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On Fics, Privacy, and the Fourth Wall

Before I start this post I want to make it clear that this is not an attack on anyone. I truly value and adore each person I’ve had the privilege of interacting with in the fic side of the Hamilton fandom and I’m really not trying to start drama. I don’t want to fight with anyone. None of this is meant as a direct personal criticism of any ONE person in particular, it’s just some thoughts I’ve been having about the fandom as a whole and some personal feelings about my work, etc. I truly love this fandom and the people I’ve met here, but I’ve been in too many other fandoms and seen them get torn apart by this sort of thing. I don’t want that for this fandom, which is the only reason I’m even saying anything.

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Candy, Kisses, & Elevator Sex (John x Reader x Alex)

A/N: Here’s my Valentine’s Day Special! Sorry it took so long, got into my writing zone and just couldn’t stop! Hope you enjoy!

You opened your eyes enjoying the feeling of refreshment that you didn’t usually get from just waking up. You snatched your phone off the bedside charger to check the time.


You overslept! Springing out of bed, you ripped off your pajamas as you bolted to the bathroom to get ready. Half an hour later you were dressed at least semi-well and running to catch the train to work. If you gave it your all you might be able to make it to work on time.

Panting for air, you held your travel cup of bitter black coffee in your hand and a pop tart in your other. They balanced in your grip as the station came into your sights. Just a few blocks away, the heel of one of your pumps caught itself on a crack in sidewalk and made you crash onto the cement. It was food and drink massacre.

The frosting from the pop tart smeared on the sleeve of your coat. The force of the tumble popped the top off your mug and coffee spilled everywhere. Your knees and palms had been scraped and bruised along with your ego.

Getting back on your feet, you found that your heel was finished. Limping the rest of the blocks to the station, you purchased a ticket and struggled up the stairs to the boarding platform before the train arrived.

You slumped in the farthest corner of the train and sighed wondering if the day could get any worse. Then her phone vibrated.

It was a text from your boyfriend, Sam. He must sent you a Happy Valentine’s Day text message. He was so sweet. You unlocked your phone to look at the message, excited that it must be about your plans for tonight. He said he had a surprise for you!

Sammy Sea-bunny:

Salutations (Y/N). I’m sorry to inform you that I have fallen in love with someone else. I’m regret that I couldn’t tell you in person. Hope we can still be friends.

You stared at your phone. The pain in your knees and palms from your fall overshadowed by the pain you were feeling in your heart. You couldn’t believe it. You already made reservations at an exclusive resort in California for your vacation in June. You had planned to London for his birthday. You quickly replied back.


Eat a dick, asshole.

You silenced your phone and shoved it into the deepest part of your purse. It was all too much for you to take especially on a day without your daily coffee and breakfast. One more thing and you’d lose it. You just needed to make it through one work day and later you can cry over a glass of wine and your emergency chocolate stash.

Standing in front of the silver elevator doors in your bare feet, you waited impatiently for the doors to open. About two blocks into your walk from the train station, you decided to forsake your heels and go bare foot because it was better than limping around. Luckily you kept an extra pair of sandals in your desk that would get you through the day. You didn’t have any client meetings and had just treated yourself to a pedicure, so your feet looked fabulous.

The doors finally opened and a bunch of people pushed past you. You stepped in and pressed the button for the fiftieth floor. Behind her came in two younger men. One pushed a cart full of dozens of assorted floral bouquets and Valentine’s baskets. You glanced from one handsome face to the next. Ugh.

They were attractive to say the least. Nice features, full lips, young faces, slender bodies, and it looked like they had some well-defined muscles underneath their clothes. You licked your lips and looked away. Not like you wanted anything to do with the male species ever again, but looking didn’t count right?

The taller one and the one close to you were dressed in jeans and blue t-shirts, his jacket tied around his slender waist. He pushed the button for the sixtieth floor and met your eye. He gave you a small smirk like he knew you were staring. You scowled in reply, looking at the doors in front of you. Screw pretty boys and the rest of their kind.

Out of the corner of your eye you could spot him looking you over. You quickly felt the urge to explain why you were carrying your shoes but pushed it away. You didn’t need to explain yourself to anyone, especially two guys in a elevator.

You sighed and closed your eyes as the elevator began to move up. Soon you’d be in your cubicle, put on your flip-flops, and get some high calorie sugar treat and crappy coffee from the vending machine area. The guys behind you were talking about something, but you were honestly too busy thinking about whether to get a cinnamon bun and powdered donuts when a strange screeching sound came from above. The three of them looked at each other that sound was obviously not normal. Then, came a loud clicking followed by one weird bang and then elevator completely halted.

“What the hell was that?!” said the short guy. He walked over and pressed his floor button a few times.

“I don’t know but it doesn’t sound good,” said his friend. His hands buried in his jean pockets as he leaned into the corner of the elevator, legs crossed nervously. He wore the same blue t-shirt with matching logo on the front. Same as the other guy. You could make out the design more clearly now. Washington Floral Co. That was the local flower shop a few blocks over. You had seen their bouquets in the building before.

“Please don’t tell me we’re stuck in here,” you whispered. You walked over to the control panel. “Of all days, why’d it have to do today?” You pressed the emergency call button.

A voice came over the speaker. “Peggy here.”

“Hello. Um… I think the elevator stopped.”

“Can you tell me which one miss?”

You looked at the two boys but they both shrugged their shoulders.

“Uh… the one not moving. Isn’t there some kind of master panel or something?” You asked, rubbing your forehead. “I think it’s the middle one on the left, maybe. Or it could be the right?”

“Alright, I’ll contact maintenance and get someone on it. Sit tight. We’ll have you out in a jiffy~.”

“I hope they hurry up. We’ve got a ton of deliveries to make today,” said the short guy as he flung his jacket onto the bottom of the cart. He ran a hand through his dark locks and you wondered at how it was possible for it to look even better tousled. “John, better call Mrs.W, tell her what’s going on.”

John dialed up whoever Mrs.W was and turned to face the far wall for privacy. Which wasn’t really that private since they were trapped in an elevator. You caught sight of his firm backside and did a double take. Following along his waist up to his shoulders where his t-shirt was stretched taut by the muscles in his back, curving over his shoulders and hugging the muscles in his arms. He had a nice swimmers body type. Your stomach flipped and you snapped your head away.

You tried to focus on playing on your phone instead, looking at the time. Only five minutes had passed. Everything was being handled right? They’d be out in fifteen minutes tops, right? You took a deep breath and jammed your hands in your pockets hoping the rescue would come fast.

Twenty more minutes went by and Peggy’s voice finally came back. “Hello ma’am?”

You rushed up to talk near the mic. Not that she needed to but it felt awkward just talking into air. “I’m here.”

“It’s going to be a little longer than we thought. Seems there a computer malfunction and we have to get the tech guys. It’ll be awhile.”

“Peggy?“ You waited for her to reply but got nothing. “Peggy! How long is awhile?”

“I’d say at least an hour or two. However, traffic is pretty bad today. Could be three.”

“Three hours!”

“Sorry ma’am. You got company or are you by yourself?”

She looked at the two boys. “There’s two other people in here with me. But don’t you have cameras?”

“Yep, but they’ve been out of order for weeks now. Some parts on back order. Always something isn’t it?” she laughed.

You on the other hand didn’t feel like laughing one bit. You backed up to the elevator’s wall and dropped to the floor, looking at the small square you were trapped in. The walls were closing in, seeming to get thinner. Three hours. She would have to sit here for three whole hours at the least. The events of the day hitting you like a ton of bricks.

You buried your face in your hands and that’s when the flood gates broke. A slow trickle at first, until both eyes gushed salty tears and you sat there sobbing into your hurt hands.

“Hey now. Being in an elevator with the two of us isn’t all that bad, is it?” said a voice from the other side of the room.

You gave sniffle, peeking between the strands of hair that cascaded in front of her eyes. The tall one in the corner had sat down as well and was scooting up closer to her. Oh my gosh!

You had finally reached rock bottom, crying your eyes out in a elevator in front of two hot guys. Squeezing your eyes tight and hiding your face more, wishing you could just disappear.

