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recommended reading~

while you’re waiting for me to post or just looking for suggestions, i hope this helps! it took me ages to compile and i’ll update as i come across new pieces, so i hope that both readers and writers alike appreciate this’=) as a reader i know how satisfying it is to read quality fics, and as a writer i know how gratifying it is when someone acknowledges your work. i’ll be honest, it’s mostly smut and lots of fantasy!au because i am a mermaid princess, so of course i’m always thirsty; BUT it’s not all that this list is, i assure you there’s a nice mix of everything~

love always, 토끼 언니

my mobile master list.

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*i edit this post constantly, so be sure to check it often for updates! i used to keep authors together, but now i just put the newest pieces at the top. i’m always looking for new material, so don’t hesitate to dm me some or drop me suggestions in my ask!

**if you have written or read any scenarios/fics of any genre for SF9, IKON, VARSITY, B.A.P, PENTAGON, VAV, or NCT please send them to me!! these groups need more love!!!

pepero day (smut) || @kittae

best friend!yoongi is so accurate and i am in love? this is easy going and cute.

five months (smut) || @ellieljade

seeing ex-namjoon at a party and you’re on the arm of a new guy after a while (when neither of you really stopped loving each other in the first place) leads to some *things*. this is very rough, demeaning, and super dirty so if you’re not into that, don’t read this ok~~~~~~~~

nudes not flowers (smut) || @jheartseok

hobi + kookie i am dEAd. this was super good, long (and multi-part) but very good, a nice storyline as well.

professor turned call boy (smut) || @aegyotrashcan

i can SO see taeyong as a strict prof omg, and this just in time for finals too ;)

lightweight two (smut) || @btssmutgalore

okay this was a lot angstier than i thought it was going to be but the storyline is good i enjoyed it. this one is for you jungkook noonas~

my teddy bear (smut) || @hyungjooki

points for creativity, wow this opened my eyes to a new world. didn’t exactly match changkyun but this deserved a spot on the list~

rhythm (smut) || @onlylovekpop

I AM SCREAMING SO MUCH CAN THIS BE MY LIFE PLEASE wow i’m not sure i’ve felt SO in tune with Y/N before lol. she actually felt like me this time. i’m always down for jooheon and you should be too.

nude two (smut) || @btssmutgalore

okay i’m not into sexting nor did i ever think i would be, but this scenario has changed my life!! accidentally sending taehyung a nude is actually the best thing ever, wow. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PIECE. it’s so well written, 10s all around. the dialogue is A+++++++

forbidden (smut) || @btssmutgalore

hoseok is one of your brother’s (taehyung) best friends and it’s hard to deny each other when you’re both around each other so often..

a secret || @stormae

MAE NEVER DISAPPOINTS!! college!nct and some sicheng yes please! technically there is slight smut but truthfully i think it’s the build up that makes it feel so intense so if you’re not in the mood for heavy stuff you should definitely read this.

control (smut) || @jungblue

i usually steer clear from dom!reader pieces because it’s not me at all BUT if i ever did venture out to try myself as a switch this is exactly how i think it would go down, realistically. i really really enjoyed this jimin one~

taste (smut) || @jungblue

poly!taegi help loosen you up while studying so ya know, so you can uh,, think better..:.

step-brother (smut) || @idolimagines

i actually read this one a long time ago but i lost it, but i found it!! so much angst and tension with soon-to-be stepbrother!jaebum oh my eff. it’s a mini series and markson have notable characters throughout! i cried a lot, i loved this so much.

arrangement (smut) || @the-goddesswrites

call boy!hyunwoo is already a yes please BUT this storyline makes it 10,000x better oh my gosh please read this. the appreciation i have for this piece is through the roof.

daddy devil one two (smut) || @dom-joonie

i am such a power sub and this gives me life!!! devil!namjoon ruler of all 7 levels of hell? how can you not be intrigued by this one. (i’m not super into “daddy” but i like the dynamics i just personally prefer another name haha)

the boy next door (smut) || @hansolmates

ROOMMATE!HANSOL!!! this one is so well written with such a good storyline and character development ah. jeonghan+jisoo have active parts in this as well. i cried too but what’s new lol.

misunderstandings (smut) || @hallyuwriters

if you’re new here, know now that i am SO into fantasy au. especially werewolf!! so here’s a mildly angst-ish vampire!you and werewolf!taehyung.

call boy (smut) || @caliboyjaeffrey

rylee and these nct call boy fics are gonna be the death of me. sicheng is such a sweetie, my gosh.

