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We ended our workout with some intense One Minute sprints and of course posing practice. One minute sprints might sound like nothing but on your 5 th set your legs feel so pumped ! I can say that I feel great about my conditioning. It’s literally taking me all workout to break as sweat , I feel like I can workout all day sometimes. Try 20/30 second sprints if you are a beginner and work your way up to one minute sprints with 30 second rest in between ❤️ #PrincessofFitness #TeamChulaFitness #NayFit -#WORKFORIT #CHALLENGE #teamnatural #quadzilla #webuilditNOTbuyit #squatsnoshots #sprinterforlife #UGA #therealthingbaby 💁🏽And no we didn’t workout in these outfits. We took photos and made this video before we changed 😜 don’t get too excited ! The shoot was private. Only friends and photographer were present. Get your panties out of a twist. Don’t waste your time with negative comments. I block people for fun!

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Dialogue prompt: "I'm going to die tonight. Now take your pants off." "I want that embroidered on a throw pillow."

“I want that embroidered on a throw pillow,” Victor whispers.

Yuuri readjusts himself on the bed, staring down at the same laptop screen as Victor but seeing a completely different image from him. He had done a photoshoot recently for some skating gear brand, and the poses they’d had him do, well…

It had been a private shoot, so he’d felt comfortable at the time. And the photos aren’t risqué–it’s not as though he’s naked or anything. He’s simply wearing his Eros costume, arms poised like his ending pose, and his eyes looking directly into the camera. If he’s being honest, he still doesn’t think it’s a bad photo, but…

Yuuri glances at Victor, then back at the screen, then back at Victor. If he didn’t know better, he’d start to think that Victor was engaged to that photograph instead of him. “Embroidered on a throw pillow?”

“Do we have a printer? Why don’t we have a printer?”


“Yuuri, this is art. Art in its purest form. Look.” He presses a kiss to Yuuri’s cheek then leaves his head on his shoulder, still watching the screen. “Don’t you see?”

“I really…”

“Art,” he repeats. “You are art.

Help me become independent of my abusive mother

Today my mother proved once again that my well-being can be completely jeopardized whenever she is in a bad mood, and I can no longer rely on her for housing and financial stability. That said, it looks like it’s going to be a pretty cold winter. I can likely find places to stay throughout December until I can return to living at school, but I do not have nearly enough money to feed myself in the meantime. So! I am opening commissions in order to help me make it through the next month or so.

Prices are flexible, what matters most right now is having any sort of income. 

I can draw oc’s from text descriptions, and I would be willing to produce a reference sheet for those characters. Send me a private message or shoot me an email at with any questions.

If you can’t afford to commission me at this time, I understand, but please consider reblogging this post to spread the word. Thank you very much!

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Just thought I’d let black tumblr know what’s going on at privately owned shooting ranges by white people. They don’t shoot at targets like this 🎯 or this 👤. They are shooting at black men or fucking zombies! The girl who posted this on Facebook was so proud and it made me sick to my stomach and I just wanted to share. Because clearly the system in which we live where black lives don’t matter to white folk is a system that is taught and reinforced. And that’s not surprising but just another reason to stay woke.

Eric’s writing

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,,Anything huh. Well let me think here. How about a train of thought and hype writing. Maybe, oh I know, I needed to think about my latest Doom 2 level. It’s called Tier 6 and, obviously, is the 6th level in this series. I have trouble making this one for some reason though. In the past I have been able to just go and create several rooms and hallways and secret rooms just off the kopf [head]. But for some reason I can’t for Tier 6. Maybe its the fact that school is back in session and there is more on my mind now than there was during the summer when 1-5 were made. I keep making just plain, boring, empty rooms like I am a beginner. Just room after room of the same old stuff. There are a few places that are indeed good, quality areas that look better than the original game, but I need to have the whole level like that. I am trying to go for a very tough, action packed, fast-pace level because I just saw ‘Saving Private Ryan’ again and I want to kind of recreate some of those scenes best I can. It’s tough though…’’

- 9/14/98

Okay, so I don’t know if anyone noticed this, but I haven’t seen this movie being counted on list of movies reffered by Eric. So, whoever made a list of them, now can add another one. 


An Andy imagine where the reader is a photographer with AP, and she has a private shoot with Andy? Andy starts flirting with her and he really turns on the charm, then he takes the camera from her and gets her to take some pretty scandalous photos that leads to smut? Thank you!

I looooooove this idea!!!


“Its nice to meet you, Mr. Biersack. I’m Y/N,” I said with a smile, shaking this tall man’s hand. 

“Call me Andy, really,” he insisted, smiling back. I blushed a bit and nodded. Of course I had heard of Andy Biersack. This wasn’t the first time he would be appearing in AP. Plus, I enjoyed his music. 

