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What astrological houses also represent
  • 1st house: how you see yourself
  • 2nd house: nature of attachment and how you experience love
  • 3rd house: how you gather information, features of your own mentality
  • 4th house: how you see yourself as a descendant of your parents, how your parents affect your picture of yourself
  • 5th house: attachment (or lack of it) to your own parents and children
  • 6th house: personal way of handling routine
  • 7th house: traits you get by mirroring others
  • 8th house: how you win your own weaknesses
  • 9th house: mental and spiritual growth by seeing the world by traveling
  • 10th house: role you have taken into your life, also traits you've got as genetic heritage
  • 11th house: friendships you've achieved by changing hate to love
  • 12th house: past life, hidden or private side of you
MBTI Types as Express Affection (to people they care)

INTJ: take time to understand you fully, got all attention on you, listen and try to give you advises
ENTJ: use gestures, give compliments, joke around, physical contact
ISTJ: take care, help solving your problems, is always there when you need
ESTJ: hugs and warm behavior, include you in social circle, share time
INTP: express their feeling, hugs, tease, share interests
ENTP: make fun of you (but not in a insensitive way), be helpfull and ready to give advise, express what they feel
ISTP: physical affection, give you small gifts, want to spend time with you
ESTP: enjoy gift giving, one-on-one times, shares private parts of themselves
ISFJ: enjoy being with you alone, protective, do little things for you, remember they care through words
ESFJ: want you to be happy, find way to alleviete your stress, make feel loved and understood
ISFP: give hugs (lots lots hugs), clarify they woundn’t replace you with anyone, give compliments, share private thoughts and emotion
ESFP: buy things for you, take time to do something just with you, sometimes go over the line to express affection
INFJ: physical affection, try to understand you on deeper level, do little gestures to make you happy, share private sides of themselves
ENFJ: tend to your needs, attempt to figure out what you like, make you feel special and accepted
INFP: make sure you are accepted and understood, spend time with you and share their deepest thoughts, write you their feelings
ENFP: hang out one-on-one, get curious about you, give you attention, verbally express they care

Undone | NSFW


Summary: He had rules. You never questioned them, until he disobeyed his own rules. This is the time where you both undid each other.

Characters: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, sug*r da*dy/s*gar b*by relationship, smut, light bondage

Word Count: 1,605

A/N: Okay, first, only read if you’re 18+! This is NSFW! Secondly, yes this lightly describes a sug*r da*dy/s*gar b*by relationship (I’m censoring this to keep it out of those tags). I just got inspired. This does not reflect Tom in any way possible. It’s fiction. Lastly, I decided to never mention Tom’s name in the story because I thought it would add a mysterious tone. Other than that, enjoy.

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❤ 1 ❤  You’re fascinating and special…

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The sides understanding of memes

Logan: doesn’t understand them at all, but makes an attempt to. Frequently seen asking Roman things like “why is this person shoving breadsticks into their purse, that’s stealing”

Patton: Only really looks at the wholsome memes. Follows the old friends senior dog sancuary Facebook page

Roman: self proclaimed meme master. Generally understands all of them, except maybe the hollyweed sign, but he’d never admit it.

Virgil: ACTUAL meme master. Pretends to hate them but actually has a secondary tumblr dedicated to them. Still laughs at memes from like 2005. Only in private tho.

❝ I want her with me. ❞

Plot: You and Yoongi are both idols and you’re dating. During a Music Award Show he confesses you’re his girlfriend. 

Pairing: YoongixReader

Words count: 2,8k+

Genre: Fluff 

For anon, I hope you like it cutie! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

“PDnim wants to talk to me, can you stay here with Hobi waiting for me?”  

Yoongi’s request, you just nodded with lightness, giving him a little peck onto his cheek.  

You were accustomed to his continual disappearances, so the fact that he left you alone at that time with Hoseok didn’t bother you that much. In fact, you appreciate spending time with the rest of the Bangtan, because they were as much important as of your own family.  

He smiled at you and your heart made a little flip, not yet accustomed to that sweetness that brightened his eyes every time he looked at you. Nine months and you still felt like a little girl struggling with the first crush.  