“Are you okay,” he asked, gently touching your leg and quickly looked up. You saw his deep brown eyes and freckles staring at you, through those sweet dark lashes, worried. “We won’t be in here forever you know.”

You shook her head. “It’s not that.”

You pulled up the text from Sam, holding it out for the stranger to see.

“Holy shit.” He gave her leg a firm squeeze. “I’m so sorry. That sucks and today of all days.”

“What sucks?” Alex knelt down next to them and freckles showed him the phone. “Woah. That’s a crappy way to start the day, huh?”

“You have no idea,” you said, telling them about the rest of your morning.

“So that’s the reason you weren’t wearing shoes. I’m Alex by the way and this big lug is John. We deliver for the florist not too far from here to help out with college expenses.”

“(Y/N). I work in the building. Shouldn’t you have classes now?”

“Yeah, but we’re skipping because we make a shit-ton of cash on Valentine’s Day.”

You couldn’t help but smile. “I bet.”

Alex’s eyebrows creased. “Listen, don’t worry about that Sam-I-Am guy. You got it goin’ on and deserve way better than that ass.”

You blushed, never could take a compliment.

“I couldn’t take my eyes off you when you first walked in and I was so nervous when you caught me.”

“Stop it,” You giggled. “But thanks.”

“I have an idea,” said John, his eyes sparkling with playfulness.

“This guy has the best ideas.”

“Let’s see what Miss floor 60 has in one of her baskets?”

“No way! We can’t do that!” You protested.

“Don’t worry about it,” said John, waving you off.

“She has most of the cart. Besides our boss will give the guy a refund. Say it was a delivery problem because of an elevator problem. Which is technically right.” He smiled, sporting two dimples on either side of his smile. He must of got a lot of tips with that smile.

“She must be a pret-ty busy woman,” said John with a huge grin.

You looked at the cart full of sweets and swallowed. Then you looked at the two men across from you, heat traveling down your body. You decided to ignore it by fiddling with your skirt.

Alex jumped up and walked over to the cart, scanning over the gifts that Miss 60 received. “This one.” He held up a basket. There was nothing special or fancy about the packaging. It appears to be the simplest one. “No card and nothing special about it, she’ll never notice it’s gone.”

The two guys ripped open the basket packaging like kids on Christmas. You shook your head as they pulled out some of the stuff inside.

John picked up a bottle of champagne from the basket. “Looks like we have something to drink!” He tore off the gold wrapping and popped the cork with ease. The basket didn’t include glasses, so the three of you had to make do without. John held out the bottle to you. “Ladies first, of course.”

You took it and raised it up. “Cheers and Happy Valentine’s Day to us.”

Putting the bottle to your mouth and letting the liquid glide down your throat. You passed it off to John, brushing fingertips in the exchange. Pleasure tingled between her legs. Your eyes met and a slow smile curved his lips making your nipples tighten. What was happening? You had gotten dumped, then two guys come along, and you were all in an extremely enclosed space.

John took three swigs, licking his lips as he looked at you, and then handed the bottle to Alex, who pulled out a box of chocolates. “Anyone up for some free chocolate?”

“Yes please.” You raised your hand. Finally you’d get some food in you.

Alex was about to pass the box to you but John put a hand in front to stop him. He leaned over and whispered something in Alex’s ear. You couldn’t hear but Alex nodded and grinned as they whispered to each other, then they turned to you.

“Sooo, you can have a chocolate, but you have to close your eyes.” Alex stated with a waggle of his brows. Suddenly the temperature seemed to spike as your mouth went dry.

“What the—? No way I’m closing my eyes.” You crossed your arms and leaned back against wall, trying hard to ignore the waves of excitement that flooded your body.

“Come on. Live a little.” John dangled piece of chocolate in front of your face.

“You. Are. So. Bad.” You bit her lip.
“Give me that champagne.”

You held out your palm and Alex passed the bottle to you. Wrapping your lips around the bottle and gulping down two more mouthfuls.

“What’s wrong with being bad?” asked John innocently, popping a chocolate into his mouth. “Makes games more fun and if you don’t like our game, you can stop. Cross my heart and hope to die.”

John crossed the left side of his chest, making you wonder what his chest looked like under that fitted t-shirt and her heart sped up.

“But I must give you a word of warning, we’ve never met anyone that hasn’t appreciated any one of our games~”

You could feel the wetness between her legs grow. Head swimming with all your ideas of what kind of games these two wanted to play? “So you two often play games together?”

A smile spread across John’s freckled face, knowing what was running through your mind. “Only with the special ones.”

You followed the length of John’s body as he stretched out in front of you, admiring the way his shirt curved over his arms and clung to the tight body, how the denim of his jeans placed low on his waist and your eyes nearly popped out at the bulge straining in his pants. A rush of electricity surged through you as your eyes darted back to his cute face. “A-And you’re considering me special?”

“Today, we want to treat you like a Queen,” said Alex as he sat up on his heels.

Too excited, you couldn’t resist anymore. “So, what do I have to do?”

“While your eyes are closed, you have guess the right flavor inside of the chocolate,” replied John nonchalantly.

“What do I get if I’m right?”

“Heh… if you’re right, Alex or I, depending on who you got the chocolate from, will have to take off an article of clothing. But… if you’re wrong… you do.” John smiled again like before, like he knew just how hard you wanted him. By chance, he moved his hand to adjust himself and your eyes carefully eying his body and movements.

Alex leaned over, closer to you and grabbing the champagne bottle that sat in her lap and took a gulp. The air suddenly became heated as the three of you sat there and looked from one to another. You couldn’t believe you were doing this!

You were about to play strip chocolate game with probably the most attractive guys she’d ever been in a room with. Your vanilla sex life was about to end.

You took a deep breath to try and calm yourself. “Okay, I’ll play.”

“Sweet,” Alex exclaimed and sat up straight.

“Me first,” said John, grabbing a chocolate and crawling over to you on his knees holding the piece of chocolate in one hand. “Now, close your eyes.”

You couldn’t hide your blush, closing your eyes tightly and waiting to feel the chocolate on your lips. You felt the pressure of something smooth along your lips and opened your mouth, tasting the minty richness of chocolate on your taste buds as the small piece entered your mouth followed by the touch of soft warm lips on yours. John’s lips. He had bitten off half of the chocolate and given you the other half. The chocolate began to melt in your mouth as his lips lingered on yours and his body hovered over you. Your body trembling from just one teeny kiss.

You opened her eyes as John backed away, his eyes half-libbed and swimming with desire. “So, what flavor?”

“…what?…” Oh, right, you had to guess the flavor. You chewed and swallowed the rest of tasty treat. “Easy one. Mint.”

John grinned. “That’s right.”

He wasted no time pulling off his t-shirt. You lost all ability to function. He was slender but his abdominal muscle clearly defined. You just wanted to reach out and brush your fingertips along in his slim frame.

You watched as his eyes flickered down to your chest and back to your face. That’s when you realized the show you were giving the two of them the entire time. Your nipples were tiny mountains against the soft fabric of your thin bra since you rejected the one with padding this morning and they had made their presence know under your red silk blouse.

You snatched the champagne away from Alex. You had a desire to just pour it over John’s chest and lick off every yummy drop but pushed that idea away.

“Time for my shot,” sung Alex already in front of you, the chocolate between his teeth.

“You are nonstop,” You said, wiping some champagne from the side of your mouth.

He pulled the chocolate out of his mouth with his fingers. “Yep, I’ve been told that a few times. Now, close your eyes.”

You closed your eyes again but secretly peeked a bit, watching as Alex crawled up to you and raised his face up to yours, delicately sliding his hands up the back of your head and tangling his fingers in your hair. He was floating so close that you could feel the heat radiating off his body on yours. Shit, he was so sexy. You felt like you were losing your mind. You were so turned on that you just wanted to jump the two boys and eat them up like chocolate.

Alex finally pressed his lips to yours, sliding the chocolate into your mouth. Soft. Creamy. Delicate. Alex plunged his tongue in afterward and crushed a kiss against her mouth, leaving you hot and breathless. He pulled away, his eyes darkened with lust.

“What did you think?”

