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if i learned how to relate to rich white girls going to private school or a white boy with fucking spider powers i know damn well you can relate to poor kids living in the bronx

  • namjoon: hey do you think i could, i dunno, maybe go to hang out with jackso-
  • jin: maybe i'll get pregnant. maybe i'll just go and root ken or something and get pregnant and then you deal with that. you'll have to fucking raise the baby
  • jin: is that what you want?
  • namjoon:
  • jin:
  • namjoon:
  • jin: i fuckin thought so
  • jin: i'm gonna go hang out with ken now is that okay?
  • namjoon: *flips table*
Teenagers (4) Masterlist

part one, part two, part three

And Marigolds All in a Row - blueberryphancakes

Summary: Dan is angry. Angry at the world, angry at his parents, angry at his classmates who treat him more like a punchline than a person. New to Brookwood Academy, he does his best to keep his head down and take advantage of his opportunity at a fresh start, but getting through sixth form unnoticed proves harder than expected. Then, one day, he wanders into a garden with as many secrets as flowers and meets a boy who has managed to do just that.

Christmas Party - cafephan

Summary: During a Christmas party with his friends, Phil finds himself alone and upset in a room full of loved-up couples. Dan is there to comfort him.

Color Me Shades Of Smitten - phanniephil

Summary: High school au in which Dan is an introspective poet, and Phil is a quiet math geek. One day their paths cross, and their lives both change for good.

Do You Believe In Magic? - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Dan and Phil live in a world where magic exists. They’ve grown up together in a same small town and have learned to hate each other. One day a ‘witch’ casts a spell on them to make them switch bodies with each other. They spell can’t be undone until they learn to get along.

Falling Slowly - snowbunnylester

Summary: The two shy boys in class are forced to do a project together, and a relationship is born.

Feelings Gone Unnoticed - studio-phan

Summary: Phil Lester was beyond perfect, but sadly he wasn’t mine.

Feel The Sunshine - interrupted-by-fireworks

Summary: Dan’s promised to go to his brother’s soccer game but starts to get bored there. That is, until he bumps into someone and spills his drink.

here comes the sun (do do do do) - starryskylester

Summary: Dan sits behind Phil in English class. Dan does weird things to get the boy he likes’ attention. Dan somehow succeeds.

i’m not a saint but do I have to be? (ao3) - ecstasin

Summary: Phil’s very serious about his role as a prefect and Dan just wants his attention (and some fun).

It’s Just The Way It Is? (ao3) - Fangirlcraze

Summary: Dan is a rich british teen with no sense of how to live and provide for himself. His mother’s job forces them both to move to America. Among all the changes, his new public school is much different than the all-boys private school he attended back in England. The families are poor, the kids are aren’t as rude, and America is filled with amazingly weird culture that Dan is cautious to explore. Phil is an American teen with a weekend job and an average SAT score. For community service hours, he has to guide a snobby rich british teen on how to adjust to a new school and eventually, a new perspective on life.

Kiss Me Alot (ao3) - transphil

Summary: Phil offers to be Dan’s first kiss.

Like A Superhero (ao3) - extraterrestriallester (juleswatsvn)

Summary: Dan is a grumpy teenager that doesn’t want to go on holiday with his parents. Phil works at the campsite shop. What will happen when they meet?

My Pastel Prince - uslovesphan

Summary: Pastel!Dan gets the amazing news that his boyfriend, Punk!Phil, is moving to his town. Dan gets bullied by his classmates and Phil finds out about it, but that Phil knows, doesn’t work out very well for Dan.

More Or Less (Than) Friends - uslovesphan

Summary: Phil is popular and cool and has lots of friends, Dan is shy and doesn’t have any friends. Neither of those things turn out to be ideal, but they might be ideal together.

No Wrong Way - snazzydan

Summary: This isn’t how he’s supposed to be. Phil is in love with the girl he thinks Dan is. Dan can’t bear to disappoint him with the truth.

One Daydream Away - awkwarddezzy

Summary: “He strolls through the halls with his head held high, a coy smirk playing on his lips, but his eyes tell me otherwise.” In which Phil is a dark enigma that Dan will never give up on. High school AU, Punk! Phil and Pastel! Dan.

