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I am an innocent mother who just wants privacy and I show that by having a public instagram account where 90% of my photos are of my child who I want privacy for I am a mother and my family just wants a normal life and we clearly show that by stalking fan accounts and then trying to start fights, sending e-mails, leaking private information about the fans I mean we reALLY JUST WANT PRIVACY HOW DO YOU NOT SEE THAT also follow my instagram and twitter both @ innocentmotherbriana thanks
—  Briana the Innocent Mother Jungleworm

anonymous asked:

** do you have any tips or tricks or smth for someone just starting out with digital work?? cause ngl man im clueless abd flailing

hi anon :o! could yu maybe be more specific ab what you need tips on? ths question is rlly broad and could include…a lot of stuff oomg…


Witty: Nice try, Banana Pie, but you’re all wet, or in this case, you’re going to be! Anyway, you forgot two things: One, what part of “Don’t Ask Bananas Wit” don’t you understand? Right now, the inbox is for submissions, fan mail, and private messages only! That means nopony can ask any questions, and that means you! Besides, you already asked a bunch of “banan” questions that haven’t even been answered yet! And two, the only thing around here that’s closest to the Bananpie [sic] Mafia is us, the Wit Hit! Trust me, I checked! Looks like you’re all washed up, Pie! Speaking of which, the tide’s coming in! Time for you to try out your new horseshoes!


Hello team Twin!
Do you want a setlist from the lovely Twin Atlantic… And OH MY… Do you want it signed by Mr Sam Mctrusty??!?

Well of course you do!!

How do you enter this free give away?

Follow me.
Reblog this post.
Reblog again to increase your chances.
Reblog again- why not?
I will post world wide- I will pay for the postage so it’s 100% free.

Please note if you win you will have to be comfortable to private mail me your address. (Don’t worry I won’t turn up at your door singing ‘yes I was drunk’ hand delivering the setlist in my best drunk singing voice)
The setlist is a little rumpled but that’s just how I got it, honest.

I’ll keep this up for a month and then choose my winner from a hat.

Happy TA giveaway guys!!!

Commissions OPEN

Hello! Commissions are open now (for the first time, ha-ha).

Lineart OR black & white sketch - 25$

Portrait - 60$

Half body - 100$

Full body (simple background) - 120$
with background - 200$

Animation (loop) - 220$

  • If you are interested, please send me private message or e-mail (
  • Payment first
  • I accept only paypal

    Any work details always can be discussed.

    Thanks for reading x)

Anyone interested in a copy of one of these books, please write me 

a NON-Anon message or fan-mail or over “submit” in case you have no tumblr account.

I will then provide you with all info's you need (in the next 24 hours). Those books can’t be bought in any store! I will only tell you how to get a copy over private mail. This is a private project and nothing official, the only way to grab a copy is over me. 

So send me a simple “I want one, tell me more” message for more information (non-anon or fanmail!) You don’t have to tell me an address yet or anything. You make a non binding request!

Pics of the book and everything can be found here and here. The Quality is absolute perfect, like a paperback from a store. 

Also I will offer (for free) pdf-downloads of the books, edited as an ebook for your kindle, IPad or whatever you use. Can be found in the “FanFic Library” of my blog. (Colepaldi Collection will come soon)

Bunny voting PSA.

Simon J. Bun would like to remind you to register to vote if you haven’t already. He’d also like to say that he’s never had a private e-mail server nor has he said rude/racist/sexist things about others…so you can use him as a write-in if you don’t like the other presidential candidates.  If nothing else, please vote on your congressional, senatorial and judicial candidates that are up for election this year.

Random rambling of the day is a friendly reminder:

Guys, don’t take the help you want from someone and leave. There, I said it. I shouldn’t have to say it.

If you’re reaching out someone in private—not only artists—and asking for their help, keep in mind they’re not a FAQ page at your disposal. They’re people just like you who went out of their way to help you. Don’t grab what you want and take off without a single-word reply of “Thanks.”.

I’m not saying you have to bury the person in compliments, nor I am demanding you to thank every ask and public comment answered—public communication is a different beast—, however, understand that if you’re sending a private message or e-mail you’re making it personal. You’re claiming someone’s undivided attention. If you just take what you want you’re using this person, plain and simple. If you consider feeling this way an overreaction to a meaningless question then you shouldn’t have asked the meaningless question in first place. If it’s not worth your time, undoubtedly it won’t be worth your helper’s time either.

It’s incredibly frustrating to realize that this type of behaviour isn’t the exception. It’s not a single rude person out there, or someone who didn’t get back because life happened here. It’s at least 80% of all requests for help. That’s not right, folks, this is the sort of thing that kills any willingness to help.

I am less than 15 followers from 450. Originally I said I would only host this if I made it to 440, but I am just so excited I thought “Why not? We’re close enough!”. 

