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,,Anything huh. Well let me think here. How about a train of thought and hype writing. Maybe, oh I know, I needed to think about my latest Doom 2 level. It’s called Tier 6 and, obviously, is the 6th level in this series. I have trouble making this one for some reason though. In the past I have been able to just go and create several rooms and hallways and secret rooms just off the kopf [head]. But for some reason I can’t for Tier 6. Maybe its the fact that school is back in session and there is more on my mind now than there was during the summer when 1-5 were made. I keep making just plain, boring, empty rooms like I am a beginner. Just room after room of the same old stuff. There are a few places that are indeed good, quality areas that look better than the original game, but I need to have the whole level like that. I am trying to go for a very tough, action packed, fast-pace level because I just saw ‘Saving Private Ryan’ again and I want to kind of recreate some of those scenes best I can. It’s tough though…’’

- 9/14/98

Okay, so I don’t know if anyone noticed this, but I haven’t seen this movie being counted on list of movies reffered by Eric. So, whoever made a list of them, now can add another one. 

awkwardmiss17  asked:

Any advice on what to do when you've discovered a photographer is selling cosplay pics of you without your permission?

This is a touchy subject, and I hope you don’t mind me answering publicly because I think all cosplayers should be informed of this stuff. 

There’s a lot that goes into the rights of cosplay photos and most of it is situational. 

For the most part:  When the picture is taken, the photographer owns the rights to the copyright and you do not. 

Regardless of you posing for them or you have designed and created the costumes, they own the rights to the photo and can distribute it how they like. Commercial (for profit) or not. 

NOW you do have RIGHTS (but not copyrights.) In a private shoot or setting, he can really only sell the photos if you signed a release form or you two discussed what was okay and you consented. IF YOU DIDN’T DO THIS, and nothing was agreed upon, you do have rights to get them to stop selling. But you cannot have the rights to sell the photo yourself or to have them take it down from non-commercial areas. They could still feature it in a magazine, for example. This is called the right to publicity.  And model release forms extend or waive these rights. But if it is commercial, they need your consent. 

So my recommendation is to email them; calmly and concisely and say that while you understand he owns the rights to the copyright of the image, you did not consent to them selling anything in your likeness and you’d like them to stop.

Now here’s a few kickers:

If this photo was taken at a public setting, AKA A CONVENTION, and not a con? They get to sell the photo. Period. There is few exceptions. Going to a con and getting your photo taken at it in a non-private setting pretty much negates any right to publicity you have. :/  It gets a little grey in the areas of a photog taking you to a private shoot area of the con. You have right to publicity there, but your attendance to a public event favors the photog here. 

If you paid them to take the photo, they must cease and desist immediately. Thats the only time everything favors you. AND EVEN THEN its usually best to back that up with paperwork, photographer release/model release photos.  But in this case they are technically a hired employee to you.

If you want to go more thorough with this, BGZ did a fantastic write up about Cosplay photography copyrights here. 

But remember to always, always, talk to your photographers about whats okay to do with photos. And selling/or editorial releasing them. Because on the flipside, a photographer can tell you to stop disturbing a photo, even just on social media, if they wanted to. (And thats without a form being signed too.)  

prometheuis  asked:

Can you do a cosplay ref of your Mercy cosplay? Just like pics from different sides/angles bc I feel like it's easier to understand how to do certain things​ vs looking at the official art. Thanks!

You mean my combat yes!? 

As soon as I get my photos back from my private shoot I will do that!! For now I just have the photos everyone else took of me. DX 

When it goes up, it will go onto our website with all our other cosplay catalogs. 

RFA + V & Saeran - Soulmate AU

This is kinda random, but I thought why not. 

P.s No one asked for this Lololol 

 So basically, AU stands for ‘Alternate Universe’, and for this each character gets a different soulmate au. Aka how they meet their soulmate or how they would find them. 

 707/Luciel/Saeyoung Choi 

Soulmate AU: world becomes brighter when meeting soulmate. 