“Y/N, come and dance with me!” Hoseok screamed and dragged you to the center of the big Rehearsal room, shaking his head repeatedly; “I don’t accept a no, Y/N. I know you know how to dance!”  

“Hobi I can’t compete with you, you’re a dance freak!”  

“In fact, you have to dance with me, don’t compete!”  

You could not argue with that statement because he was theoretically right, so giggling you started to follow the rhythm of music and move along with him, without being able to keep the laughter. With Jung Hoseok it was practically impossible not to laugh.  

“You say we can change Jin Hyung with you? You dance much better than him! ”  

“Brat I heard you! You should be thankful I don’t spit into your food when I cook! ”  

Seokjin’s voice took you by surprise and you immediately hopped towards him, worried that Hoseok’s “harsh” sentence had been able to offend him in some way. You did puppy’s eyes and he smiled at you, making you sigh with relief. You were still not accustomed to the way they sometimes joked with each other, you cared like a mom nobody was offended or they fight due to trivial things..  

Dating Yoongi had, automatically, involved acquiring six brothers to care for.  

“Yoongi?? He must come and try the outfit for the show tomorrow night. ” Seokjin murmured, made a mess with your hair gently, laying his gaze on Hoseok that just shrugged his shoulders.  

“PDnim wanted to talk to him.. and about the show, I have to go… I also have to try my dress. Can you tell Yoongi that I had to run away?” You asked, hopping to the table to retrieve your purse. Seokjin and Hoseok watched you, amused and cheered by your presence.  

They still wondered how it was possible that you and Yoongi were a couple because you two were completely opposed. But maybe that was your secret, even because they didn’t know the most private side of you.  

Hoseok hugged you from behind, greeting and pretending desperation that you had to go away, so you gave him a pinch on his arm and he pretended to fall to the ground in pain.  

“Don’t worry Y/N, we’ll tell him.. And don’ mind Hoseok ” Seokjin reassured you with a caring and sweet tone while you threw him a flying kiss, which he pretended to take by making a small leap.  

Coming out of the rehearsal room you ran towards one of the side exits of the building, starting to wear the mask and one of Yoongi’s hat. You didn’t want anyone to recognize you because your relationship was still secret, for both your managers’ and companies will.  

It wasn’t a problem for you the secrecy, even in those months you enjoyed the opportunity to know Yoongi away from the public, only you two. And it turned out to be such a pure and fragile soul that falling in love with him had been easy.  

Distracted by your thoughts you came out of the building, after repeatedly checking that there were no fans or even worse paparazzi, walking towards your car.  

Yes, you had to go get ready for the next day show, but the urge to do it was very low since you should have spent hours making your makeup, scolded by your stylistic and hairstylist Unnie.  

Sometimes you just didn’t like your idol life at all.  

~ ~

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“Well, don’t worry, daft old man.”

I never noticed it before until now but a small, subtle smile appeared on the Doctor’s face when Clara called him a “daft old man.” To us, this was the first (and last) time we ever heard her call him that onscreen. However, I feel like she has called him that more than once off screen, in the much more private side of their relationship that we didn’t get to see. Its not just his smile that gives me the impression that its a more private nickname for him, but the way Clara said it. She said it just as affectionately as she hugged him.

She wrapped her arms around his chest, nestled her head into his shoulder with her eyes closed. Rested her chin on his shoulder. Her thumbs rubbed against his arms, while he did the same in return. There was nothing new to it. It was familiar between the two of them, much more than just a comfort. It was normal, a habit. Instinctive. Natural. 

This scene feels like it was one of the few glimpses we got into the “unseen” of their relationship. It was like seeing how they were behind the closed doors. One could argue that this scene was just as private as what we didn’t get to see and hear in the Cloisters, after the camera panned away in Hell Bent and just as intimate as when he kissed her hand in Face the Raven.

