More on the probability of Lars’ age being under 18

So anyway in “The New Lars” Lars’ parents are concerned that his grades are “Below Average”, and we get to see his report card.

Now this is the thing that proves that he is in High-school, and not college. Federal privacy laws prohibit colleges from letting anyone other than the student themselves see the grades that they have been given. This also applies to High-school students over the age of 18. As such , unless Lars handed them his report card, which is highly unlikely since he is only passing two of the nine classes he is taking, and one of those is barely passing with a D. we can rule out him being 18.

And even with all this his parents are just asking for him to put more effort into it. they aren’t completely stressed about it so he probably isn’t graduating soon. So when it comes to class years we can rule out Senior year.

Since Lars has a job at the Big Donut, we can rule out him being 14. and since we’ve already ruled out him being 18 we are left with him being either 15, 16, or 17. 

You know what this means though. Lars died before he turned 18.He is a child.

Wounded Warriors (Part 6)

Bucky x Reader Drabble Series

Summary – Bucky finally takes Sam’s advice to try some therapy sessions at the VA, but you end up being the reason he keeps coming back.

Warnings – Brief mentions of torture, brainwashing, and murder

Word Count – 646

Part 1

Series Masterlist


April 2018

He’d gone back every single week in March, but she hadn’t been there.  With every visit, his heart had sunk a little lower and his bad mood had started seeping into his daily life at the tower.  Everyone had noticed and had started steering clear of him.  He felt bad for snapping at everyone, but he didn’t know how to tell them what was really going on with him.  He talked to Josiah about it, telling him how he hadn’t seen her in a few weeks and he was worried about her.  Josiah felt bad for him, but he couldn’t tell Bucky anything due to privacy laws.  He encouraged him to keep coming back and trying not to let his worry for her overtake his life.

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Military Wife from H*ll

I work at pretty much one of the only 24/hr diners in my area. Cozy little place with (relatively) cheap food that can remind a person of home with three brand new tvs playing the news (One America, granted, but oh well). Manager is a bit of a hardass and sometimes I wonder if they actually know how to properly run a restaurant but pay is pay. Most of my coworkers are usually friendly (although I have horror stories galore of both them and customers).

But you’re here for the meat of this paticularly Incident. About Military Bitchaloid (as we choose to call her). She comes in once a week, usually on a Friday or Saturday during the overnight and is EXTREMELY picky about her food.

Cooked to long? Sent back.
Plated just askew? Sent back.
Undercooked? Sent back.
I didn’t smile when I set the plate down? Sent back. (May God strike me dead if I’m lying about this one)

Being picky and demanding about food is nothing new though, comes with the job as far as I know. What she does next though….

When it comes time to pay she proudly presents me with a military ID.

Now, two facts come up here:
1. Boss/owner/overlord says Military Discount is only for Active. (Most of us ignore the active part cause how can Overlord ever know, right?)
2. Discount can only be applied to the military person’s meal. Not anyone else’s. It also doesn’t apply to drinks, desserts, or alcohol.

The lady’s ID isn’t for active military, it’s for a military dependent (basically she’s the wife of a military person. Who isn’t even present.). No sweat though, I tell her it only applies to her food.

She flips, says if it doesn’t specify as such in the menu then it’s illegal to claim otherwise that whole shebang. I wanted to tell her that the menu doesn’t even offer a military discount (it does offer a senior discount for 70+). Night manager doesn’t want to deal with her and says to just give her the discount this one time so I do. She also demands the owner’s name and number (I give front desk and day manager’s name. She never calls)

Fast forward next week. Woman comes back, has friends with her. They eat and I bring them the bill (no discount because you have to ask first). She asks for a menu again and when I bring it she has the money in her hand and tells me that she’ll give me the money once I show her where on the menu it specifies the military discount is on the military person’s meal only. Again, I’m struck by the urge to tell her the lack of any information regarding a military discount but I hold my tongue and say it isn’t in the menu. Triumphantly she demands I put it on the whole ticket to which I respond I’ll have to get prior approval and go to my night manager. Manager doesn’t want to deal with her since we are having out weekend after bar rush so we give it to her. Woman again demands owner’s name and number so she can complain about me having ‘an attitude’ and for 'being incredibly difficult’. (Again, she never calls).