  •  Everything was always dull to this hacker(same everyone in the RFA)
  • his mother never found her soulmate, so why would he find his??
  • Never thought he’d find his soulmate because of his job 
  • not even Vanderwood had one 
  • Seven craved for someone to literally light up his world 
  • it wasn’t that dark, but then again, that’s all he knew 
  • Maybe it was a family curse (Seven ur like the second youngest in the group shush) 
  • Decided to go stock up on some PhD Pepper one Midnight so he could finish his assignment 
  • Was walking out of store with like two cases of PhD pepper in his hands when someone crashed into him
  •  I mean literally crashed
  •  this person was running at full speed towards the entrance and crashed into this tomato boy 
  • “Oh my gosh I’m so sorr-”
  •  They didn’t even get to finish their sentence before a flash of light encased both of their visions 
  • When they could see again, they were both shocked
  • Seven marvels at how light the world suddenly became
  •  Then it dawns on him, 
  • “Oh my god!”
  •  He completely forgets about his precious soda and hugs the person tightly
  • “My soulmate!”
  • was the happiest boyo in the world at the moment 
  • workers overhearing this and clapped
  •  They exchanged numbers and Seven did a full search on the poor person once he got home
  •  was already and love
  •  spammed the chatroom with heart emojis lmao

 (The rest of the RFA is below)

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TITLE: Promises

SUMMARY: You’re a nurse and you’re engaged to Farrier before you get drafted to help in Dunkirk. You were on the ship that goes down in the beginning and Alex, Tommy and Gibson help you. There will be a happy ending


FANDOM: Dunkirk

WARNING: Fluff towards the end. Long ass imagine. Shitty writing 

“Everything is going to be okay, love. We’ll see each other soon.”

“Do you promise?”

“I promise.”

You were currently on a ship, surrounded by wounded soldiers. It had been two weeks since you’d last since Farrier, your fiancée, but in that time you had managed to help many privates.

  However, you’d seen a Spitfire go down just before you go on the ship, and you were petrified that it was Farrier. Even though you knew that there was a huge possibility that Farrier wasn’t even in one of those Spitfires. That didn’t stop you from worrying.

You could see the German planes and quickly covered your ears, knowing that in about three seconds you’d hear the dreaded boom of the bombs. A bomb exploded near the ship but you weren’t sure if the bomb had hit the ship or not. You soon found out.

“Abandon ship!” A private yelled as one side of the boat started to sink down.

Springing into action, you jump up and make sure that the stable, wounded soldiers had lifejackets on, and that someone helped them off the boat.

“Miss, it’s hopeless, they’re going to die. Save yourself. Jump.” The green eyed soldier, who had been sitting across from you, told you.

You did as he said and grabbed your lifejacket. The soldier helped you over the side of the boat and as you hit the water, you heard a splash beside you. The green eyed soldier, that told you to jump, helped you to swim over to the wooden beams where some other soldiers had already taken safety.

 A young solider helped you up and you thanked him over and over. Looking around, it looked like you were the only nurse that had survived from that ship. A lot of privates had lost their lives as well and you could see bodies and stretchers floating atop the water.

“We’ll get you on another ship.” A Lieutenant called down to us. The soldier that helped me looks at his friend, and then they both dunk themselves into the water.

“Here, have a blanket. Go down there, there’s tea and food waiting for you.” A nurse smiles at us.

Alex, the green eyed soldier, goes down first and I follow, eager to get out of the cold air but no so eager to go into a confined space on a ship. I notice that the young private follows us but not his friend.

“ Oi, where’s your friend gone?” Alex asks the young solider, with a mouthful of bread and jam.

“Charming Alex.” You mutter.

The private shoots you a cheeky grin.

“Looking for a quick way out, in case we go down.” He replies, walking towards the only door that has already been shut. Alex goes back for four more slices of bread and somewhere in that time I learn that the young soldiers name was Tommy. Suddenly, the floor is covered in water. Panicked shouts of soldiers start to fill the air.

“We’ve been hit. And we’re taking on water quickly.” You state the obvious. “We need to get that door open now.”

The three of you start to make to the door but before you can get close enough to open it, you’re submerged under the water. Alex tries to keep you close but you lose both him and Tommy. You can see a light up ahead and you figure that someone opened the door. You start kicking upwards, trying to get out the door. Air hits you and oxygen fills your lungs as a private helps you up out of the water. You barely have time to catch your breath before he helps you over the side and yet again, you’re back in water. You don’t see Tommy or Alex anywhere but you know that you have to get out of there quickly before the ship goes down or explodes.

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Someone at the table asked a Japanese admiral why, with the Pacific Fleet devastated at Pearl Harbor and the mainland US forces in what Japan had to know was a pathetic state of unreadiness, Japan had not simply invaded the West Coast. “You are right,” he told the Americans. “We did indeed know much about your preparedness. We knew that probably every second home in your country contained firearms. We knew that your country actually had state championships for private citizens shooting military rifles. We were not fools
to set foot in such quicksand.”