There was a shift in their relationship between series eight and nine, as well within series nine itself. It was never more evident than during this scene. 

anonymous asked:

What happens to Marvin after the musical??? This question has plaques my mind for ages and I was wondering your take on it

Okay, well, here’s my personal interpretation. Obviously, since Marvin’s future is not explicitly disclosed in the musical, it all depends on you personally and what you choose to believe. But for me:

I believe Marvin contracted AIDS from Whizzer and died soon after the events portrayed in the musical.

And here’s why I think this: 

1. Charlotte sings “Something Bad is Happening (Reprise)” directly to Marvin (as we see in the proshot, she does this off to the side, in private -  as if what she is telling him is a private matter concerning only him), and it is pointed in the fact that the only real lyrical addition to the reprise is how the disease “spreads from one man to another.“ This is clearly heavily hinting at the fact that, at the very least, she is warning Marvin that he is at high-risk of already being (again, at the very least) HIV positive.

Bonus: In “Unlikely Lovers,” Cordelia says that “We don’t know what time will bring,” to which Whizzer replies “I’ve a clue” and Marvin reaffirms, “I have too/two.” Though the official lyrics state that it is “too” (meaning that Marvin is agreeing that Whizzer’s death is in near future), William Finn also does a lot of double-meanings in his text, so depending on what you interpret, it can also be “two” (as in, Marvin has two clues for the future: Whizzer will die, and Marvin himself will die). It really depends on how you want to interpret that part, so it’s not official “proof” or anything but the first time I heard it, I thought it was “two” and my heart broke. Obviously this is mere speculation on my part and isn’t “proof” and actually contradicts the real lyrics so that’s why I’m crossing it out, but I still feel this information is important to at least be aware of because it had helped form my early opinion of what happened to Marvin post-musical.

2. In “What Would I Do?” Marvin says, “Once i was told that good men get better with age. WE’RE just gonna skip that stage.” This, again, is heavily implying that Whizzer and Marvin are going to not make it to old age. 

3. This is not really “proof” but i feel like - if Marvin did contract the disease - it would add even more importance and emphasis to the lines “I’d do it again. I’d like to believe that I’d do it again and again” because it demonstrates that Marvin is essentially losing his life for loving and being with Whizzer but he still doesn’t regret it. And it just makes that line so much more profound and heart-breaking??

4. (and this is less proof and more me being all editorial and expressing my own views) But I feel like it just - makes more sense, story-wise?? Given that William Finn was emphasizing how the AIDS crisis didn’t “pick and choose” its victims and how utterly unfair and devastating it was to loved ones (it left many friends jaded and many families torn apart). Idk,,, it just makes more sense to me because of the themes established in Falsettos.

So like,,, as you can see, there’s not a lot of “proof” but this is why I believe that Marvin contracted AIDS and subsequently lost his life. It’s very tragic and devastating, and I should emphasize that this isn’t a “proven,” 100% factual account of Marvin’s future because we honestly have no idea since the musical ended right after Whizzer’s death. It’s really all up to your personal interpretation and what you believe better fits the story in your mind. If you believe that he lived a long, happy life, then your interpretation is no less “right” than mine.

Your relationship with Taeyong from his POV


Well I’m back from my little disappearing act lol and am providing you with the rest of the hyung line’s episodes in this series! Word of warning. this is 3000 words long so -_- lmfaO anyway, enjoy :)

Your relationship with NCT from his POV

I will do all the debuted members in NCT excluding Sm Rookies, but first I’m starting with the hyung line of NCT before doing the maknae line!

Originally posted by mvpgyu

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Persona 5 Headcanon: Studying w/ The Phantom Thieves

Originally posted by kutout

A lack of P5 imagines here… And so, to begin finals week, I’m gonna take advantage of it. :P :3 I got you fam. [I haven’t finished playing through the game, so some characters might be shorter than others… I literally only just finished changing Madarame’s heart]

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One Rule


so sorry it took so long, i had like 5 ideas for this, and constantly was changing it, and then college blows and then personal shit too, but finally an imagine that was requested like 5000 years ago. So sorry, I hope you like it.


I was beyond excited for spring break. I was ecstatic to be going to the lake with everyone for the week. I really needed this little vacation, and what better way than a week away with my best friends. Sammy had just texted me and told me that they were outside waiting for me, so I finished checking my bags and headed out the door to see my favorite idiots all in the car.

