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Can’t Remember to Forget You | vii

Summary: When you almost die in battle, a distraught Bucky - afraid of what will become of him if he loses you - decides to end things. But what happens when he loses his memory, only to end up falling in love with you all over again?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1.5k

Warnings: Language, mentions of blood, death

A/N: you’re all gonna hate me, so feel free to yell at me after you read this || crtfy masterlist

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Happy Birthday Jason Grace! This fic was inspired by this song and was beta by the absolutely wonderful and perfect @somethingmorecreative1​. I don’t know what mess of this fic would be without her, Rachel, dear you are the best.

If he was honest, Jason was still a little uncomfortable and scared about this trip. Sure, it was supposed to be fun and relaxing, and the gods had promised that they would protect them from monsters. It was actually one of their rewards for saving Olympus.

After a really interesting plane ride (interesting because Percy and Hazel never left his side, and they followed him everywhere, even standing outside the door when he needed to pee), they finally arrived in Cancun, México. With the help of Piper’s charmspeak, they managed to rent a van. Percy was in charge of driving while Annabeth gave him the directions how to arrive to the house who was located in the Riviera Maya. Jason wasn’t sure if the drive from the airport was that long, or if he was just really tired, but when they finally arrived to the house, a very private and modern two floors house, everybody ran into the house to explore it.

Jason ignored the house and walked towards the backyard. He walked past the pool and into the sand, right in front of the Caribbean in all it’s glory. Jason took a deep breath to try to make the uneasiness go away. This trip was sponsored by his girlfriend’s father. Tristan McLean decided to pay for a private jet and rent a beach house for his daughter and her six friends to stay for two weeks. He was absolutely certain the other demigods also felt as uncomfortable as him with Tristan paying all the expenses, and he had even payed in advance for tours. Piper had told them that she was really sorry, that her dad meant good and he went a little bit over the top, but as weird as this was to them, it honestly wasn’t that much of a big deal to her dad. He just wanted her to make Piper happy, so please, please let’s accept this trip. They deserved it, and she really wanted to go on a vacation with them. But that was not the only part that made him uneasy, this trip was also meant to celebrate his and Annabeth’s birthdays. A date that he wasn’t sure how he felt about.

“That’s quite the view, isn’t it?” Percy’s voice brought him back to reality. He looked better than he did on the plane; the Caribbean Ocean was doing him wonders. Jason had to agree; the view was quite something, the sun was setting over the sea and the sky was a breathtaking mix of blue, orange and pink, the sea was filled with colors he could only describe as well… Percy’s eyes.

“Gotta agree this is better than the California ocean.”

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A Daddy To Call My Own (Negan One Shot)

           Okay so this is based off a conversation between Mel and I. At her insistence, I wrote some Negan smut. It’s my first time publically posting smut, so please be gentle lol I also tagged those who follow my YME story, I hope you guys don’t mind. Just thought I’d give y’all a lil something while I work out my issues with that. :)

Smoke rose from the cherry of a lit cigarette as a pair of plump lips took a long deserving drag. Brown eyes seemed to stare off at something or someone in the distance.

Just as Briana was about to take another mindless pull off her cig, a hand reached out and snatched it from her. Startled, Briana jumped.

“Fucking hell Mel! I only have so many of thoseeee!” Briana whined, stomping her feet a bit.

“Sharing is caring, sweetheart. Also, you love me.” Mel smirked taking a pull off the cig while dodging Briana’s attempts to grab it. “What were you staring off into space at anyway?”

Biting her lip, her eyes traveled back to their original target briefly and back to her friend. “Ohhh nothing.”

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Bruises, part 9 : You cry alone and then he swears he loves you

Word count : 790

Author note : I’m sorry it took me so long, I’ve been busy and I posted a bonus chapter for my Phantom!Bucky fic. I had to remake the taglist ‘cause a lot of people told me they didn’t had the notification so I reblogged part 1 to 8 with the new one, sorry if you already had it. Feedback is appreciated and the tag list is open, just ask to be add on it. Domestic violence is not normal, don’t let that happen even once because it’ll happen again, run away or go to the police or call special numbers for domestic violence.

Warnings : Slight mention of blood, sadness

Song of the title : Face Down, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 


Bruises masterlist

Part 8

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Somehow Bucky is stuck in WS mode. He isn't going anywhere but whoever is attacking he Team since they're all scared of what he'll do. You however are not. You click your fingers and all his attention is on you. The team is silent. "Soldier?" "Готов к выполнению" "Нет! Instead you shall follow me" the soldier looks at you before relaxing his muscles from battle mode. "Follow" (1/?)

