private hoy

It needed to be said.

Okay. This is probably going to get hate from a lot of people but I need to get it off my chest.

1. Its perfectly okay to ship Scomiche, I do, almost all of us do.

2. Just because you ship Scomiche doesnt mean that Shawn is a bad person or that Scott no longer cares about Mitch whenever he notices another human being.

3. About Iceland: So what if Mitch left before Scott? So what if Scott and Shawn stayed in iceland? Maybe the flight didnt have eniugh seats, or maybe Scott just wanted to have some time by himself without Mitch? It doesnt have to be this big thing. (And for anyone saying Scott “took Mitch’s vacation for him and Shawn” that is…. so frustrating. Like is Scott not allowed to enjoy the trip either? Is he not allowed to enjoy anything, because its “Mitch’s?)

4. We love Scott and should support him. So why in the HELL would some people go and harass Shawn or Scott? What the hell? You say you love him? Then why cant he just be HAPPY?

5. No one even confirmed that Shawn and Scott are together. Shawn could just be a close friend or something. There is no reason to drag such a nice person into your shipping shitstorm of hate. I hate to say this and I know how we feel about Alex, but honestly everyone did this with him to. Why cant we just let Scott be happy and welcome Shawn with open arms. He never gave you a reason to dislike him.

6. Please for the love of god, STOP HARASSING SHAWN.

7. I miss our supportive, friendly, welcoming fandom. What happened to us? Why cant everyone just be nice to each other and love one another. There is so much hate in this fandom and it makes me so sad.