bonus round (smut) || @bxebxee

if i harbored feelings for hoseok this long i too would also give in at the stairwell *insert upside down smiley*

impatient (smut) || @bxebxee

royalty!au and prince taehyung, oh gosh. you’re betrothed to each other and he writes you private letters and ahh i am a mess already please read just read

wait for it (smut) || @workofteaguk

i am such a sucker for royalty!au and with  prince jungkook? hell yeah i’m going to love it. you’re also a princess, how can you not enjoy this one! there’s mild angst but hang tight because it all works out in the end!

call boy two (smut) || @caliboyjaeffrey

so this one was actually on the list AGES ago but sweetheart went and added a second part AND I LOVE IT EVERY BIT AS THE FIRST!! you need to read it!!1! but i do need to warn you that taeyong AND yuta are in this so you will have to wear your seatbelts okay bbies~

face riding (smut) || @17mounteens

there is so much more than just face riding lol but this minghao one shot is well written (as with everything else admin scooter writes – quality). i feel like minghao deserves more writers.. but yeah hehe

thin walls (smut) || @chokemewithjaehyunschoker

neighbor!jaehyun (i might have a thing for neighbor!jaehyun idk this is like the second one haha). this one was very different from the usuals, really really recommend~

jailbreak two || @jooheonster

criminal!jooheon. security guard!you (but you quit after the first, js). this two parter actually takes place like a year a part but that makes it even better? so much tension and feels my gosh.

on a dare (smut) || @badgirlfanfics

this wasn’t even supposed to be angst but i cried?? kihyun being an ass is amusing as always but this felt so real? ANYWAY the storyline is ridiculously good, the smut is amazing, and wah it’s just perfect in every way ok.

shotgun under the blood moon two (smut) || @2badseoulsad

okay i was so conflicted on whether or not to put my own writing but if you only ever read one thing by me LET THIS BE IT. smoker!taehyung but of all the other boys make notable appearances. it’s smut, but it’s funny too, and ah please just read this i promise you’ll enjoy it ok. probably the peak of my writing career.

say his name || @haeng-syo-peace

this fic is the reason i opened this blog to start writing again i kid you not. a must read. it has EVERYTHING in it, and copious amounts of angst and smut. jiho and namjoon!

sins and virtues (smut) || @blackpearl-scenarios

demon!namjoon, i’m kinda emo over this one.

passion (smut) || @deathbyyoongi

hobi angst-fluff-smut done proper!! realistic but dreamy, ah, i love it.

until we meet again || @alienpikachu

this ghost!taehyung piece will rip your heart out and piece it all together again and you’ll be crying and you’ll love it ok.

i don’t bite || @alienpikachu

eeeee vampire!yoongi and guess who delivers his packages..

tinder 2.0 (smut) || @tayegi

a fabulous concept with some angst and jungkook!!

adoration (smut) || @pleaseseokjin

werewolf!seokjin is your boyfriend but watch out for namjoon bc he’s in heat…

time of the month (smut) || @no-more-cream

werewolf!jimin yessss. also appearances by the other two rotten maknae.

why not? two (smut) || @monbebeaf

best friend!changkyun is so comforting and i need him in my life ahh.

territory (smut) || @imaginethisbts

dogboy!taehyung is such a cute concept ugh.

talk dirty to me (smut) || @idolized-scenarios

kiseok(simon d) and that low voice comE ON.

with love and money (smut) || @jaebumgotme

sugar daddy!yoongi realness. it’s got a good storyline, and yonni paints beautiful pictures in your head i’m tellin’ u~

blue bloods (smut) || @jaebumgotme

why do i love when jimin is abrasive but not? tbh pretty sad.

i’m not a kid, two (smut) || @drquinzelharleen

businessman!jungkook as your boss’ son with an actual storyline yay!!

scent, sweat, heat (smut) || @itsyvvngis

werewolf!jungkook dramaaaaa. chimchim makes an appearance too~

feelings || @jaehwan-mp3

this soulmate!donghyuck(haechan) is next level, really love the concept!

not to be || @jaehwan-mp3

ah soulmate!jaehyun for when things seem bleak but you just gotta make things happen.

soon, two, three ,four || @blubeeny

this novella should be published my gosh it’s flawless! romance, heartache, smut, fluff, it’s got everything. probably the truest piece to minhyuk as fiction can get~

from dust to dust || @jungkxook

warlock!jimin has my heart torn. there’s some smut in here but it’s light.

claimed (smut) || @ellieljade

tbh jimin is a real brat and gets jealous bc of how flirty hobi is around you but of course my heart is still fluttering after finishing this so..

elevator rides and expert tongues (smut) || @mystikimagines

a classic. oh yoongi…

roommates? two (smut) || @keurimnsuga

THIS ICONIC TWO PARTER WAS THE BEGINNING OF A BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP. it holds a very dear place in my heart. also, who doesn’t want taehyung as a roommate.

princess (smut) || @daddyjooheon

jooheon is my ult so of course this is in here.

color you mine (smut) || @noir0neko

teacher!jimin oh be still my beating heart!