Fast forward a week, two days ago (the 25th, sorta) and the woman comes in. Super demanding on her order (biscuits cold and plastic wrapped on the side, gravy in its own container). Military Bitchaloid is only getting that so I don’t say a thing when she presents her 'military ID’ (I feel terrible for her spouse). I put in her order, apply the discount, and move to slip the menu back onto the shelf under the counter when she asks if they fixed that little 'mistake’ on the menu about the military discount not applying to the whole ticket.
Something in me snaps and I just flatly inform her that I am to side with the exact wording of the menu. I give her a second to give me a gloating smile before I inform her that means that we do not offer a military discount. At all.

This woman gets PISSED at me. Actually spat on me, told me I was stupid. I leave her to her seething to get her food (so she’ll leave). We ran out of the Togo bowls so the gravy was put in a Togo cup instead and I take a second to tip it side to side to test if it will spill. I mutter “that worries me” and pull out the tape to tape the lid shut and her hear her say “your shitty personality should worry you more.”

It took everything I had not to scream at this entitled bitch, and the cook who was watching told me it was pretty badass of me to just smile, nod, hand her the food and wish her a nice rest of the night and not acknowledging her spiteful insults or comments at all. Oh, and she refused to talk to the night manager and demanded the owner’s number. Manager said they legally couldn’t give it out (true, and like mentioned before I never gave her the owner’s number, just the front desk). Manager told her she could call the front in the morning and talk to the day Manager. Woman demanded their name, to which my manager declined citing privacy laws.

The bitch never called and I’d bet my paycheck I’ll see her this coming week as well.

German woman accused of chopping boyfriend’s head off with circular saw

A woman is on trial in Germany for allegedly murdering her boyfriend with a circular electric saw, cutting off his head, and then hiding the body.  

The 32-year-old teacher, named only as Gabriele P under German privacy laws, is accused of killing her partner when he was tied to a bed and wearing blacked-out swimming goggles as part of a sex game she says he initiated.

The December 2008 killing came to light last year, when an acquaintance of the defendant, who was 23 at the time of the alleged murder, went to police.

Officers found the body, which Gabriele P and two friends had allegedly buried several years earlier, in the garden of the Munich home where the couple had lived together.

Prosecutors say the couple had been having sex when she attacked the man, who has been named as Alex H in the German press, with the electric power tool, slicing open his chest. He died from wounds to the upper body, before she decapitated him.

Gabrielle P, who was a trainee teacher at the time, admits killing the 28-year-old literature student, but her defence lawyers plan to argue it was an unpremeditated act of desperation.

She had been driven to despair by Alex H, who was several years older than her and forced her to take part in “degrading sex games”, they told the court as the trial opened on Monday.

Gabrielle P and Alex H met when she was only 16, the court heard. After she turned 18, they moved into the house, which she inherited from her grandmother, together, but their relationship was extremely volatile.

“He was two different people,” Gabrielle H told the court. “The one I fell in love with was cultured and funny.”

But another Alex H bullied her into sex acts she was not comfortable with, she claimed. Her lawyers plan to present a diary in which they say she kept a record of sex practices he forced her to take part in.

In December 2008 the couple had a major row and she threw him out of the house, the court was told.

They later patched up their differences and she allowed him to return, but prosecutors allege that she was only making a show of reconciliation and had already decided to kill him.

On the night of the killing, Alex H blindfolded himself with a pair of diving goggles blacked out with masking tape and told Gabrielle P to tie him to the bed. Once he was secured, she is accused of killing him by holding the running circular saw through his chest.