“Alright, well, we have a few sets to get through today and then at the end we can go through and pick out which ones you like best, okay?” I asked.

“Sounds great,” he told me. I gripped my camera, thinking about what I wanted to do first. 

“Go ahead and stand in front of that set over there and start posing. I know this isn’t your first photoshoot so you probably know pretty much what to do.”

“You got that right,” he said with a laugh. I starting snapping pictures, getting different angles here and there as Andy tried out different positions and I made small suggestions once in awhile. His smile was gorgeous, but his serious faces were sexy as hell. So unprofessional of me to think that, but oh well.

“I really like, try that with the crouching position you did earlier,” I advised.

“Oh, you like that, huh?” he asked playfully. I laughed at his joke and continued to snap pictures.

“Yeah, that expression is sexy on you,” I said, not really meaning to. “Oh, my God I’m so sorry, that was completely inappropriate!” Andy just laughed like it was no big deal, but my face was tomato red.

“Good to know,” he said, giving me a wink and smiling that beautiful smile. After finishing this set and getting through two more, we decided to take a break. “So Y/N, tell me about yourself.”

“Uh, well. I moved out here for college. I am 22 and I’ve been working with AP for almost a year now. I got an internship here in my last year of college and it turned into a full time job, so that was pretty exciting. I like rock music and concerts and really good whiskey. And…that’s pretty much it,” I told him, ending with a smirk. 

“I happen to notice you didn’t mention any special man in your life,” Andy commented, taking a drag from his cigarette. 

“That would be because there isn’t one,” I said with a smile. Andy chuckled in his throat.

“Come on, a woman as attractive and alluring as you is going to tell me you don’t have guys lined up at your door?”

“Nope. Believe it or not, I speak the truth.”

“Well, I’d fight my way to the front of that line,” he said flirtatiously, looking me up and down. I reached over and took Andy’s cigarette, taking a hit and blowing out the smoke.

“Trust me, you don’t want anything to do with a girl like me,” I told him, looking over at him sideways and handing him back his cigarette. 

“I sure would like to do a lot to you,” Andy said, smirking at me with a dangerous look in his eyes. What the hell was happening right now.

“Mr. Biersack, I do believe this is quite an inappropriate conversation to be having,” I played back, leaning on the table toward him. “After all, I am here for work.”

“What’s work without a little play?” he asked seductively. I grinned and stood up to stretch, grabbing my camera.

“Speaking of work, we still have two more sets to finish for the day. Lets go, Biersack!” We smiled at each other and went back to doing what we were supposed to. I couldn’t get the lust-filled look in Andy’s eyes out of my mind the entire time. He continued to flirt with me throughout the rest of our time together, but it was a bit lighter and more playful now. That left a bit of a disappointed feeling in my stomach. “No, more like…like in the second one where you did that thing that looked really cool. You know?” Andy couldn’t get the last few poses right and I was trying to give as much direction as I could, but we were both pretty worn down with this anymore. 

“Why don’t you show me?” Andy suggested, grinning at me. I thought for a second and agreed. I set my camera on the table and went to the set, trying to show him how to pose. I had to work a bit to get it quite right. As I did, Andy walked to my photographing position and picked up my camera. 

“What are you doing?” I asked while laughing as he started to snap pictures of me.

“Having fun,” he said slyly. “Come on, pose for me.” With a sigh and a shake of my head, but a smile still on my face, I stood in various positions, Andy taking pictures all the while. It was kinda fun in all honesty. “How about showing a little skin?” he asked in a seductive voice, a dangerous grin on his lips. 

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, in fact I think-”

“I thought you were a girl I didn’t want to mess with. Doesn’t that imply a bit of a rebel?” he taunted. “Come on, Y/N. Lets get into some real fun.” 

“Fine,” I agreed, giving him a look. I went back to the set and pulled the side on my shirt down so it expose my shoulder and part of my bra, putting on my sexy face. Andy took some pictures and did different poses. I pulled my jeans down a bit so my black lace thong was exposed. More pictures. At one point, I laid down on the ground and hike my shirt up slightly, pulling the sexiest face I could and tangling my hand in my hair while arcing my chest up. I saw Andy’s adam’s apple move up and down as he swallowed, crouching down to my level to take pictures. When our eyes met after he lowered the camera, something clicked in both of us.

“Y/N, maybe you should get up and uh..fix your clothes,” he suggested half heartedly. 

“Why’s that?”

“I might have to fuck you right now if you don’t, and trust me baby, if I do, you won’t be able to walk to your fucking car,” he said darkly. 

“I’m not going anywhere,” I whispered. And just like that, Andy’s lips were on mine hungrily and violently. Everything was happening so fast and it was filled with so much desire and passion. My hands pulled his black hair roughly and his tongue dominated my mouth sloppily. His body was pressed to mine, my legs wrapping around his waist. Andy kissed down my neck, biting and sucking and leaving all kinds of marks. His fingers dug into my hips. I palmed him through his jeans, earning a groan. 