below zero (smut) || @noir0neko

in a world where you’re both rich but of course you’re still not enough (to everyone but taehyung). super angsty but i love hurting myself so

void, two, three || @ncttrashaf

if you like dying here’s a johnny trilogy. eloquently written though, bless~

just one day (smut) || @t-o-p-madam

I HAVE NEVER CRIED MORE AND LOVED IT SO MUCH. i’m not trying to shove this one down your throat but it’s perfect and you’re missing out. boyfriend!hyunwoo is so realistic and maybe that’s why it kills me.. (also, this deserves SO many more notes than it has?? wtf i don’t understand)

holier than thou || @stormae

tattoo artist!ten needs soo much more appreciation ahh a true work of art~

hellion (smut) || @stormae

demon!ten sounds hot (and it is wow) but tbh i cried at the ending.

salt and iron || @i-would-rather-be-queen

bodyguard!jooheon is something you didn’t know you wanted until now.

inbetween (smut) || @bangtanboysboo

i am literally mega heart eyes for every fantasy!au this fairy dumpling(i hope you take that as a compliment?) writes. nymph!taehyung on this piece, eek!

instinct (smut) || @bangtanboysboo

it’s mating season and both you and your mate werewolf!jungkook are going crazy. werewolf!jimin is your brother. i’ve read this one so many times you’d think i’d have it memorized by now but nope.

strangers (smut) || @the95liner

wealthy and sophisticated jimin yes please. also, you’re in art curator, go you! i thoroughly enjoyed this one.

the switch (smut) || @kookingtae


the equation of love || @kookingtae 

professor!yoongi gosh this series has dragged my heart over the whole damn creation, i love death.

la douleur exquise (smut) || @kookingtae

okay i’m really not one for “the other woman” type scenarios but frick man, this one got me crying on my knees. taehyung angst ouch.

triplicity (smut) || @kainks

poly!yoonseok, honestly i’d probably make a deal out of something dumb like this too so #relatable.

just like honey (smut) || @taehyugme

a proper sugar daddy!seokjin

mine (smut) || @whoistaehyung

super intense alpha werewolf!namjoon. i really enjoyed the detail of character rank, it added to the story a lot. werewolf!jaebum is in here too but it’s not about him.

a sip from the grail (smut) || @asexpectedofthestork

being a donor to vampire!jungkook just got a little more exciting..:.

delicacy || @failaise

very unique vampire!jooheon, really beautifully written~

internet fiend || @thedreadedsweaterinyourcloset 

neighbor!jaehyun steals your wifi to watch porn, giving you viruses lol. v entertaining!

Honestly the Alana hate needs to stop. Leave the girl alone. You’re all awful.

She’s a girl, who in the time of tragedy, see’s that she, and others, are in need of something to grasp on to. One of the main ideas behind the show is people’s want/need to feel included when tragedy strikes.

She was alone. She tried so hard to make friends. She wasn’t rude, but she could be over bearing and that make people not welcome her presence. She looked at Connor and his situation and probably realized that it could have been her. She wears a mask, and it’s a genuinely wonderful mask. She knows that people are judgmental and she attempted to hide her weakness but over does it and it has the opposite effect. She felt alone, but she spoke up, and told people that she would be there for them, even if they weren’t there for her.

Also keep in mind she lost her grandmother not long before the start of the show.

She makes some mistakes, she does something that is honestly so horrible. That letter was private and she should not have shared it, but you CAN NOT criminalize her and stand to the side while Evan does what he does or Jared for that matter. I’m so tired of the women and POC getting criminalized while the white boys become your “cinnamon rolls” or your “sons”.

And trust me. I love Evan, Jared, and Connor just as much as the next person. I call The Sincerely Three my sons on the daily, but I’m also not out there acting like they are innocent while I throw Alana under a steamroller.


James Baldwin’s hidden papers have a new home in black America’s premier library

  • James Baldwin was one of the most prolific writers in black history, but there is plenty about his work that the world still doesn’t know.At the time of his death in 1987, Baldwin had written nearly two dozen works of fiction, nonfiction and poetry, some of which would be published posthumously. 
  • But he was also black and gay at a time when both were professionally taboo, so there’s a lot about his life that only lives on in his private letters that his family has held onto for three decades.
  • Some of those letters are now in possession of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, black America’s premier library, thanks to Baldwin’s estate. Read more. (4/13/2017 2:55 PM)

context: each twice member were given hand-written messages from the other 8 members anonymously

Momo was reading anonymous Mina’s message but got exposed by Nayeon!