Your cheeks were still burning from the kiss, but you managed to respond. “Delectable. Cherry is one of my favorite flavors. You lose.”

John laughed. “She got you, man.”

Alex chuckled, looking you directly in the eyes as he pulled off his shirt without breaking contact. You caught a sniff of his body spray as he threw his shirt into the other corner. The scent filled your nose and she wanted it all over her body, covering her, him covering her. The throbbing between her legs intensified and the magnetic pull she felt from each man as they went back and forth was dizzying.

“Alright, alright, time for the second round and it’s going to get a lot harder.” John shook the box of chocolates in hand mixing them up.

Harder? That’s exactly what you wanted. “Prepare to lose.”

Alex grinned, peering into the box since John already chose his piece. “Confident, are you? Then how about this. Round two is double or nothing.”

The boys looked at you for approval.

“Why not,” you said with a shrug. “I’ve still got all my clothes on.”

“Okay, but I just want to make sure you’re good with this,” he said, his face and voice serious.

“Fellas, I am so good with this right now you couldn’t comprehend it.”

Alex beamed. “Double or nothing then.”

John placed the chocolate between his pearly whites and began to crawl toward you except this time you decided to meet him halfway. You faced each other on your knees, leaning up and biting off half of the chocolate in his mouth. You sucked the piece into your mouth and let it melt on her tongue. John was right, it was harder. Peanut? Macadamia? Almond? Walnut? You weren’t really a fan of nuts, so you had no idea.

John leaned over to place a gentle kiss over her lips. Welcoming him, you threw her arms over his shoulders. Your tongues exploring each other’s mouths as his hands traveled down your back and pulled you close.

He pressed his hips into yours and the feel of his cock against you almost cost you the game. The friction between your thighs was so much that you’d need release soon but they weren’t actually going to finish you off in the elevator, right?

John pulled away from the kiss but still kept his lips on yours.

“Flavor?” he asked, his lips against yours, his breath hot on your face. Your mind was to mushy to register for a second, feeling drunk on chocolate and kisses.


He cocked his half-smile again. “Nope. You. Lose.”

You went completely red. John didn’t back away and Alex didn’t look away. “A deal’s a deal, I guess.”

You couldn’t believe your were going to take your shirt off in an elevator. One by one you undid the simple buttons on your blouse, sliding it off your shoulders and letting it fall away. You were relieved that you wore a newer bra.

“That’s one piece,” you panted. John put his hands behind his back, looking like he couldn’t stop from touching you.

Now you could do the teasing. Unzipping your skirt, pushing it down your hips, pass your thighs, and to your knees. You looked at both of them noticing how they were intensely staring.

Standing back upright she faced John. “I still have another turn.”

Wordless, John moved to the side to let you pass. You looked at Alex who had placed the chocolate between his lips and patted his stomach, motioning you to straddle him. You rubbed your sweaty palms on your thighs, making them burn more. You situated yourself onto him and bit down on the chocolate. Leaning more onto Alex, pressing chest to chest, face to face, the boner beneath his jeans hard and protruding.

“Cinnamon,” you mumbled.


With you still on top, Alex slid off his pants and then his boxers. The only thing between you was the thin fabric of your panties that you were pretty sure are soaked by now due to the last round.

“So…um… who won?”

Alex got up to his knees and knelt in front of you. His hard cock, brushing against your thigh. You couldn’t help yourself, dropping your eyes to peek down, wanting to know what he’d been hiding. His slim physique did not do him justice!

So long and thick, you just wanted to reach out and stroke it, lick across the smooth skin and make him beg for more.

“Is there ever really a loser in stripping games?” John asked.

You laughed, shaking your head. Biting your lip, asking the question that weighed desperately on your mind.

“So… how far can the game go?”

Alex lifted her chin with an index finger. “As far as you want Queen (Y/N).”

“Why didn’t you say that in the first place! Game over!” You exclaimed, wrapping a hand around Alex’s cock and the other around his neck, plunging him into a deep kiss. He passionately kissed back, enveloping your mouth, tangling with your tongue. Then you felt the hands of someone else behind you.

John knelt behind you, kissing the tender area of your ear, sending currents of pleasure down your body.

“Which of us do you prefer? Have a favorite?” he asked.

You looked at him from over your shoulder. “I don’t know. It’s like asking me to choose between apple pie or cinnamon rolls. I just can’t. Do I have to pick?”

John pressed a kissed to your lips in reply. Feeling behind you, scrambling with trying to unbutton his jeans, anxious to get them off. Meanwhile, Alex quickly busied himself with your breasts. Taking off your bra, rolling your nipples between his fingers, licking at the hard buds, making sure to give them equal attention.

John finally removed his jeans and boxers, his cock sprung from the fabric prison and slid along your backside causing little waves of heat to follow. Reaching his hand around, he slipped two fingers into you.

“You are so wet.”

Your pussy felt like it was on fire. You moaned as John made little circles with his finger on your clit. Alex moved his head to take one of your breasts into his mouth, sucking and rolling it with his tongue. You arched against John as he stroked your slit and Alex played with your breasts.

“Fuck,” you grunted, grasping Alex’s shoulders for support, your pelvis bouncing on John’s hand.

John came out from behind her, placing his shirt on the floor and laying you on it.

“Have you ever been with two men before,” he asked lustfully.

“No,” you panted. Alex gently slid his jacket under your head and kissed the top of your nose as John placed himself between your legs. You shivered in anticipation.

He spread your legs wide and gave you a smile before burying his tongue in your fold. Fixing his mouth around your mound and plunging deep inside. You gasped and squirmed at the intense pleasure that blew through your body. Alex sucked on your bottom lip while John played with your pussy.

Moaning at how Alex devoured your mouth, while John plunged and greedily licked your folds and thrust his fingers inside you, slowly, achingly pumping in and out.

Spreading your legs more and arching your pelvis, you grabbed Alex by the neck and pulled his face to yours, twisting your hands in his dark locks. You were so close!

You felt the tension build up in your groin, desperately wanting relief. Pulling away from Alex’s mouth you moaned thirstily.


John popped his head up. “Trade places!”

Before you knew it John had spun you by the legs toward Alex. You quickly felt the warmth of Alex’s two smaller hands as he raised your hips up and pulled you against his skillful mouth. He vigorously devoured you again.

He moved faster and wilder than John, alternating between finger and tongue, between circles and broad strokes, up and down.

“Alex!” You bucked and screamed his name.

Your hips thrust up and you went for his head but John blocked with a passionate kiss, encasing you in his arms. You fell back trapped in John’s embrace. White haze appearing behind your eyelids as the tension built up in your stomach. Your body wiggling and breath completely out in short pants.

“Ahhh…” she moaned into John’s kiss.

John broke away. “Hold up. Not yet.”

Alex gave one more hard lick to your entrance before lifting his head. Panting you could only lay there and mewl.

“What?… No… don’t stop.”

John knelt in front of you, that familiar grin back on his face, his eyes drilling into you. “I saw you licking your lips earlier.”

His eyes flashed to his cock then back up to you.

Finally! Readily crawling closer to him on all fours, grasping his cock with both hands. You licked the salty cum from the tip, taking more into your mouth. His cock was big, one of the biggest ones you’ve ever had the pleasure of blowing so you couldn’t hold yourself back from working all the way down his length till he reached the back of your throat.

John’s head fell back, his eyes shut tight as he gave a carnal hiss. You mentally smiled to yourself. John tangled a hand in your hair and held your shoulder with the other as Alex placed himself next to you, his warm palms massaging your bare butt.

He positioned his cock at your entrance, gripping your waist, and thrusting inside you, finally filling you. You squealed around John’s cock, tongue circling the cock. Alex pumped in and out, rocking you back and forth on John’s cock. Alex picked up the pace and you sucked harder. Getting off on how you could give pleasure and get pleasure at the same time.

Alex hit that spot deep within you that sent a huge tremor of pleasure through you and made stars appear in your vision. To make it better Alex reached around and stroked your clit while he pounded into you. His hand moved rapidly and wildly. The three of you built up a thread of stress that was about to snap. HARD!

Airy grunts, gasps, and the sound of skin slapping on skin echoing in the cramped elevator. You were lost in the pleasure and passion of the moment.

