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Written for Kaidan Appreciation Week 2017, my meager contribution.

Your son is no longer welcome here!”

Then my family and I are no longer welcome here!”

He’s five years old. He’s sitting between his parents in the back of the skycab that is taking them away from his mother’s family, her parents, her sister, and her nieces. All because of him, because he’s a monster. He would cry and beg his mother to forgive him, but even at five years old, his shame and guilt do not allow him to show more grief than his mother does. And so far, he’s only seen a single tear roll down her cheek as she looks out the window.

But they said I was a freak!”

Don’t you ever say that about yourself! You are NOT a freak!”

He’s eight years old. He’s sobbing in his mother’s lap because the neighbors’ children were harrassing him earlier. The kids at school used to bully him all the time too until his parents decided to home-school him last year. But he’s a good-natured, sociable child, and the neighbors’ kids had looked like they were having so much fun, he had only wanted to play with them. He’s sobbing even harder when he hears his dad arguing with the neighbors outside. He’s making his parents’ lives so much more difficult than they have to be. He really is the most horrible boy on earth.

Your mother was worried sick! What if something had happened to you?!”

I don’t care!! I wish something had happened to me, I wish I were dead!”

He’s twelve years old. He slams the door to his bedroom as hard as he can. He won’t cry. He won’t cry, damn it. He lets himself fall on his bed, his face hidden in his pillow, and he screams as loud as he can. He ran away this morning, and his father has just brought him back after finding him trying to hitchhike on the highway. He had had such a good plan, too. He was going to go to Alaska and live with the bears, far, far away from humans. He hates it here. He hates that his parents only keep him around out of pity. He hates that they know he’s a freak and that they keep him at home all the time. They keep making excuses that it’s to keep him safe. He hates that they keep him instead of throwing him away, like the defective boy he is.

I’m sorry… I just… You scared me, Kaidan.”

He’s seventeen years old. Rahna’s words are still ringing in his ears when he finally arrives home. His temper scares him too, sometimes. His temper has made him a murderer. And yet his parents welcome him home with open arms, and he sees no fear in their eyes. He doesn’t understand. Unconditional love should only go so far… How can they still love him when even other biotics are afraid of him? He doesn’t dare ask them, though. He’s caused his parents so much grief over the years, and they’re still there for him. He had wanted to blame them for sending him to Brain Camp, but he had heard what the men in suits had told his parents when they came to take him away. It’s for his own good, he will be with people with the same ability, people who will understand him in a way no one else can, people who will help him reach his full potential. No wonder his parents had bought into it. They probably thought they were holding him back. He realizes how unfair he’s been with his parents. He owes it to them to become a better person. Someone even other people are not afraid of.

It’s good to see you, Kaidan.”

He’s twenty-three years old. By now, he’s gotten pretty good at reading people, especially their eyes. Chaz is genuinely happy to see him. But he shouldn’t doubt his friend. His best friend. Chaz is the only non-biotic, asides from his parents, who has never been afraid of him. Chaz is a corporal now, about to ship out on assignment, and Kaidan is so proud of his friend. Who would have thought the lanky street urchin he had met in Tokyo would end up an Alliance Navy Corporal? He knows Chaz had wanted him to enlist as well, so he hopes Chaz is just as proud of him. He’s still just a private second class, but he already knows he wants to make it to officer.

He’s thirty years old. When he first lays eyes on Meris Shepard, he only has a fleeting thought about Akuze. She’s so vibrant and full of life, it’s hard to think of her as a sole survivor, as someone who has survived something so horrific. She’s all grins and laughs… and yet… and yet… They are all at the Oculus, to celebrate Chaz’s promotion to Lieutenant Commander. Chaz is the one who introduces them, and Kaidan can tell that, beneath that bubbly exterior, there is something else in Meris’s eyes. Something he can’t quite define. He wants to know her. He’s not sure why, but he knows she’s going to be a part of his life. For better or worse.

So, I’m sort of doing a Keroro Gunsou reverse AU where the Keronians are all humans and the humans are all Keronians, with the main groups of each switching places. I posted designs earlier and here’s some description about the characters and their roles.

Fyuki Hinata = Private Second Class Fyukiki: Known for being something of a screwup, he’s only on the platoon because of his sister and Mokoko’s influence. He’s more of a pasifict and likes supernatural type stuff.

Sergeant Keroro = Kaeru Ridahoshi: 16 year old laze about who spends his time watching anime and building gundam instead of trying to make something of himself. Despute being rather lazy and selfish, he has this weird ability to makes friends and rally people together.