“I wanna fuck you bent over that table,” he growled in my ear. I pushed him off of me and stood up, walking over to it and waiting for him. He prowled up to me, eyes roaming my body hungrily. I seized Andy’s suspenders and pulled him to me, kissing him roughly. He practically ripped my shirt off, not even bothering to actually remove my bra before kissing down and taking one of my breasts in his mouth as I leaned back slightly over the piece of furniture, tossing my head back. My hands found Andy’s jeans and I quickly undid them, pulling them down to reveal his boxers, which I pulled down also to reveal his large erection. I began to toy with him, earning more moans. He stopped kissing my body and concentrated on undoing my pants and throwing them down, then spinning me around and pushing me over the table roughly. He rubbed his tip at my entrance over my panties just to tease me.

“Fuck, Andy, come on,” I pleaded, needing him. 

“These are such sexy little panties,” he teased, running his fingers over me. I moaned impatiently. Andy put one finger in me, pumping slowly. “Tell me how much you want it,” he ordered. “Tell me how rough you want it.”

“Fuck me as hard as you can, Andy, please,” I breathed. I was filled with lust. Andy pulled my underwear down and slammed into me, making me scream. He didn’t give me any time to adjust, just went at a fast pace. “Oh, God!” I yelled, my knuckles turning white from gripping the table. Andy was letting out a few grunts as he continued to slam into me, rocking the table. His hand smacked my ass and I just knew it left a nice red print.

“Fuck you feel so damn good,” he groaned. He pulled out and spun me over so I was facing him now. Andy kissed me passionately before continuing. I wrapped my arms around his neck, nails digging into his shoulders. We were both sweating and breathing heavily. Andy brought a hand to rub my clit as continues to pound into me and I felt myself start to lose it. “Scream my name when you cum,” he whispered in my ear. It didn’t take long after that.

“Andy, fuck!” I yelled, tightening around him and shaking with pleasure. He released after a few more thrusts, a string of profanities leaving his mouth. We caught our breath together before looking in each other’s eyes and laughing about what we just did. We put our clothes on again and cleaned up. “I would so get fired if anyone found out about that,” I told him, grinning like an idiot.

“Well, you wouldn’t get in trouble if we went out for drinks, right?” he asked, smiling sincerely. I returned it happily.

“No, that would definitely be okay,” i said, packing up my camera. “Can we get some food, too, though? All that activity made me hungry.” Andy laughed and put his arm around my shoulders as we headed out.

“Absolutely. My treat.”


Backstage @ Danceteria,  October, 3 1983,  Eric Kroll

 Rare and “ONE-of-a-KIND” period 1983 original photograph depicting a young Madonna striking a prayer pose for the camera. This shoot was captured in october 1983 at the Danceteria benefit for Michael Stewart, a graffiti artist who was beaten by police. The idea of this private photo shoot was to raise awareness against police brutality. Photographs of the future pop diva at the time her star was on the rise. At 23 years-old, and without a manager, Madonna remained in pursuit of becoming “somebody”; Negotiations with the William Morris Agency is not got nowhere. Madonna had to attend nightclubs Mudd Club and Danceteria, a time when disco was giving way to dance music and hip hop.  

According to Suzanne aka Venus, she said in her book Widow Basquiat that Jean-Michel was laughing while the women fought, and he told Suzanne she beat Madonna up like a Puerto Rican lol but Madonna ultimately won the war that night because he still chose to stay with Madonna. He only went back to Suzanne once Madonna broke up with him and even then he still slept with other women. Suzanne was funny, one day she went to Jean-Michel’s apartment screaming at him and Madonna from the streets then she made a bonfire of his artwork in the street. Suzanne is half Palestinian and half English. She had supported Basquiat when he had nothing but a bucket of crayons. When they split he was dating Madonna and she was dating graffiti artist Michael Stewart. Michael was killed by police in 1983 after they beat him up for writing graffiti in the subway. 

Cosplay: Blake Belladona
Model: @akiderps
Fandom: RWBY
Event: Private Shoot

Selfie ships

This is for @kaijasimagines

I would ship you with Suho and Rapmonster

You seem like someone that would be perfect to take aesthetic photos and these guys are kings of aesthetics.

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He would love going on walks on the beach with you purely because he can take cute selfies with you and have some private photo shoots with you. His jokes make you laugh more than it should but you didn’t care because the way his face lights up, it’s worth it

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He is a clumsy boy but you’re there to balance him out. Namjoon gets hurt, you’re there with a first aid kit making sure he didn’t break his hand. He enjoys watching Marvel movies with you but get jealous when you squeal over Captain America. He had to hold you and Jungkook back from fighting during the Civil war era.