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How Hard Can It Be? // Archie Andrews

can you do an archie imagine, where the reader is a dancer and she tries to teach archie ballet cause his coach thinks it will help him with football?? I LOVE YOUR ACCOUNT💕💕💕

Thank you! I’m glad you love my account! I hope that this is okay. I actually really enjoyed this one because I kept picturing KJ in a tutu and I can’t even in all honesty lol! Enjoy!


Archie’s P.O.V

‘Andrew! Come here a minute.’ I jogged over to the coach, knowing exactly where this conversation is going. I had been so focused on my music and song writing that I haven’t practiced football as much as I should, which has caused me to not play to the best of my ability. I sighed, taking off my helmet to be faced with his annoyed glance. ‘What the hell was that?’ He asked, hands resting on his hips.

I gave him an awkward smile and dropped my head, looking at my feet. ‘I’m sorry, Coach. I – I don’t know what’s happening. My balance is…’

‘Completely off? You bet it is and you need to fix it if you think you’re going to be playing this Friday’s game. I can’t have you bringing the team down.’ He explained, checking his clipboard. ‘Just – figure out something, alright? Maybe try something like ballet.’ He sighed, walking away from me.

I frowned, chuckling a little. Ballet? That would be interesting. But, I know exactly who could help me…

Y/N’s P.O.V

I sat at the lunch table with Ronnie, Jughead, Betty and Kevin, comparing math notes with Kevin since we were in the same class. I was just passing time whilst waiting for Archie to return from practice, due to the fact I hadn’t seen him once today, except for this morning.

I lifted my head to see Archie storming over to our table, sitting down abruptly next to me. I gave the others a confused look, not knowing why my boyfriend was in a bad mood. ‘Well hello to you too, cranky pants.’ I teased, watching him sigh in annoyance.

‘I’m not cranky; I’m annoyed. Coach wants me to try ballet to improve my balance. I mean – me wearing a tutu? No way.’ He rambled, running his fingers through his hair. I shut my note book, turning to look at him.

‘Ballet is not all about the tutu’s honey, it actually does improve balance and control. Plus, it’s a sport for women and men.’ I explained, biting my lip in thought. ‘How about this; after school, I’ll help you try and get some control back into those legs in the dance studio.’

‘You’d really do that, Y/N?’ He asked, a small smile on his face.

‘If it’s to keep you on the team, I’ll be happy to do anything for you. But, fair warning, it’s going to be a lot of hard work.’ I warned, giving him a cheeky smile.

He threw his head back and laughed, looking at me with an amused expression. ‘Please, how hard can it be?’


I laughed, shaking my head at my boyfriend who laid on the floor, covered in sweet and panting heavily. ‘Okay, maybe I was wrong…’ he breathed out, looking up at me.

‘Get up, dude! This is embarrassing,’ Jughead called out. I made sure that the gang came and sat in here to watch him, to make sure he didn’t give up and for their own personal entertainment.

‘You wanna try, Jughead?’ Archie replied, squeezing his eyes shut from moving his legs a little.

‘I’m not stupid to doubt my girlfriend, unlike you.’ I laughed, kneeling down to the ground at my exhausted boyfriend. I grabbed his hand, helping him off of the floor.

‘I’m so enjoying this.’ I heard Ronnie say to Kevin, laughing a little.

‘Alright, we’re going to go again.’ I smiled, getting him to stand up straight.

‘Please, babe, no more.’ He pleaded, grabbing onto the ballet bar, struggling to keep upright. I patted his back, pouting a little at his tiresome face. ‘I can’t do it. I’m sorry I doubted you.’

‘Now you know you can trust me.’ I chuckled, grabbing him his bottle of water, letting him drink it while he rested against the bar. ‘You’ve done better then what I thought you would though, so don’t be so hard on yourself.’

‘But, I’ve been so focused on making music, I’ve managed to let my team mates down while I’m at it.’ He sounded so disappointed in himself because of it. I turned around to see the others engaged in their own conversations, letting me have this private moment with Archie.

‘Arch, it’s alright. You knew there was something wrong and you wanted to fix it and I’m glad I can help. But, don’t feel guilty because you’re enjoying something else too, you just – you gotta find a way to balance it. I can help if needed, whatever you need,’ I rested my hand on top of his, grabbing it in a comforting squeeze, ‘I’m here.’

He stood up and grabbed me by the face, pecking my lips softly. I sighed into this kiss, feeling my heart warm with his lips on mine. He pulled away, resting his sweaty forehead against mine. I scrunched my face up a little, chuckling at him.

‘I think you need to hit the showers before you even think about hugging me.’ I pushed him away a little, laughing at his amused expression.

‘Oh really?’ He raised eyebrow, making my eyes widen. Oh shit.

‘Don’t you dare, Archibald Andrews!’ I exclaimed before he picked my up, hugging me against his sweaty body. ‘Ew, Archie!’ I laughed, catching the others attention as they watched the two of us. He placed me down, not letting me go. He buried his sweaty face into my neck my neck, making me cry of laughter and disgust. ‘You’re a disgrace.’ I chuckled.

‘But I’m your disgrace.’ He winked, pecking my cheek.


I watched Archie running down the field at great speed, watching him gracefully leap over players who would try and tackle him to the ground. I grinned, our training paying off with his balance. I stood up with Betty and Ronnie either side of me as we cheered, Archie making another touchdown. The siren went off as our team had won, thanks to Archie. Our school stood up and cheered whilst I clapped for my boyfriend, shaking my head and smiling at him.

He saw me in the crowd, giving me a wave and a wink. I hugged his letterman jacket around me, nodding my head at him. I moved down the bleachers, seeing Archie talking to the coach. I hit the grass, whilst I saw Archie grinning from ear to ear as he jogged over to me, dropping his helmet and picking me up in the air, hugging me.