Raspberry Vodka - dansleftboob

Summary: Teen!Phan try raspberry vodka and anal sex for the first time.

The Summer - snowbunnylester, botanistlester

Summary: Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life.

Two Doors Down (ao3) - thejigsawtimess

Summary: Dan drums in the dead of night to dispel the quiet. Phil can hear him from two doors down.

Who’s That Boy? - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Dan Howell is the shy, loser kid who nobody notices unless they’re picking on him. Nobody cares about him until they find out that he’s dating a mystery older boy on a motorbike, named Phil Lester.

You Are You And I Am I - lesterkinky

Summary: singer!dan and baker!phil au.

you keep on hitting, but i keep on swinging - magicalphil

Summary: Dan’s an asshole and Phil tries to convince himself Dan isn’t one.

Yana’s favorite tropes

Today I feel like adressing one of the most popular topics in the Kuroshitsuji fandom, the BL subtext. The male on male fanservice has always been prominent in the series, has stirred up controversy, attracted many. annoyed some, and even spawned a funny rumor that the manga was supposed to be a yaoi one. The last statement, which has aready been proved false, has it’s roots in the author’s past as a yaoi artist and the shota BL works that she published under her pen name Yanao Rock. For this post I decided to read one of those works, Glamorous Lip, a one-shot consisting in six different short stories, and take note of the similarities with Yana’s current and most prominent work, Kuroshitsuji

First I want to note that with these observations I am not trying to prove a point or encourage any particular view of the manga, I simply thought that getting to know the author’s tastes might help to make future predictions on the current storyline. 

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can you share some favorite larry fics? sorry if youve answered this before xx

I have answered this before but I literally never ever get tired of talking about my favorite stories!!!! Here are some of them in no particular order. 

1. My all time favorite story ever is Wild and Unruly by @gloriaandrews and @100percentsassy, though literally every single thing they write, together or apart, is amazing and on my favorites list. I love Wild and Unruly most though probably because I’ve worked on dances before and am a massive horse person and Dolly Parton fan and can’t believe a story exists where Harry serenades his cow named Jolene with Beyonce because like…that’s what the inside of my heart looks like all the time??? Also it’s just so real and romantic and I fucking love every second of it. 

2. Hush. by @wankerville is one of my favorite works of all time and space, too. It was one of the first fics I read in the fandom, and it stuck with me so intensely and so powerfully, like…I really feel this story so close to my heart, on such a profound level. I remember the first time read it at work and I just wept and got choked up the whole time, eyes just burning for hours. Once I finished it I felt this insane comforting warmth wash over me, like all the trauma I experienced in high school being in love with a girl who suffered from debilitating internalized homophobia had somehow been soothed or dislodged. There’s something so intimate and tender and soft about her characters, but also about just the way she writes, and it really moves me in a way I can’t accurately describe? I don’t know I just love it. I love the way she choose not to write technically perfect, and instead invents words of breaks rules to convey a feeing or tone which exists  beyond the constraints of technicality. It’s so inspired. Like, I often talk about how fan fiction as a genre is inherently reparative and restorative for queer individuals, and when I talk about that, the careful love with which @wankerville writes is exactly what I mean. 

3. My heart is breathing for this moment in time  by usedtothebeach, otherwise known as the Time Travellers Wife AU is another favorite of mine…it’s so fucking gut-wrenching and painful and REAL, and it’s SUCH a clever play on canon that I legit almost forget Louis isn’t a time traveler sometimes?! As a canon writer I just really admire how she wove the real story into her universe, it’s absolutely masterful and aside from it being well-crafted, it’s just so emotional and evocative and makes me FEEL SO MUCH. Like wow Harry pines so hard for so long and it’s so aching and ugh. I just love it, even though I hardly ever reread it because it fucking devastates me. 

