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I’m making this post because I see so many people blindly idolizing Jack Kilmer and he hasn’t done anything to deserve the amount of respect or fans that he has. Jack Kilmer took a picture “reenacting” basically mocking the death of River Phoenix. If you don’t know who River is he was an AMAZING actor, musician, and environmental/ animal rights activist. He also looks a bit like Jack Kilmer so people are always comparing them. On October 31st, 1993, River overdosed and died having seizures outside the viper room in West Hollywood. In the picture you can see Jack Kilmer laying on the ground playing dead outside the viper room. That’s not a coincidence. Jack Kilmer is seriously trash and beyond disrespectful. That was a really shitty thing to do and it wasn’t even remotely funny. I can’t believe someone who works in the same industry that admires River so much can do a shitty thing like this and people can still respect him. This picture is also his Instagram icon for crying out loud!!!! The next time you want to compare River Phoenix to Jack Kilmer and say they look so much alike or “Jack is the modern day River Phoenix” PLEASE DON’T. He doesn’t deserve to be compared to River and he obviously doesn’t even respect him.


Marvel’s Luke Cage Meme: [½] Locations - Seagate

Seagate is a privately-own prison off the coast of Georgia in the United States. It is a integral part of Luke Cage’s origin story in both the comics and the MCU. In Luke Cage, Hero For Hire #1 Carl Lucas met Shades and Comanche, as well as Officer Rackman and Dr. Burnstein, who were also part of Carl’s experiences at Seagate in the MCU. 

Seagate has other ties to the MCU via a Marvel one-shot entitled All Hail the King, which featured two Iron Man villains, Justin Hammer and Trevor Slattery, who might be remembered best as The Mandarin. 

The irony of white people crying and whining on the news about how their family members are heroine addicts. How they just made a ’ poor choice’. The cops having the fucking nerve to say that these white kids just need proper drug education and counseling and can’t be held accountable for the crimes they committed while under the influence. Where was this understanding when my grandmother and grandfather were losing 9 of their 10 children to heroine. Where was the counseling and education for my father when his mother began to do drugs? I have absolutely no sympathy for these people. Yall sat back in the 80’s and 90’s and watched Reagan and bush arrest and destroy family’s. No programs were really put in place to help these people cope with the strong hold crack and smack had on the black community. They just sent these ppl to their friends privately owned prisons instead of helping them. Now your kids can’t get the pills they want to pop so the are now shooting up the harder shit. You want sympathy? Girl naw! Never.

“The drug war is a total scam, prescription drugs kill 300K a year, while marijuana kills no one, but they spend billions/year ‘fighting’ it, because pot heads make for good little slaves to put into private prisons, owned by the banks who launder the drug money, and it’s ALL DOCUMENTED.”
― Alex E. Jones

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All their life, both of them have been sheltered and homeschooled, their parents refusing to let them go out without any chaperone. Being a strictly religious family shouldn’t have been equivalent to keeping their kids inside the house all the time as if it was their own private prison. Being the younger of the two, she was even less allowed to go out and she wasn’t even allowed to have friends from the opposite sex– their father always telling her that they just wanted to taint her innocence, something that she was growing more curious every year that has passed. Hanging around in her room with her brother sitting next to her, Delilah turned to her confidant and asked him curiously, “Flynn? Have you ever kissed someone before? My friends keep saying that it’s a nice feeling and I couldn’t relate to it.”