There was G who was driving and Johnson was in the passenger seat. Then there was Emily, Sammy, Skate and Swazz all hanging out the back seat window. I laughed at the sight and managed to squeeze my bags in the trunk and hop in, being squished in the back with all our bags and Swazz.

As soon as everyone was situated, we were headed off to the lake, only a short 7 hour car ride. How bad could it be?

Let me tell you, it was terrible. Johnson and Sammy kept fighting over the aux cord. I had to watch Skate strike out with Emily like the whole ride there, and Swazz was high as hell and could barely comprehend what was going on, although I loved my dopey Swazz. G was mostly quiet, and I would always catch him looking in the rear view mirror at me and smiling.

So, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a thing for G. We have this weird sort of relationship, we’re a little more than best friends, but less than lovers. We would constantly flirt, but that’s as far as it ever went. Playful flirting.

It started when I started to hang out with the guys more. I was closest with Swazz out of all of them. I met him for the first time ever when I was at the gas station in a shady part of town at like 2 in the morning and some perv came up and tried to get me to leave with him. Swazz walked out of the gas station and walked over to me, throwing his arm around my waist and kissing my forehead and saying ‘sorry babe, they were all out of skittles’ and placing a pack of m&m’s in my hand and then looking at the guy, who’s eyes went wide and then resulted in him leaving.

So I thanked Swazz, and we started talking more and more and just really hit it off. I told him how thankful I was for him saving my life and then we just started to hang out after that. And then he introduced me to his friends, quickly hit it off with all of them and then I was in a group message with all of them. But that was like a year ago, and here we are now. I’m just glad Emily was here too. I couldn’t handle all these boys for a week straight, plus she was my best friend.

We finally arrived after a long 8 hour trip, if you count all the stops we made at gas stations. It was beautiful. Very private. There were only like 5 cabins around the lake, so they were spaced out quite a bit. The cabin was huge, but only had 4 rooms, so mostly all of us had to double us.

But we didn’t wanna be like, hey you’re rooming by yourself, so we drew numbers. It was 1-4, but only 1-3 had two sets of numbers.

Johnson picked 4, Swazz and Sammy had 1, Emily and Nate had 2, which left G and I both with the number 3.

“looks like you’re my roomie for the week.” I playfully bumped into him.

“looks like it.” He smiled down at me, throwing his arm around me.

“well, my room is right next yours, so please, I don’t wanna hear you have sex.” Sammy laughed, along with everyone else. I was gonna say something like ‘we’re not’ or ‘it’s not like that’ but Jack spoke before I could.

“hey bud, I make no promises.” Which caused everyone to laugh.

We headed up to our room and it was beautiful. There was a king size bed in the middle of the room, along with a door leading to an outside balcony. There was a tv up on the wall across from the bed, and then two dressers, along with our own private bathroom.

“so, which side of the bed do you want?” G asked as I drug my bags into the room and threw them on the bed.

“uh, I guess I’ll take the right side, if that’s okay. It doesn’t really matter to me though.”

“no that’s fine. I prefer the left side anyway.”

“so what if I said I wanted the left side?” I asked, grabbing some clothes from one of my bags and putting it in a drawer.

“well, looks like I would have been joining you then.” He shot me a wink. He’s literally going to kill me this week I swear.

Jack and I joked around some more as we finished unpacking. When we were finally done it was like 9 at night. And having been so wrapped up in school for the past 3 months, I was exhausted.

“you coming down?” he asked, heading towards the door.

“I’m actually gonna shower and probably get into bed. It’s been a rough past few weeks.”

“alright, I’ll be up soon then I guess, just gonna go grab something to eat and chill with the guys for a bit.”

“okay.” I smiled, and he was gone. I got my shit to shower and quickly made my way into the bathroom. Removing my makeup and conditioning my hair as I shaved, I was out in 20 minutes. I threw on a pair of sweats and a white tank top.

I walked out into the room, crawled in on the right side and turned on the tv. Soon I fell asleep to the sound of Nick Cannon wild-n-out.