+ Momo’s simple reply to Mina’s message

deadline May 23

So healthcare might literally collapse for millions of Americans because they are trying to repeal the ACA and install the AHCA/Trumpcare. (follow Andy Slavitt, who ran healthcare under Obama for more details on how terrible AHCA is, and how it WILL affect you) 

Here’s the funny thing: Republicans sent a *private* letter to **some*** people in the healthcare industry to get their comments on healthcare. it is very clear they don’t want the public imput. Republicans do NOT want you to submit your comments to by May 23.

so if you have a few minutes to spare today, please, send an an email to . you can do it off your phone, it’s that easy. if you need some tips on what you can write in your email, here’s a few examples:  x  x  x

Secret Admirer Miscommunications (Carry On Valentine’s Celebration Day 3)

I had fun with this. Hope you enjoy! @carryon-valentines


Baz glanced uninterestedly at the card slipped into his bag. Someone must have managed it when he was talking to Professor Possibelf. The card was stupid, a few lines of garden variety Shakespeare and a badly drawn heart, signed by a secret admirer. He sniffed at it curiously to see if he could trace the scent of someone’s magic. There was nothing there to smell.
With a careless gesture Baz tossed the card in the trash and went back to his work. He didn’t really care for Valentine’s Day. The only person he wanted a Valentine from was the person who wanted him dead. So he’d given up the fantasy a long time ago.
He glanced helplessly across the room at Snow and jolted a bit when he found that Snow was already looking at him. Snow’s expression was one of disbelief and annoyance. Baz realized Snow must have seen him throw out the card. Why Snow was so offended by it he had no idea, unless he’d taken on the responsibility of defending every lovesick mage in the school.


Simon fumed silently in the dining hall. Penny was going through one of her many poetry anthologies, trying to find something useful for him.
“He doesn’t even deserve another one,” Simon said.
Penny ignored him.
“Are you sure I can’t use anything modern?” She asked.
“I’m sure,” Simon replied, “He seems like a classics snob.”
Penny huffed.
“Simon can you stop feeling sorry for yourself and help me with this? I shouldn’t have to help you write your own love letters.”
Simon pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger.
“Fine, just use a Blake poem.”
Penny began her new search but shook her head.
“There are, as it turns out, more than just white, male poets to choose from,” Penny commented.


Baz blinked in confusion. Another secret admirer note had made its way to him. But this time it was on his pillow when he got to his room. There was no sign of Snow, so he sat down and read the card. It had the William Blake poem The Garden of Love written on it. Instead of a drawn heart there was just a single sentence that said, “Bite me,” with a winky face next to it. The old poem and cheeky request were comically at odds with one another. Whoever had written this was an absolute git.
Baz rolled his eyes and tossed it in the trash. Even if he did think the card was a bit funny it didn’t matter. He only had feelings for one spectacular idiot.


Simon felt his cheeks burn as he stepped into his room and saw his Valentine discarded in the trash. Baz was lying on his bed listening to music and glanced at Simon.
“Something bothering you Snow?”
Simon felt caught. He knew his face was flushed with rejection and anger. And even though he desperately needed to snap back at Baz he found that he didn’t have the words he needed. Instead he gestured to the card in the trash.
“Is it really that bad or something?”
Baz’s eyebrows knitted in confusion.
“I’m sorry?”
Simon grabbed the card out of the trash and threw it at Baz.
“You know, a lot of effort goes into something like this!”
Baz’s confusion was melting into annoyance.
“Why do you care so much what I do with my private letters?”
“Because I’m the one writing them you dolt!”
Baz stared at him, obviously shocked by Simon’s outburst. As for Simon, he felt mortification and fear curl up in his stomach. He had not meant to admit to that.
“You wrote them?” Baz asked.
Simon jerked his head to the side, jaw clenched.
Baz stood up and walked a few steps forward.
“As a prank?”
Simon wished he could lie but knew he couldn’t.
“No, it wasn’t a prank,” He said.
Baz had stopped right in front of him. He raised a hand and tipped Simon’s chin up so he was forced to look at him. Baz’s expression was strange. Like he was holding something back.
“So you like me then?” Baz asked, tone neutral.
“Yes,” Simon whispered.
Baz nodded. Then he did the impossible and leaned down to kiss Simon. For a moment Simon seriously wondered if the kiss was a part of a cruel plot, thought Baz might pull away and laugh in his face. But then Baz’s lips parted slightly and Simon didn’t really care if it was a plot or not. Instead he kissed him back, relishing in the sweet caution Baz used with him. Happily, Simon ran his fingers through Baz’s raven hair, trying to memorize the silky way it slipped through his hands.
Baz broke the kiss, his eyes warm.
“I’m sorry I threw out your shitty Valentines.”
“Hey,” Simon muttered, frowning.
“You’re choices were hopelessly off the mark just so you know. I appreciate the classics. But I’m more of a modern poetry buff myself.”
Simon rolled his eyes.
“Of course you are,” Simon said.
“But,” Baz said, “Since they were from you…I love them.”
Simon smiled and this time he kissed Baz, the crumpled Valentine pressed between their clasped hands.