John hardened his grip on your shoulder. “I’m going to come.”

You reached up and played with his balls, making his entire body shudder with a few more thrusts before discharging the salty warmth of his orgasm into your mouth. You still kept sucking eagerly on his cock, wanting to prolong the moment.

John pulled your hands up to his shoulders as Alex continued to finger your clit and fuck you from behind. The feeling getting stronger than any you had ever experienced before. Digging your fingers into John’s shoulders. You were going to come!

“Oh, hell yes!”

“I love to hear you say that,” Alex breathed heavily as he continued his motions. Your body began to tremble and tighten around his cock as he came inside you. Your body exploded like little tiny riffles that blew through your body, exploding in different directions, and everything else melting away.

When you came back, the three of you collapsed in a tangle of naked arms and legs and bodies.

John kissed your forehead and Alex kissed your neck.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” They said together.

You smiled and cuddled closer to them. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

John planted another kiss on your lips as Alex lightly smacked your ass.

You froze when static erupted from the speaker on the button panel.

“Hello Ma’am?”

You quickly got up. “Y—Yes?”

“Sorry for the wait. There was trouble fixing it. Luckily the fire department is on their way to get you guys out of there and will be there in a few.”

“A few!” The three of you jumped up. “Thanks a lot!”

Racing to put on your clothes already able hear the noises coming from above. Getting the last button on your shirt just as the scraping of metal on metal came from above.

The door in the elevator ceiling was being removed and a head poked itself through. You quickly checked yourself, making sure nothing looked off.

John and Alex were clothed but a little flushed and sweaty. Did you look as sweaty as them? John inched his way over to you and fixed the back of your skirt with that mischievous grin of his. You bit the inside of your cheek, desperately hoping that the fireman wouldn’t figure you out.

“Ladies go first. We’ll send down the ladder and you two help her on up, okay?”

“Yes sir,” they answered in unison.

The ladder came down and you looked to the both of them. No time to give them a proper good bye.

“You’re one special woman. That Sam guy is an absolute idiot,” said Alex raking a hand through his hair.

“Hope the rest of your day is fit for a Queen,” said John, swallowing and looking like he could go another ten rounds. You bit your lip, the tingling between your legs and grew damp again.

You kissed each of their hands and put one to each of their mouths.

“Thank you,” you mumbled. Turning and stepping on the first rung of the wiggly ladder. Alex and John placed hands on your hips to balance you as ascended. Making it up a few rungs before halting.

“Sorry!” You held up a finger. “I need a minute,” You called up to the waiting fireman.

You hopped down and faced Alex and John. “I was just wondering if you two had any plans for the first week of June?”

The guys looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders, looking back at you curiously.

“Any chance you’re both interested in a summer vacation to Cali? I already have reservations for two…but since some asshole won’t be going anymore… I’m sure I can add one more. Maybe make up another game or two over there?”

“I’ll start packing,” said John. Excitement dancing in his beautiful brown eyes, knowing he was already starting to create new games in his mind.

“I prefer the right side of the bed,” commented Alex, a snarky grin sealing the deal.

“Perfect.” Sticking your business card in each of their back pockets, giving them both a slap on the ass while you were back there, and then made your way back up the ladder.

When you got out of the elevator shaft your boss was waiting for you to give you the rest of the day off. She must have felt bad for you and you weren’t going to refuse a day off. You headed back to the train station with a skip in your step, but not without stopping by a small cafe where you got the richest highest calorie counting coffee and pastry on the menu. You sat at table still shoeless, sipping and eating. Suddenly your phone went off.

You got a text from John and Alex, asking if you’d be interested in getting some drinks later tonight and meet some of their ‘friends’. Looks like your Valentine’s Day was just getting started.

Treat you better

Summary: The reader finds comfort in unexpected arms when the past returns to the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. He realizes a little too late that he had lost her forever.

Warnings: Smoking (I don’t encourage this, it was just for dramatic effect), cursing, a bit sad. 

A/N: I changed just a bit the request because I wanted to make the reader a badass because she fucking deserved it, okay?? Hope you guys like it, and feedback this shit because I am a sucker for feedback <3

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“Matt, I don’t care what your current deal with her is—” she pointed at the slim brunette behind the sliding door that lead to the Devil’s bedroom—“but you have to know that I can’t keep this shit going on if you’re not gonna cooperate. A relationship is made by two, not just one.” She shook her head, trying to hold back the tears. “I’m done, Matt. I shouldn’t have believed you…”

“(Y/N), let me explain it—”

“No.” She smacked her lips. “I sure as hell don’t want any explanation of yours. Enough I have with you being the fucking Devil of Hell’s Kitchen; I don’t need to know why Elektra is back. All I need to know is that you’re turning into who you were in college and back then, this hurt like hell… I’m not gonna let it hurt again.”

“(Y/N), please…” Matt pleaded.

“Goodbye Matt, I hope you don’t get killed.” She took a deep breath and turned around for good.

It wasn’t until she was in the safety and privacy of her four walls that she allowed herself to break down. She sat on the hard-wooden floor trying to remember when Matt had started to act different and why she wasn’t able to stop this from happening. It was a cycle repeating, and it had one thing in common: Elektra Natchios.

Several hours later, (Y/N) carried her coffee, a pack of cigarettes, her lighter and a garden chair up to the rooftop of her building. She was not sure if she was allowed there, but she just needed a moment of peace and that was the only place she could think of. After arranging everything into place, she sat down and lit up the first cigar, and as she took the first, deep, drag, she also took a deep breath. She needed it, after all.

Steps behind her made her turn her head a little just to have a glance at who it could have been. She sighed and smiled lightly and took another drag. She took out her cigarettes and offered the just arrived man. He declined, wrinkling his nose and sitting on the cornice of the rooftop, beside her extended legs.

“Rough night, Castle?” She asked, looking at him from the corner of her eyes.

“I dare say less rough than yours, (Y/L/N),” he chuckled, “so… what’s with the tough look?” He nodded in her direction; truth was that with the mug of cold coffee in one hand, the cigarette on the other and the bad-ass sitting, she looked tougher than ever. Frank smiled lightly at the sight as he awaited for an answer.

“I just had a terrible day.” She replied shorty.

“At work?”

She scoffed and rolled her eyes in exhaustion. “At life.” She sighed heavily and sipped the remaining of the cold coffee. “It seems like the past insists in following me around today.”

“Wanna talk about that, pal?”

“You know I had a boyfriend, right?” Frank nodded silently. “Well, Matt and I met back in the day, when we were in Columbia studying and all that crap, and boy he was a good guy. Like a saint kinda guy, but a woman appeared in the way. Her name is Elektra Natchios and… It all went to shit because she not only distracted him from… me,” she took a deep breath, “but she also made him distracted from his studies and everything. Long story short, she’s back in town and today I found them at his place and… she had not changed a thing, and unfortunately Matt has gone back to who he used to be with her.”

“So you hate this Elektra gal?” Frank asked.

“You could think so, yeah, but… truth is I don’t. I just hate what she has done to Matt, and what she does to him. He seems to be under some…” she twisted her lips, trying to think of the right word to describe her thoughts, “some kind of spell. I mean, bitch is gorgeous I swear to god. Like, tall and super skinny. She looks like a freaking model, but again, it’s not her who I’m mad at.”

“Did you find them going at it?” Frank cocked an eyebrow.

“God, no!” She squealed and winced in disgust. “They looked like they were injured, and… well, Elektra was wearing one of Matt’s shirts, that of course, totally suited her, but the shirt she had on was one I gave Matt for his birthday.” (Y/N) bit her bottom lip. Frank had never listened so carefully and he never seemed very interested about her relationship with the lawyer, but that night it all changed and she was taking the opportunity to let it all out. “I mean, he didn’t even have the fucking decency of giving her other shirt. Why did it have to be my shirt? I don’t want it back but—”

Out of a sudden, both (Y/N) and Frank were startled by the Daredevil himself.

“(Y/N) get away from him, he’s dangerous.” The man in the red suit warned, quickly getting to her to try to keep her away from the Punisher. Matt could be very protective and possessive when he felt like (Y/N) was in possible danger, but now it was too late for him to play hero and try to protect her.

