privacy harm

kim kardashian: i feared for my life and i was terrified of being sexually assaulted by thieves who violated my privacy and harmed me in a traumatizing and violent situation

the blogosphere: (puts on construction hat and grabs shovel) excellent time to mine for Jokes and/or woke truisms

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Roosterteeth is stupid. It's just a bunch of idiots screaming at videogames, saying stupid jokes. I especially hate little girls saying "oh Gavin is my husband" no. Fuck you he is not your husband. Fangirls calling celebrities husbands is like... Really fucking dumb. And what did these guys achieve anyway? They earned money and a fanbase with screaming at videogames. Is this an achievement? They didn't work for anything. I'm tired of RT.

Wow this post is irritating on so many levels. 1) I love RT so if you think I’m going to tolerate this kind of mindless hate toward them, you’re wrong. 2) Why are you going out of your way to attack women in the fandom? As long as people are mindful of boundaries and remember that everyone at RT is entitled to privacy, there’s absolutely no harm in fangirling. 3) I am so sick of this idea that the people at RT don’t WORK. Even if you take just the AH side of things, do you know how much effort goes into editing that shit? For every video they put out, they’ve got to spend at least double (often way, way more) the time of recording to edit. Then they’ve got to render and upload. Not to mention that the rest of RT (the shorts, RWBY, RvB etc.) takes a hell of a lot of work & effort. These people may play hard and have a good time, but they work bloody hard too, and all to provide FREE entertainment for their fans.

I’m so fucking irritated so I’ll just rant it out here.

Kyungsoo has never ever stated he is the best singer in EXO, we have baekhyun, luhan, Jongdae, Chanyeol, Yixing, Suho, etc who are all amazing singers as well. He is a tasty slice in a beautiful delicious ass pizza alright.

Victim mentality!? Yeah he chose the life of an idol, but i doubt the 12 boys ever even imagined becoming this popular in the course of a few months. And when you have people constantly following you EVERYWHERE, LITERALLY it can get tough. Sasaengs invade your privacy, cause harm to everyone around them and are fucking parasites. It’s like being in a abusive relationship with someone, who constantly stalks you, verbally abuses you when they don’t get attention and they even resort to violence. 

Sasaengs have sent period bloods in a vial to their idols, caused car accidents, poisoned an idol, publicized  idols phone numbers, stalked them to their homes, broke into their homes, etc. So please, think before you speak. If you are telling me that a person has no reason to be upset over shit like this then you are a robot. 

and he’s desperate for attention!? really?! D.O is known as one of the quietest and most private members in EXO. He usually stays in the back and lets the rest do all the talking and he’s comfortable that way. 

for a blog that hates EXO, you guys sure do know all their names, information, and shows. Why don’t you focus your energy into something you love instead. Don’t be a fucking dick.


there are community guidelines in place that say no you cant fucking be sexual with minors alright

if you’re a minor and you feel uncomfortable with the behavior of an adult (or not a minor) then please go to

when you get there it will give you four options

you can check them out yourself but for what /this/ post is about go to “someone is at risk of harm”

then it will give you four options 


“privacy violation” 

“harm to minors”  <– go here if you’re a minor who’s being harassed

“promotion or glorification of self-harm”

you can put a specific url to a post, if it were me i’d put all evidence o the persons misdemeanors in one post and then link that, or you can just link them an ask that was sent to you that made you feel unsafe/uncomfortable

they ask how it violates their guidelines which I have put right here “harm to minors, anything sexual, violent, or any bullying” your email address is automatically filled out (the one you use for tumblr) but i backspaced just to show you that they are going to want one to communicate with you

if you’re too scared to do it yourself then ask a friend, if youre worried then you can even ask a friend who might be a little older than you, as long as youre safe is whats important 

i hope this helps someone

'I needed a drink after my shower but I forgot I opened the blinds and you just saw me naked' prompt - part 2

Ok, so I tried to get all the smuttiness done before I started back on KH but I have been hit with inspiration and so I haven’t written much on this in a while.

There may be a part three - but if there is then Knocking Hips is going to be updated before then (because in my quest to not do my Fraud assignment I’ve written a few thousand words on Chapter 15, so that’ll be up hopefully by the end of the week)

This is a direct continuation from part one, so just read that to refresh yourself before diving into this one :)

But anyway, here is part two, let me know what you think, and I hope you all have wonderful days with lots of smiles and happiness <3

(pssst isazozo encouraged me to post it, so thank her when you get to the end :P )

Thanks guys *mwah*

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