4. we can take the long way home by @eleadore is one of my all time favorite stories, which is crazy because it’s literally about fertility kink and I hate mpreg and ABO as a general rule? It is seriously one of the sexiest, most intimate, most intense reads off my fucking life though, and I don’t say that lightly. I reread it ALL the time. I actually had a really really hard time choosing one of @eleadore‘s fics because every single one of them is scorchingly hot and very high on my rereading list, but the fact that this is one of the hottest stories ever and it specifically deals with a kink I usually won’t touch with a ten foot pole is a huge testament to how amazing it is. so. Honestly though, read everything she’s ever written though…her TXF fic is fucking remarkable and so is her cabin in the woods fic and the one where they play truth or dare by the pool? Help. 

5. Fuck, so @mediaville is another author I love every single thing from, but again I’m gonna pick a favorite based on the fact it has things I usually don’t dig but I’m still obsessed with it and say One Day to Believe In You. As you all know I lOVE canon fic but I tend to have a pretty strict window in the timeline where I can believably imagine them getting together….like basically anything after week two of TXF I’m like “this is canon compliant but not CANON” and have so suspend disbelief lmao. This story features a SUPER late tension break, and it still manages to be so fucking amazingly hot and believable and the confession scene leading up to the sex? Holy shit it’s hot. Like too hot to think about in public. Anyway I know you asked for larry fic but @mediaville also cowrote an AMAZING bressie fic with balefully that’s FIRE if you’re into that sort of thing. 

6. I also absolutely love To the Ends of the Earth by  @alienproof, it was one of the first canon fics I read where everything seemed really real? I also love the remote cabin love confession trope and I think it cab be a hard one to pull off. I love the tension in this story and the masturbation scene and that Harry has a cat named Neon and spends time making food for his middle aged neighbors…it just seems like a very true and tender hiatus characterization of them. And the sex scenes? Damn. 

7. I sort of feel like @mizzwilde personally wrote Young and Beautiful for me, even though she has no idea who I am, lol. I am just such a sucker for bratty private school boys doing drugs until they fall apart, and Velvet Goldmine is my all time favorite movie…fuck. it’s just so tailored to my interests that I don’t even mind that it’s 100k build with no smut lmao. It’s just a beautifully written dramatic luxurious story and everything about it is absurd and wonderful in the best way. 

8. I adore everything @loadedgunn has written (her sex scenes changed my life?) but my favorite is May We Stay Lost on Our Way Home, otherwise known as the fairy fic. Again…as a general rule, I hATE fantasy fic or stuff with magic/supernatural elements in it, but this story is so unbelievably sweet and hot and funny and real that it transcends it’s genre. I love every second of it and Louis LITERALLY HAS WINGS? Like it’s just such a gloriously written fairytale, but still manages to be distinctly Harry and Louis, which is one of my favorite things about this author: her AUs manage to be SO true to their canon characterizations that it almost feels like reading canon fic. There are parts of this story it that really touch and move me, and then it also has one of my all time favorite sex scenes in it, and then this fucking scene where like…Louis uses root bondage to hold down Harry while he magically tattoos him and the sadist/tattoo artist in me LIVES FOR IT. Basically, this fic has everything and I fucking love it. 

God this was so hard, I keep thinking of more I love! I’m gonna leave it at this though, since most of my other favorite stories are by these authors, who are all phenomenal. 

Calling beta readers!

Hi all!  

I’m looking for beta readers for Misshapen, my adult literary fiction novel set in 1880s Scotland. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate anyone who wants to help!

The pitch

A decade before Oscar Wilde opens up about his homosexuality only to be tried for gross indecency and imprisoned for two years with hard labour, Scottish teenager Gill Macduff discovers he’s gay.

Already hopelessly alone at his small-town school and on the family farm he’s expected to inherit, the last thing Gill needs is more reason to collapse into himself. Every time he finds a friend or mentor he admires, they slip through his fingers. And, when someone reaches out to him, he pushes them away. It’s a bad habit, being a threat to himself.

If you had asked Gill, last year, how he’d feel if his father found him a scholarship to attend an elite, all-boys private school in Edinburgh, he would have jumped at the chance. Now, he isn’t so sure that boarding at Glenallen Academy, away from home and at the mercy of two-hundred rich, cut-throat—and, if you ask Gill, handsome—boys, is his path to happiness.