You lead him to a private floor and ask Friday to keep everyone from accessing this floor. You knew he was meant to kill and destroy but something about the soldier drew you to him. “Do you find me attractive” “Да” “Do you wish to fuck me against the wall?” His voice turned low “Да” “you have your mission Soldier” this was a win win, after the soldier completed his mission you’d get Bucky back, plus you’ve always had a thing for the Soldier.

He fucks you hard and fast against the wall, managing to break it a bit with how much force he’s pounding into you with. His teeth are nipping and biting at your shoulder with each thrust. Your arms holding onto his back for stability. Deciding the wall would break at any moment he switches to fucking you against the floor and oh god does the cold floor contrast against the hot sweaty bodies (3/3)

Oh god….. - Gen 

Sinful Sunday™

one day

In which Garrus Vakarian has his complacency checked by two asshole kids who can’t keep themselves out of trouble.

So @stormcallart-blog​ and @toolatetofall​ made this post which made me spiral into Garrus feels again and I felt like I needed to write something with my two trouble-makers. I hope it’s okay to tag you guys?

There were some days Garrus really, really hated his job.

Sure, he’d never been particularly fond of pushing pencils and pouring over manuals on proper etiquette, navigating rules so convoluted they seemed specifically designed to treat low-level desk jockeys like himself worse than most waste ejection systems on trash freighters treated bodily fluids, getting wrapped up in so much red tape he felt like maybe today was the day his head finally exploded from an asinine mixture of boredom and frustration, but some days were better than others. Some days where he could convince himself that he was making a difference, doing good work keeping the Citadel safe.

Most days he felt like he was repeatedly slamming his forehead through panes of glass, and then being asked to apologize for making such a mess of his slow and inevitable descent into sanitary madness.

It was a matter of pride, though, that he try to keep at it. He understood the family legacy and reputation, how important it was to keep his mandible down and stay in line with all the rest of the sorry idiots working in CSEC just waiting for that tiny beetle beep coming down from command that let them know that somewhere on this damn station someone had looked the wrong way at one of the topiaries and offended the prime minister of some ass-backwards mining empire out in the middle of nowhere.

It was his job. And spirits-damn him, but he was nothing if not a stubborn bastard.

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"Have you ever even done this before?"

AU - high school olicity

“Have you ever even done this before?”

“… I may have.”

“Really? What kind of life do you lead as a sixteen year old to have hacked your way out of a room?”

“An interesting one. Besides you’re the one that got us into this mess.”

“I just said the company’s server room could be helpful for the project and you were all ‘take me to it now’ using your loud voice.”

“Well you can’t make that offer and don’t expect me to get excited.”

“I imagined you saying that under different circumstances.”

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Good Enough (1/6)

Summary:  Sex comes easy to her; intimacy follows slowly. While Evelyn learns to love, Cullen learns to let himself be loved.
Rating: Explicit
Pairings: Cullen Rutherford/Female Mage Trevelyan
Word Count: ~4.9k (this chapter) 
Warnings (for this chapter): explicit sexual content, mention of drug withdrawal, light dom/sub

He takes on the desk, his armour digging uncomfortably into her skin. Cullen knows that this isn’t ideal, that they should probably be smarter than fuck in his office, where three doors make it into a hot spot for scouts who need to get around the keep’s premises quickly and undisturbed. 

It’s never bothered him before, that he has no privacy. It helped him keep a clear head in the worst of his withdrawals, when the itch for lyrium was so bad all he could do was pace from wall to wall. It kept him away from it, knowing that someone would see him break down in the worst of his moments and succumb to an addiction he’d been trying to break for months.

Now though, he would kill for locks or a trap door that would wall off his private chambers from the floor below.


Running from the Past: Chapter 9

Summary: Female!Reader is a mutant who was experimented on by HYDRA. Due to her unique powers, she escaped a year and a half ago without being seen when the Avengers attacked the Hydra compound she was kept in for 5 years of her life. Her mutations and Hydra experiments allow her to blend in with her surroundings (like a chameleon/cuttlefish/octopus) and change her appearance in minor ways (such as hair, skin, and eye color), though the changes are only temporary. She has decided to stay with the Avengers in the hopes they can help her retrieve lost memories.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Avengers x Reader (Platonic)

Word Count: 2,109

Warnings: Language, violence/fighting, traumatic past (mentions of torture/experimentation), angst, slow burn, implied smut

A/N: Guys, I’m so excited! I’ve been waiting to write this chapter since I started the series. I hope you enjoy it.