I added a bunch of new fics to my fic recs page and here are some that I really liked:

Project Conventus by @gentledirkly

Despite Dirk’s fondness for physical affection, Todd finds that intimacy is a very confusing matter in the early days of their relationship.

This is part of an AU series where Dirk stays w/ the CIA until he’s 32, but it works as a standalone. It features copious amounts of kissing, awkward conversations, some sexy times and is just really good to read.

Firearms Proficiency 101 by @nekosmuse​ 

I can’t believe you took me to your private shooting range on our first date. That is so punk.

Pretty much what it says on the tin.

Farah and Amanda go on a date. Farah thinks Amanda is adorable and Amanda thinks Farah is hot. There’s anxiety, the smell of gunpowder and flowers, and awkward flirting. I love it.

Electric Ghost Rhino by @lavellington​  

Dirk and Todd are not co-dependent, exactly. They’ve just had a rough couple of weeks.

This is like pure fluff. Seriously, it has everything I love: sharing a bed, long hugs, surprise birthday parties, risotto, rice cookers. Read it, you won’t regret it. 

you will soothe my worried looks by @hippocampers

Amanda is leaning against the wall, grin unfitting for the parking lot of a mental health clinic. “Pizza?”

“So I’m just here to pay for your food?”

Amanda grins, nudging their shoulders together. “Basically.”

Farah rolls her eyes, but smiles nonetheless.


Farah sees a therapist. It’s a strange journey, but not one she needs to take alone.

Very nice, accurate depiction of anxiety and therapy. Also A+ characterization. Has a wonderfully supportive Amanda. Short and sweet.

When’s your birthday? by @everythingremainsconnected

In which Todd realises he doesn’t know when Dirk’s birthday is, and unsurprisingly some angst ensues.

Fluff, angst and fluff again. Dirk gets a sunburn. There are neck kisses and supportive boyfriends.

where the falling angels meet the rising apes by cosmicocean 

The thing sweeps its scythe and straightens. It must sense eyes on it, because it turns it’s head and looks right at Svlad. It is a skull’s face, grinning and bleached. Svlad stares. It tilts it’s head, like it’s watching a particularly fascinating documentary, or a cat attempting to catch a laser pointer created dot.

AH, it says. It’s mouth doesn’t move, but Svlad hears it’s voice all the same, resonating deep and forever. INTERESTING.

A story of Death and the boy who could see him, through the years.

This is a sort of crossover with Discworld and Good Omens. I’ve never read any of the Discworld books (I want to tho) and I followed along just fine so don’t let that scare you off. This is over 20k of nice backstory, character development, a fair bit of plot and just general great writing. I think it’s the longest fic in the DGHDA AO3 tag right now, and it’s well worth the read. 

Anyways, these are only a few of the great fics out there, but I hope you enjoy them!

lessons in polyamory; s e v e n

lessons in polyamory masterlist & info sheet 

taglist: @twelveyearoldchildprodigy @dontshootmespence @milkandcookies528 @anime-fan-4-life13 @jillilama-blog @klazomaniacnutter @trrashkid @jazz91121 @introspectivecrab @getthesalt67 @bestestbooknerd @givemeyourpen @bestillmystuckyheart @readermultifandem

chapter s e v e n: the talks

words: 2,465

You dry swallowed an aspirin as you sat on the plane, your head pounding. You leaned forward, your hands on your head, massaging your temples, as you waited for the team to get together. It had been a long day at the prison. Every single inmate the team interviewed knew who you and Benji were and your relationship to Roman. You had yelled at every single one of them, playing bad cop to everyone else’s good cop. Hence, your terrible headache. You were glad you were on your way home.

“How are you feeling?” David sat next to you, handing you a bottle of water.

You strained to open your eyes, turning your head in his direction. “Like there are anvils holding my eyes down.” You told him.