The defence claims the saw was in the room because the couple were making renovations, and that she reached for it on the spur of the moment.

Gabrielle P covered her dead boyfriend’s remains with a sheet after the killing and did not return to the room, leaving the body undisturbed for six months.

It was not until she brought a new lover, Christian K, to the house that the body was discovered. Instead of alerting the authorities, Christian K helped her bury the dismembered corpse in the garden of the house.

He has already been sentenced to two years and eight months in jail for hiding the body in a separate trial. During his trial he said he helped hide the body “out of love for Gabriele”.

Medical hack:

So your doctor ordered a test or treatment and your insurance company denied it. That is a typical cost saving method. OK, here is what you do:

1. Call the insurance company and tell them you want tospeak with the “HIPAA Compliance/Privacy Officer” (By Federal law, they have to have one.)

2. Then ask them for the NAMES as well as CREDENTIALS of every person accessing your record to make that decision of denial. By law you have a right to that information.

3. They will almost always reverse the decision very shortly rather than admit that the committee is made of low paid HS graduates, looking at “criteria words,” making the medical decision to deny your care. Even in the rare case it is made by medical poersonnel, it is unlikely that it is made by a board certified doctor in that specialty and they DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS!

4. Any refusal should be reported to the US Office of Civil Rights ( as a HIPAA violation.

anonymous asked:

I don't mean this to sound hostile, but I'm super turned off by Bernie's failure to vigorously oppose drone strikes, mass surveillance, and to support Edward Snowden. Economics and the environment are extremely important, and on those Bernie's better than any other American politician, but civil liberties and peace are important too. I want Bernie to stand against imperialist slaughter overseas and the growth of a dystopian police state in America.

I mean, Bernie has spoken out on those things.

On mass surveillance: 

Let me be clear: We must do everything we can to protect our country from the serious potential of another terrorist attack. We can and must do so, however, in a way that also protects the constitutional rights of the American people and maintains our free society.

Do we really want to live in a country where the NSA gathers data on virtually every single phone call in the United States—including as many as 5 billion cellphone records per day? I don’t. Do we really want our government to collect our emails, see our text messages, know everyone’s Internet browsing history, monitor bank and credit card transactions, keep tabs on people’s social networks? I don’t.

Unfortunately, this sort of Orwellian surveillance, conducted under provisions of the Patriot Act, invades the privacy of millions of law-abiding Americans.(x)

On Edward Snowden:

The information disclosed by Edward Snowden has allowed Congress and the American people to understand the degree to which the NSA has abused its authority and violated our constitutional rights.

Now we must learn from the troubling revelations Mr Snowden brought to light. Our intelligence and law enforcement agencies must be given the tools they need to protect us, but that can be done in a way that does not sacrifice our rights.

While Mr Snowden played an important role in educating the American people, there is no debate that he also violated an oath and committed a crime. In my view, the interests of justice would be best served if our government granted him some form of clemency or a plea agreement that would spare him a long prison sentence or permanent exile. (x)

On Drone Strikes:

I think we have to use drones very, very selectively and effectively. That has not always been the case. What you can argue is that there are times and places where drone attacks have been effective.(x)

Just because you haven’t seen it, doesn’t mean that it has not been addressed. 

But I know that his drone strike comments may not be comforting to everyone, but I actually agree with his statement. Drone’s are a tool, like any other. A tool can be used well and a tool can be used poorly. A tool in the wrong hands though can be a nightmarish affair. 

I think that Drone strikes should only be used with massive congressional oversight for the very reasons that Bernie Sanders states.  Drone warfare should be selective and effective. Drone strikes should not take place if there is a risk of civilian casualty and the President should have to answer for every strike that has any civilian casualties. 

I want the process of having to answer for a strike having gone awry to be so lengthy that it is a deterrent to using them in any but the most extreme cases or in the case of a Congressional Act of War. No president would want weeks of their limited time in office to be consumed with congressional hearings on the validity of their use of force. 

