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wanna hear something hilarious? I go to one of the best private high schools in New York State. we spend 14,000 dollars a year on it. New York State spends 16,000 dollars a year to send each student to a public school. there are only 12 other kids in my class. over half of us are straight-A students. we get quality lunches and yearly trips to Europe. europe. we spend two thousand dollars less each year for an education that's easily twice as good. government waste never ceases to baffle me.

That’s ridiculous.. and very sad. Thanks for sharing. 

Probably 80 percent of what you learn in college has nothing to do with the curriculum. The first glance at a $300 textbook gives you a brutal early lesson in market monopolies, and having your first roommates will teach you valuable lessons in conflict resolution, human sexuality, and the importance of good hygiene. So when our source, “Joe,” started his own business secretly writing papers for other students, he got a whole side education in human behavior he never expected.

5 Things You Learn Helping Rich College Kids Cheat (For Pay)

An objection to anarchism that I hear fairly often is that human beings are not so constituted as to be able to productively and intelligently rule themselves. 

It is certainly true that people who come out of a statist educational system tend to be functionally retarded in many ways – they do not understand law, they do not understand politics, they do not understand economics, they do not understand philosophy, they have very likely never taken a course in logic – or even been offered one – they do not understand the scientific method, and they fundamentally do not know how to think or debate from first principles. 

These are just the natural and disgusting results of the existing system – to say that men cannot be free because they lack the habits that freedom would have inculcated is a completely circular argument – it is like saying that newborn chicks of geese that have had their wings clipped can never fly, or that the daughter of a Chinese woman who suffered through foot binding will be born with bound feet.

—  Stefan Molyneux, Practical Anarchy, Page 28

I know people who go to private schools think that public school’s aren’t ‘that bad’ but seriously

One guy put bleach on the fan in the common room and when the fan was turned on, it bleached the entire room - we are no longer allowed a common room

On the last day of school, someone brought a chicken in and the Rspca was called in

Someone threw a cooked chicken at our deputy head

One kid told our head teacher to fuck off - our head teacher replied with ‘I’ll fuck you in my office’

People keep stealing our toilet seats

Someone also stole one of the locks on our bathroom door

One kid put tea bags in the kettle, because they thought that was how you made tea

Our math ceiling collapsed on a bunch of kids, we didn’t have ceiling tiles for about two weeks

We cant afford heating in the science department, so the teachers just place bunsen burners around the classroom to heat it up

Someone photoshopped a picture of our math teacher onto a gay porn picture and placed it around the school

someone else kept putting up missing posters for their bottle

public school is fucked up someone help

If you’re willing to shell out 40 grand a year for your child’s high school education, the institution you send him or her to had better be pretty outstanding. The first thing you might notice about the Delphian School is the striking beauty of the place, which sprawls out across 800 acres. Delving deeper, you may like what you find as you read of the school’s emphasis on rigorous academics, motivated faculty, and high standards of personal responsibility. Sounds pretty good! And then you see it:

“Delphi Schools, Inc. owes a debt of gratitude to Mr. Hubbard, whose extensive writings on education have guided our work in education and provide fundamental guidelines and policy for the schools in their approach to teaching, learning, and administration.”

Let us be clear about this: The Delphian School denies being affiliated with Scientology in any way. It’s merely a coincidence that half the student body are practicing adherents, and that Tom Cruise’s kids happen to be alumni.

So just what does an educational curriculum designed by L. Ron Hubbard look like, anyway? According to Hubbard, “All educational problems arise from misunderstood words,” so students spend a part of their day ritualistically looking up words in the dictionary to understand the multitude of nuances to words like “the.” Other activities include “training routines” where students are forced to remain stoic while other students scream abuse and ridicule. It’s basically the first act of Full Metal Jacket.

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