“Get your hands off of her, Red.” Frank threatened, dropping his gun on the rooftop. “I am not afraid of beating the shit out of you.”

“Frank, no!” (Y/N) squealed, running towards him and placing her palms on his chest, trying to sooth him. “There’s no need for that…”

Matt was taken aback by the smooth relationship between them, and by Frank’s erratic heartbeat, he knew immediately that his feelings for (Y/N) were as strong as his own. Matt was decided in not letting (Y/N) go, but deep inside, he knew it could be a bit too late for that.

“Why don’t you tell him exactly what you were telling me?” Frank encouraged (Y/N) by nodding at her. He knew how strong she could be and he never doubted her. She just needed a little push.

“(Y/N)?” Matt asked, expecting the worst from her. He deserved it, after all.

“You’re an asshole, Matt.” She started. “You’re a dick. I mean, why? Why pretending all this time? Why the lies? Why did it have to be just like college?” She asked. “I mean, haven’t you learnt your goddamned lesson? Are you that much of an idiot?” She felt her voice increasing its volume and her chest expanding with every air intake. “Seriously, Elektra comes again, and you fall into her trap again!” She was exasperated and thanks to Frank’s little push, she felt empowered and invincible. Things were different now from her college years and she was not afraid of speaking up. The career in law had toughened her up. “And what’s worst, you’re not only lying to me.” She pointed at herself. “Think about Foggy for once in your life, would you? Think about how you’re turning the business you had together into shit. Everything you’ve worked for, you’re really gonna blow it up because of her? And don’t come with that ninja shit you’ve been rambling about, I don’t need and I don’t want that explanation.” She shook her head lightly. “I’m not that heartbroken Matt,” she said after a pause, her voice had softened and her bottom lip had started to tremble, “I’m just… tired and I’m hurt because this is like college all over again and I thought we were all over that.”

“Tell him about the shirt.” Frank coughed.

“Oh yes!” She snapped her fingers, regaining her confidence back. “Because how do you think I felt when I saw Elektra wearing the shirt I gave you for your birthday? I mean, not only she was rocking it, but it was all bloody and shit. Like, couldn’t you have at least a bit of decency and respect for me by giving her another thing to wear? Jesus, Matt, you’re a piece of shit.”

“I know, and—”

“No Matt, you don’t know shit.” She interrupted. “If you knew something, you’d treat me a bit better. You know, I’ve known Frank for a while now and as surprising as it can be, he listened to me rambling about you, because you know what? He treats me well, and he cares about me. And a lot. I don’t recognize you anymore, Matt…” her voice broke, “and what’s worse… I don’t think I ever did. Just… leave, Matt. I don’t want to see you ever again.”

“Are you saying Frank Castle is better than me?”

“You heard the lady, man.” Frank stepped closer to Matt, ready for the previously announced fist fight. “Leave.”

“I’m talking to her, not you.” Matt took another step closer to the Punisher. “You don’t know her like I do.”

“Apparently I know her better, because guess who has been picking up her pieces that I’m guessing you left today.” Frank teased.

“You’re doing this because you like her and you wanna get to her. I’m not an idiot, Castle.”

“I strongly disagree.” The alluded shrugged carelessly. “Leave before I make you leave in pieces.”

“(Y/N), answer me.” Matt pleaded one last time. “Is Frank Castle better than me?”

“You could say so, yes.” (Y/N) nodded. “Now leave, for real, I don’t want to see you ever again or hear from you, I just want you out of my life.” The tears pooled in her glimmery eyes and just before she broke down, Frank’s huge arm rested around her back, giving her a sense of safety and support. “You can keep all the things I gave you, or better, give them to Elektra, I’m sure she’ll enjoy them.” She bitterly spat.

“Let’s get you inside.” Frank softly said, placing a hand on the small of her back. “Red, get outta here.” His voice turned from soft into a growl. Matt licked his lips and nervously and had no other choice but leaving. (Y/N) was right, he was a piece of shit and he realized that exact same minute that the one thing that kept him on the normal side was her and that he had lost her forever. She didn’t even see him leave.

Once they were inside, Frank put some water to boil and (Y/N) went to her bedroom to change into something more comfortable. This was the second time she broke up with Matt, and it hurt as much as the first time did. She stayed in her bedroom, crying almost naked for everything that had happened. It hurt her seeing how little he had learnt and how little he cared about what they had. It was incredible how Elektra could change him, just flicking a switch on him.

“(Y/N)?” Frank knocked on her door, startling her and making her dress up quickly. “I made you some tea, I’ll be waiting for you in the living room…”

“Thank you, Frank.” She stammered.

When she got out, she discovered Frank smiling slightly at her and holding the cup in one of his huge hands. She took it gladly, and took a sip from it. She muttered a ‘thank you’ and wrapped one of her arms around his wide torso. She tried to keep herself together, but truth be told, she couldn’t. Fortunately, Frank was there to keep her broken pieces from falling away. His arms were like glue to her breaking heart.

“I know you like me, Frank…” she whispered, “I’m not an idiot.” Frank chuckled and nodded.

“Yeah, not like I’ve been trying to hide it…” He admitted.

“But why listening all my blabbering about Matt?” She looked up to him. “I mean, I was hurting you and you never stopped me, and I’m sorry for not sto—”

“You were not hurting me, (Y/N).” Frank laughed heartedly. “I mean, it wasn’t my favorite topic to discuss, but…” He shrugged. Out of a sudden, he lets go of (Y/N) and goes away to sit on the couch. He tapped on the spot next to him and she took the invitation. “I like you, ok? I like you a lot,” he nodded at her, “but I do have a ridiculously elevated amount of respect for you, so I’m not gonna push’ya into something you don’t want. I might be a nutjob, but I understand the meaning of limits.”

“Frank Castle has feelings, after all.” (Y/N) smiled lightly and leaned her head on his shoulder. “Thank you.” She sighed after a long silence. “Just thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.” Frank lovingly kissed the top of her head and leaned his big head on hers.

Quiet (DK/Seokmin Smut) (Idol!Reader AU) (Submitted)

Summary: Locks on doors - the single greatest invention since fire. Providing the thrill of exhibitionism and the ability of privacy. If only the walls were soundproof… 

Author: Gryffindor Anon 

(A/N: Hi Tanisha!! I’m sorry you had a bad day, and I hope your relative feels better soon. Maybe a little something porny to distract you? :3
Seokmin/Reader, reader-as-idol AU, semi-public sex, oral, slight hints of exhibitionism. (Srsly though I am LIVING for the boys’ styling at these awards shows, 4 points to you, stylists/coordis EVERYONE looks good.) ~Gryffindor anon ♥) 

(Admin Note: hey!! thank you so much for the well wishes (and just to everyone, you’re all being so damn kind and considerate to me). this was a very nice distraction. Seokkie is such a bias wrecker for me, he’s so handsome, and like actually handsome. like cover of a romance novel handsome. it’s nice. i loved this. it’s some a+ quality seokkie smut. i hope everyone enjoys as much as i did. -Tanisha<3) 

Something most people don’t know about awards shows – there’s a decent amount of time spent backstage during rehearsals, mingling and chatting with other performers.

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Tiny Dancer - Part Two

**Hey guys, here’s part two of three (or maybe more, who knows lol) - hope you like it!  Thanks for following along.**

As the night wore on, the girls came and went, but Robert couldn’t keep his eyes from drifting over the small privacy wall to the niche next door.  Dani was swaying to the rhythm of the music, the guitarist draped across the sofa in front of her.  He lit a cigarette, declining the offer of another private dance as he studied the lines of her back. She wasn’t like the others, and he’d seen plenty over the course of the past year.  Such a sweet, innocent face.  She seemed out of place, but her moves belied any lack of experience.  Fucking Pagey.  The singer knew better than to make a fuss, though.  He tried to shake it off as she spun around, their gazes colliding.  The faint smile she gave him made his heart skip a beat, and he looked away, fumbling with his glass.

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$10 DIY Temporary Wallpaper or Window Film!