Because let’s be honest, Drones are not going anywhere. There are too many tactical advantages to drone warfare over conventional warfare.

- @theliberaltony

To be honest, I have not spent a great deal of time thinking about how to properly police drone strikes, the Intercept has a ton of information on the topic in “The Drone Papers” which I would recommend that anyone interested in the Drones should read.  

anonymous asked:

so not so fun fact, I live in Paris and was shopping this afternoon and minding my own business when I heard screaming. So I look around and I see this huge mass of people. There seemed to be a lot of yelling and pushing and pulling, and my first thought was that it might be another attack (especially since we’re right in the middle of electing our next president). And I got scared, so I promptly turned around and walked the other way. 1/3

Later I went home and logged onto Tumblr and saw that it was actually Harry. Which baffled me. It baffled me because why were all these people there? How did they know? And why were there paparazzi? We have very tough privacy laws here and yes paparazzi can take pictures but then they cannot publish them. So media usually don’t send paparazzi, unless they were explicitly told they would be allowed to publish the pictures without repercussions (usually it’s a very heavy fine). 2/3

I’ve seen 2 mobs like this since I moved to Paris 4 years ago but it was different. It was for movie premieres, everybody knew who would be where and when. All we knew about Harry was that he’s doing Quotidien tonight and a couple of radio interviews in the afternoon. If I wanted to catch him, I would have gone to the studio, not one of the 4 main train stations in Paris?? I mean, it’s completely OBVIOUS his team set this whole thing up, there is no other explanation. It just doesn’t happen. 3/3


“All we knew about Harry was that he’s doing Quotidien tonight and a couple of radio interviews in the afternoon. If I wanted to catch him, I would have gone to the studio, not one of the 4 main train stations in Paris?? I mean, it’s completely OBVIOUS his team set this whole thing up, there is no other explanation. It just doesn’t happen.”

antikythira  asked:

hey I was wondering if you could elaborate more on how you convinced that recycling company to let you go through their E-waste? I wanted to try doing the same thing but I was curious how exactly you did it (e.g procedure, wording, finding the right company)

Hey Antikythira, thanks for asking! As this topic is concerning me a lot, I will write a somewhat longer response to this question:

As we can assume, literally tons of great old hardware gets destroyed every day at those recycling companies or on the way to them. A lot of the hardware is in 100% working condition, or in many cases, was perfectly working before it was thrown in a pallet carelessly. When you go in there, be prepared to go out in a bad mood, even if you find some nice things. One of those pallets I found, was filled to the top with brand new electric toothbrushes. It really shows how stupid our society interacts with its resources.

The most pathetic thing about digging in that e-waste pallets was, that a huge multimedia retailer is placed just 50 meters across the street. Every day people are buying new printers, TV, radios etc. over there, while perfectly good ones get trashed just 50 meters away.

In my opinion it should be mandatory to handle all this hardware with care and place everything thats still in working condition in a storage hall for a month, and sell it of for $1 a piece before its declared waste. It would be fun to see the sales of the nearby cheap multimedia discounter collapse. The most stuff they sell there today is basically e-waste at the point you pay anyway so….

You can do an image search for “E-Waste Ghana” if you want to check for the worst-case scenario of what can happen to E-Waste after people throw it away.

It hurts in two ways: beneath the obvious catastrophic environmental impact, I don’t even want to know how many nice old pieces of equipment lay there.

If the image above doesn’t hurt you enough, you can combine it with this picture of a guy destroying his HDTV because his soccer team conceded a goal (you can imagine, I don’t perceive such videos as funny in any way):

To answer your question though:

I basically called that recycling company and told them that I’m a local artist who works with e-waste and that I want to dig through their stuff and see if I can find something nice to work with. I right away told them, that I’m well aware of the privacy protection laws they have to follow, and that I don’t want to pickup any storage devices like HDDs / tapes etc. At this point they were very cooperative.