“After the examination of religious texts and much debate, Henry decided that their marriage was invalid, had never been legitimate and therefore had never existed. She was stripped of the titles of queen and wife, her daughter declared a bastard, and was condemned as having been living in sin with Henry as the Dowager Princess of Wales, his brother’s wife. And yet the Pope, along with a significant number of European universities, doctors and leading thinkers of the day, declared that the marriage was completely valid and endorsed her as Henry’s true wife. Under oath, in the confessional, in private letters, in court and upon her deathbed, Catherine never wavered from her conviction that she was the true wedded wife of the King. (…) Yet Catherine was not one to choose the easy road. Wearing a hair shirt under her cloting and rising at dawn to hear Mass, she saw her steadfastness as a crusade to save her husband’s soul. For Henry had not just rejected her, he had turned his back on the Pope and the very tenets of the Catholic faith that had shaped their mutual devotions. Convinced Henry was heading for damnation, Catherine elected to suffer in his stead, praying that God would forgive him. Watching her supporters go to the stake, or the block, she lived her final years in the expectation of following them and was prepared to embrace the opportunity of becoming a martyr”.

- Amy Licence, Catherine of Aragon: An Intimate Life of Henry VIII’s True Wife

Hundreds of Letters || Bucky Barnes x Reader

{summary: “i wrote two hundred letters i will never send.”}

here’s a little something sweet for bucky barnes.

permanent tags: @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53

warnings: none

**don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine**


There was something surreal about being roommates with Captain America and the man who was once known as the Winter Soldier.

Since you worked with Tony Stark on a near daily basis, this often put you into close contact with the Avengers. Despite being on good terms with the vast majority of them (including the youngest of them all, that Parker kid), the two that you got along with the most had to be Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.

Something about those two men made you click with them instantly. Perhaps it was the fact that they were alive during the time when the whole world was in turmoil that made you sympathize with them-

Or maybe it was due to your growing feelings for Bucky that made you WANT to be closer to them.

Keep reading

i s2g my siblings doesn’t know about boundaries. like i don’t read their personal stuff so why read mine? like that one time i used my brother’s laptop (with his permission) and i was gonna type “youtube” but “youporn” came up, like i didn’t shove it in his face. or that time where my guardian wanted to read some personal stuff of my sister but i insisted not to but when my sister read MY diary and diaries in general screams “off-limits!” like i wrote some personal stuff about me and some about her and she got angry. it’s not like i’m shoving it to people’s faces. i just didn’t want all my thoughts to be bottled up inside of me.

Right-militant symbolism encountered in the last two months playing the Battlefield franchise of online shooters:

  • One Nazi flag profile image, all colors and proportions on-model
  • A wide variety of South American users and private servers with 4-letter clan tags and logos (frequently in quartered unit patch format with skulls and lightning bolts as prominent elements) that map to local paramilitaries
  • A few Rising Sun flags and uyoku dantai slogans
  • (just now) one profile tag consisting of a large silver police shield bearing an image of a modern rifle above the large numbers “88″ in blue

Left-militant symbolism:

  • One profile image of a red flag with yellow hammer and sickle flapping in the wind
the gay subtext that is Winters&Nixon in Band of Brothers part 1/?

PART 1: CURRAHEE - establishing the friendship; flirting

hey, guess what scene is the one to introduce the character focus of the entire series? why it’s Nix, waiting on Dick, who joins up with him without batting an eyelash. These dudes are clearly used to hanging out

and what happens in this scene? Well, it’s Nix asking Dick on a date after the war is over. I will not lie and tell you it’s not important that the first character establishing scene is one of Nix and Winters - their relationship is very much at the center of this series. Im sorry I don’t make the rules

Okay like you can read the scene as a couple of guys being nervous about jumping out of a perfectly functional airplane, I will grant you that, BUT as a counterargument I will poise the way Nix looks at Dick

Like Dick literally hung the moon, and it hurts Nix to look at him

PAIRED WITH the way Dick looks at Nix after “Should have been born earlier Nix.” “What, and miss all this?”



and you know, it’s not, like, super hetero of Dick’s gaze to flicker to Nix’s mouth THREE TIMES while he lights a cigarette. If I could I’d gif it because it’s honestly ridiculous

It’s established right off the bat that Winters and Nixon are very good friends - Nix  is the one to introduce Dick to Harry as having “No flaws, no vices and no sense of humor.”

Dick is a little different around Nix than anyone else though - the “can of peaches” scene establishes that Dick does have a sense of humour, and that Nix shares it - presumably, he has an idea about Dick’s flaws and vices as well (((kill me rn)))

Their friendship is easy, if unlikely.