‘Thank you, thank you, thank you!’ He repeated, spinning me around whilst I chuckled. He placed me down, grabbing my face and kissing me. I wrapped my arms around his waist, holding him closely to me if it was even possible. He pulled away from my lips, smiling down at me. ‘Coach said that’s the best he’s ever seen me play.’

‘Good, that means you can now join ballet with me.’ I smirked, seeing him playfully glaring at me.

‘Oh hell no.’

CS FF: Just the Beginning

Summary: Emma and Killian decide they don’t want to postpone their wedding and come up with a plan to prevent it from being interrupted by the Black Fairy.  Now they just need to convince David to go along with it.  

Rating: G

Note: So they’ve got one episode for Emma and Killian to decide to get married now and plan this wedding.  I’m hoping for a scene where they decide not to postpone in tomorrow’s episode.  I would love if they came up with this plan and followed through with it.  Hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…Just the Beginning: Part 1/1…

Emma stared at the clock on the nightstand.  3:04 a.m.  She had been staring at it for the better part of three hours.  She sighed heavily and flipped to her other side, surprised to meet the gaze of her fiancé.

“Can’t sleep either?” she asked.

Killian nodded. “Aye, not a wink.  Well, I know what’s keeping me up. What about you?”

She gnawed on her lower lip for a long moment.  

“I don’t want to postpone our wedding,” she admitted.

Killian’s eyes widened. “You don’t?”

“No.  Killian, I know my father made some good points, but I don’t want to wait to become your wife. We have already waited long enough and we have had to overcome so much.”

“Your father was right about the timing, Emma.”

“The timing will never be perfect.  There will always be something going on.” She paused, a smile curling her lips.  "A wise pirate once gave me some great advice.“

“Did he now?” he asked with a cocky grin.

“He said there’s always a crisis.  You might want to consider living your life during them or you might miss it.”

“He sounds brilliant.  And devilishly handsome.”

“He is,” Emma said with a giggle.  

Killian’s grin quickly faded.  "But, Emma, I don’t want you to have any regrets on our wedding day.  Your father was right.  I don’t want you to be thinking about the Black Fairy or the final battle on the day we marry.“

Emma smiled and lifted her hand, caressing his cheek.

"I won’t.  I will be focused on one thing and one thing only.  Getting to marry the man I love.  Nothing else will matter.”

“And what if the Black Fairy does try to interrupt?  That is a very real possibility once she gets wind of our wedding plans.  I am going to assume she has no qualms about crashing.”

Emma thought for a long moment and then her eyes lit up.

“She can’t crash something she doesn’t know is happening.”

Killian’s brow furrowed. “Love, how do you expect to keep it hidden when your parents wish to invite the entire town?”

“Oh we’ll still plan and have the big wedding.”

Killian’s brow further wrinkled in confusion.  "I haven’t a bloody clue what you’re proposing, Swan.“

"I’m proposing that prior to having the big, public wedding, we have a small, private, clandestine one.”

Killian arched an eyebrow.  "I do rather enjoy clandestine activities. Go on.“

Emma linked her fingers with his, her engagement ring catching the light of the moon and making her smile.  

"We wanted to get married on the Jolly Roger.  We wanted to get married on the sea.  Well, we still can.”

Killian’s lips turned into a huge smile.  He had dreamt of marrying Emma on the water, as the sun set behind them.  He had spent many lonely days and nights on that ship.  Years wasted by his thirst for vengeance.  But everything changed when Emma made him believe he could care for someone other than himself again.  He turned his ship around and never looked back.  

As much as he loved his ship, it held many terrible memories.  Some of the worst moments in his life had occurred on it.  Moments that had turned him into a man he didn’t recognize.  Emma had helped him find the man he once was, the man he knew he could be.  And now he wanted to replace those terrible memories and awful moments with a new, beautiful memory and the best moment in his very long life.

He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his fiancée’s forehead.  "I would like nothing more than to marry you on the sea, love. Tell me more.“

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My edit - Klaroline & Kennett Double Date 

The one where Kol lands himself a date with a lovely woman by the name of Bonnie Bennett. The only problem is that he promised a guy’s night out with Klaus. Good thing she’s got a blonde companion to keep Nik distracted, Kol thought. Little did either of the Mikaelson brothers know - the two women smiling at them from across the room were the top con-artists in the country.  

“I hear you two got yourselves dates tonight,” Katherine smirked, knowing what Bonnie really had planned for them. 

“Yes. Thank you so much for that, Bonnie,” Caroline chided as she held up her drink towards the two men who were standing by the bar, waiting for them. She couldn’t believe she had to waste a perfectly good night out with those oafs. The things she did for her friends, she sighed. “Is this going to be like what happened in New Orleans with The Homecoming Job?”

“Of course not. That was just a grab-and-go thing,” Bonnie replied, smiling thinly at Kol. “This isn’t just a petty jewel heist, Care. This one’s more like The San Lorenzo Job." 

Knowing the men were watching, Caroline tried her best to hold back her surprise. "That took us months,” she scolded. Caroline didn’t like the idea of having to spend any more time with these men than necessary. Especially that Klaus character. Judging by the way he kept smiling at her, Caroline knew he was more trouble than he was worth.

“Like I said, this involves more than just walking away with a jewelry vault.” Bonnie shrugged. “Besides, you'll thank me once we get access to their private island.”

“Private island?” Caroline arched an eyebrow. That certainly piqued her interest. 

“Just a fraction of what the Mikaelson heirs have to offer.” Bonnie smirked.

Caroline simply nodded and clinked her drink with Bonnie’s. “Well then - here’s to the Mikaelson Job.” (x)