private practice 4


amelia shepherd + violet turner
     ↳ private practice 6x03 – good grief


amelia: hey, you okay? what’s going on? are you worried about something? are you getting pre-wedding jitters? are you going to jilt cooper at the alter? because i will drive the getaway vehicle, no questions asked.
: i’m not jilting coop, it’s just weddings mean family and our families… look, my mama is a straight-up southern belle, which means she’s charming, judgmental, and not afraid to self-medicate. imagining her with the freedmans… if they’re anything like their son, they’ll want to hug her and kiss her and whine about how there aren’t any good delis in los angeles.
: you know, sometimes when you have those worlds-collide situations, they actually turn out okay.
: and sometimes they end with a giant fireball that consumes everything around them.
          ↳ private practice 4.20: junkies together ( requested by anonymous )


if it were anyone but you saying that, i’d be recommending therapy.
         ↳  private practice 4.01 // grey’s anatomy 12.12