Dick is presented as a very by the books guy, he is stiff and calm, but he relaxes around Nix very obviously - let me give you some examples:

Invasion of private space is commonplace, like when Nix read Dick’s private letter over his shoulder. Dick is totally cool with it, and is very inviting with his posture. But this is just guys being dudes, bros being pals

The train scene, though, is CLEARLY Nix flirting.

“Going my way” sounds a lot like “Come here often” which is indisputably coded as “I AM FLIRTING WITH YOU USING A LAME LINE BUT WE ARE SO COMFORTABLE WITH EACH OTHER IT DOUBLES AS A JOKE

and Dick reciprocating like there’s no tomorrow LIKE LOOK AT HIS FUCKING FACE


and then Nix tells Dick he’s hiding his booze in his footlocker - what kind of next level trust shit??????  friendship bracelets got nothin on footlockers

In summary: the winters/nixon relationship is cornerstone for both characters AND the character driven narrative of Band of Brothers. Their dynamic has obvious romantic overtones.

I’ve been reading a fair bit of romance lately I would like to propose a new trend: “romance without the consent issues and red flags of abusive behaviour”. (It might need a snappier title.)

But yeah, like instead of pushing past her boundaries “for her own good”, he steps back, gives her space, and shows her that she can trust him. Instead of him tracking her down after she says no, or stalking her place of work, she actually chooses to meet with him. Instead of him making her stay inside and being all super-alpha “protective” (aka controlling) because the vampires are after her or whatever, she learns how to fight vampires.

Because every time I read this “I love you so much I can’t control myself, I’m locking you up because I’m protective, I’m taking you away from your friends and family to protect you, I’m ignoring your agency and will for your own good” crap, all I can see is red flags. SO many red flags. And every time the guy flies into a jealous rage or manhandles her “for her own good”, I want to scream at the heroine not to marry him. Get away from him. Sooner or later, that rage is going to turn against you. I don’t care what he says right now. Words are easy.

Same goes for the heroines, albeit in a different way. She has no business reading his private letters or diary or digging into his past without his consent. She shouldn’t expect him to solve all her problems for her. And trying to make him jealous is manipulative.

Oh, and if he’s flirting with a pretty long-legged blonde woman, that does not make said woman a bitch or a slut. If he’s cheating on you, that’s 100% on him. He’s the one making that choice. Please stop with that “she’s so pretty and skinny, I immediately hate her” crap. Especially in a genre written predominantly by and for women. WTF.

While we’re at it, please, none of that “she wasn’t like the other women”. It’s way too close to “women are all terrible except for this one” for comfort and it makes me like the guy that bit less.

Overall, I would just like it so much better if there was actual respect between the characters. They’re both adults. They both get to make their own decisions. Her feelings are valid. His feelings are valid. He’s protective without being jealous or controlling. She can accept his help without giving up her independence. He gets to feel pain. She gets to be tough. He’s allowed to have female friends, she’s allowed to have male friends, because they actually trust each other.

You could still have a compelling love story, in any subgenre really, you can still have friends-to-lovers and rivals-to-lovers and love/hate drama and fake dating, and all the hot sex scenes you like. You could have, if anything, more compelling characters because she would have more agency and he would have actual respect for women as opposed to the “I respect you, but I’m still going to manhandle you and lock you up if needs be” variant I’ve read too often.

I like romance in theory. I’d like it a lot more without that nonsense I keep running into about women being the weaker sex and needing protection, while the guys are tough and feel no pain and call the shots. (Even when she’s “feisty”, she’ll still end up agreeing, in the end, that it’s better if he takes care of things. I hate that.)

I would just really like a kind of romance where it’s like the romantic sub-plots in other things I read. Mutual respect. Partnership. Trust. No toxic masculinity or casual misogyny. Two people who treat each other as people. That would be lovely.

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr, in a letter to Harold Laski: By the by, I never have asked you to burn my letters- but I should like to feel that their permanent privacy was secured in that or some other way. I don’t know whether you feel so but I like to think that no more of me will be made public than what I have made so.

My creepy historian ass, literally reading his private letters he wanted no one to see:

Imagine leaving Alec in spite

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All I gave you is gone.

“Are you sure you wanna do this?” Your friend asked.

You had removed yourself from every photograph, everything you owned, your number was changed and before you left you opened every window and door in his room so your scent would clear out faster.

Alec was on a mission and wouldn’t be back for another few days. You had a fight before he left and he ended is saying that he didn’t need you. He had Jane and you were nothing. So you want him to be stuck with his words. He didn’t need you? Then he’d find it easy to move on when he returns to find everything linked to you, gone.

