Texas has passed a humiliating law that requires fetal remains from abortion or miscarriage to be buried or cremated

Under the new rule, hospitals, abortion clinics, and other health care facilities are prohibited from disposing of fetal remains in sanitary landfills. Instead, they must finance cremation or burial of the remains. Texas made this clarification in response to outrage about privacy concerns.

The Relationship Bill of Rights

You have the right, without shame, blame or guilt:

In all intimate relationships:

-to be free from coercion, violence and intimidation
-to choose the level of involvement and intimacy you want
-to revoke consent to any form of intimacy at any time
-to be told the truth
-to say no to requests
-to hold and express differing points of view
-to feel all your emotions
-to feel and communicate your emotions and needs
-to set boundaries concerning your privacy needs
-to set clear limits on the obligations you will make
-to seek balance between what you give to the relationship and what is given back to you
-to know that your partner will work with you to resolve problems that arise
-to choose whether you want a monogamous or polyamorous relationship
-to grow and change
-to make mistakes
-to end a relationship

In poly relationships:

-to decide how many partners you want
-to choose your own partners
-to have an equal say with each of your partners in deciding the form your relationship with that partner will take
-to choose the level of time and investment you will offer to each partner
-to understand clearly any rules that will apply to your relationship before entering into it
-to discuss with your partners decisions that affect you
-to have time alone with each of your partners
-to enjoy passion and special moments with each of your partners

In a poly network:

-to choose the level of involvement and intimacy you want with your partners’ other partners
-to be treated with courtesy
-to seek compromise
-to have relationships with people, not with relationships
-to have plans made with your partner be respected; for instance, not changed at the last minute for trivial reasons
-to be treated as a peer of every other person, not as a subordinate


Apple wants to put Siri in your text threads, per new patent

An Apple patent published on Thursday hints at a future nobody asked for: more Siri! The patent illustrates texting conversations in which Siri would slide in when it may be of assistance. It would help with tasks like scheduling a get-together, figuring out everyone’s ETA to a destination and making payments. And yes, this comes with big privacy concerns.

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How To Make Your “Likes” on Tumblr Private

It has come to my attention that a lot of people don’t know that your likes on Tumblr are publicly accessible.

By typing in, a user’s likes can be seen by anyone.

Some people might not care, but for others this can seem like an invasion of privacy. Luckily, there’s an easy way to turn off public access to your likes.

So, quick tutorial with pictures:

Step 1: Go to your settings

Step 2: Go to dashboard settings (on the right)

Step 3: Turn Off “Share posts you like” 

That’s it. If you didn’t know about your likes being public and have concerns about privacy, this is an easy way to fix it.

Hope this is informative and helpful for someone!

I just had my phone interview for the virtual case management/disease management position with Anthem Blue Cross. I spoke to the supervisor for almost an hour, and I think it went very well. It’s a full-time work-from-home job, Anthem provides all the equipment, and all the training and orientation is completed virtually, It sounds like I would just have to talk to Comcast about arranging to get the computer set up with a wired internet connection since wireless isn’t allowed due to privacy/security concerns. 

I’m having a second interview with this same supervisor and her assistant supervisor on Friday at 1pm, and then we’ll see what happens after that.

Right now I’m definitely very interested in this position, because being able to work at home in my jammies for a good salary would pretty much be a dream come true. Maybe even also the reward for going through all the shit I’ve endured in the last 5 years or so. They say things happen for a reason, and maybe this is why my really unpleasant experience with that local skilled nursing at the end of December happened. Maybe this is what I’m meant to do.

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I only thought Hope may play overseas b/c she recently sold her house in WA & sold another house before that. I don't think she would ever leave her home state permanently but you never know. I will still cheer for the USWNT even w/out Hope but I won't be surprised if they have a bad record or fail to win the next WC or Olympics simply b/c Jello puts her personal feelings above the good of the team

hope is already living in NC. she moved out of seattle bc of privacy concerns. but tbh Hope has been receiving int offers for years. for the first time in a long time she is free to pursue any road she wishes. while I want more than anything for her to play with the reign again, I also kinda just want her to cut her losses and go make bank overseas 

EU still concerned over Windows 10 privacy despite Microsoft’s changes
European Union data protection watchdogs are still concerned over Microsoft’s privacy settings in Windows 10, despite the software maker announcing changes to the way it collects data. The Electronic Frontier Foundation originally blasted Windows 10 over privacy concerns, accusing Microsoft of sending an “unprecedented amount of usage data” back to the company with its operating system. Read more

i had some photos saved to my phone from tumblr, i was looking through my memories & locations & noticed that some of these photos were connected to locations in other states & counties. upon looking further, i could see exactly where said photo was taken.


that selfie you took in your room? a perv saves it & can see where you live basically. i was COMPLETELY unaware of this, please let this be a warning. i’ve taken down a bunch of my photos now because of this, i feel unsafe & this is a HUGE privacy concern on Apples part.

Voice calls may be coming to the Amazon Echo and Google Home
Amazon and Google are considering bringing voice calls to their respective smart home speakers, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. The feature could be rolled out to Amazon Echo and Google Home speakers as soon as this year, but both companies have concerns about privacy, emergency services, and regulatory hurdles. Theoretically it would be easier for Google to get a phone service up and running on the Home, given that it’s been operating Google Voice for seven years and launched Project Fi back in 2015, while Amazon has to start from scratch to get its phone service up and running. Read more

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Would you recommend putting face pics on my sb profile?

I do. I haven’t had a problem yet and I’ve been doing this for three years. You can always blur your face or do half of your face if privacy is a big concern to you. Just do whatever makes you feel safe and comfortable because it’s better safe than sorry

Electronic Media Searches at Border Crossings Raise Worry

Portland, Ore. (AP) – Watchdog groups that keep tabs on digital privacy rights are concerned that U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents are searching the phones and other digital devices of international … Read more

“Regarding social media, I really don’t understand what appears to be the general population’s lack of concern over privacy issues in publicizing their entire lives on the Internet for others to see to such an extent… but hey it’s them, not me, so whatever.”

Axl Rose.


Zhurrick Week

Day 6: Family

I picture Zhu li being a very private person when it comes to her family life.  When it is a publicly scheduled event she would be fine with paparazzi taking pictures of her and her family.  But if its not on her terms then watch out!  

In this comic Zhu li, Varrick and baby are enjoying a family stroll in Avatar Korra park, when two guys, thinking they can get some tabloid pics of the new baby, ambush them.  In doing so they have awoken the baby and invaded the family’s privacy.  Varrick is more concerned with comforting their crying child and leaves Zhu li to handle the interlopers.  Definately a mama armadillo bear.  Perhaps Zhu li is saying:

“I was willing to risk getting blown up to protect the ones I love against Kuvira’s army!  Don’t think I won’t do the same with you!”  

And the press never bothered them outside an event again….

(Ps sorry for the lousy perspective on the baby carriage…and design…)

I’m more privacy-minded and have concerns about giving out my data.

Lauren Raskauskas, 22, a millennial with no social media accounts

Compared to other generations, millennials are the most active on social media, with 75% of them having created at least one social media account. In contrast, only 50% of Generation X, 30% of baby boomers and 6% of those aged 65 and older use social media.

But there is a small percentage of millennials who don’t use social media at all. Read The Guardian to learn about more of these kids off the grid.