privat plane

like,,,i dont even want to be filthy rich with two mansions and three houses in three different countries and a private plane thats just egocentrical i just want to eat good fresh food, have a small apartment in a lovely city and the stability to travel thats all i want

omg remember that other time that the boys took the bus from toronto to their next show in detroit but LOUIS AND ELEANOR took a fucking private plane with HARRY MAGEE AND RICHARD GRIFFITHS because that’s not weird at all and they were seen leaving the plane and louis was in a terrible mood and then when they got to the arena, the fans claimed eleanor gave them the finger.. and then she literally left and went back home before the show. YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP.

In other news, here’s a list of more atrocities Johnny Depp committed:

- spending money on keeping his kids safe

- giving financial support to his family and friends

- creating jobs and paying people well

- looking after his ill mother

- buying gifts for people

- creating a nice environment for his family to live in

- being the only celebrity person in the world galaxy universe who flies a private plane

- spending £10,000/month less on wine than me

Really he just won’t stop