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A Stormblood Introduction Opportunity :: The Navigator’s Prow

“Th’ eyes of Eorzea now look east, towards Ala Mhigo. Th’ order is changing. No longer is the Alliance on the back foot! It’s our turn t’ push th’ advantage against Garlemald. There’s only one problem - we’re outgunned, outmanned, and in every sense of the word, outmatched in a conventional sense. There’s no time to sit back and wait, every day the Garleans get stronger, with more weapons, men, infernal machines. So we Black Sails decided t’ take action, openin’ up a second front in Othard is the perfect opportunity to split the Imperial forces’ attention, givin’ our brave soldiers at the front some respite from the hammer surely comin’ down upon them. Transportin’ arms to the revolutionaries and misplaced in Othard; our plan is to raid, pillage, and disrupt the Scum as much as possible, givin’ our foreign allies the opportunities and arms they need to raise untold ‘avoc, creating the unrest we need to draw just enough attention away. There’s no better soldiers in the Maelstrom for such a task, while we might not be the commissioned, and certainly not the most law abidin’, we are the best at what we do - shock tactics, hit and run, strategic assaults. There’s no more dire time of need than now! That’s what we Privateers are for, th’ ones taken into service in Limsa’s fiercest time of need, th’lost, th’damned, th’aimless, th’murderers, savages, marauders, ye lot’re a fuckin’ foul group o’ people!
So this is it, Privateers! We begin to avenge our fallen, push back into their land, take back our allies, free those living underneath the yoke of Imperial brutality, and most of all, we get to tear the Scum a new arsehole while we’re at it! Fer City, fer th’Storm, an’ most o’ all, fer th’Grand Admiral!”

- High Commander of the Black Sails Privateers

- The good Captain Redain

The Navigator’s Prow, formerly the Llymlaen’s Tit (renamed under orders of the High Commander), is a corvette warship now under the captaincy of Vexiras Redain, a known marauder and Privateer, and is taking part in an effort to relieve those in Othard. The vessel is heading straight to the neutral Port of Kugane on the island nation of Hingashi, filled to the brim with everything the resistance needs to be a thorn in the side of the Imperial scum. Whilst the ship has an official mission, and that being said, the Captain is ever the enterprising woman, and is offering places aboard the vessel for those who might want to see new sights, fight for the freedom of their homeland, or just simply to raise hell for the occupiers for reasons of anarchy, vengeance, or patriotism - all comers are welcome on board. 

[[This is an opportunity I’m offering for people that want to flesh out their character’s journey to Othard with some extra details without much effort or having to make events due to not everyone having the time! So I decided to put this together, as well as giving people an opportunity to make some RP connections, despite the voyage not being done on-screen.]]

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anonymous asked:

Dialogue prompt: "I'm going to die tonight. Now take your pants off." "I want that embroidered on a throw pillow."

“I want that embroidered on a throw pillow,” Victor whispers.

Yuuri readjusts himself on the bed, staring down at the same laptop screen as Victor but seeing a completely different image from him. He had done a photoshoot recently for some skating gear brand, and the poses they’d had him do, well…

It had been a private shoot, so he’d felt comfortable at the time. And the photos aren’t risqué–it’s not as though he’s naked or anything. He’s simply wearing his Eros costume, arms poised like his ending pose, and his eyes looking directly into the camera. If he’s being honest, he still doesn’t think it’s a bad photo, but…

Yuuri glances at Victor, then back at the screen, then back at Victor. If he didn’t know better, he’d start to think that Victor was engaged to that photograph instead of him. “Embroidered on a throw pillow?”

“Do we have a printer? Why don’t we have a printer?”


“Yuuri, this is art. Art in its purest form. Look.” He presses a kiss to Yuuri’s cheek then leaves his head on his shoulder, still watching the screen. “Don’t you see?”

“I really…”

“Art,” he repeats. “You are art.

More human tfs for me project

Tarn and the DJD are elite assassins from Megatron’s gang that he plucked off the streets and hand-molded. They specialized in keeping other members of the gang in line by hunting down traitors and murdering them horribly, as they do in the comics. They also perform various other tasks that require a unique level of brutality. Tarn is sort of Megatron’s ex (they were never officially or romantically involved—they pretty much just had extremely depraved sex every now and then) and takes his betrayal SUPER BADLY. He wants to destroy Megatron’s life bit by bit and then finally kill him after stripping away everything he loves. None of the DJD have designs except Tarn, who you can find in the ‘human tf project’ or ‘tarn’ tags on my bloggo.