I woke up the next morning feeling really groggy. I reached up and rubbed my eyes before everything became clear. I stretched, and heard Jack groan next to me. I turned my head to see that Jack and I were spooning. When we realized our position, we quickly, and awkwardly, separated. I jumped out of the bed and Jack got up as well, clad in nothing but his boxers.

I couldn’t help but look at his chiseled chest, and then my eyes fell to the tent in his boxers. I felt myself rubbing my legs together, trying to get friction, just from looking at him.

“um, I’m sorry.” He said, reaching up and scratching the back of his neck, a nervous habit I’ve noticed he had.

“no it’s uh, it’s okay, you said the left side was yours.” I said, twiddling my thumbs, a nervous habit I had developed.

“no it’s alright. I’d never admit this in front of the guys, but I’m a hardcore cuddler.” He laughed.

“oh? So the boys don’t know?” I asked with a smirk on my face.

“yeah, and don’t you d-“ he started but he cut himself off as I went for the door, chasing after me. I ran out the door of our room and down the hall, but G was behind me by just a few steps.

I heard everyone downstairs, so I was running down the stairs, trying to make my way into the living room so I could tell everyone. I stopped in the living room and called out.

“guys you’ll nev-“ but I was cut off by Jack running and engulfing me in his arms and like tackling me to the floor, as gentle as a tackle could get. He had me pinned down, my hands above my head, as he straddled me basically. I was out of breath though, and laughing trying to tell the guys.

“guys” I laughed out, as Jack started to tickle me.

“don’t you dare” he smiled down at me.

“Jack’s a-“ but he cut me off, but placing his hand over my mouth.

By now, everyone had walked into the living room and was watching us.

“don’t.” he said sternly, looking at me. I nodded my head and Jack got off me and stood up, taking my hand and pulling me up. I smiled innocently and turned to look at everyone.

“Jack loves c-“ but I was cut off by Jack from behind me throwing his hand over my mouth and pulling me into him. Everyone was looking at us like we were crazy.

“what the hell is going on?” Sammy laughed.

“nothing. She was just gonna say Jack loves cookies. Ignore her.” He smiled. “We’ll be back down in a second.” He spoke again, before turning us and walking back to our room. When we got to the top of the stairs he let go of my mouth.

“JACK’S A HARDCORE CUDDLER!” I screamed, and I heard Jack groan as I ran towards the room we were sharing, as he chased after me. And then he tackled me onto our bed. I was laughing like crazy.

We stared at each other, as he hovered over me, holding my hands above my head again. His face was close, and I just really got lost in it. His eyes were glistening, shimmering actually, a nice brown/hazel color. They were mesmerizing. And then his jawline. I watched as it clenched in our close proximity. His jaw line literally gave me life. And then I looked at his lips. God they were perfect. And I wanted nothing more than to know how they would feel to be against mine.

Jack must have thought the same thing cause in a matter of seconds, his lips were on mine. I wanna say it was totally unexpected, but I’ve always wanted to feel his lips on mine, but the fact that it actually happened completely shocked me.

He pulled up and looked at me wide eyed, and I’m sure I mirrored his expression. He stood up and I quickly jumped up off the bed.

“(y/n)” he said, looking at me.

But I freaked. I just ran out the door and down the hall, down the stairs and then out the front door. I couldn’t deal with this right now. See, I’m the type of person who runs away from my problems. And I don’t do feelings very well. I’ll flirt like crazy, but then when something actually happens, like a fucking kiss, I freak out. And then I end up pushing the person away.

I started out walking along the edge of the lake. And then I sat out on the dock, thinking about everything. I mean, would Jack and I even be a bad thing? I mean, he’s nice, and he’s cute, and he’s funny, and he makes me laugh and smile, but like what if he ends up cheating or something. I don’t wanna lose all my friends if we break up or something. Maybe I’m just completely over thinking it all. Jack probably doesn’t even like me. It was probably a ‘in the moment’ thing.

So after 3 hours of sitting out on the dock and thinking about shit, I decided to head back. I could go back and talk to Em about it or something. But when I got up to the house, Emily was gone out with Nate.