Ah, yes. Murder. So romantic. PLEASE click the youtube link and read while you listen. It’s worth it, I promise.

Once again, the Russian is in “quotes and italics”

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A mellow jazz track played loudly over the speakers and the pain the likes of which you’d only ever felt one other time in your life exploded inside your brain. 

You groaned in frustration, hitting the pause button on your phone. You fought the urge to kick something. You needed to have this dance learned by tomorrow and you just couldn’t learn the steps no matter how hard you tried. You stalked back and forth in the small room, rolling your shoulders in an attempt to relieve some tension. You regretted being stuck in the safe house. You couldn’t even leave to get some fresh air.

The politician you were after was eccentric. He was throwing a ball. An actual ball. A masquerade, in fact. You needed to get close to the man during the dancing- when he was minimally guarded- but faced one huge problem- for the life of you, you couldn’t learn this dance. You were fine with a simple two step at the minister’s gala almost a year ago, but this was far more complicated.

You slumped to the ground, momentarily defeated.

“This wouldn’t be a problem if you’d been trained in the Red Room,” said a voice from the doorway.

You turned and glared at the Soldier. “Yes, and if ‘ifs’ were poppies we’d both be dreaming,” you seethed, standing. Your self-pity-induced break was over and you needed to get back to the grueling task of learning the complicated waltz. You restarted the song, going through every motion, starting from the curtsy to your invisible partner. You made it all the way through the first ten steps before you forgot what to do next. It was a new record.

“You suck at this,” the Soldier said mockingly from his position at the kitchen table.

You were about to rip him a new one, but then an idea struck you. You knew what would make this easier.

A partner.

“Come here,” you said suddenly.

“I don’t take orders from you,” he said coldly.

“It wasn’t an order, it was a request,” You said, biting back your temper. Recently his behavior around you had been odd- colder. The progress you’d made in getting to know him seemed as though it had all but evaporated. “I need to learn this choreography and it’’ll go much faster if I have a partner to practice with,” you said, taking a step closer to him.

“I refuse,” he said, tensing up.

“Then I will fail my mission,” you said, voice shaking ever-so-slightly. The tremor in your voice seemed to get his attention. He looked at you, face unreadable.

“Fine, have it your way,” he said, standing suddenly. Before you could react he’d grabbed your hand and dragged you into the open space you’d cleared in the living room. He turned suddenly and grabbed your phone out of your other hand and pressed play before throwing it on the couch. He placed his metal hand on your waist and tugged you closer so that your chest was nearly flush with his. “Straighten your back,” he said, running his metal fingers up the curve of your spine. Your thin shirt couldn’t protect you from the coolness of his metal fingers. You shivered, arching your back slightly against his touch.

You looked up into his eyes- had they always been such a striking blue?

“You know how to dance?” you asked as the song played its intro. Normally he’d be bowing to you and you’d curtsy back.

“Who knows?” he said evasively, handing returning to your waist. The music started in earnest and the Soldier took the lead.

He definitely knew how to dance. He led you around the room slowly in time with the music. Pressure on your hand or waist told you where you needed to step a second before you moved.

“When did you learn the choreography?” you asked, distraught. You’d been practicing for hours but you only knew what the next step was thanks to his unspoken directions.

“I learned it while you were in here bumbling,” he said and spun you out gently, then reeled you back in. You twirled into his chest. Now you were both facing the same direction. He took your free hand in his and you moved together for a few steps in that position. “Now, focus on what you’re doing,” he whispered into your ear.

You fought back a shiver as he spun you back out again. You both stepped forward and met in the middle, returning to the normal waltz position. “I do not bumble,” you said indignantly.

Suddenly you world went sideways as he dipped you low, metal hand gripping your thigh as his flesh arm supported your back. You tried to ignore the way heat pooled between your thighs on account of the position you were in and the look he was giving you.

“Yes, you do,” he said, eyes boring into yours. The emotion in his eyes- you usually only ever saw it in flashes. This was something new. He pulled you back up gracefully and took a step away before giving you a shallow bow. He took your left hand gently in his metal one and brought it to his lips, brushing them over your knuckles softly. The entire time, his eyes never left yours.

Your heart was trying to beat out of your chest.

“Thank you for the dance,” he said, straightening. He dropped your hand and walked away, leaving you a mess of emotions.

You performed flawlessly, even with the giant black costume dress you had to wear impeding your every move. By the end of the dance, every pair of masked eyes were on you and Senator Bradley, the eccentric host of the party. If everyone else was charmed by you, then the Senator was enthralled. To no one’s surprise, he asked for you to join him upstairs the second he’d finished greeting everyone his secretary deemed mandatory. You smiled disarmingly at him and accepted his outstretched arm.