You left your crest, it was polished multiple times and now smelled new, your scent wasn’t on it. Your letters were gone. You two wrote to each other before you moved here. They were meaningful and private and now every letter you had ever written was no longer there with his. Demetri promised he wouldn’t track you, reluctantly. However if he was tortured in any way by the twins then he’d break his promise, that was his conditions. You contacted him and Alec had no idea. Everything was in place, he’d come home to find you gone, like you never existed.

“Are you sure you wanna do this?” Your friend asked.
You nodded. “Drive. Get me out of here.”

Alec came back and every fibre of his being sunk with dread. Where were you? He couldn’t smell you. He checked his room, he scanned the area. Nothing. Literally everything that ever proved your existence was gone. He called, the number didn’t ring. He checked to find only his letters, every window was wide open. His breathing was shallow.
“Alec? Alec, my child, is there something we can help you with?” Aro asked with his brothers behind him in the doorway. He also saw his sister with them.
“They’re gone, (Y/N)’s gone.”
“Are you sure they are not just out?”
“Yes I am sure! Their stuff is gone, their scent is gone! Our letters, their phone, our photographs, even our private things, they’re all gone!” He yelled out in panic throwing the nearest item across the room. He explained your fight to them before putting his head in his hands.
It became very obvious just why you did this.


6 June 1944 - 1000 hours

At Omaha Beach, troops begin to regroup in small units, searching for exits off the beach. The beach is littered with dead and wounded troops, and the tide brings in dead men.

Private Harry Schiraldi, a medic in Headquarters, 116th Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Division, is killed that morning by enemy machine gun fire. His remains are initially buried in Normandy before his family requests his remains to be returned to the United States, where he is now buried at Calvary Cemetery, Queens, New York.

His last letter home and the telegram his parents received are now part of the collection at The National WII Museum.

Fake notes real feelings

Fandom: Harry Potter
Character(s): Snape, reader, [brother] Sirius, James, Remus and Peter
Warning(s): None
Requested by: Anon-Sorry to bug you but I was wondering if I could request a Snape reader insert set during the Marauders era? One where The Mauraders know that Snape has a crush on Reader so they send him a note telling him to met her next to the lake as a prank but Reader finds the letter and rushes to the lake to tell Snape that she likes him too and to yell at the Marauders (can the Reader be Sirius’ sister?)
Writer: Asteria
Word count:1,724
A/N: Hope you like it.

The four boys were gathered around a table, all of them snickering and whispering among themselves as they argued over what to write, the quill not yet touching the piece of parchment in front of them “Sirius should write it” Peter spoke quietly as to not draw any attention to the group, although with their track record they could just be walking down the hallway and someone would get suspicious of them . 

“Why should I write it?” Sirius asked waking the back of his hand against Remus’ and Peters’ arm “because you’re [Y/N] brother and you can do her handwriting as if she actually wrote it” James said jabbing his index finger on the paper in front of him, with a sigh Sirius rolled his eyes and snatched the quill from Remus hand and dipped it into the ink pot, Remus chuckled and leaned against the table with his elbows resting on top of it.

“What do I write?” Sirius breathed out a bit of ink dropping onto the paper “whatever you think [Y/N] would write” Remus replied a wide smile spreading across their faces, Sirius tipped his head to the side and shook his head, his black slightly wavy hair falling in front of his face as he leaned down and pressed the tip of the quill to the paper quickly writing a note out for none other than Snape, who’s had a crush on you for a couple of years now, each of them didn’t need to guess it, they could see how much Snape liked you and yet you couldn’t which they found rather odd seeing as it was so sickly obvious. 

‘Dear Snape,
I have something to tell you, I know you have a crush on me, 
please meet me at the lake today at 7 O’Clock.
From [Y/N]’

“Really? Snape? He’d see through that in a second” James complained in a hushed tone, Sirius glared at his friend and scribbled lines through it before writing is name, dropping the quill into the ink pot and pushed the paper along the table “short and sweet…..just like your sister” Peter joked, Sirius frowned and crossed his arms as he stood up “who’s going to deliver it?” asked Sirius watching as James folded the paper and placed it into a white envelope folding the flap over “what do you mean who’s going to deliver it?” asked Remus who was now stood by James, Peter and Sirius both looking at the two of them as if they didn’t know the answer “all of us” answered James simply with a mischievous grin waving the envelope that was between his fingers in the air.

You had finished in the library after brushing up on something that was of complete and utter importance…to you anyway it was just to brush up on a potion that you should already know off by heart but you may have forgotten some of the ingredients used in it and went for a little walk as you usually would after spending a few hours in the library.

You sighed happily and hurried down the hallway dark clouds started to roll in, crossing over the main court yard you stopped mid stride turning your head to see a bit of paper, it’s corners were flapping in the gentle wind.

