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The Lap Dance - (Joker x Reader)

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Warning(s): Light smut

Pairing: Joker x Reader

The fiery golden club lights loomed over the thugs and goons-for-hire in the luxurious strip club. The loud, blaring music thumped throughout the club, rumbling and rattling through the patrons, forcing them to sway and twist to the repetitive beat. Women, half-naked, waltz around the windowless building handing out drinks and lap dances, some even handed out there bodies for the right price. But, alas it was a normal sight: Strippers grinding on the flaxen pole, while gangsters tossed their blood money around, buying drinks and women of their choice. 

The Joker enjoyed the sight he was seeing in his designated private lounge. His strip club was flourishing right before his very eyes. All the money this club alone was earning him made his pale face stretch into a wide corrupted grin, it was an understatement to say he was proud of this club, of his club.

His royal blue eyes flicked and lingered around the club, not paying attention to the crime boss that sat before him, the thug droning on and on about how him and Joker should team up and take down Batman. But Joker could careless, the only thing the green haired man was worried about was the one and only; (Y/N) (Y/L/N).

He slowly licked his lips as he saw you grip the pole, rubbing your exotic body against it, your face hazy in faux lust. Your body was clad in a over size white dress shirt, it wasn’t button all the way, showing off your perky breast. And your lower half was covered in lilac colored panties, the lacy kind he ever so enjoyed. Your hair was messy and wild and the multiple golden chains that hung around your neck swung and tossed around. Joker was amazed at how you looked and how you moved. He personally picked out that outfit for you, it was his shirt and chains that you wore, and my god, did he wanted to ravage and fuck the ever living shit out of you. 

Your body wiped to the beat, while multiple dollar bills were tossed your way. Even though you were a stripper, nothing abnormal about you, you still caught the eye of the Clown Prince of Crime. The snowy white shirt fluttered off your shoulders and stopped around your lower arms, you winked when the crowd full of horny men wailed when they saw your upper body bare. The Joker leaned in his wide orbs peering through your body.

He wanted you now.

“Jonny,” Joker blurted out, cutting off the fellow crime lord that sat in front of him. 

“Yeah, boss?” The bodyguard, and right hand man for the Joker spoke, his arms crossed behind his back. The low-level goon’s face scrunched up in a deadpanned expression, only making Joker chuckle. 

“Ah, the look on your face! You’re so intense, Jonny-Boy!” He chuckled out. The random crime boss let out a strained chuckle, his dark eyes flicking towards Joker and Frost. 

“I’m just yanking your chain, Frost! Y’know; ‘Playful Banter’, hm?”

The bearded man nodded his head, his face still in that same expression, only blinking from time to time. 

“I’m gonna cut to the chase, really. I want you to bring that girl up here, now. Capiche?” The Joker said, lazily pointing a long pale finger that was decked out in golden skull rings your way, your body sprawled out on the stage floor, you were playing the with money that practically smothered out the golden floor. Frost nodded his head and left the large private lounge, a long pause erupted between Joker and the nameless crime boss.

And before the older man can speak to Joker the heavy door swung open, reviling Frost and yourself. Joker’s face contorted into his infamous smirk.

“Ah, (Y/N)! Come over here and give Daddy a lap dance.” He tossed his purple cane to the said as you quickly made your way towards the clown, straddling him while you rubbed your chest against his, his wide hands hungrily rubbing your hips and playing with the hem of your panties. 

“Um, we can talk about this later if–”

“No, no, no. You’ve went out of your way to see me, driving all the way across town and such. I don’t wanna be rude and let you leave so soon,” Joker said, his hands now slowly playing with your breast, making your moan out.

“Continue, please…” Joker laughed, enjoying the discomfort he made the the crime boss feel. But non the less, the man continued to speak. But again, the Joker didn’t listen nor pay any attention as you began to plant small kisses over his face, making the man underneath you growl. You giggled when you felt the familiar bulge pressing agents your womanhood. 

The Joker was getting turned on, and just the thought of you making him feel like this turned you on. 

Your hand raced down his hard toned chest towards his expensive name brand pants. You smiled when the Joker groaned out at your touch, your fingers then began to snake inside his pants, playing with his thick shaft. His rough hands held your arms, holding you in place. You then began to pump him, jerking the older man, who is also your boss, off right in front of an intimidating crime boss.