You took the private elevator up two levels to his private floor. He was kissing you messily, your masks bumping together, before the doors even opened. You fought the urge to punch him in the throat.

“Wait, wait. I want to put on a show for you,” you said silkily, kissing his neck as your hands roamed down his chest. You’d have to go through a whole bottle of mouth wash later. The doors opened and the two of you spilled out of the elevator.  “Where’s your bathroom? I need to… freshen up,” you say, winking at him suggestively.

“Down the hall on the left, sweet thing,” he said as he looked you up and down, clearly undressing you with his mind.

“I’ll be right back, naughty boy. Be ready,” you said, swinging your hips as you walked away. The bathroom was where he said it was. You locked the door behind you, and pushed the plug down on the tub and let it fill with water. While you waited for it to fill, you stripped off your elegant ball gown, giving it a dirty look. You left the black mask on, however. It perfectly complemented the tight leather suit you had on. You pulled out a small vial and threw it and the ball gown into the tub where they both began dissolving immediately, turning into acidic black sludge. You smirked. Hydra gave you all the best toys. You pulled off the caps of your boots’ tall heels to reveal long, sharp black spikes. You turned the water off and smiled. Let the games begin.

Distracted by your clothing as he was, the Senator hadn’t seen you coming. Nor had he seen the steel spiked heel until it was in his jugular. You carried the body to the tub, trying your best to avoid getting blood on yourself. You placed Bradley in the tub slowly, careful to avoid splashing yourself. The skin and clothing hissed when it hit the acid. You stepped back and admired your handiwork once you’d finished. The tub would erode eventually, but not until after the Senator became a chunky acidic soup. You left the room and made your way to the balcony.

You looked up and groaned. Climbing the wall was the easiest way to the roof, though, which was where your extraction team was waiting for you. But that thought didn’t make scaling the wall any more appealing. If you fell this time, the Soldier wouldn’t be there to catch you. Your heart twisted at the thought. This was your first solo mission in a while and you realized you missed having him on missions with you.

It took you a minute to get to the top of the wall. You didn’t dare look down. You yelped as someone reached over the edge and pulled you up and onto the flat roof. You prepared yourself for a fight but the clouds shifted and revealed the Soldier.

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“Soldat, what are you doing here?” you asked, looking around for any threats.

He held a finger to your lips, shook his head, and took your hand, walking backwards as he led you away from the edge of the rooftop. The intensity in his eyes… you’d never seen this much emotion in them before. You stopped when he did, trapped by his gaze, eyes locked on his as he took your right hand in his metal one and snaked an arm around your waist, pulling you close to him- just close enough that your chest brushed his. Faintly, music began playing downstairs. It escaped through the windows and drifted softly up to you on the roof. He began spinning the both of you slowly, eyes never leaving yours.

“This is one of my favorite songs,” he said quietly as you spun on the spot.

It took a second for the weight of that statement to sink in. “Soldat, your memories are returning?” you asked, eyes widening.

He nodded, face twisting in sadness. “Please don’t call me that. Not today, Doll,” he said, cupping your face with his right hand. 

“They’ll know,” you said, heart filling with fear for him.

He smiled sadly. “Yes, they’ll find out eventually.”

“I’ll lose you to their brainwashing,” you said, distraught.

“Hey, hey. Don’t panic yet, Doll. It might not completely stick, like yours didn’t,” he said, stroking your cheek with his thumb.

Your eyes widened. “How did-”

“I suspected from the moment I met you as the Soldier, but something about you intrigued me, even then. I think it’s thanks to you that this is happening. I’ve been getting memories back slowly whenever I’m around you. You spark something deep inside of me, Doll,” he said, smiling so sweetly at you that you could feel your heart break then and there. “I’m sorry for treatin’ you so bad recently. I was afraid of what was happening to me, and what it could mean for you,” he said, eyes apologetic.

You ignored the sense of dread settling in your stomach, threw caution to the wind, and stood up on your toes.

He met you halfway, lips crashing against yours. You pulled away enough to look him in the eyes. You both searched each other’s faces before you reached up, tangled your fingers in his hair, and pulled him back down into the kiss. He pulled you against him with his right arm. His metal arm grabbed you by the thigh and pulled you up. Your legs wrapped around his waist and he held you securely against him. Your arms snaked around his neck, fingers buried in his hair as you devoured each other’s lips.

You broke the kiss, panting slightly. “What do I call you, if not Soldat?” you asked, kissing him on the neck between every couple of words.

