private remix


Alec’s night had been going fine, he felt a lot more at ease at the club now that it had been almost a month. He even knew a few of the regulars. The club seemed to like him enough to keep him on, and Alec honestly loved having a place to put his music out into. Not his private stuff but his remixes and experimental projects. So, he was enjoying himself, when Magnus walked in.

Magnus Bane, the man that had overtaken his thoughts since their fateful meeting. Thinking back on that night still gave Alec a mixture of happiness and sadness. Ever since he’d rejected the warlock it had been awkward when he appeared at the club, which was frequent. It didn’t seem to be bothering Magnus at all, but Alec’s mind was a light with guilt, desire and temptation. However, tonight was different, Magnus showed up with another person on his arm.

Alec felt hot jealousy flash through him, but he tried to ignore it. He had no right to be jealous, he turned Magnus down and the warlock was free to be with whoever he wanted. Alec could be an adult about this, surely. That was until about halfway through the night when his partner for the night had gotten to the touchy feely part of being drunk. They were hanging off Magnus, and then they started kissing him and Alec put on a playlist just in time to remove his headphones and storm across the club. 

He grabbed Magnus’ arm, yanking him away from the stranger. “Hey, sorry I gotta borrow him,” he said, beginning to drag Magnus to the back hallway that led to the bathrooms. “I might give him back,” he added, hoping it would deter them from going after the two.