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can i just say i paid for a feel good fluff game where i could potentially romance this closeted suburban masc-twink daddy but noooo instead i got a batshit crazy christian cult leader slash murderer who, under more fortunate circumstances, still dumps me for his wife, after screwing me on his own romantic private yacht surrounded by whales

my favourite activity is googling dan facts and finding ones that make no sense and are actually believed by some people

for example


and the best ones

i hope daniel dan is still alive and everything’s okay with his net worth of 882 mil with stocks, properties, yachts and private airplanes i hope his 2 yr relationship with lucy hale is going strong as ever


Holmes is framed in the open window, watching the carriage. Watson comes up behind him.


HOLMES: “Quiet. I’m trying to read a personal message.”

WATSON: “A message?”

The carriage is moving away from the hotel. Ilse/Gabrielle has her parasol over her shoulder, and it opens and closes, opens and closes. She continues to signal with the parasol, unnoticed by Mycroft [who is with her in the carriage].

Watson is straining forward to see out the window.

WATSON: “What is she saying?”

HOLMES (slowly): “Auf Wiedersehn.”


HOLMES (holding up envelope): “H'mmm. A letter from the Diogenes Club.”

[…] He has slit open the envelope. Watson watches him curiously as he reads the letter, but Holmes’ face remains expressionless. Slowly he puts down the letter, rises, crosses to the window, stands there staring out into the wintry street.

Letter: “ Dear Sherlock, my sources in Tokyo inform me that Ilse/Gabrielle von Hoffmanstal was arrested last week by the Japanese counter-intelligence service for spying on naval installations in Yokohama harbour. After a secret trial, she was summarily executed by a firing squad. It might interest you to know that she had been living in Japan these past few months under the name of Mrs. Ashdown [name she used when she pretended to be married to Holmes while investigating]. Sincerely, Mycroft.”


WATSON: “Holmes – I’m terribly sorry about this.”

HOLMES (quietly, without turning): “Where is it, Watson?”

WATSON (after a beat): “In the files. May to July, 1885.”

Holmes turns to the bookshelves above the desk. From a row of similar volumes, he slides out the three files marked MAY, JUNE, and JULY 1885. Actually, it’s the medical bag, standing on end, with the spines of three volumes pasted on the bottom.

He sets the bag down on the desk, opens it, takes out a bottle of cocaine. Watson watches him with compassion as he crosses to his bedroom with his cocaine, goes in, shuts the door.

[…] From Holmes’ bedroom comes the sound of a melancholy tune being played on the violin. […] The violin music continues, infinitely romantic, infinitely sad. 

(All quotes are from the original “The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes” script)


I’m really, really glad Mofftiss decided against such an ending in “A Scandal in Belgravia”.

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I know requests are closed but can we have some like cute fluffy smutty niall blurb? Where you guys go on vacation for the first time as a couple?


A/N: What happens when Niall goes to Ibiza and my disgust with Goulet peaks???  This.  Shout out to my girls for helping me work out the kinks!

When Niall suggested a quick getaway to Ibiza you were ecstatic.  When he also told you a gaggle of Devines and Matt Goulet would be along for the ride, you immediately refused to go.

“Babe c’mon!  Goulet’s got this hook up for a private yacht and Deo’s really excited to see Dua Lipa.”  Niall was close to begging, his big blue eyes pleading while he made his most pathetically adorable puppy face at you.

You groaned and slumped back into the couch dramatically.  “Fine.  But I’m not speaking to Goulet the entire time we’re there.  And if I hear him name drop you one time I’m totally kicking him in the throat.” You crossed your arms defiantly and set your mouth in a deep pout.  A wide smile broke out across Niall’s face and his eyes lit up with excitement.  He draped himself over your body and peppered kisses across the soft skin of your jaw and neck until you were a giggling mess underneath him.  When you finally caught your breath he pulled back and pressed a sweet kiss to your lips.  

“S’gonna be sick darlin’, no interviews, no schedule.  Just sun, drinks, swimming, and music.”

You quirked your head slightly, a question bubbling up before you could really think about it.  “Wait.  Why is Deo so excited to see Dua Lipa?  I didn’t know he was into her music.”  Niall rolled his eyes and sighed.

“He thinks they might be soulmates ‘cause her name is Dua and his name is Deo.”

“Niall.  Please tell me you’re fucking joking.”

“Hand t’God.  Told me that himself.”