I sighed and headed up to my room, only to find Jack on the bed, I sighed and went to turn around and leave.

“(y/n)” his voice was soft.

“Jack.” I sighed, reaching for the door handle to leave. I couldn’t do this.

“no (y/n) listen.” He said, grabbing my arm and pulling me back, flush to his chest.

“Jack let me go.” I said, annoyed, and started wiggling in his grip, but he just grabbed me tighter.

“Jack” I groaned, finally getting out of his grip with a huff and sitting on the bed.

“(y/n) I like you. A lot.”

“okay.” I said.

“is that all you have to say?”

“yeah, can I leave now?” I rolled my eyes.

I always got like this. I always would push the guys away after I got feelings and something happened that would make me more attached. It just always happened.

“no. You can’t tell me you don’t feel anything.” He sighed, defeated tone as he got on the bed next to me.

“Jack.” I said, fiddling with my thumbs.

“look at me and tell me honestly that you don’t feel something for me.”

I stayed silent, fiddling with my hands in my lap. Jack’s hand came and cupped my cheek, making me face him and actually look at him. His eyes sympathetic and hopeful.

“I-I can’t.” I sighed, closing my eyes.

“exactly!” he cheered.

“Jack, I can’t do this. I don’t wanna get hurt. I don’t want our friendship to get messed up. I don’t wanna lose you.” I whined.

“stop (y/n).” he said, gently stroking my cheek with his thumb before talking again. “stop overthinking this. I’m not gonna hurt you.”

“you don’t kn-“ but I was cut off by his lips on mine. But instead of like the first time, I kissed him back. It wasn’t what I expected at all. It was so much better than what I thought it’d be.

I soon got lost in the moment, and moved so I was straddling his lap. His hands were down on my butt, and mine on his shoulders. I started grinding on him, which caused him to let out a low groan. Things were getting hot, no doubt.

I reached for the bottom of his shirt and started tugging on it.

“(y/n)” Jack breathed out, pulling back and looking at me.

“what?” I groaned.

“I don’t want just sex. I’m serious. I like you a lot.”

“Jack.” I groaned, rolling off him and plopping on the bed, staring up at the ceiling.

“no listen.” He kinda chuckled, throwing his arm around me and snuggling up with me. “I’d love nothing more than to fuck you senseless right here and right now. Trust me. I’ve thought about it hundreds of times, but I don’t want this to be just sex. I really do like you a lot. And I know you. You don’t do feelings well, but I’m not gonna let you push me away on this.”

“I do feelings” I whined. “I just don’t like when people are all up in my feelings, and asking about all my personal shit and making it a big deal.”

“then well see how this week goes for us, keep it lowkey? And when we get back I’ll officially take you out on our first real date.”

“fine.” I groaned, rolling my eyes and rolling off his lap, which caused Jack to whine. He pouted and looked at me and then pointed at his lips. I laughed and leaned over and pecked them lightly.

“we should probably get ready for dinner, Emily said she was gonna make something.” Jack said as he had me wrapped up in his arms.

“yeah, probably.” I sighed, getting up and shuffling through my drawers for an outfit. I felt Jacks hands slip around my waist.

“Jack.” I laughed “I have to figure out an outfit.”

“I know, I just like being able to finally hold you in my arms” and then he kissed me “and kiss you.”

“alright cheeseball, let me find an outfit.” I said, prying out of his arms.

I picked out a pair of jean shorts and then found a nice black tank top. I turned and saw Jack in just a tee shirt and a pair of jeans. Jack smiled at me and wrapped his arms around me in a big bear hug.

“can we take a picture?” he asked, kissing my forehead.


We took a few pictures and then went down to dinner. Sliding into our spots at the table, sitting next to one another, and Jack played footsie with me the whole night. I couldn’t help but smile sideways at him. He was being so dorky, it was adorable.


It’s been about 4 days at the lake, and we only have about 3 days left. It’s been really relaxing and so great to just spend time with all my friends. Jack and I have also gotten a lot closer, and a lot more like the couples I often see out on the street and out on dates. Ya know, the kind you see and you just wanna punch them for being so lovey.