You were never one to read private letters to someone else, you weren’t completely like your brother, but that didn’t stop curiosity from  creeping up on you and completely taking over, you span around in a circle on the balls of your feet, your hair whipping around your face you stepped forwards taking one more glance around the empty court yard before picking up the letter and turning it over to see what was written on there. 

Your eyes scanned over the rather short note a frown appearing on your face, you had no memory of writing the note or even giving it to Snape “oh you have got to be kidding me” you said as realisation hit you, the reason you couldn’t remember writing it was because you didn’t and the only other person who could copy your hand writing so convincingly was Sirius, you dropped the letter to the floor and bolted across the court yard, you were going to be late and you didn’t want Snape to be disappointed when you didn’t show up.

You have never run this far in your whole entire life, so when you reached the lake, the dark clouds looming above your head threatening to rain, in the distance you spotted who you hoped was Snape walking along the side of the lake his head hung low, hair falling in front of his face, you sucked in a deep breathe before jogging over to him, gripping your books tightly in your hands.

“Severus!” you called waving your hands in the air to get his attention, his head snapping up at the sound of his name and your voice, a smile slowly spreading across his face “I-I’m so sorry I’m late, I lost track of time in the library” you breathed out as you came to a stop in front of him, leaning forwards you placed your hands on your knees and sucked in a few deep breathes.

Snape placed a hand on your shoulder “are you okay?” he asked his voice full of concern you nodded your head and waved a hand “yeah, I’m fine” you responded breathlessly still trying your best to get air into your lungs after the rather long run “you don’t look fine” he told you, you just shrugged your shoulders and straightened up giving him your best smile “I’m fine, really no need to be so concerned” Snape with drew his hand and coughed rubbing the back of his head awkwardly “what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?”.

Your eyebrows knitted together, cocking your head to the side as you blinked at him for a moment “you said to meet you here because you have something to tell me” he reminded you, you jumped and slapped the palm of your hand on your books smiling “right of course!” you exclaimed happily, Snape took a small step back.

“I wanted to tell you that I like you too, I thought that if I said in a letter you wouldn’t believe me, so I wrote you a note to meet me here and gave it to my brother to give you, at least I hope he did give it you, it would have been really awkward if it was some one else” you rambled,  brushing your hair behind your ears, Snape stood there quietly looking at you “I don’t think I believe it even now” he whispered, you stopped talking and closed your mouth, you felt a  pang of rejection in the pit of your stomach and gulped.

“It’s true Severus, please believe me” you said looking at hi with sad eyes, you really did like him and you were always so nice to him, even when your brother and his friends were being complete jerks to him “I really do have a crush on you, you can even ask my friends, by Merlin’s beard Severus I love you!” you told him, throwing your hands into the air, the last three words grabbed his attention, he had to ask what the last three words were multiple times to be sure he actually heard you right.

You had all four times repeated the last three words to him and when he was finally happy he smiled widely at you “I never thought I’d hear you say that or that you even like me the same way” he responded, you smiled back warmly and pulled him into a hug “of course I do, why on earth wouldn’t I?” you asked him, pushing him back and keeping him at arms length “I don’t know” he mumbled as a reply, you shook your head and ruffled his hair up “you should be going back Severus, it’s getting late and the perfect prefects will be out wandering around” you said rising to your tip toes and pressing a kiss to his pale cheek, Snape blushing a bright red. 

“What about you?” he asked, you shot him a smirk “I have something to do, I’ll talk to you tomorrow” Snape just nodded his head slowly before walking past you, you looked over your shoulder at him and gave him a smile as he turned around looking at you, raising one had and giving it a slight wave, which you returned.

You waited until you knew Snape was gone to call out to the four culprits “Snuffles, Prancer, Wolfie and Wormtail” you were more than mad, you were fuming and you knew they’d be watching after all it was suppose to be a horrible prank, but at least it back fired on them, as if on cue the four of them appeared from behind the trees. 

“I knew this was a bad idea” Peter whispered, James, Remus, and Sirius rolled their eyes “you were just as happy to do it as the rest of us” Sirius said between clenched teeth, you crossed your arms over your chest and glared at the four of them “do you know how mean that was?!” you snapped at them, all of them jumping at the tone of your voice “it was just a joke” James tried to reason with you, your glare intensified, you tapped your index finger on the spine of the book.

“Well it wasn’t funny!” you yelled throwing the book in your hand at them “it wasn’t funny when you wrote the note, it wasn’t funny when you just stood there and watched him while I wasn’t here, these jokes of yours” you started pointing a finger at all of them “they need to stop, it was lucky that I was actually planning on telling him how much I liked him other wise I would have felt really guilty”.

With that you turned you back on them “and bring my book back with you” you yelled storming off, James, Peter, Remus and Sirius stood there, their arms out in front of them as they watched you walk away “your sister needs to chill” Peter whispered which earned a slap around the head from Sirius himself.