You closed your eyes and tried to comprehend the adorable idiocy of Niall’s cousin.  Unfortunately there was no way around it, Deo had outdone himself on this one.  “Ok, but that’s not even his real name and - you know what?  I don’t even have a response for that.  Fucking Deo.”

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i got asked by a lovely anon to do a masterlist of character labels – and so that’s just what i’m going to do today !! they will be sorted out by: personality, hobbies, lifestyle and misc. ( there’s a small description of each label ) PLEASE LIKE/REBLOG IF THIS IS HELPFUL

UPDATED: 02/06/17

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If You're Lucky L.H

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warning: smuuttt

word count: 1000+

summary: Luke and y/n are always flirting at work and one day the tension becomes too much…

requested?: yes, hope you liked it anon! Hannah wrote this one, this is the favourite thing that she’s written so you know it’s gonna be good ;)

also requests are open! so request with your heart’s content :)

find Hannah here: @lukeasfuck

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My uncle being the captain of a private yacht was the best thing that ever happened to me. With him being the most respected person on the boat, he got his way, and when his niece had the summer off of college, he jumped at the opportunity to have her on board to cruise around the world free of charge, as long as she helped out on the boat.

I was making one of the men aboard a drink behind a counter when it happened. A guy named Luke, as far as I knew he did the same things that I did, came behind the counter and lightly brushed my ass with his hand. I quickly spun around and gaped at him, watching as he winked and walked away.

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Good Morning from Scotland

Private Yacht by John March

Porto Katsiki - Greece 

Porto Katsiki is a beach located on the island of Lefkada, in the Ionian Sea. The beach is most famous for its white cliffs, and bright blue water. The beach is a 35km drive from the city of Lefkada. Steps lead down from the top of the cliff, to where sun lounges and beach umbrellas are set up. 

The area is a popular place for private yachts to stop for the day, and also attracts boat trips and water taxis from other nearby islands. 

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Hello :) up to how many characters can I request? But anyways, headcanons on what GOM+Tanaka+Ogiwara would do in summer?

Hey! Thanks for the request, I truly enjoyed writing this! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ More under the cut! 🍑


  • As per his father’s suggestion, he works at his family’s company for the summer. His job consists of mostly paperwork.
  • Visits his mother’s grave more often. Truthfully, he’d visit everyday if he could. Leaves her with a bouquet of peonies every time.
  • Travels abroad (for leisure) at least once. While he does fly internationally to nearby countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong for business meetings, Akashi absolutely loves visiting Europe during the summer.
  • Visits historical monuments in Europe: Anne Frank’s house, the Leaning Tower, Vatican City, etc
  • INTERNATIONAL PLAYBOY Quite a few foreign girls he spoke to (asking for directions mostly) found him cute, he’s just so much of a gentleman
  • He also keeps a travel log/diary for his musings. And yes, he goes on trips alone, unless one of his friends want to tag along. (Kuroko actually went on a short trip to Bangkok with him as they had the same flight so might as well hang out right?)
  • Buys souvenirs for his friends abroad
  • Sends Kuroko and Midorima postcards because he knows they’re probably the only ones who’ll treasure it lol
  • Buys Momoi the Ladurée macarons she’s been craving for from Paris
  • Contrary to what most people think, he travels more often with the Rakuzan team due to their summer training programs cross-country or overseas
  • During the beach trip with the rest of GOM, he mostly hung out under a huge parasol, playing shots with Midorima
  • Participates in a sandcastle building competition and wins first place
  • Hold a party in his private yacht

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Fic: Sleepless in Starling

This is for the @olicityhiatusficathon prompt “Sleepless” from @thebookjumper. Read it on Ao3 or below. I hope you enjoy this! I wrote it really quickly with my kids running around being loud, so please turn a blind eye to any mistakes. :) Thanks! 

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Sleepless in Starling

Oliver slammed his fist on the sandy beach of Lian Yu in frustration. He had missed his goddamn boat.

After months of planning for this moment with Anatoly, putting on the wig and beard, arranging for a fishing boat to be in the area at just the right time – Kovar had showed up to foil his plans.

And now Oliver was not going home. And he was stranded on Lian Yu AGAIN. Purgatory was the correct moniker for this place.

If only Kovar had shown up a few minutes earlier, then Oliver could have defeated him in time. If only Oliver had been speedier in killing him. Then he would be on a boat on his way back to Starling City.

He sat on the beach for two sleepless days – staring at the ocean, lost in his “if only” thoughts. Then, he pulled himself back together and went about the business of surviving. He had gotten off this island before, and he would do it again.

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