It was currently like Thursday night, and we were out by the fire, drinking. Em and I were dancing around, already having a slight buzz. We were feeling good, and Jack looked so hot. So I couldn’t help but chug the rest of my drink and make my way over to Jack, who was sitting around the fire talking to Sammy.

I waltzed right over and sat on Jack’s lap, which took him completely by surprise, and Sammy too. I smiled at both of them and then snuggled into Jack, who wrapped his arms around me.

“what’s going on here?” he laughed, high clearly.

“uh-“ Jack started but I cut him off. I turned and placed my lips on his, and pulled back and giggled.

“I like Jack.” I smiled proudly.

Sammy laughed “Swazz, I told you they’d hook up before the trip was over.”

“hey, we haven’t hooked up.” I defended as Swazz joined our conversation.

“Please don’t, cause I’ll owe Sammy $100 if you two do.”

“how do we know you haven’t already?” Sammy asked.

“oh trust me, you’ll know.” Jack laughed, kissing my neck.

The night went on and soon it was 1 in the morning, and I wanted Jack. So Jack and I stumbled up into our room, giggling as he carried me over to the bed, his lips on mine, before stumbling and tripping, us crashing onto the bed.

I was on top of him, and he was laying back, his hands on my ass as we sloppily made out. He slid his hands up to my shirt and started tugging at it. I smiled into the kiss and sat up, peeling my shirt off, leaving me in just my bra and shorts. I had just threw my shirt to the floor when Jack grabbed my hips and flipped us, so we were not laying in the middle of the king size bed and he was over top of me.

It didn’t take long for all our clothes to be shed and he was eating me out. I was a moaning mess. My hands were in his hair, pulling on it, causing him to let out low groans, vibrating my core, which made my back arch and me moan out his name.

“god baby, you’re so hot.” He spoke, his voice raspy.

“Jack please.” I whined. I needed this.

Jack sat up and looked in my eyes and smiled before coming down and kissing my lips. I sighed into the kiss, completely happy with this, and then I felt him teasing me with his tip. I whined, bucking my hips up, begging for more.

“hold on.” He whispered, crawling off me, leaving me all hot and flustered. I watched as he dug around in his suitcase and pulled out a condom, smiling at me as he ripped it open and slid it on. I finally saw his size and I swear I came right there and then.

Jack crawled back on top of me and started kissing my neck as I felt his tip slowly slide in. Both of us moaned as he filled me up, and then when I had adjusted to his size he kissed my lips and started thrusting in and out. Slow at first, but then he picked up his pace. I was moaning and the sound of our skin slapping together started to fill the room.

Jack pulled out, which totally confused me, cause I knew he didn’t cum yet, so I looked at him and he smiled.

“ride me babygirl.”

And in a second I was hovering over him, slowly easing down onto him. We both let out a long moan as the feeling, and soon I was bouncing up and down on Jack. His hands found their way to my ass and then he held me up as he started to slam up into me, the sound of his balls slapping my ass filling the room along with my moans.

“oh god.” I moaned out, throwing my head back.

“fuck.” He groaned “you’re so hot babe, I’m almost there.” He grunted.

“Jack. I-I’m clo-“

“shh, I know baby. Just hold on for me okay?”

He pulled out again and repositioned so we were doggy-style. My face was in the pillows as Jack just slammed into me, causing me to scream out. His hands on my hips to rock them back and forth, to meet his thrusts. Both of us were moaning, the sound of our skin slapping together, and the sound of his dick sliding in and out of my wet folds filled the room, and the headboard slamming against the wall.

“fuck Jack.” I cried out as I came, no warning.

I was shaking as Jack rode out my high but also tried to reach his. A few thrusts later I felt him cum and he let out the hottest moan that I swear could have made me cum again. He rode out his high and then finally pulled out, removing the condom, and getting up to dispose of it in the bathroom. He walked back out and jumped into bed, pulling me into his chest.

“that was great.”

“yeah.” I panted, feeling super tired.

“sweet dreams babygirl.”