He shivered underneath you as you began to pump harder, pushing the Joker over the edge. His precum creating a lubricant. He let out a shallow chuckle as your thumb played with his tip. 

He was close you knew he was. But it was boring to just let him come, oh, you were gonna have fun. You pulled your hand out of his pants, making him grunt in annoyance. You pulled yourself off of him, and to be yanked back onto his lap. 

“What do you think you’re doing, darling?”

“Oh, nothing, boss. It’s just that you’re in a middle of an important meeting, and it’s awfully rude to fuck a stripper in the middle of that meeting.”

“Are you telling me what to do, (Y/N).” He spat out, eyes glaring at you. You laughed and nodded, slipping out his grip and strutting off, your hips swaying with each step, leaving the royal like room. 

“You’re in a world full of trouble.”

“Why don’t you punish me for it, huh?”

He smirked as he saw your body leave, he was gonna have fun with you later.                           


Private lounge by Bousure


Magnificent Overwater Bungalow Hotels

Here are a few places for your winter (and beyond) travel wish list—all you need to bring are a swimsuit and a worthy traveling companion. Actually, the swimsuit might be optional. Read more >


As of Wednesday, April 5th, the Library will begin holding Open House again from 5:00p - 7:00p server time.  What will be offered during this Open House presentation is thorough tour of the library hosted by the Head Librarian herself, a chance to have a library card made for yourself, a time to start arranging personal lessons for yourself if you’re seeking an active tutorship (whether in the magical arts, simple basic studies, or specialized subjects where other educators are involved), and even Apprenticeship.  

The library itself has tons of resources, such as a children’s area, writing rooms, lecture rooms, private study rooms, a lounge, and even a (shh!) dark magic study room (which is effectively kept under lock and key and you must present a valid ID upon when entering).


On Saturday mornings during the summertide, the Children’s Area is opened up to all patrons with a public reading from a beloved children’s classic that will be the focus of an entire week of study.  Arts, crafts, and even special little mini-events will be available for participation.

Poetry Alive! will also become a new event soon.  If you’d like to showcase your character’s poetry (or even your own -through- your character), more information can be found on the Poetry Corner tab on the Library’s tumblr.

CALLING ALL AUTHORS!  If your character has a published work that they’d like to share with the entirety of Silvermoon, look no further than the Silvermoon Library for your needs.  We’ll be more than happy to accommodate you with circulating your work to make sure it gets the recognition and reading it deserves.

Are you a new author looking to have your work published?  Seraliana Dhorinshyl, our head patroness, offers her printing press freely for publishing.  (We just ask that you have your works read and edited by another beforehand.)

Open House will start to occur regularly on Wednesday evenings at the above listed time unless conflicts arise.  If that happens, Open House will either be rescheduled or cancelled depending on staff resources.

Please mark this on your calendars as we’re looking to bring the Library back into a normal integration of everyday Silvermoon life.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us here and one of our librarians will assist you.

@iria-daerienne; @draenis; @aleanissa


Cool Hotels: Les Bains, Paris

The iconic Les Bains is back: the celebrated clubhouse and hotel has been revamped by architects and designers such as Vincent Bastie, Tristan Auer and Denis Montel, including suites, bars, a private lounge, a club, guest rooms and the “Salle à Manger” restaurant, that is now characterized by neo-brasserie chic. The design is vibrant, eclectic, sophisticated and cool, suggesting a residential feel.

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have you heard the rumors about yoongi n jimin smoking in chilie? tbh it doesnt surprise me if its tru but i doubt it lmao

JAJDJWJD girl , yoongi and jimin smoking weed???? bih i would sell my soul to smoke w them for a whole day sis. i really love it when oppahs lowkey have a sinful side sis bc they got these fans thinking they’re angels when in reality, oppah out here ballin at di korean strip club n private lounges 👅

Victorian femlock usually dresses extremely plainly and simply for practical reasons. But she also has a couple of rather magnificent evening dresses that she wears when she goes out with John to the opera. She favors bottle green, pale grey, and violet, and she dresses her hair with flowers and wears jewels at her throat and on her fingers. And people who would have called her quite ugly before, because of her sharp eyes, heavy brow, strong nose, and wry mouth are almost tempted to describe her as beautiful. John thinks Sherlock is celestial in her evening wear (and says so in earnest and lustful whispers throughout the night) but honestly prefers her in her plain, sensible day clothes and sturdy shoes.