Let me tell you how this is gonna go down. We’ll start with


  • Must be following me! This is a giveaway for my followers, after all. You can unfollow after if you want but I think that’s kind of shallow. I’ve also been told I post some pretty great stuff so there’s that. 
  • Do not tag this as “giveaway”. Tumblr deletes a lot of those, and if this goes down I will NOT repost it! 
  • This must reach at least 100 notes to become valid
  • Be comfortable with privately sending me your mailing address. I can’t send you your prize if you don’t, right? 
  • No giveaway blogs! This giveaway is for my followers only! I will check every blog. Even if this gets more than 300 notes I will check every. Single. One.
  • Side blogs may enter but don’t be a jerk and just make a ton of blogs to give yourself more chances. 
  • Likes DO NOT count but you can REBLOG AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE.  
  • There will only be ONE winner
  • Only for my American/US followers. Sorry to my international ones but shipping is expensive
  • Winner will be contact in their askbox, so make sure your’s is open! Winner will have 48 hours to respond. 


I will go on a $30 USD shopping spree to my local apothecary and buy what the winner wants within that budget. You may buy up to $30 USD of merchandise. I will cover taxes, so no worries there. 

What does that mean? Well, my apothecary sells pretty much anything you could ask for in regards to witchcraft or paganism. Here are some examples of what you can buy: 

  • Seashells
  • Crystals/Stones
  • Essential Oils
  • Incense
  • Sealing Wax 
  • Tarot/Oracle Cards 
  • Cauldrons
  • Candles (several sizes, scents and colors!) 
  • Mortar and Pestles 
  • Books (for information, spells or fiction!) 
  • Statues and Miniature Altars
  • Much more! 

This competition ends on August 31st, 2015

Good luck my lovelies! Have a blessed day. 

Frederator –home to Cartoon Hangover, Channel Frederator, Frederator Studios*  –take a breath– The Leaderboard, Cinematica, Átomo Network, Frederator Books, and Fredbot– has been creating limited edition New Year’s posters since 2002. The catch is that they’ve always gone to a private mailing list, never available to the public.

Until now.

For the first time ever, Frederator’s founder will be signing a small number posters for sale.

Here are the valuable details:

Numbered edition of 50 posters, signed by Fred Seibert
Design by Ben Ross
Illustration by Ben Ross and Eugene Mattos
Typography by Joey Ahlbum
Printed on 80# Finch opaque cover, 6 PMS colors
Printing by Will Dunnigan

Head on over to to claim your signed, limited edition poster

* Frederator Studios, of course, producers of Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time, Natasha Allegri’s Bee & PuppyCat, Pendleton Ward’s Bravest Warriors, Butch Hartman’s The Fairly OddParents, and dozens of others of your favorite cartoons.

The American Letter Mail Company was started by Lysander Spooner in 1844, competing with the legal monopoly of the United States Post Office (USPO) (now the USPS) in violation of the Private Express Statutes. It succeeded in delivering mail for lower prices, but the U.S. Government challenged Spooner with legal measures, eventually forcing him to cease operations in 1851.

The above image is of one of our shirts featuring the ALM Co. recreated logo. 

Uh oh. FBI now claims to have fully recovered all Hillary Clinton emails that were believed to be erased

They’re doing wonderful things with computers these days…

From Bloomberg:

The FBI has recovered personal and work-related e-mails from the private computer server used by Hillary Clinton during her time as secretary of state, according to a person familiar with the investigation.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s success at salvaging personal e-mails that Clinton said had been deleted raises the possibility that the Democratic presidential candidate’s correspondence eventually could become public. The disclosure of such e-mails would likely fan the controversy over Clinton’s use of a private e-mail system for official business.

The FBI is investigating how and why classified information ended up on Clinton’s server. The probe probably will take at least several more months, according to the person, who described the matter on condition of anonymity because the investigation is continuing and deals with sensitive information.

Read the Rest

Did she learn nothing from Lois Lerner? If she said that her hard drive had crashed she would have gotten away with everything. I kid, I kid.

While her crimes might be serious in nature, we need to remind ourselves why she had the private servers in the first place: To keep her private, shady cronyist dealings from the public. There’s no other logical reason for her to have a private server. And the more we learn about how she and her husband flew around the world garnering “donations” to the Clinton Foundation from international leaders and power players in exchange for political favors, all under the guise of “making speeches”, the more all of it makes sense. That’s right, in all the misdirection about missing emails and such, let’s not lose sight of the real crime here: Big government cronyism.

But then again, it’s hard to know who or what to believe, especially where government is involved. I feel certain that we don’t have all the information. We don’t know if they really have all the emails. We don’t know for certain how many servers there were. The FBI is part of the Executive Branch. Do you think Obama is a passive observer in this investigation? Doubtful. There are dozens of political insiders who don’t want Hillary to be the Democratic nominee who I also suspect would be willing to do almost anything to hurt her chances. Similarly, there are those who would do almost anything to help soften the blow of this scandal. Etc.

My prediction is that we’ll be strung along for months waiting on some sort of smoking gun that proves that she broke the law. And while several instances of lawbreaking will be found, they will all be explained away.

All that being said, this is a fairly large development in the Hillary Clinton email saga.

Another Announcement About Frankie!

Frank really needs our love and support right now so I’ve decided that yes, no matter how lame it might sound, I’m going to get some stuff together for somewhat of a care pack to give to Frank along with the URLs when I meet him, to show him that he still has so much love and support.

If you wanna be a part of the care package for Frankie, send me an ask and I will privately respond with my mailing information. I’ll then get a giant box together and put in all the stuff you send, whether it be stuffed puppies, blankets, tea or coffee, etc. You can even put in old horror movies or something else you think Frankie will like. I really wanna show how much we appreciate him.