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Private Security-Chapter 7-just a tiny tease...

Matthias’ POV

Beep, beep, beep…

The sound of those monitors was the only thing I could seem to focus on.

Linnea was asleep.

She had woken up in the ambulance, calling for me the moment her eyes opened. I was right there, of course. The paramedics covered the cut on her temple and worked to stop the bleeding. Since it was a clean cut, it bled like crazy, and they were fairly certain she’d need it stitched up. Despite being in a state of mild shock, she was able to answer all of their questions; and since she didn’t feel nauseous or have any blurred vision, they suspected that she may have avoided any serious damage. She remained awake for the rest of the ride, holding onto my hand the whole time.

Sure enough, the doctors had ruled out a concussion…somehow. I knew she was hard-headed, but I didn’t suspect that it was literally the case. She had taken two significant blows to the head while fighting off that asshole; but somehow, she had not only remained conscious until I was able to get to her, but managed to avoid any truly grave injury. Not that you could tell by looking at her. Her right eye was swollen and beginning to bruise badly. She had needed 4 stitches for the cut just next to her eyebrow, but x-rays showed no broken bones and the doctors were able to close the cut easily and assure that there would be little to no scarring.

If she had been awake when the ambulance arrived, they probably would have just taken us to the hospital, stitched her up, and let me take her home. However, since she had lost consciousness, even just briefly, they wanted to keep her for at least 4 hours. They said it was standard procedure, especially since she also had a laceration. After they had sewn her up and given her some pain meds, she had fallen asleep in the room assigned to her.

While the doctors and nurses had been doing their thing, I had done some work of my own. I didn’t share more than was necessary, but I gave the staff the basics and flashed my badge. All it took after that was a call from the embassy to get her a secure room. That’s where I sat now…watching her sleep. And there was no way I was leaving her until her father arrived.

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anonymous asked:

if someone came to you privately, and asked you to use one of your codes ( like the newer page ones you and leia are creating ) do you think you guys would let them? as long as they didn't redistribute them or claim them as their own ofc ( you guys have beautiful work by the way )

ummm i dont think so ))): im sorry, these codes leia and i are working on now are literally 10x better than anything either of us have ever done and our coding has improved massively since even vcnilla - that means that we’d be 10x more bummed out if even a slight bit of our coding was stolen & if we give it to one person, then more people are gonna ask. for ex our desktop code here, if someone was seen using that they’d ask where it was from & it’d end up getting distributed - plus idk i just like.. idk… i don’t necessarily believe people would always steal or claim as their own but we’ve had so many experiences where we’ve been kind enough to give ppl our unreleased codes only for them to take parts of it and distribute them / add them to their own codes / claim as their own. idk - i’d love 2 share our work but the probability of it being stolen or redistributed, or people asking constantly for it, is too high (not saying you’d do this but too many peeps have done it in the past) & because our coding has drastically improved, it would hurt a lot more for things to be stolen or claimed now than it did a few months ago - these codes we’re working super hard on & we’re super proud of them, but we’re doing them for us you know ?? idk.. leia might have a diff opinion i haven’t even spoken 2 her abt this but ya.. sorry ): thank u tho !

Since I have seen people reposting art from Takaya’s second account I would like to remind you all that she has explicitly stated NOT to repost her art without permission. (which I’m assuming none of you have). 
Please respect her art and her wishes and stop reposting anything from her second twitter, and please don’t reblog these reposts either.


First look: New York's Quad Cinema debuts chic Hollywood makeover

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First look: New York’s Quad Cinema debuts chic Hollywood makeover

New Yorkers who turned the elegant year-old Metrograph on the Lower East Side into celluloid sacred ground will cheer the April 14 return of the formerly down-at-the-heels Quad Cinema in Greenwich Village. A private preview will reveal the makeover to city cinephiles tonight, and THR has a first look at the space in photographs taken April 7. Real estate developer (L.A.’s Pacific Design Center) turned film player Charles Cohen - he’s been buying up movie libraries (Buster Keaton, Merchant Ivory), investing in restoration (Daughters of the Dust) and distributing foreign-language films, including Oscar winner The Salesman, via his Cohen Media Group - is behind the revival. “I’d been looking for a theater forever,” he says of the fourplex, the city’s oldest multiscreen theater (it opened in 1972).

Phew, all commissions are done/posted for April! I’ll most likely be opening up again May 8th, thanks again everyone :)

also I need to start posting things privately to preview, I feel so incompetent trying to post shit to tumblr anymore

Microsoft’s new Whiteboard app lets you draw in two-way conversations
Microsoft is unveiling a new Whiteboard app for Windows 10 today. It’s an app that’s designed for the company’s Surface devices, and provides two-way inking for Windows 10. Currently in private preview for Surface Hub devices, the new whiteboard includes collaborative inking, geometry recognition, table conversion, and automatic table shading. Read more