And of course what John likes best of all is the private Sherlock. Sherlock lounging in her dressing gown with one shoulder slipping down as she plays her violin. Sherlock with ink on her chin and a pipe in her hand. Sherlock in her night dress with her hair down and tumbling over her shoulders. Sherlock in a copper bathtub in the middle of their kitchen with one leg hanging out of it and her long toes dripping water on the floor. Sherlock nude and mussed, sleeping soundly in John’s bed with a wide, wide smile that only John Watson ever gets to see. John’s Sherlock. The Sherlock that no other souls in the universe are privy to, because Sherlock loves and trusts John like no one else in the whole, wide world.

Senator Lounge

It is easy to count my blessings - writing this from the comfort of a leather armchair in a lounge I would normally never dream of entering, having just had a languid fresh hot shower in a private cubicle in said lounge, recovering from a breakfast of German pretzel, bratwurst, Emmental cheese and a hard-boiled egg (could seriously eat this everyday) - when life is peachy and going largely according to plan and preference. But when life throws you lemons and you’re stuck without any juicing apparatus, it doesn’t make the goodness of God count for any less - and this, may I remember.


Luxury Beyond Ritz-Carlton: Newest Hotel Is Part Of Even Posher Brand

The Balinese-style resort has just 35 large luxury suites and 25 villas with private pools, including the largest 3 bedroom pool villa, set amongst the tropical landscape. All guests get the services of a fulltime personalized butler. For a resort with just 60 accommodations, it offers a surprising slate of four restaurants and lounges, with an array of Indonesian and Mediterranean cuisine, all with specially tailored health-conscious menus for guests partaking in the wellness and detox programs. The resort has its own organic garden and farm, and offers Dining Beyond, giving guests the opportunity to eat in special private locations throughout the Reserve with tailor-made menus. Read more>

“Hades rolled over in his bed with a lazy yawn. His face caught the harsh, blood-red Underworld sunlight peering into his vaulted bedroom and he squinted. Somehow he had overslept. Wiping the sleep out of his eyes, he wondered why his alarm clock didn’t go off. 

In his case, the alarm was the sound of a thousand freshly reaped souls screaming in torment. They soundly wailed every morning on schedule as soon as they were deposited into his infernal river, obviating the need for him to have a lackey to wake him up. But for some reason on this particular morning, the souls never wailed. Not really thinking too much of it, hades went about his morning rituals. 

He walked and fed his three-headed hellhound, Cerberus. He took a luxurious bath, then dried himself by the heat of his flaming hair. And he oversaw his cavernous domain from the top of a volcano while sipping a glass of fine brandy. 

It was only when he checked his soul-counter in his private lounge that he realized he had a problem. Inexplicably, it registered a paltry amount of a few dozen. Hades shook the counter to make sure the device was working properly, but the final didn’t budge. His equipment was working fine. It was his soul count that was pitifully low. 

Hades shook his head and clenched his fist. There was little that put him in a worse mood than a low soul count. He felt like going out and drowning the first twenty restless spirits he came across in his infernal river, but he knew that wouldn’t solve his problem.  

To get to the bottom of the issue, he’d have to look at the soul-providers who fueled his supply up in the Overworld. Unfortunately, hades didn’t have any real power when he journeyed above ground, and out of his domain. even if he could figure out which of his admired cadre of murderers had stopped murdering, he’d have to find a creative way to get them to resume killing. 

First he needed time to think. He took a stroll through the grimy, sulfur-laden streets, which teemed with sad, restless spirits. These were the souls who still had unfinished business hanging over their heads, weighting on their permanently silenced hearts. The spirits avoided eye contact with hades, afraid he might unleash his wrath on them. But hades stopped one for a chat, a small, bearded villager.“

Transcript by @this-too-too-sullied-flesh


“In The Pocono Mountains”

Bushkill Drive — Route 209 — Bushkill, Penna. A Modern Vacation Resort — 60 Luxurious Cabins, All With Private Baths — Lodge Accommodations. All Sports And Activities — Orchestra And Entertainment Nightly — Motion Pictures — Cocktail Lounge — Private Lake — Free Boating — Swimming Pool — Out Own Golf Course And Driving Range. Ideal For Vacations Or Honeymoons.