On the surface, Gill’s life is as wholesome as an episode of “Little House on the Prairie.” Beneath that, it’s as gritty as a Carson McCullers novel. In 99,000 words, I look into a forgotten piece of history: that of the gay people who never come out because they were born in the wrong time. They molded themselves to fit in so well that we easily forget how many stories went untold.

Who am I looking for?

Anyone who wants to read this is WELCOME, but specifically: historical and literary fiction readersnerds and outsiders, and gay male readers (for accuracy). These are the kinds of people who would enjoy my story.

There are a couple of sex scenes, but they aren’t too explicit. You may not want to read it if you are uncomfortable with reading sex. There is one instance of sexual harassment, and several instances of corporal punishment (all but one are not graphic).

Readers aren’t expected to provide line edits. I will have broader questions about the content at the end of each chapter for you to answer. If I have questions about your feedback, we can email or Skype chat to clarify. 

I would like betas to read 2 chapters (7,500 words, on average) a week, but if you can read only 1 chapter per week, we can work that out. If you can read more than 2 chapters, please do.

Please message me on Tumblr with your email address if you’re interested. I will send you a couple of questions about yourself and the first chapter as a taste. If you like it, I will send you 1 chapter at a time from then on. When you are done a chapter, email me the answers to the feedback questions, and I‘ll send you the next chapter. 

If, at any point, you don’t want to continue reading, I won’t be offended. If it’s for a reason you’re comfortable sharing, please let me know so I can improve my novel, but you aren’t obligated to tell me anything.


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Pairing: Sebastian Smythe x Reader

Request: “Request idea Sebastian Smythe x reader where both have to attend an after school class to learn English (Seb. Speaks French, reader Spanish) and they grow fond of each other &’ Sebastian calls her a cute name in French but reader doesn’t realize what it is until they confront Sebastian about it &’ it leads to them confessing their feelings for each other, thanks &’ have a lovely day :)”

Word count: 1.073

A/N: I am finally back, guys! I’ve been in different trips and I’ve been dealing with a great and vexing writer’s block. I am sorry for not posting anything for about two weeks and my requests are piled up. I will try to post in these days, I promise.
Anyways, I hope that you like this imagine and sorry if I took so long to write and post it. Oh, I wrote the translation of the words in cursive, I didn’t know how to insert them in the story.
I love you all and thank you for the support.

- G. x

Moving into a new country is very difficult, mostly if you don’t know anyone, if you don’t know the language and you have a hard time on fitting groups in or making some friends.

You transferred in Lima as your parents found a better job in that small city of Ohio. It has been few years since you started studying at the William McKinley High School and you excelled in most subjects, but your professors decided that you were still having problems when it came to communication, since Spanish was your mother tongue.

You hated that school because you’ve been bullied for being a complete foreigner, but the day would always get better because you have your obligatory English lessons after school.

It was absurd, but you’ve always looked forward on attending that class. Maybe because you wanted to perfectionate your English, but maybe it’s even better to say that your crush, Sebastian Smythe, attended it too.

Sebastian studied at Dalton Academy, a private and all-boys school in Ohio. He was a pain in the ass and annoying at first, but you both grew fond of each other after few weeks of your obligatory classes. You didn’t know how to approach him during the first weeks, since he spoke only in French, but then you both started talking when he started to learn some words.

“Class dismissed.” Your English teacher has said as the deafening bell rang. “See you tomorrow, students. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye.” You greeted her together with the other students as you gathered your things on the table.

“Mon Trésor,” You quickly looked up from where the voice came from and a wide smile was quickly seen in your face. “let’s grab a hot cup of coffee and talk about life?”

“About life?” You raised your eyebrow as you tossed your English notebook nonchalantly in your bag.

“Oui! Yes!” He happily responded and you shrugged your shoulders.
“Your treat?” You smirked and he let out a loud laugh. You knew each other for almost a year now and you’ve been treating each other as best friends.

“Como siempre. Like always.” He copied your accent exaggeratedly, quickly rolling his eyes after and you gave him a slap on his shoulder.