“Bucky. Call me Bucky,” he said, gasping as you bit hard on his neck then soothed it with a lick.

“Bucky, then,” you said, smiling at him before lazily claiming his lips with your own again. You stayed like that, wrapped in each other’s arms and lost in each other’s kisses for what felt like a small eternity.

“I hate to ruin the moment, but I think our dance is over,” he said. Over the blood pounding in your ears, you heard people floors below you screaming.

You sighed softly when he kissed your neck before setting you down. “I hate it when you’re right,” you said, pecking him on the lips. “Please tell me you have a way out of here,” you said, glancing over the edge of the rooftop at the mayhem below.

“Of course, (Y/N). I’d never let my best girl get hurt,” he said, grinning at you.

You smiled sadly back at him. You both knew it was a promise he couldn’t keep.

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Chapter 10

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Honey Pot (Kate & Stiles, Stiles/Derek)

A/N: This is totally self-indulgent because I got the idea in my head, and I had to write it. This is an AU featuring a non-villainous Kate being friends with Stiles, and background mutual pining Sterek. If any of that isn’t your cuppa, just scroll on by! I had so much fun writing this & playing in this verse. I hope that some of you give it a chance & enjoy! <3

Honey Pot. Kate & Stiles Brotp. Stiles & Team Friendships. Stiles/Derek. Teen. Also on AO3.

Stiles, Kate, and their team complete a mission involving a creepy rich dude and stolen Greek artifacts.

The party is in full swing when Stiles pulls the Jaguar up to the line at the valet station. There are three cars ahead of them, but the line seems to be moving quickly. Not surprising considering the host and his reputation for lavish festivities. Leaning towards the passenger side, he whispers, “In and out, right?”

There’s a brush of blonde hair against his nose as Kate turns to face him. “No, I thought we’d spend a few hours partying it up with a bunch of criminals with stolen intel in my bra.”

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AJet-100, Designer: Lee Rosario,


  • (2) RR high output electric engines powered by a variation of advanced solar and lithium battery technologies
  • Projection technologies used to project real-time outside video or preloaded video into fuselage floor
  • Advanced aerodynamic design for improved battery efficiency
  • AI autopilot flight technology with capabilities for total GPS guided flight from takeoff to landing
  • Various configurations depending on client needs and intended service use
  • Hybrid engine options to switch between traditional fuel and electric power

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Relationship: Tony Stark x Reader, Friend!Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Sad Tony, Slight Angst, Fluff, Happy Ending

A/N: Sorry I have been posting much I’ve been distracted with other stuff lately haven’t had much time to write. I am working on the two requests I have and will finish them as soon as I can! Love you all! (This is my first Tony x Reader!)


“Nat!” You scream as you race towards one of your best friend whom you had just fought a major war with about a year ago. Captain America had broken all of you who had been locked up, out of your prison about a year ago, after he and Tony fought. T’Challa’s scientists had found a way to cure Bucky. He still remembers everything but at least he won’t become the Winter Soldier again.

“Y/N!” Nat shouted as she sprinted towards you with her arms wide open for you. You both ran to each other and ended up flat on your asses on the floor.

“I’ve missed you so much Nat.” You say when you both finally stop laughing.

“I’ve missed you too Y/N/N! We all have.” She says as you stand up, gesturing towards Iron Man’s half of the team. Tony, your fiancé, well now probably ex-fiancé after you betrayed him by siding with your best friend Steve, just has a broken look to him when he sees you.

“Tony,” You whisper breathlessly. Steve glances down at you with pity before regaining his team leader persona.

“Alright guys let’s give these two some space.” Steve says shooing everyone out except for Bucky who looks over at you confused.

“This is the guy we talked about.” You whisper to Bucky. You and Bucky were not a thing but aside from Steve you were the only one who trusted him and were the only other one he would open up to. Tony sends Bucky an icy glare.

“You ok?” Bucky asks moving towards you.

“She’s fine. Now if you’ll excuse us we have some adult things to talk about ok?” Tony snapped at Bucky.

“I’ll be fine Buck, go with Steve. I’ll talk to you in a bit.” You say giving him a quick hug before him and Steve leave.

“So what? Hmm. You fucking Capsicle’s best friend now? I’m not good enough now? I’m so awful because I signed those damn accords a year ago?!” He shouts running his hands through his hair.