Momoka Nishizawa = Major Mokoko: Most people believe that she only has her rank and position because her father is a general when in reality she is very deserving of her position, being an amazing soldier. She has a special affection for Fyukiki and pulled some strings to get him in the same platoon as her.

Private Second Class Tamama = Otama Kuroberri: 12 year old cutie pie who loves sweets and cute things and just generally enjoying life as a little boy. But, he has a fast temper, is outrageously jealous, and is super strong.

Natsumi Hinata = Leuitenant Colonel Natsusu: The youngest Leuitenant Colonel in Keronian history, from the very beginning people knew she would end up as high as she did. She’s an amazing strategist, leader, and is overall a great soldier. But, though she overshadows him immensely, she has a soft spot for her helpless younger brother.

Corporal Giroro = Enkei Juaka: 17 year old best friend of Kaeru, he’s a militant wannabe who doesn’t do that great in academics but excels in physical matters. Something of the muscle of their group he develops a rather intense crush on the Leuitenant Colonel. Wants to either be a soldier or a railyard worker as an adult.

Saburo/Mitsumi = Captain Mitmimi: A very quiet and mysterious Keronia, he sort of just appeared out of nowhere at a high rank one day. Has the uncanny ability to take out his opponents without them noticing as well as a knack for computers and poetry.

-Sergeant Major Kururu = Warai Uzumaku: 14 year old child genius who is already in university because of his insane intellect. He is both a great computer programmer as well as inventor and makes quiet a few things that are impressive even to the technologically advanced Keronians. While he’s a child genius he’s pretty unpopular due to his tricky nature and odd interests.

Koyuki = Corporal Koyuyu: A top tier assassin known best for her constantly bright and peppy attitude, despite the atrocities she is able to commit. She is Natsusu’s best friend and confidant on the platoon.

Lance Corporal Dororo = Mei Pakku: 16 year old best friend of Kaeru and Enkei, he is very quiet, a pacifist, and enjoys revelling in the wonders and beauty of nature. He tends to get forgotten a lot, even when he purposefully tries to get people’s attention.

(NOTE: Just as the frogs were aged down to match their roles, the kids were all aged up to adulthood to match theirs)

To the ELF that I love

Salute!! It’s Private second class soldier Lee Hyukjae!! It seemed like it was just the day before yesterday that we just hit the new year but one month has already passed. They said that the time isn’t really passing in the army but I’ve adapted well and i’m not sure of if the  army life is satisfying or what but time seemed to be passing quickly. A while ago, I’ve passed the 100th day since I enlisted and if 6 more times passes like this, we will be able to meet again!!! Ah time is passing well ^^^^^^ And one thing that I’ve felt that time is  passing fast is… this letter. This  letter is the last letter~~ The last letter as a Private Second Class Soldier!!!! One week from now. I will hang another stick and finally be promoted to Private First Class Solder!^^^ That private first class soldier that only does work earnestly… yes that private first class soldier..even though the rank of private  second class soldier was cute and good, it was also a pity. Any way , the time is passing well so everyone, tolerate for a little while more and wait for me. The weather these days is becoming crazy and unbelievably cold, everyone didn’t catch a cold right? I’m extremely healthy. I wore two or there long johns, stuck hot packs on my knees and is still in the midst of winning while diligently fighting with the cold weather. When I stuck hot packs to my knees, out batch mates looked at with a really pitiable look and adds that i’m old occasionally. Everyone understand me right? We are growing  old together.. doesn’t everyone’s knees feel cold? Oh no.. everyone’s knees are cold, sides are cold, heart are cold.. eihyu please stick lots of hot packs here and there. Anyway, it seems like this entire winter will be cold.. so definitely don’t go out of the comforter, It’s dangerous. The weather should be getting warmer but .. it’s a time when I’m in dire need of everyone’s prayers. Please make the weather clear up and become little warmer. Please ㅠㅠ Ah!! Thank you very very much for the Bonsang on Golden Disk. Thank you. Everyone.. it was a special album and our promotion was also short but thank  to our incredible ELF, we managed to get an award like this again so I’m really happy and glad. It was a pity that I can’t repay you with a stage and be together with you guys at the award ceremony but it seems like the hyungs  filled in my parts for me during the acceptance speech so it was a a good thing. I hope to definitely meet you guys on stage next year. I have to pray before I sleep today. The moon is also incredibly big and a bright full moon has risen. Everyone, please pray while looking at the moon and thinking of me. Ah!! I will be thankful if everyone gives our Ryeowookkie lots and lots of support for his solo album too, The little prince…. isn’t that me? Anyway, I believe in everyone. will come back as a Private First Class Solder. I miss you a lot and l love you ♥ 
2016.1.24 Private Second Class Soldier Lee Hyukjae. ©

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