PROJECT: A cheap, easy, chemical-free (if you care about that sorta thing) and REMOVABLE (!!!) alternative to wallpaper and/or privacy window film! This can be applied in less than 30 minutes to walls, windows, cabinets, shelves, doors, or anywhere else, and can be easily removed (even if it’s months or years later) with absolutely no residue or damage left behind. Sold yet?


  • Fabric of your choice - preferably thin, light fabrics like linen, cotton, etc. You’ll want enough to cover your desired area. The project you see above used roughly 3 yards of fabric at $2.50/yard!
  • Corn Starch - $2/container
  • Paintbrush -  Any size! $1
  • Cold Water & Boiling Water
  • A bowl to mix it all in (I’ll assume you have this)
  • Spoon (for stirrin’ stuff!)
  • Optional: a friend (I don’t count)

COST: Pending the size of the area covered, it can be as little as $5! The project you see above was $10.50!



Figure out how much fabric you’ll need by measuring the area you want covered. In my case, it was my big glass doors that were totally lacking in privacy. Once you have the measurements, choose a cute fabric! Before starting the next steps, wash up your area with some water, standard cleaner, or alcohol. The cleaner the canvas, the smoother the stick!

Note: if the area you are covering is very large (larger than the width of the bolt your fabric was cut from), you may need to use more than one piece of fabric. That’s totally fine! Just try to put them edge-to-edge or slightly overlapping, and the results will be barely noticeable if at all. :) 


“What adhesive?” perhaps you are asking. Here’s the skinny: Corn Starch has been used as an alternative to glue for YEARS. Like a totally awesome secret hack to sticking stuff to other stuff on the cheap. The best part is that it’s safe for pets and people, doesn’t damage any surfaces, dries completely transparent, and can be wiped away with nothing but water! Neat. right? Anyways, here’s how to prep your adhesive:

Mix 4 tbs corn starch with 6 tbs cold water and stir until blended. Mix in 2 cups of boiling water and it should instantly gel up into this lovely soupy goo! 


Use a paint brush to apply a thick coat (but not too runny, or you’ll make a mess) of the starch goop to the surface you want the fabric to stick to. No need to rush - it doesn’t dry instantly or anything, so give your mix a sec to cool down before applying.


(This is the part where a friend is helpful.) Push your fabric onto the goop and line it up with your surface. Once it’s stuck, use a credit card or your hands to push out all the air bubbles. (Admittedly, I messed this part up so I’ll have some bubbles, but I didn’t know this was gonna be on a blog someday so…)

If you’re applying more than 1 piece of fabric, just line ‘em up! Now is the time to adjust the positioning so everything is where you want it. 


… Or, try these optional steps to make it even better:

Optional: Trim excess fabric and touch up corners

If you, like me, used an overly large piece of fabric to make the application super fool-proof, now is a good time to go around the edges with a box cutter or some scissors to clean up. If you (also like me) didn’t quite apply enough starch goo to the edges, go ahead and paint on some extra! Don’t worry about over-saturating the fabric or surface under it - the adhesive is totally safe and dries 100% clear!

Optional: Add another adhesive layer for protection

If the area you’re covering sees a lot of action, paint another layer of starch goop over the applied fabric to make sure it’s an extra solid stick.  

Optional: Add a design layer

If you’re using this method on a wall or area that might be suited for some creative flair, you can apply more fabric scraps or cut-out designs onto this base using the same method to make cute customized art, spell out words, or anything else your imagination cooks up! 


Totally regret that loud patterned fabric? Not letting enough light in, or letting TOO MUCH light in? Moving out of your rental? No problem! To remove the fabric, just use a spray bottle or sponge to get it nice and damp. Peel it off like a big satisfying Band-Aid, and go over the area with some warm water (or a multipurpose cleaner if that’s your jam) and the starch will wipe away effortlessly! You can then toss the fabric pieces in the wash and re-apply them or just… idk, have some cool fabric. You do you!

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Summoning Candyman, Ch. 4 (Jumin X Reader fanfic)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Rating : M 
Summary: “Jumin Han, Jumin Han, Jumin Han” you repeated in front of the mirror. When you wished for Jumin to be real on Halloween night, you didn’t expect him to turn out to be a criminal lord with a strange pet fetish… 
Keywords: Super AU, self-insert, loss of control kink, pet kink, creepy dominant Jumin, criminal setting, yandere, also some Yoosung X Seven and Jaehee X Zen
Author’s Notes: Good news: long chapter! Bad news: it got so long that the smut was transferred to the next one :( (I know, I’m evil!) But, Jehan’s creepy side and the master/pet dynamic have the spotlight, so I hope you all enjoy~<3 

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Safety first

“You’re beautiful” Jehan murmured to your inert form as he gently put you into your bed. He’d have preferred to bathe you first, scrub the filth of the night away, but you really needed to sleep. Those jackasses he had hired didn’t know the difference between scaring a lady and driving her half mad, and he feared you’d develop a permanent trauma of taking your shower in an enclosed space.

It was a minor consequence, for sure, considering he wouldn’t want you to lock the door when you washed yourself, but he was still chagrined. You were his pet; if it turned out that he had damaged you in his haste to corral you to your new cage, he wouldn’t forgive himself, nor the scum who did it. He was a responsible owner, after all; he took your well-being very seriously. 

“My precious kitten” he murmured to your ear, giving you a chaste kiss on your forehead before tucking you in. He loved the softness of your skin, the round shapes of your body; they reminded him of the dunes in Saudi Arabia, full of secrets and rewards for the prince willing to patiently dig their depths. And he was such a man, even if his capacity to endure seemed to lesser every day. One month ago, he would have never resorted to such cheap ploys; now he was considering much worse, if it meant possessing you faster. It was as if a pipe had burst within himself; for the first time in his life he wanted, wanted with a passion that would only be sated once you broke.

I have to be careful, he reminded himself sternly as he sat down at your bedside. There were many ways he could finish bending your mind to his will; by force (but that was vile, and beneath him), for example, or brainwashing, or drugs (but he wanted a pet, not a doll.) Those would be fast methods; by tomorrow night, you could be moaning his name, blissfully shameless and desperate for his touch. It was tempting, but he knew better; the best time for harvest was when a fruit was ripe, and you weren’t quite ready yet, no matter how delicious you looked. He’d make you want this as much as he wanted it; make you submit of your own accord, put your own neck in the collar he’d offer. You’d feel proud and liberated to be his pet, and your love would be that much more meaningful and real.

All things come to those who wait, said the old adage. For now, he was happy to watch you sleep until your eyes opened again.

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I'm with you. A third pregnancy would be too much. (Of course, I thought that about a second one, too.) Maybe before she tries a stunt like that, she ought to come out from behind that phony 'privacy wall' and show the world that babies #1 and #2 are real live boys. That would go a long way toward building cred.

****Thing is, she could, but the kids she/PR show us still aren’t hers or Ben’s, there’s only one thing that would convince me that she was ever pregnant, is the conception and video of the *live* births 😂😂

Until then C3PILO and eventually Pilo2 are/will be living breathing children but not biologically Nophie’s or Ben’s.***

Estancia con piscina y vistas al dormitorio con un muro de privacidad deslizable en la posición abierta, Casa en Roma, Tepic 82, Roma Sur, México, DF 1959

Arq. Francisco Artigas

Foto. Fernando Luna

Living room with pool and view into the bedroom with the sliding privacy wall open, House in Roma, Tepic 82, Roma Sur, Mexico City 1959

INTJ Emotions

It may appear like we’re stoic on the surface, but on the inside, we’re actually really emotional creatures. On the inside, there’s a deluge, a deluge of emotions just waiting to be let out, but being held up inside of us by the walls of privacy we’ve created–a dam that prevents everything from being let loose. A dam that lets us hold our tears in when we need to cry the most. A dam that holds our anger in when we want to breathe fire onto the world out of infuriation. A dam that holds all of our past–our memories, our failures, our successes, our dreams. We hide behind that dam because it’s how we’re attuned to coping. 

But there always comes a day when that dam will burst. And when it does, it’s behind a closed door. And after that, there is nothing left to do, but get back up, and start building the dam again. 