I got there with a friend and they gave me some time to search through one of the trucks. I didn’t have more than about 30 minutes though, as the guy working at the storage itself, didn’t really understand why I was digging through that e-waste anyway.

So, I had to hurry and dug through all that pallets at a fast pace, climbing on top of them, while they were inside that truck. It really hurts your back, as there is no ergonomic way to lift a carelessly dropped 50 pound TV out of a pallet while standing on top of a 1 inch wide wooden frame.

But in my opinion the loot was worth it (and if it’s just to prove what great stuff gets thrown away) especially the Compaq CRT, which was on the bottom of the last pallet, hidden under some laser printers. After the digging, I had to pay 20$ into their kitty btw. …so bring some cash with you.

I think it hugely depends on the people working at the recycling company if they let you dig through their stuff. The one I called, was very cooperative, probably aware of how much good stuff they throw away.

On another occasion, I pulled a perfectly working commodore MPS-803 dot matrix printer IN BOX (!!!) out of a pallet at another recycling facility - but as I didn’t ask, this was technically theft. One guy saw me though and didn’t say anything. There was also a pristine looking graphite colored PowerMac G4 in there - I didn’t dare to pull that one out though… R.I.P.

Well sorry for channeling some negative feelings into my response. There is definitely tons of great stuff going through these facilities, but in my opinion the only effective solution would be to force (by law) all electronic recycling facilities to have every working piece of hardware for sale and handled with care.


Prompt #14 and #23: “Okay, so I kissed you to get a girl off my back but it turns our I can’t stop thinking about you” and “Why did you invite him? No I’m not jealous. Okay, maybe a little.”

Author: Caitsy

Warnings: Fluff, language, Tyler and Cody’s leaked private videos (mentioned), and awkwardness.

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or the characters. I also do not own any gifs, images or songs either. No hate towards Britt either, this is work of fiction and not real

Summary: Dylan and you have always close. You been there for every role, audition, and relationship. What happens when under tension Dylan kissed you? Will the feelings be declared or will the awkwardness sever your friendship?

Requested: Yes. Anonymous.

A/N I have not watched Cody and Tyler’s leaked videos, nor has the reader in this. She offers support as did I. Enjoy.


Prompt List

Originally posted by o0laurine0o

Dylan was your best friend and always had been since you were young. It started when you were cast in the mandatory Christmas play your class put on. You were by his side when he got his first role in both television and a movie. You were there giving advice when he met Britt and you were there when they broke up after a couple years together. You grew up with a large crush.

You got over it when it was apparent you were his best friend and nothing more. You had been in a few relationships over the years that never lasted more than two years. You defected as you compared every guy to your best friend.

Dylan had invited you to a cast party with the Teen Wolf cast to celebrate the last season being nearing the end. You had agreed saying you would meet him there because you had to do something.

“Are you sure?” Your friend, Darry, said wiping his hands on his jeans.

“Yeah. I have a feeling you’ll get along with some of the people.” You grinned before tugging him towards the building.

Darry and you met in a creative writing class back in college. You were co-writing a book that was both horror and romance, he was the one with the romance ideas while you did most of the horror parts. It was a secret project that nobody put your shared publisher knew about.

“Okay.” He gulped opening the door for you.

The entire cast, both past and present, was there mingling with each other while music played. Everyone had a drink in their hand while some people were at the snack table.

“Y/N!” Crystal smiled pulling you into a hug, “It’s been so long! Thank you for sending the signed book! I loved it.”

“I thought you would.” You chuckled pulling back to get a good look at Tyler Posey’s on screen first love. She was as gorgeous as the day you first met and bonded so well.

“Who’s this?” Holland asked coming closer with a drink and pout. The strawberry blonde girl was wearing a Lydia outfit that she had been given.

“This is my friend Darry.” You smiled as the girls talked with the man. Your eyes met Dylan Sprayberry before he turned back to talk to Cody.