I woke up the next morning and remembered everything about last night. It was great, but I really did wanna try to wait for that with Jack. But it happened, and I don’t regret it. It was great. I heard Jack groan next to me and I smiled as he pulled me in tighter to him.

“Jack.” I giggled as he started to kiss my bare shoulders.

“babe.” His morning voice, good god.


“I wasn’t really expecting that but I mean, if you’re offering.” He started, and then let go of me and laid straight on his back. I turned and looked at him and saw him adjusting himself down there and I laughed.

“I didn’t mean that idiot. I meant like pancakes and waffles breakfast.” I giggled, laying on his chest and kissing his lips.

“oh right, let’s go.”

We got dressed, which took a little longer than expected because someone couldn’t keep his hands to himself. When we finally made it downstairs, I walked a little slower than Jack of course, who couldn’t help but laugh at me.

We finally sat down and started breakfast and it was…awkward. Something was up. Conversations seemed forced and I was worried something was wrong.

But Sammy finally cleared it all up.

“my one fucking rule guys. I didn’t wanna hear you.” And he looked straight at us. Jack sported a proud grin and I blushed so hard I had to look down at my lap as everyone erupted into laughter.

I love my idiot friends.

Leo - The Baby Cub Masquerading as the Lioness

I was looking through my dash before and this picture came up. It reminded me of Leo. This is the confident, illuminating and sometimes intimidating lioness who quickly retreats to lick her wounds at even perceived criticism. In Jung’s archetypes, he applies the ‘Golden Child’ to the sign of Leo that relates to charismatic leadership. With the graces and faults of the young, the Leo personality is the dominating child masquerading as the competent adult. Leos have an innate need for attention, gratification and tend to be theatrical in nature. The heart is ruled by Leo and they experience their whole lives guided by the whims of their hearts and the inner child. Their primary needs include attention and approval, and a Leo will do what it takes to secure the appreciation of his parents, friends, and anyone else around.

Leos can be dominating, and at times possessive and controlling. They are inspired by ambition and drawn to leadership roles. Leos find others naturally look to them to lead. Their innate reflex to protect the vulnerable members of society - the violated, the oppressed, children and animals coats the need for Leo to protect their own inner child. Like children, they become psychologically starved with inadequate treasuring and particularly threatened by the prospect of abandonment. A scathed Leo can react in fits of temper, verbal violence and volatile outbursts, then lament alone, disheartened, lacerated and deeply, deeply hurt. The ego of a Leo is exceptionally easy to bruise. It is rare that they will display the natural vulnerability of their nature. When they away from affectionately stroking their baby cubs in the home, the lion emerges - self assured, directive and capable. The lion is quick to defend the cub inside. Sometimes they use methods of intimidation to scare away predators and control to ensure it isn’t left vulnerable. Leos feel a deep connection to the other vulnerable children in the world, and they are drawn to roles where they can exercise protection to the most innocent.

The inner child cannot help but be cut deeply from the critiques of the adult world, but only when they are alone will Leo let that inner child have its tears. The Leo is filled with an inner world of magic, mysticism and the radiance of the sun, their view of the world is filtered through the lenses of an internal childlike awareness and appreciation. The mask of efficiency and natural leadership is one worn with ease, though their sensitivity is often severely underestimated. Leos are truly as vulnerable as children, and criticism wounds their hearts deeply. They probably won’t say anything, because even at a young age they tend to be on the private side, but it will hurt their pride and self-worth in such a way that it could cause lasting scars. It’s important to understand that their need for attention and praise is not because of conceit.  They truly need to be validated, overtly loved, and receive their energy from others.


Here is a Full View of the 🇨🇦WW1 Used Colt 1911, Dated 1913. This One was Used in WW1 by a Canadian Officer. They were Allowed to Privately Purchase Their Side-Arms if Desired. Canadians Used Anything From the C96 to Webley Revolvers and Everything in Between. That’s a Little Part of History Most People Don’t know.😎
Notice the Notches in the Grip, they are Kill Markings According to the Family of the Veteran (long since passed away). 📷 from @canadiangunlover

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