Fly Down (Iwaoi x Reader)

Okay guys, here is chapter one of the anticipated Iwaoi/Reader story! Nothing major happens in this part, it’s really more of a filler that sets the stage for the rest to come.
It was becoming pretty long and I had to cut it down because I didn’t want to spill all the beans in one chapter. If you like where it’s heading so far, let me know and I’ll get started on chapter two. I already have a few ideas on where I’m going with the next part. ;)

P.S The title has a hidden meaning that will soon be revealed as the story progresses.

-Admin Lana

Chapter 1

The world worked in mysterious ways, that much was true. But it was also cruel and relentless, especially when it came to the concept of soulmates. Many were blessed with a partner that promised a lifetime of eternal love while others found themselves wandering through life wondering if they came into close proximity of their potential soulmate, but simply missed them. However, you found yourself lucky enough to be tied to Oikawa Tooru by the red string of fate.

These long rogue chords were fabled to be mythical seeing as no one had ever seen them, but it was rumoured that only few were gifted with ‘The Sight’, which allowed you to view the strings of your soulmate and others around you. If permitable, you could even cut it, severing a bond with the prospective soulmate. Although, there was a desperate hope inside you that you’d never have to do so.

But it seemed as if others jumped at the chance to cut all ties with a person that didn’t feel attracted to, despite what the universe deemed as true love. When the entirety of the student population at Aoba Jousai found out about the ability you possessed, they were constantly pestering you to change their fates. It rubbed you the wrong way, wanting nothing more than to tell them what ingrates they were. If anything, they should feel lucky to even be granted a lifelong partner, others weren’t as fortunate.

Even when the weight of the world seemed to be baring down upon your shoulders, Oikawa was there to help you lift it. Whether it was through his childish jokes, or the spontaneous displays of affection, it brightened the day immensely. Maybe it was due to the heightened emotions brought by being soulmates, but the setter seemed to have a mesmerising effect on you anytime he was near.

If he passed you a hearty gaze through his thick lashes, your heart skipped a beat.

Whenever he flashed a dazzling smile filled with rows of perfect teeth, it seemed as if you were being blinded.

But the true magic lies within the moments shared in the simplicity of privacy. Inside the walls of either your or his home, the facadé of being a prince seemed to drop and the true Tooru slipped through the cracks. This was the side you adored most. The dorky smile he sported when he went on a tirade about aliens and conspiracy theories, or the dust of pink that tinted his cheeks whenever you paid him a genuine compliment.

These were the memories burned into the concave of your mind.

“_______-san? I have a favour to ask of you.”

This was how most of the students began before pleading their case to you as to why they weren’t satisfied with the cards dealt to them.

Steeling the unpleasant look upon your face, you turned to the stranger with a faux smile, hoping to get this over with as soon as possible for they were delaying your meeting with Oikawa.

“Let me guess, you want her to sever ties with your partner?” Another voice interjected before you could roll through with pleasantries, one that you recognised all too well.

The girl standing in front of you reeled back slightly before her eyes seemed to fill with literal hearts at the sight of the volleyball captain. It irked you to no end to see other girls openly swoon at your boyfriend knowing that you were conjoined, or that they possessed soulmates of their own. It was often that you found yourself the heart of their childish fits of jealousy.

“I think the lot of you have bothered my sweet ______-chan enough for today. We’ll be off now!” And with a charming smile like that, there was little room left for argument. Besides, you were more than happy to be carted away by your knight in shining armour.

“You came just in time. I didn’t feel like launching into another lecture about how selfish they were being.”

Oikawa let out a short burst of laughter before planting a sweet kiss to your temple, arm coming to rest around your shoulders. “I had a feeling that my soulmate was in danger.”

“Oh really? So you’re like an alternate version of Spider-Man with so called 'spider senses’?” You could picture it now, Oikawa dressed in a spandex right suit with a cape flying behind him as he came to your rescue.

The male nodded in agreement, a somewhat proud smile on his face.

“Are you staying for practice today?”

“Of course, I like watching you play volleyball. You’re always so fierce on the court.”

“I can be fierce in other places too.” He purred playfully in your ear, causing a shock to run down your spine.

“Not now, Tooru!” Pushing him away with laughter still bubbling in your throat, you almost didn’t notice the figure in front waiting by the gym doors.

“Iwa-chan,” Oikawa called out and the ace whipped around in annoyance at the nickname. “Any luck today?”

This was a question he posed to poor Iwaizumi almost every time Oikawa saw him, and if the vein popping out from his tanned skin was any indication, it annoyed the hell out of him.

“Tooru, maybe you shouldn’t ask him that everyday. It’s kind of insensitive, you know?” You chided to which Iwaizumi sent you a look of thanks.

“What? I can’t help but be worried about if my best friend found his soulmate yet.” The captain proclaimed, an aloof smile across his face as he threw his arm around the slightly shorter man.

“Get off me Shittykawa! You’ll be the last person I’ll tell.”

“Aw, so mean Iwa-chan!”

It was funny how the pair were complete opposites, yet they meshed so well together. It surprised you that they weren’t soulmates…

I’m about two seconds away from ordering some of that ugly bamboo privacy wall stuff and putting it over on cat lady’s side. Ever fucking time I go into my backyard, she opens her window and looks at me. I’m the most boring person in the world. I hope me watering my plants was interesting to you??? Omg I’ve never hated someone so much in my life lmao

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Hi! Supercat things you said #44 please

things you said before you kissed me

“I’ve told you how much this job means to me?”

“Yes, Kara,” Cat replies, legs tucked under her and shoes kicked off as she huddles in one corner of the sofa by the window. “Don’t worry, if I’m firing anyone it’ll be whoever fabricated these budgets, not you.”

“This is important,” Kara pleads, leaning over Cat and casting a shadow on her tablet screen. “You know how much I don’t want to jeopardize working for you. That it would take something huge to make me risk that?”

“What have you done?” Cat sighs, still not looking up. She won’t be the one to acknowledge the crackle of something like electricity in the air between them. It’s been amplifying gradually, the fuzzy static before a storm. 

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It may appear like we’re stoic on the surface, but on the inside, we’re actually really emotional creatures. On the inside, there’s a deluge, a deluge of emotions just waiting to be let out, but being held up inside of us by the walls of privacy we’ve created–a dam that prevents everything from being let loose. A dam that lets us hold our tears in when we need to cry the most. A dam that holds our anger in when we want to breathe fire onto the world out of infuriation. A dam that holds all of our past–our memories, our failures, our successes, our dreams. We hide behind that dam because it’s how we’re attuned to coping. But there always comes a day when that dam will burst. And when it does, it’s behind a closed door. And after that, there is nothing left to do, but get back up, and start building the dam again.
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Squeaky Clean

A fluffy cophine oneshot. Canon-ish.

Rating: T. (Yeah it is squeaky clean…bwahahah)

Delphine rushed back inside of the yurt as quickly as she could manage with the large bucket of water. Sure, people stared, they knew she had one of the clones in her yurt. They knew that he was not happy about it. But three days had passed, Cosima had largely slept, hooked up to warmed oxygen and intravenous fluids. As comfortable and warm as she could make her.

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001. 5SOS Preference: Withdrawal

My first 5sos preference. Not sure if it’s up to par or not. 

ASHTON: “You know what I’ve been thinking about a lot…” Looking down bashfully, Ashton studied the marked up rubber toes of his canvas sneakers. It had been two weeks, the longest you two had really ever been apart since you met, and he was beginning to really lose his mind without you. At first, the phone call had been sweet and he told you that he was going to cook you up one Hell of a meal when you came in to visit and that he missed you enough to finally watch The Little Mermaid with you, but Ashton was finally building enough confidence to speak his mind. He could hear it in your voice that you were yearning for him just as much.

“What?” Not sure what to expect, as you never could from him, you answered.

“That time in the car…remember?” He chuckled to himself, his eyes wide open on his shoes now as he kept his voice down. He was lying back on the hotel bed, Luke in the shower, but he still wanted to be careful. The things you and he often got up to were nobody else’s business and he wanted to keep it that way.

“No, sorry.” You played with him, sounding as cavalier as you could. “Sure you’re not thinking of some other girl?”