You were ecstatic that both Cody and Tyler had shown up given how they were embarrassed they had been over the news. Majority of the cast hadn’t brought up the elephant in the room but you were going to off your apologizes for the situation.

Cody and Tyler had hit the news about someone leaking private videos that were very much meant for one person. Not the entire world. You were among the ones to tweet about how unfortunate the world was with people not respecting privacy and law not being stricter on the matter. The boys deserved to enjoy this time as a major part of their career ended on a high note.

You excused yourself before you came up to see Cody.

“Hey guys.” You grinned at each one of them.

“Thank you for defending both Tyler and I.” Cody smiled hugging you close, “You have no idea how much I appreciate it.”

“You’re my friend. Of course I’m going to defend you, not like Sprayberry here you matter too much for me to not.” You said squeezing his arm.

“Ditto.” Tyler laughed as he joined the group, “Dylan’s looking for you.”

“Ah.” You said retreating to find the mole speckled boy.

You found your best friend frantically looking all over the party while hiding behind Hoechlin. You laughed as he turned to see you just in time for Hoechlin to move away. You saw the girl before Dylan quickly came up to you.

“I apologize in advance for the awkwardness.” He said before you were pulled into a kiss.

You closed your eyes as you pulled his closer by the back of his neck. The entire party froze as they finally saw their OTP kissing and the upset girl that stormed out of the building. You just continued before Dylan back and nipping your lip. The awkwardness grew until you spoke.

“I better go. Darry is nervous not knowing anymore here.” You said before fleeing back to Darry, Crystal and Holland.

“What was that?” Holland asked shocked, “When did you guys get together?”

“We aren’t.” You blushed pushing a strand of hair back.


You were on your third beer as you talked with Darry trying hard not to think about Dylan, you had danced with Darry. You felt eyes on the back your head and the heat of it make you shift. You turned to see Dylan spin around to talk with Daniel and Shelley.

“Excuse me.” You smiled at Darry before getting another drink. You felt your best friend brush against you as you both grabbed a can.

“Why did you kiss me?” You questioned not meeting his eyes. He was quiet for a minute before replying.

“Okay, so I kissed you to get a girl off my back but it turns out I can’t stop thinking about you.” Dylan sighed, “It probably wasn’t a good idea to kiss the girl I’ve had a crush on for years.”

“What?” You chocked shocked, “You like me?”

‘Yeah…” He trailed off before shifting uncomfortable.

“I like you too!” You announced before you pulled him into another kiss. He kissed back until he pulled away.

“You should get back to your date.” He said with pain in his voice.

“He’s not my date.”

“Why did you invite him? No I’m not jealous.” He rambled, “Okay, maybe a little.”

“Dyl, he’s my writing from college. He’s happily single and we’re co-writing a novel but it’s top-secret so keep it quiet.”

“Oh.” He said, “So can we call this our first date?”

“NO!” Everyone exclaimed.

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‘Discrimination Sunday’: Texas rushes to pass transgender ‘bathroom bill’ and measure allowing bias in adoptions, foster care
The bill is somewhat narrower than the one that caused such a ruckus in North Carolina, leading to business boycotts of the state.

Texas is on the verge of passing a discriminatory bathroom bill that will deeply affect the tens of thousands of trans youth living in the state. Under the banner of “privacy and security” this law would require students to use bathroom and locker-rooms corresponding to their “biological sex.” It’s not as broad as North Carolina’s HB2 (or the previously proposed SB6), but this will have a tremendous impact on a very vulnerable group of students who often have little choice in where they go to school.

No matter how frequently legislators deny the discriminatory intent behind these bills, the message from them is clear: that trans identities are not accepted, legitimate, or worthy of protection. That kind of messaging has a long history in the United States. Take it away, Democratic Representative Senfronia Thompson:

“I happened to be a part of this society during a period of time in this state and in this country when we had ‘separate but equal’ and I remember those days. You remember? Bathrooms: white, colored. Bathrooms divided us then and it divides us now and America has long recognized that separate but equal is not equal at all.”