“Ok first of all you told me to get lost if I didn’t sign, that you couldn’t love someone so selfish. And second no I am not sleeping with Bucky he’s just a friend. A friend who has had his brain put in a freaking blender hundreds of times and is finally starting to heal. You did this to us Tony! You gave me an ultimatum, my beliefs or you, my best friend or you. When you gave me that ultimatum I knew I couldn’t chose you. If you felt you had to force me to pick then you never really knew me. I would’ve chosen you a million times over but you tried to force my hand! I loved you with everything I had and you told me that wasn’t good enough! You told me to pick you over my friends and everything I believe in!” You shout back as the tears you had been trying to hold back slip through and sobs rack through your body.

“And I was fucking wrong ok!” He shouts back, his voice cracking at the end.

“What?” You whisper as you attempt to wipe away some of your tears.

“I didn’t want to lose you. I know it doesn’t make sense but I thought if you knew how much signing the accords meant to me you would do it. I knew the team was going to end up fighting but I- oh god Y/N, I didn’t want to fight you.” He choked out as a sob seizes his body. Seeing him hurting makes you feel even worse about the situation.

“Did you honestly doubt me? Did you really think I would betray you? Because that’s what it felt like.” You whisper crossing the room to sit down beside him on the sofa.

“I couldn’t lose you. Everyone I’ve everyone loved has left me Y/N. I thought you would too. And in trying to keep you, I lost you.” He mutters as he roughly wipes away his tears.

“No you haven’t.” You take his hands in yours. Tony looks up at you with confusion.

“Tony, yes we had a fight and we had our problems. But I will always be yours. You will never lose me.” You command as you take one of your hands and force his chin up. His eyes have a small glimmer of hope but in a flash it’s gone and is replaced by the self-loathing and self-doubt you were so used to seeing in his eyes even before any of this started.

Though Tony played it cool you knew how he never believed he was good enough, how he hated himself for not being the perfect man he thought he should be. But to you he always was perfect and it was because of all his flaws that you loved him.

“You deserve so much better than me. I treated you like crap Y/N. I don’t deserve someone as perfect as you. I th-think I should et you go. Because I have to. It’s not fair of me to try and keep you. Not when I know you deserve better.” Tony chokes out, removing his hands from yours and moving his gaze to the window.

“Tony!” You shout harshly trying to get his attention. When he ignores you, you grasp his chin firmly with your hand bringing his view back to you. “The only person who is allowed to decide what and who I deserve is me! Got it?” You question rather harshly. But if that’s what you had to do to get him to understand then so be it.


“And guess what? I say I deserve you. Tony you are worthy. We deserve each other ok?” You say grabbing his face between your hands. When he finally nods you smash your lips together.

It feels as if no time has passed. Your lips still move perfectly in sync. Like you were made for each other.

“Tony,” You gasp as he scoops you up into his arms quickly. He practically sprints towards the elevator and hits the button for his private floor that the two of you used to share.

“I want you back Y/N. I want to pick up where we left off. Let’s get married.” He shouts happily before pressing his lips to yours.

“Are you sure? I mean after everything you would take me back?” You question, carefully examining his eyes.

“Without a doubt.” He says seriously. The doors open and he carefully sets you down on the bed before standing up and walking towards the dresser. After he grabs something from it and places it in his pants pocket he begins pacing the room. You smile when he runs his hands through his hair like he always does when he’s frustrated.

“Y/n,” He says turning to you. “I love you more than anything in this world a-and somehow,” he pauses taking a deep breathe as his eyes tear up slightly. “You love me too. Almost as much as I love you,” he holds a finger up to your lips when you’re about to protest. “Hold on. If you’ll allow me I want more than anything else to make you the happiest women in the world and all you have to do is say yes. I will give you the world Y/n because that’s what my girl deserves. So Y/F/N will you do me the incredible honor of marrying me?” He asks slipping the little black box out of his pocket as he takes a knee.

“Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes! Tony of course I’ll marry you! There was never another option for me! If I didn’t have you I don’t know what I would do! I missed you so much this last year and I can’t wait to be your wife!” You gasp when he slides the ring gently onto your finger.

“I love you sweetheart, so much!” He shouts as he grabs your waist and twirls you in his arms.

“I love you too Tony! More than anything in this universe!” You confess softly. He stops twirling you and sets you gently back on the ground.

“Please don’t leave me.” He begs, his eyes filling with tears. “Y/n I don’t know what I would do without you by my side. I need you and I know it’s incredibly selfish of me to want you but goddamnit I do.”

“I will never leave you again Tony.” You vow putting your hands on his cheeks, cupping his face. “Together forever.”

“Forever is an awfully long time, especially with me.”

“Good thing I’m spending it with you, Tony you piss me off immensely sometimes but I love you and nothing can ever change that.”

