no time he was over you again, having slid on the condom in a hurry. He held you down and began to kiss down your body, going over again the same already sensitive areas he had claimed on your neck before dipping lower to your breasts. Leaving hickies in his wake, he continued down your body, alternating between harsh sucking a bites. 

          Making his way to your thighs, he roughly pulled them open and dipped his head down. He massaged the area around your clit with his fingers as he began to lick and suck it, more gently this time than before. Your hands twisted in the bedsheets as he pushed one finger into you and began to pump it in and out as he ran his tongue around your clit. He added another finger and continued and you whimpered his name, yearning to be kissing him again. After what felt like eternity and once Yoongi knew he had excited you more than enough, he pulled his fingers out and quickly kissed his way back up your body. He left feather light kisses along each forming bruise as he crawled back up your body to hover you. He himself being excited he slowly slid his cock into you. Leaning down to kiss you again, he resumed his previous lustful fervor as he began to pump in and out of you in addition to his kisses. Your hands moved from the sheets to his shoulders, grasping for his skin to keep you anchored as he fucked you.  His lips moved still sloppily against yours but every now and then he would pull back, your bottom lip between his teeth, just to glance into your eyes for a moment before resuming kissing you. You tried to relax your muscles but instead felt them seize as orgasm crashed over you. Your hands slipped down from Yoongi’s back to wrap around his upper arms and Yoongi came soon after, your pulsing muscles pushing him to the edge. Finally able to relax, you struggled to regain your breath, taking in deep gasps of air.

           “There’s a… trashcan over there,” you said softly between breaths and Yoongi quickly threw away the condom. Returning to hover over you he kissed you once more softly on the lips before laying on his back and pulling you to him with one arm. You curled up against him and looked up at his face to see him staring at you.

           Yoongi was quiet. He talked, but he never said unnecessary things and wasted no words, especially when things could be conveyed without them. Looking into his eyes, you were shocked still by the unconditional care you saw in them. They showed how tired he was, the fatigue was definitely there, but so was a softness you had rarely seen so blatantly. He reached down and simply trailed a finger down your face, feeling the skin, marveling that you were his and he was yours in that moment. You smiled lightly at him in reply and he returned the serene smile with his own before moving his hand from your face and running it through your hair. You moved your neck to a more comfortable angle and slowly fell asleep with your body entwined in his. It may be cool outside, but it was certainly warm with Yoongi.