Bathroom legislation discriminates, and it creates a school environment in which trans students (who already face plenty of challenges) are less likely to feel safe and comfortable - and are therefore less likely to succeed.

I am not sure that pressure on the Governor will do much of anything (this legislation has been championed by the Lt. Governor in Texas), but if you live in the state, please speak up.

And while this law is almost certainly going to face immediate legal challenge, things at the federal level are more than a little murky. With the Supreme Court declining to hear Gavin Grimm’s case, and the Department of Justice/Department of Education rescinding trans-inclusive recommendations, there is plenty of gray area for states and local municipalities to enact bathroom restrictions. This is certainly not the last bill we’re going to see of this kind.


my job right now isn’t all that interesting! hahaha.

for the sake of anonymity, I won’t say exactly what it is. but I can give you the general idea of what I do?

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We Could Start Something Beautiful

soooo yesterday was @hear-the-bells birthday so i wrote her a lil drabble thing as a gift since she’s a great friend and lovely person!!! hope you like it lovely!!!

~portgo, 1K words, sfw, no warnings

               Porter opens the clock app on his phone, checking the time in France. There’s a little voice in the back of his head screaming at him to delete the message he typed out on Skype. His heart is telling him to send it, but he’s not sure he wants to.

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Special Agent AU. SP Park Jihoon regrets taking on this undercover mission when he realizes he can't LEAVE.

The organization finds a possible lead into a drug cartel/syndicate when they hear a former(?) underage gang member is entering Produce 101 as a contestant (with possibly other motives…) Unable to narrow down the trainee without raising public’s suspicion/violating privacy laws, they send in some special agents from their youngest task force that has the highest chance to last on the show until they find their lead. Cue special agents Park Jihoon and Kim Taemin. 

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Why is “don’t secretly record people without their consent” a hard thing to understand?  Is your entitlement worth the actor getting in trouble for breach of contract?  Is your entitlement worth your very likely violation not just of convention rules but European Union privacy laws about secret recordings?  I don’t know the laws in France but in many American states what was done would be considered wiretapping and a crime?  Think I’m blowing that out of proportion?  Think Bobby shouldn’t have said the things he said if he didn’t want them out there?  What about the other fans on that recording?  Were they expecting their words to be recorded?  Did the person who recorded them get their consent?  

You don’t like the writing on a television show.  That doesn’t make you an investigative reporter.  Your tea isn’t worth the violation of trust, consent, and very likely the law.

Park Ranger warning you to stay safe and leave your flashlights at home.

(warning: long story)

I’ve been a national park ranger for close to two decades. Protocols have changed a lot in that time. I write this just to try to keep people safe for the next time you venture to the big outdoors.

Let me tell you about the last park I worked. I can’t be too specific about the location for my job’s sake. Anyway we had clusters of campsites that we rotated annually. The idea was to prevent one group from getting overused and worn down, let nature regrow a little bit. The winter had just passed, and our big summer season was a few months away. I’m sent out to check the suitability of the campsites to decide which ones need time to recover, and which ones we can open up.

Winters here are cold. Not too many people camp during the winter aside from rugged masochists and Boy Scout troops lead by people who believe they are rugged masochists. I didn’t expect to find much out of the ordinary. The first site was clear and ready to go. As I’m trekking to the next site, I see what looks like some debris and junk down a ways in a river valley. Looks like some jackasses set up an unauthorized camp down there. Usually when that happens, they leave garbage and smoldering fires. This is going to be a pain to clear up.