“You better speak in English or I am kicking your ass.” You winked as you got up from your chair and you started walking out of the room. “And I don’t speak Spanish in that way, Loco! Crazy!

“Shut up.” He messed your hair up and he ran away from you, as he already knew that you were literally kicking his ass for his actions.

“Smythe, I hate you!” You belted out for him to hear your sincere thoughts.
“No, you don’t.” He turned around just to wink and to flash you a smirk. “We both know that.” He turned around once again and he walked normally.

“Estupido. Stupid.” You playfully insulted him as you shook your head while biting your bottom lip, you didn’t want him to notice that you were smiling.

“Thank you, mon Trésor.” He winked at you when he saw that you reached him and you just rolled your eyes, hiding the happiness you were feeling during that moment.

You then walked silently and, in no time, you reached your favourite café. Sebastian ordered the usual orders: cappuccino and croissants with Nutella filling.

“Thank you, Seb.” You sweetly thanked him as he sat on his usual chair, beside you.

“No problem, mon Trésor.” He smiled at you as he started eating his croissant.

“Seb?” You curiously called him by his name as you put your cup full of hot cappuccino on its white porcelain saucer. “May I ask what mon Trésor means?”

“Huh?” He corrugated his forehead as he put his croissant on the plate. “Why?” You kind of noticed that he became a little bit nervous because of your question.

“You’ve been calling me in that way since we’ve became friends.” You debated. “I am curious to know its meaning.”

“It doesn’t mean anything.” He lied through his teeth, stuffing a big piece of croissant to avoid the question, losing a little bit his class and gracefulness.

“Oh, shut up Sebastian.” You rolled your eyes. “What does it mean? Por favor! Please!

“Oh, c’mon!” He said flashing you a smile, trying to distract you. “It’s nothing, it’s just a nickname.”

“I still demand its meaning!” You say as you cross your arms, acting stubbornly.

“It means My Treasure, okay?” He blurted out quickly as he started to run out of patience, praying inside him that you didn’t understand it.

“Aw, that’s sweet.” You smiled at him as you melted for his sweetness. You were really happy to know the meaning of his nickname for you and, in some ways, your heart skipped some beats of it. “But why did you choose that nickname?”

“I don’t know, (Y/N)!” He huffed as he stuffed other big pieces of croissant in his mouth.

“Ow, c’mon!” You insisted and you noticed that he started to get annoyed and disturbed. You knew that you’ve reached his limit of patience, but Sebastian was your best friend and he’s never gotten angry because of your vexatious actions.

“I love you and you are important to me, okay?” His voice tone was a little bit higher, but he quickly calmed down when he realized that he just confessed what he felt towards you. Your eyes opened widely and you couldn’t believe of his revelations. “OMG!” His eyes grew wide as he dealt with his heart missing some beats of it.

“Seb?” You bit your lower lip, flattered because of his sincerity. You wondered how could Sebastian like someone like you. “I love you too.” Your heart jumped for happiness as you finally let your feelings out, even though it took away a huge piece of your courage. You never told anyone that you liked him, so you felt relieved right after it.

“What?” He raised his eyebrows as he slowly chewed his sweet pastry. “You? You love me too?”

“Oui, Sebastian! Yes, Sebastian!” You nodded slowly. He flashed you a wide smile as he realized that his feelings were requited and he quickly stood up, waiting for you to hug him with his arms opened widely.

It was just the start of your love story with Sebastian and you finally found a valid reason to thank your parents for choosing Ohio as your new home.

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Harry should totally go back to the "farmer Harry" look. I think it works so much better on him instead of what he's got going on right now.

Harry’s farmer look is fire. But IMO all his looks are fire: 

Muppet Cupcake:

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Preppy Private School Boy:

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Frat Boy Harry: 

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Charlie Brown Harry

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Prince Harry

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Mom-Shirt Harry

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Dad shirt harry:

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Grandpa shirt harry:

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Floral Suit Harry:

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Whale Harry:

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Bun Harry: 

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And my personal favorite: Hoe Harry 

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