“I love you too Y/f/n.” You know it won’t be easy, it’s Tony, but you will make it work. You were never leaving your Iron Man again.


I want to give you some background on our camp where I just spent 10 days at. First there is a swimming pool, a hot tub, a cross between a hot tub and pool where you can sit and chat while in water but no jets and no heated water it will seat a bunch. Also RV hookups and small cabins. There is also a club house with private rooms, a dance floor and I open room with mats on floor that is used for group sex, everyone that enters that room enters it with understanding that you are going to have sex with anyone in there (wicked smile). This is private members only camp and also clothing optional which mean really no clothes worn by anyone. It is also a family friendly environment. There is very few rules the biggest one no means no. A lot of open sex between people so people will see you. My dad says if you do not want to be seen take it inside LOL. There are different kind of games that are played also. The one I like best is called Smile that is where a group of people sits around a table talking someone gets under the table and performs oral sex on someone and the people at table has to guess who is being serviced. An other favorite is being blindfolded and then trying to guess who is performing oral sex on you.

I am going to be writing about things that happened there, probably starting within a couple of days. If anyone has any questions before I get started go ahead and ask.

Love and Kisses

Routines (Reaper76)

Title: Routines
Chapter: Oneshot
Description: Jack and Gabe worked out together for at least an hour a day with all sorts of techniques and equipment. But it wasn’t the act of working out that made it the favorite. It was the kissing.
Pairing: Jack Morrison x Gabriel Reyes.  Soldier: 76 x Reaper.  Reaper76.
Word Count: 1,939
Rating: Teen and up
Note: For @dovahbutt inspired by this beautiful piece of fan art <3

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The night i became a drug whore

So I met my what would turn out to be my future daddy on kik a few months back. We had talked a few days and then met and of course being a good sissy I sucked his big dick in his Lexus. He was a super cool nice guy. We meet a few weeks later and he got a nice room and bought dinner and then we fucked for a few hours. WOW is all I could say. His dick was perfect. During all this time our text’s got pretty dirty and I told him of a fantasy of mine to be pimped out. He always jokingly said he was going to do it. Told me he had a few sissies that he had in his stable of Ho’s. I was like right heard this before by others, so whatever. Right.

So Wednesday the 28th of October he text me and said he wanted to get a room Friday night and pimp me out. I laughed to myself and thought ok he is just wanting to fuck again. Cool cause love love love his big dick. Friday, October 30th 2016, he texted me about 2:30 and said he had the room and wanted to pick me up. I said , “ I can just meet you there” but he said no he would pick me up and drive me there and take me home Saturday morning. He picked me up and we was at room by 3:15. It was in a rough rough part of town, Next door was a truck stop rest area place, The room was not the cleanest but was ok. We were on the second floor, private entrance, He told me to get dolled up and he would be back. He should back up around 7:30. When he walked back through the door he was different person. Kind of cold and distant. He told me to get on my fucking knees and I did. I said “ are you ok you seem pissed about something” He told me to shut the fuck up and listen. He said “ you remember your little fantasy about being a Ho and being pimped out” I shook my head yes. He said “ well you stupid little bitch it is going to happen tonight” I started to stand up and he pushed me back down and said  “I didn’t tell you to get up did I” I said no. he said “ well like all ho’s I guess I need to beat you into submission, cause tonight you are going to make me some money and be a disgusting fucking stupid Ho” with that he slapped me really hard and said he owned my sissy ass from here on out. He then hit me again letting me know if I try and run or tell on him I would get it twice as bad. He then grabed me by the throat and choked me til I almost past out and told me I was his special girl and he didn’t like hurting me but it was is needed right now. I had to understand what I was for him and to him. A Ho, a slut a whore, a money maker. But he also said I was his favorite, his girlfriend, said he would treat me like a princess once I earned it. With that he bent me over and started fucking me. We pulled his hand around to my mouth and had some pills and told me to take them. So I did. With in what seemed like a few minutes I was so horny and wanted his dick so bad. He had given my mollys  and I became a complete whore. He fucked me til he filled me up and then left and said if there is a knock on the door I am to open it and follow orders.