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what do you think of the theory that aria had an abortion in high school and that's what's in her file? a) that would hurt Ezra not knowing that (the "he would leave you for Nicole") b) he could go to jail since he would have gotten her pregnant when he was her teacher

I definitely think that was a possibility, especially after 7x15. It would make sense to me. Both with what -A claims the file/information would mean to her and Ezra and with Aria’s character. As she said, she’s a fixer. She’s a thoughtful and sympathetic person, even if she makes the wrong choices sometimes – in my opinion, keeping Ezra in the dark with something like this wouldn’t be the right choice. That’s another topic for another day though :)

I remember wondering if they’d go in a certain direction when Aria came down with “the flu” or whatever when Meredith was living at her house/looking for those diary pages. I think that’s around the time she wakes up and gets sick, throwing up in a trash can in her room (my timeline might be off). Anyway. There is no such thing as a stomach flu, even tho people talk like there is. It’s really only upper respiratory.

Either she got sick from something drainage, stress, or something else…or that was originally supposed to be an implication of something. I have a hard time believing Marlene planted that bit in for the sake of using it now. She’s simply not that thoughtful.

My one question would be whether or not she’d be able to get an abortion as a minor without parental consent – and then further, if she did, where does that fall in line with when she told Ella/Byron about her relationship? Did they question who the father was? I haven’t taken the time to track it back or look up laws/privacy rights when it comes to abortions especially in the case of a minor.

The Firsts | Realization of Love

#19. Time They Realize They Love You | Rafael Barba
Requested by: Anon
Characters: Barba/Reader, Rollins
Word Count: 1,275
Warnings: None

“Where the hell is she?” Barba barked, pushing through the doors to the emergency room with a vengeance. His eyes landed on Rollins first and he stormed over. His dress shoes pounded against the floor with each step heavy as the fear that played on his heart. Amanda rose, holding a hand out to try and stop him from barreling over her. A throaty growl escaped his throat as he locked eyes with her. He spoke through gritted teeth, “I asked you a question, Detective.”

“I know you did,” she breathed quietly. “It was a chase gone bad. They got too close or, maybe we were too far back; perp grabbed ‘em. It all happened so quickly, I don’t even know how to explain it. Olivia is talking to the doctor now. She should be back and can ans-”

Rafael stepped away from Rollins mid-sentence, his eyes darting through the waiting room until he eyed a young nurse at the counter. His stride quickened as he approached her, “Excuse me.”

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Imagine Marinette having better and more powerful political connections than Chloe

Imagine that Tom has a sister who is married to a politician. This politician is very good at his job (to the point he is very well-known in France and the international political community), is a generally nice person and his favourite niece is Marinette. 

Marinette loves her Aunt and Uncle as they both are great people and always try to make time for her regardless of their extremely busy and sometimes overseas commitments. Marinette and her parents try to have at least one dinner with them a month and Marinette loves making small gifts for them. Her Uncle also loves to spoil Marinette and has gotten into trouble with her more than once due to him buying her different expensive fabrics and tickets to fashion shows that Marinette firmly believes that she could have paid for herself. (It becomes an agreement that he can only spend stupid amounts of money on her for her birthday and Christmas.)

Imagine that due to privacy laws, security rules, Marinette being repulsed by the idea to use her connection to her Uncle in the same manner that Chloe uses her father and the fact her Aunt took her husband’s last name, nobody is really aware that Marinette is related to this famous politician.

Imagine that Marinette’s class has another Career’s Day. The usual parents show up; Alya’s mother, Chloe’s father, Sabrina’s father etc. Miraculously, even Gabriel Agreste manages to spend the hour with his son’s class to talk about the fashion industry. (Adrien is overjoyed that his father is showing interest in his school and Marinette is overjoyed to hear about how the fashion industry really works.)

Imagine Tom and Sabine not being able to make it to Career Day so her Uncle offers to step in. Marinette shrugs and agrees to it (completely forgetting that nobody knows about the relation between them).

Imagine Marinette explaining that her parents are busy and her Uncle is coming instead. He’s just running a bit late due to other commitments.

Imagine Chloe being Chloe and making a derogatory remark about him with her father smirking faintly. 

Imagine Marinette standing up for her family and about to explain exactly who her Uncle is when in walks THE GOD DAMN PRESIDENT OF FRANCE.

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