“Ha-ha.” Unamused, he muttered. “[Y/N], you know damn well it was your mouth all over me in the back of my car. You still have the seatbelt mark to prove it, I bet.” Firmly, he told you with determination in his voice. The same sort of focus he used when staring down at you on the floor of his car, his package being handled with the utmost care by your cozy mouth. Ashton didn’t ever need a reason to think about the steamy afternoon in his car, parked out by a beach lookout, the memory floated into his mind at all times, inconvenient or not. He was going insane not being able to rope your hair around his fingers and lift his hips in order for you to take another inch.

“So, you miss getting head? Nice.” You chuckled at him, thinking that he was just a typical boy.

“No. I miss you…that was just nice.” He blushed again and returned his gaze to his shoes.

CALUM: “Baby, come visit….” Through a dramatized pout, Calum cooed over the phone. He should have been sleeping, his boxer covered body under the hotel bed sheets as the moon peered in through the window like a lucky fan. “I miss you.”

“I miss you, too, Cal, but it’s got to be, like, three AM there. You need to go to sleep.” Across the world, you reminded him sweetly, your words sounding like hard candy after a large meal to him.

“If you were here, I’d be just as awake.” He argued. “You’d be keeping me up!” Calum laughed as he accused you of working your womanly wiles on him. He always reminded you that you had him charmed every time you two spoke like this.

“I would.” How could you disagree? “Gladly.”

“Do you think, because I’ve been so cool and patient while we’ve been apart, that when you come in next week…we could finally…maybe…”

“No.” You cut him off, knowing exactly where he was going with his question.

“How do you even know what I was going to say, huh?!”

When you and Calum were just friends, you had listened to him talk in detail about how much he wanted to have sex in public, preferably in a park, but you had been against it completely. Calum was loud. He practically called on an elephant parade when you two were in the thick of it. You knew that, without a doubt, you two would get caught if you ventured outside the privacy of four walls to get it on.

“You want to have sex in Central Park.” You told him, assuming it was that park in particular since you would be meeting him in New York next week.

“I’m open to a park in Queens or something. Coney Island even.” Smirking like the cheeky devil he was, Calum casually mentioned. He knew it wouldn’t change your mind, but he wouldn’t be opposed. The idea of having you pinned up against the trunk of a tree was instant arousal for him.

Laughing, you just shook your head and remained amused.

“Goodnight, Cal.” You sang out, waiting for him to say it back so you could hang up and get some sleep.


“Sorry.” As soon as Michael picked up his ringing cell phone, you said in one breath on the other end. “I had just stepped out of my uniform when you called, I had to finish changing.” You explain why you had told him that you would call back not even a few minutes ago.

“I wouldn’t have minded talking to you naked…” His policy was always honesty and Michael grinned at the idea of your naked body, standing there in your bedroom where he had had you to himself a couple times before. “What are you wearing now?” Deviously, he wondered aloud.

“Don’t, Michael.” You laughed and slid up onto your bed, crossing your legs and staring up at the ceiling. He could have been asking you about anything, it was just nice to hear his voice. “My parents are home. I don’t want them to hear this.”

“That didn’t stop you the night before I left.” He reminded you, his fingers busy in his hair as his mind was still imagining your body. “I don’t think we will be leaving the hotel very often when you finally get over here.”

“I’m okay with that.” You nodded. “I just really want to see you again. I know I said I’d be okay with this distance thing, but it’s harder than I thought…” Your soft omission stung him and his smile faded slightly. He knew this was going to be hard on you, he had felt selfish asking you to be loyal to him while he went away on tour with Five Seconds of Summer and One Direction, but he couldn’t risk letting you go and missing the chance to be with you. He forgot all about you being naked and just wished he could have been there to kiss you and feel your arm under his; the way he could when you two would spoon.

“It’s going to work out, I promise.” He reminded you with confidence in his voice. “Trust me, in all the places we visit, there’s no one that holds a candle to you.” Weirdly enough, he sounded so sincere that you kind of believe him. You trusted that he wouldn’t break your heart and that was a definite first for you. “The late night phone calls and Skype will just be memories soon enough.”

“And so will the sex with my parents in the next room?” With one simple question, you destroyed the melancholy air that was lingering over the phone now. Michael lit up again, chuckling as the naked image of you shone back in his brain. He hoped he could commit it to memory.

“Yeah, it’ll be replaced by sex with Luke in the other room!” He howled, thinking he could, maybe, make the lead singer hear him with his voice. “I can’t wait to have your perfect body in my hands again… they are looking and feeling very empty.” You both had agreed that, like jigsaw pieces, you two were made for one another. His hands could hold every inch of you perfectly, cupping your breasts without any spillage and holding your hips to the bed with ease.

“Soon. We’ll be together soon.” You reminded him, staring at yourself on the bed in the closet mirror next to your bed, picturing Michael beside you, his hands roaming freely down your sides.


“When are you coming back?” Luke raced to ask you on the phone. You hadn’t even replied to his ‘Hello, how was your flight?’ yet. He was eating, you could hear the chewing plainly over the phone, and just picturing his cheeks full and lips buttery made you smile to yourself.

“I was literally just there. Aren’t you sick of me yet?”

“No.” Bluntly, he answered right away. “Come back now.” He said, taking another bite. It sounded like a hard crunch and you pictured nectar from an apple on his lips instead of grease.

“I would if I could, babe. Trust me.” The whole flight home, you had been wishing you could stay, but you and Luke were still new and you couldn’t give up your entire life to travel the world with him, being a professional groupie. He was living his dream, after all, and you had your own to make.

“What am I going to do without you, huh?” He pouted, you could hear the sadness in his voice as soon as the eating had ceased.

“You’ve got hands.” Slyly, you told him and tried not to laugh at how cheeky you were. It always drove him crazy, your wit.

“Well, I prefer yours.” Luke came right back and tried to dish it out, but he just wasn’t nearly as sassy as you could be. He always tried though. “And that’s not even what I meant. I just meant I like having you here. It’s nice to come back from stupid interviews and stuff to you.”

“I’ll come visit again and you’ll be here on your break.” You reminded him, but it was good for yourself to hear it too. “We’re going to be the ones that make this work.” The amount of stories of people doing long distance only to break up that you had heard was unbelievable, but you were confident that you and Luke would beat the odds. You were both in sync. No matter where he was in the world, no matter how far, there was a connection that didn’t waiver. For as long as you could, you were going to hang onto that.

“Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the sex too….” He said while biting into his food again.

“What on Earth are you eating, Luke?” Finally, you came right out and asked, dropping your suitcase on top of your neatly made bed that you had missed after weeks on a bus bunk with smelly boys everywhere.

“A chocolate bar.”

You imagined chocolate smeared on his lips unbeknownst to him and somehow, though you didn’t think it was possible, you suddenly missed him even more. 

“Starting at Zero” – A Be My Princess Fanfiction featuring Crown Prince Joshua Lieben

Rated PG (language, reference to self-harm)

Amy pushed through the elevator doors and rushed down the hallway as fast as her platform heels could take her, careful not to spill her creamy café mocha.  Though laden down with her purse and totebag, she had become an expert at balancing her heavy loads with her morning caffeine fix, all while teetering atop her faithful peeptoes that showed off her sparkly purple pedicure.  Thankful once again for the carpeted floor that muffled her footsteps as she crept past the door to her boss’s office, she turned the corner into the main hub of the archives room where her cubicle was located, dropping her bags onto her desk with an exhale of relief.

“Sorry I’m late,” she flashed her coworker Doug who sat across from her an apologetic smile, “Traffic was a nightmare! For some reason all the streets around here were blocked off! I’m amazed I made it in at all, to be honest.”

Doug swallowed his bite of bagel. “You mean you didn’t remember what today is?”

“Uh, no,” she said, turning on her computer. “I’ve been so busy with work lately I’ve kinda been all over the place.”

“Are you kidding? I’d thought you’d have it marked on your calendar!” The surprised voice of Amy’s coworker Patty over the cubicle wall was soon followed by her petite person, the pretty brunette staring at Amy in disbelief. “And you call yourself a Prince Joshua fangirl!”

“Prince Joshua?” Amy blinked. “What does today have to do with Prince Joshua?”

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