About 20 mintues went by and there was a knock and I opened the door and there was this black guy about 22 years old and he stepped in and said he wanted his dick sucked. So I dropped to my knees and sucked his dick. He had a long dick and really worked my throat over good. I sucked him for about 10 minutes and he told me he wanted to abuse me and said he paid for that privledge. So I said  ok. Scared of what he might do. He grabbed my throat and squeezed really hard and pushed his dick down my throat. I gagged over and over and he kept going. I almost passed out and he stopped and then started smacking my ass really hard telling me I was a good Ho and sucked good dick. Then he said we was going to cum and pushed down my throat and choked me really hard. At the same time he shot his load I started to pass out. Every thing was going black and I could still taste his load. A true uforia . he pulled his dick out and slapped the remaing cum on my face and left. I fell to the floor with tears in my eyes and gagging on cum. Before the door shut two guys stepped in. Two older white guys. They pushed the door shut and locked it and said “ so you’re the sissy turning tricks” I said I guess so. So they wasted no time. One sat on the bed and pulled out his dick and told me to suck him. While sucking his cock the other got behind me and pushed in to my ass with no lube no spit no warning. I jumped and tried to pull away but the other guy held me in place and told me to take what I had coming. The man behind me pumped my so hard I started crying and begged him to stop, he told me not until he got his moneys worth. He fucked of about 5 minutes and then pushed his load deep into me. This excited the other guy and he got behind me and started fucking me and loved the feeling of my cummy used hole. He sucked the first guys dick clean while fucking me. He was the first guys sub. So now I am getting fucked like a bitch by another mans bitch. He fucked for a few minutes and shot his load as well. The first guy was hard again and wanted me to suck his cock while his sub watched. So I did and it took maybe 20 minutes but he came in my throat and they both left. I got up and locked the door and texted my daddy and told him I was ready to leave. He said “ no your not. You have only made $200 and you need to make $600 before you are done”. I refused and he said ok that’s cool ill be up in about 20 minutes. He showed up with a couple of friends and he walked over and slapped me so hard I feel to the bed and said “told you bitch I own you and you will work til I say you are done. He forced me to take some more mollys and told me now I had to entertain his two friends for free. They all three took turns fucking me over an over. They beat me and slapped me and abused me really hard. Think gang rape. But the mollys made it all seem ok. It was now about midnight and his buddies left. He then made a phone call and said come on up. He looked at me and said this guy paid a lot to abuse you and he is super kinky . so here take these Xanax bars and I did. Then the guys showed up. And daddy left. This guy was a big black guy. 6’5 and about 350 lbs on the fat side but had a really big dick WOW. He pulled his dick out and put a line of Cocaine on it and told me to snort up. I did cause the Xanax about had me asleep. Once I snorted it I was wide awake and he asked if I was ready to be a true whore. I said oh yes. He grab me and dragged me to the bathroom and ripped my cloths and pushed me to the floor and then he started to piss all over me. Telling me I was worthless whore and a stupid bitch . after he pissed on me he climed on top my face and told me to lick his ass and I did.  Then I had to suck his cock. The whole time him telling me how stupid I was etc. once he got to the point where we were going to fuck he backed up and decided to cuff me and spank me so he did. I was in tears and he whispered “ the more you cry the harder I get”and then he pushed me into the wall hard and it knocked me silly. I was out of it and he loved it. I don’t remember the next 10 minutes. But I came to with his dick in my ass and a belt around my neck. He was fucking hard and balls deep. I could feel my insides being pushed everywhere. He noticed my eyes were open and he slapped me and said welcome back and then I felt a back hand and went out again.  I cam back to with him setting in the chair and he splashed water in my face and told me I was ok. And that I was a good whore. And he left. Now it is like 1:30 am and daddy showed back up and had me take more Xanax and mollys and then I don’t remember much until around 2:45 daddy had me in the shower with the water on me screaming at me to wake up. He looked scared like he fucked up. I giggled and said you fucked up didn’t you daddy. And he slapped the shit out of me again. He let me sleep and at 6 am he went to get some breakfast. He came back and we eat and he handed me $65 and said check out was at 11 and I had to earn another $200 before check out or take the 65 and book another night. He left so I walked over to truck stop and a trucker seen me and invited me in his rig and he was dirty and smelly ugh and had a little white dick but I sucked him for 25$ and he said he would tell every one what room I was in. I had a guy showed up and sucked him for 50 and another guy showed up around 10 and I fucked him for 125. Daddy showed up at 11 and told me last night I made him 900 and today another 200 he was happy with me and gave me 300 and told me I was his number one Ho. He took me home and I sucked his dick on the car ride home. When I was home I felt dirty but felt alive. And as hard as daddy abused me and let other abuse me I already missed him and wanted to make more money for him . The smile on his face when he told me how much I earned for him was perfect. I felt like I was meant to me his stupid whore. I am a slut a sissy prostitute, a street hooker. And his number one Ho. Next weekend is in the works I think , I hope. I am a whore now and I love it.