Soundwave is Megatron’s closest, most trusted friend, and probably the only member of the gang he took on out of compassion. He was a street rat at 16 living off of nothing, until Megatron took him in and let him take care of managing intelligence-related tasks in the gang. He’s very logical, precise, and hears and sees everything—and while before he was quiet, an assassination attempt that ended up mutilating his throat left him nearly mute. He was the one who originally urged Megatron to exchange information about the gang for a reduced sentence, and wrote to him in prison every day. At 19 he became pregnant with twins (no one knows who the parent is) and disappeared off the radar to protect himself and the kids, who he named Rumble and Frenzy. He has a parrot (Laserbeak) and a cat (Ravage), the latter he gave to Megatron to keep him company. He has dark, almost black skin, a short, slender build, sharp cheekbones, and luminous green eyes. He also has a pretty gnarly scar across his throat and wears gold-rimmed glasses. I’m also not sure about the logistics of that pregnancy timeline but fuck the rules ok

Orion was once another one of Megatron’s closest friends. Their relationship was based around the desire to change/destroy the system and make the world a better place in general—until Something Happened. None other than Megatron, Orion, and Soundwave know what happened, but Orion and Megatron now hate each other with the burning passion of a thousand dying suns. 20 something years of separation seem to have slightly cooled their tempers, and by some humiliating cosmic joke, Orion became Megatron’s parole officer. He’s caught between wanting to throw Megatron back in prison at a moment’s notice, and genuinely wanting him to have a chance at creating a new life. He is also super concerned for Rodimus after he finds out about his and Megatron’s relationship, and keeps a very close eye on him to make sure nothing happens. He has dark, graying hair, a neat beard, bright blue eyes, and a few scars here and there.

Starscream is just this massive pile of shit. Just a humongous, steaming pile of dog turds that scrapes the sky. He was Megatron’s right hand man (and the biggest pain in the ass he has ever had) and was in charge of money and other administrative-related things. He comes from a super rich, politically-involved family, and is every inch as slimy and manipulative as you’d expect him to be. When Megatron’s gang collapsed, he was he only one to escape with a totally clean record and not even a spot of suspicion, all thanks to that money and power. While Megatron was in prison, he somehow managed to become the mayor, and now that Megatron’s out of prison, he does his best to fuck him over out of spite. He seems to have pure-ish intentions toward the city, but the way he goes about it is unscrupulous. He’s handsome (but you can see his shittiness IN HIS EYES), and has olive skin, neatly combed black hair, and brown eyes. He’s a super snappy dresser.

Windblade is a really good-hearted, dedicated woman who works as an aide for Starscream. She tries her damnedest to do good by the city and good by Starscream, but he has her busting her ass trying to deal with his bullshit and clean up after him at the same time. She’s a young Japanese-American woman with long black hair (she always does it in really pretty styles), bright brown eyes, and the best smile in the history of ever. She’s an equally snappy dresser.

The Scavengers are extremely weird dudes who all share a farmhouse and raise cows, even though none of them know how to raise cows. No one’s really sure if they’re in a giant polygamous pile of weirdness, related, or just room mates. They have a ridiculously large amount of “Private property, will shoot you in the skull if you come here, beware of Spinister, etc” signs all over the property, and they somehow scrape by selling milk, pick pocketing, and giving cow rides at kids’ birthday parties. And pick pocketing the parents at kids’ birthday parties. None of them have designs atm.


We ended our workout with some intense One Minute sprints and of course posing practice. One minute sprints might sound like nothing but on your 5 th set your legs feel so pumped ! I can say that I feel great about my conditioning. It’s literally taking me all workout to break as sweat , I feel like I can workout all day sometimes. Try 20/30 second sprints if you are a beginner and work your way up to one minute sprints with 30 second rest in between ❤️ #PrincessofFitness #TeamChulaFitness #NayFit -#WORKFORIT #CHALLENGE #teamnatural #quadzilla #webuilditNOTbuyit #squatsnoshots #sprinterforlife #UGA #therealthingbaby 💁🏽And no we didn’t workout in these outfits. We took photos and made this video before we changed 😜 don’t get too excited ! The shoot was private. Only friends and photographer were present. Get your panties out of a twist. Don’t waste your time with negative comments. I block people for fun!

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you guys, never in a million years did i ever think i would get over 100. thank you so so much!! i’m working on a follow forever post right now to celebrate, but i was too excited not to post something!

i also am doing sim requests! i’ll have 5 slots open for now, and it’s first come, first serve.
rules (i guess??):
1. you can be as detailed as you’d like, but the more details you include the more accurate your sim will be! (pls include at least a name bc we all know i’m bad at those)
2. let me know what packs you have (i have vamps, parenthood, city living, and gtw!) and if i can use custom content!
3. all sims will be uploaded publicly unless you would like me to keep it private!!

shoot me a message or an ask and i’ll get started asap!!