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Illinois mom pulls son out of private school after a string of targeted racist incidents

  • After months of racist taunting, an Illinois student captured his bully on video. Now, his mother has pulled him out of school and administrators are investigating.
  • WGN-TV reported that on Monday, Illinois woman Tianna Waits’ posted a video on Facebook of an anti-black song that students played around her 15-year-old son, whom she identified only as Marcus.
  • On the recording, which doesn’t show any faces, a student is playing the song “White Is Right,” by YouTube personality Pink Guy. The song contains the lyrics, “White is right, white is good/ keep those niggers back in the hood.”
  • In the post, Waits also vented about the many alleged racist incidents that happened to her son. Read more (3/17/17 11:08 AM)

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I am a pagan nanny, for a Christian family.

So, I am a nanny for a very Christian family, that family of which fired me when they found out about my spiritual path. However they since apologized, and I have received my job back. These kids that I nanny go to a Christian private school. This means dress codes. At this school colored hair is not allowed, you cannot have piercings or tattoos, your pants must always be at least to your knees. No tank tops, no sweat pants, only business casual clothing. And on Thursday’s they must dress super nice for Chapel. The oldest of the two that I care for has informed me that her class mates have created a nickname for me, “Punk” and on top of that, they have all said I look like the devil. I have 5 small tattoos, nose piercing, and bright green hair, and I do not conform to their standards of “modesty”. Every time I get out of my car to take the kids to an extracurricular activity such as sports or clubs, I receive the most judgemental stares from the grown ups, the faculty and the parents. This is the reason I am not longer Christian, but on top of that, my favorite thing to do when picking up the kids, is blast my pagan music in the pick up line!

Public School Aesthetic

-Literally no one knowing the words to the fight song, despite it being played at every game

-That weird cheering thing at assemblies

-That one teacher known to set off the fire alarm/break windows

-Water fountains so gross, no one risks it

-“We’re running today” *everyone groans, except that one kid who cheers. That kid has no friends

-Those morning announcements that no one actually pays attention to


-The music building is always freezing????

-More kids eat out of the vending machines than eat school lunch

-No salt in the cafeteria

-Bucher-paper posters that stay up the entire year because everyone’s too lazy to take them down, we get it, homecoming was 4 months ago, let it go

-Clubs with 2 people in them

-The periods before and after lunch: everyone is eating. Everyone.

-Not seeing certain AP students for weeks in May, when you do, they look dead

-Free periods

-Language teachers are always crazy

-School dances in the gym: no shoes allowed?

-When you walk into your least favorite class someone offers to mercy kill you

-Declining only because you have a test to study for next period

-“Remember that one day we got off because_(insert failing school facility)_?”

-When it first snows everyone rushes to the nearest window for the rest of class

Two Rockville High students arrested for allegedly raping classmate at school
A 14-year-old girl was raped in a bathroom stall during the school day, police charge.

Police arrested two ninth-graders, Henry E. Sanchez, 18, and Jose O. Montano, 17, who appeared in court Friday and were ordered held without bond.

Sanchez, a native of Guatemala who arrived in the United States about seven months ago, has a pending “alien removal” case against him, court officials said Friday.

Montano has been in the United States for about eight months, MacVittie said. Details about Sanchez’s removal case, or Montano’s immigration status, couldn’t immediately be learned Friday.

Gboyinde Onijala, a schools spokeswoman, said she could not comment on why Sanchez and Montano are only in ninth grade.

TRUTH:  Public schools are prohibited from asking legal status upon enrollment.  Public schools DO NOT do criminal background checks upon enrollment.  Public schools get funding for the number of butts in the seats.  Feel safe?

If you ever think private schools or boarding schools are sophisticated or prestige just remember that once in the 90′s the governor general of the province came to visit my school’s campus on photo day and he liked it so much that he wouldn’t leave and he photobombed all of the pictures, meanwhile his chauffeur got so upset he locked himself in the car. 

1. Relax

Relaxing is one of the most important parts. It helps you take your mind off things, and will help you become more motivated to do your work. Read a book, take a bath, watch a movie, anything!

2. Go over the notes from the week before, and if possible, rewrite/type them for easier reading.

It doesn’t matter whether if you don’t have homework in that certain class. Going over the notes will help you in the long run, and will also prepare you for any upcoming pop quizzes or tests that the next school day.

When I have time on the weekends, I do rewrite my notes to make them neater. It helps me retain the information and mark any important information I forget to add during class.

3. Update your calendar for any upcoming events/update bullet journal or planner

Just a way to make your life more organized the next week.

4. Do your homework

For my classes, homework doesn’t count as an academic grade, but it plays an important part for citizenship.

DO NOT SKIP YOUR ASSIGNMENTS. I REPEAT, DO NOT SKIP YOUR ASSIGNMENTS. You have homework to go over what you just learned, and also provides you with harder problems that may come up on a test. Doing your homework also means you can study off from it when there’s an exam coming up.


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The Great St. Trinians Train Robbery (1966)

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St. Trinians 2: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold (2009)

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The Moth Diaries (2011)

Innocence (2014)

I know people who go to private schools think that public school’s aren’t ‘that bad’ but seriously

One guy put bleach on the fan in the common room and when the fan was turned on, it bleached the entire room - we are no longer allowed a common room

On the last day of school, someone brought a chicken in and the Rspca was called in

Someone threw a cooked chicken at our deputy head

One kid told our head teacher to fuck off - our head teacher replied with ‘I’ll fuck you in my office’

People keep stealing our toilet seats

Someone also stole one of the locks on our bathroom door

One kid put tea bags in the kettle, because they thought that was how you made tea

Our math ceiling collapsed on a bunch of kids, we didn’t have ceiling tiles for about two weeks

We cant afford heating in the science department, so the teachers just place bunsen burners around the classroom to heat it up

Someone photoshopped a picture of our math teacher onto a gay porn picture and placed it around the school

someone else kept putting up missing posters for their bottle

public school is fucked up someone help

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can u suggest private school romance high school au please because if I was Britney (tbh can that happen) then this it what u need to gimme more of

this is the only one i could find -Madi

You’ll Wish You Were The Water by strikeuptheband (1/1 | 1743 | Teen and Up)

Tyler is a some cool senior with eyes for the pretty freshman Josh.